Hand Picked List: You Know it's All About That Bread

"All That Bread, And Muffins"
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Published on 04/06/20

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Bake anything recently? Share your recent dip into delicious baking.

Starfisher says: April 07, 2020

Yummy list, I love to cook, but not much of a baker.

nightrunway says: April 07, 2020

Great list. Makes me hungry

AudiLee says: April 07, 2020

The smell of bread is always so inviting, makes a house a home. Yes, I baked banana blueberry nut bread and granola last week. I would bake cookies but they wouldn’t last me a day, I would eat them all :D

VintageVarietyShop says: April 08, 2020

I agree with Night, and I haven’t had breakfast yet!

QuakerMaid says: April 08, 2020

I make yeast breads in my breadmaker. Bad thing is they taste so good when fresh-baked, one can gain a lot of weight from eating a whole loaf in 2 days.
I baked a poppy seed cake (always wanted to make one since I read the book ‘Poppy Seed Cakes’ as a child), but realized what I thought were poppy seeds in my pantry was sesame seeds. So I had a very sweet cake with no poppies.
Man, after being off sugar for a few years, my body reacted to all that sugar.