Hand Picked List: North to Alaska

"The Last Frontier"
Brought to you by ChillyDog
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Published on 03/13/23

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vintagesuffolk says: March 14, 2023

Great assortment of Alaskan collectibles.

Starfisher says: March 15, 2023

I like the carvings and the wall hanging. Great items to choose from.

VintageVarietyShop says: March 15, 2023

This is a very COOL list with lots of great choices!

AudiLee says: March 21, 2023

Awesome list! Alaska has much to offer!!

QuakerMaid_VooDoo says: March 23, 2023

I remember this poem from school:
The northern lights have seen queer sights. But the queerest they’ve ever seen is on the marge of Lake LaBarge where I cremated Sam McGee

OVYEE says: March 23, 2023

Wow Very Passionate collection here ~ Great job…OVYEE jewels

bvaughnfamily says: March 24, 2023

One of my daughters moved their with her beloved a few years ago.
I’ve been blessed to visit a few times – once to grand-pup sit :)
So far I’ve just been in the winter.
But this year it’ll be a summer visit – can’t wait to see Alaska in summer.
GREAT list of Alaska treasures!!

Leshersquiltkits says: March 27, 2023

my daughter and son in law going alaskan cruise as the one grandson wants. great list