Hand Picked List: Amethysts are February’s birthstone

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Published on 02/04/23

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User comments on Amethysts are February’s birthstone

Starfisher says: February 04, 2023

I love this color of stone. Lucky people who are born in February. Thank you so very much for including mine, always appreciated.

Robin1 says: February 04, 2023

I love amethyst! Great list Quadrina

VintageVarietyShop says: February 05, 2023

Lovely amethyst selections!

quadrina says: February 05, 2023

Thank you Star, Robin and VintageVarietyShop for your comments. I really like the amethyst too. Such a beautiful color …… from quadrina :)

teristrunk says: February 05, 2023

Wonderful list! Thanks for including my earrings.

quadrina says: February 06, 2023

You are very welcome teristrunk ….. from quadrina. :)

vintagesuffolk says: February 07, 2023

This is truly a beautiful color and you chose some wonderful items for your theme.

AudiLee says: February 08, 2023

Hi quadrina :) I love Amethyst, it’s such a pretty color! Great selections and thanks so much for including my bottle <3 Always appreciated!

quadrinaTreasures says: February 08, 2023

Thank you vintagesuffolk and Audi! The Amethyst is truly a beautiful color. So many people are attracted to it. I appreciate you both for stopping by ….. from quadrina. :)