Hand Picked List: Let the sun shine in

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Published on 01/28/23

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User comments on Let the sun shine in

Starfisher says: January 29, 2023

Terrific list, the sunshine always makes things better. Thank you so much for including one of mine.

quadrina says: January 29, 2023

Yes Star people seem happier when the sun is shining! ….. from quadrina. :)

vintagesuffolk says: January 29, 2023

I have several favorites in this list, but partial to the sun daisy pen, plastic sun faced pin and and the sun god bolo.

AudiLee says: January 30, 2023

We’ve had a lot of cloudy weather and rain here in CA.. it’s refreshing and great to see the sun again! :D Nice AZ picture, too.. they have the best sunsets!! Also, that quilt is so cool!

Robin1 says: January 30, 2023

Awesome finds!

Tobi_Collage says: January 31, 2023

I love a sunny day! Thank you for including my “Sunrise Seagull” wall hanging.

VintageVarietyShop says: February 02, 2023

An unusual list with great picks!

bvaughnfamily says: February 05, 2023

This morning, as I was opening the curtains in the living room, on the South side of the house, I was thinking about this song. The lines “Let the sun shine in, greet it with a grin” broken-record-playing-in-my-head (or as the young’uns would say STUCK ON REPLAY). And just on an impulse I check out the hand picked lists. Lo & behold here is your list on theme…
GREAT list @quadrinaTreasures – love the sunny collection of warm faces! Especially now, in Winter.

quadrina says: February 05, 2023

That’s so funny bvaughnfamily! Most of the country needs a lot of sunshine right now with this bitter cold, or snow, or rain. Glad you liked the list, and thank you to everyone who left a comment or just stopped by …… from quadrina :)

OVYEE says: February 09, 2023

Let The Sun Always Shine On us,Lovely Selection,I likeee ~ OVYEE jewels