Hand Picked List: Going Around the Bend

"West Bend New and Vintage"
Brought to you by vintagesuffolk
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Published on 10/05/21

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The West Bend Company was a West Bend, Wisconsin, company from 1911 to 2001.

VintageVarietyShop says: October 05, 2021

A great title and a super variety of picks!

QuoiDeNeuf says: October 05, 2021

A blast from the past! Great finds!

Starfisher says: October 06, 2021

What a great title for this HPL. Terrific selection of items.

Robin1 says: October 06, 2021

Love your title!

vintagesuffolk says: October 06, 2021

Thanks all for your comments.

AudiLee says: October 10, 2021

Clever title and great items, nicely done!

QuakerMaid_VooDoo says: October 19, 2021

There are items on this list I still use:
The percolator, popcorn maker, slow-cooker (though not the type shown in the photo), breadmaker, food processor (again, not they type shown in the photo).
I think I like the types of slow-cookers on your list better than the ones I have. I have the crockpots. They are HEAVY!
I’d like those and the percolator, please. Always need an extra small appliance on hand in case the one I’m using breaks.