Hand Picked List: Are You Expecting?

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Published on 05/03/23

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Do you have a new baby in your family?

AudiLee says: May 03, 2023

Hi, well I’m a new Great-Grandma again :) Our granddaughter had a baby girl!! Demi was born April 15th the day we left on vacation, I KNEW it would happen while we were gone, she was 2 weeks early!! She’s big, she’s healthy and she’s beautiful <3

quadrinaTreasures says: May 03, 2023

Congratulations Audi that’s wonderful!!! Enjoy your new addition to the family. The only thing I am expecting would be guests. Lol! Awesome list and thanks so much for including my baby pendant ….. from quadrina. :)

vintagesuffolk says: May 04, 2023

Congratulations Audi. Families are God’s gift to us.

Starfisher says: May 04, 2023

Congratulations, a Great-Grandma how wonderful. Thank you for including one of mine in this special HPL!

VintageVarietyShop says: May 04, 2023

Congrats Audi! That is so great, and this is an awsomely cute list. I remember those days fondly.

jewelrymandave says: May 05, 2023

Hello my friend! Thank you for including my heart charm with baby footprints in your awesome HPL! As always, i clicked on the small blue facebook box to share on facebook several times but it doesn’t seem to be working. Just wanted to let you know. I’ll keep trying! Thanks again Audi!

NeillsDeals says: May 05, 2023

Oh how super cute and fun, Audi! Thank you so overmuch for kindly including us in your beautiful hand picked creation!

Bootsies_Home_Garden says: May 05, 2023

Wow, Audi! Such a Sweet, Thoughtful and Precious HPL! Thank you so very much for letting us be part of the showcase! Big Hugs and Much Gratitude!

Bootsies says: May 05, 2023

Spring, Summer (as well as Fall, Winter) Babies are The BEST!! Thank you so very much for letting our little outfits shine in this Sweet List, Audi! You ae an Angel! Many gentle hugs to you!

AudiLee says: May 09, 2023

Hi everyone, thanks for your congratulations, fun and kind comments!!