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I have been practicing Wiccan magick for many years with a large practice that is both online and offline. I have helped many people with my spells.

I also have a famous three question reading guaranteed to lend you the insight that you need in your life.

All spells are...

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My Endorsements (64)

Loyiza says: November 25, 2021

extremely fast service.i helped someone with return lover and spell completed on a wednesday. that friday i got message from the person i helped saying the lover is back with bags and all. the lover left in 2016. so Thank you for helping the needy so affordably

PrincessNatasha says: October 22, 2021

I must say that Jessica has been there for me since day one till present moment. She always asks me to check back if I am not too sure or come back to her when necessary.
Last few weeks has not been very good and she has always been there checking and updating me when I need her help. She never once was angry. She has been very supportive and very patient.
On top of all these.. when I need to clarify something important I will always see her response at the given time. She’s awesome and someone that you can feel safe with.
Thank you Jessica. Appreciate all that you have done for me in this journey with you and my continued journey with you?
I’m very Blessed.

sugarsweetpie says: March 25, 2021

If you have someone or a group of people constantly spreading rumors and lying about you, I highly recommend getting Jessica’s Ancient Control spell. This Ancient Control helps reveal the truth about your situation to others and exposes those lies that are spoken against you as false.

sugarsweetpie says: March 05, 2021

I am expressing my thanks and gratitude to Jessica for always being there for me when I need her help. About two weeks ago, Jessica helped me with an urgent love situation. Jessica is always caring and compassionate. She’s a reliable spell caster and psychic reader. Within those two weeks, I have seen drastic improvements in my situation. Three other psychics also confirmed the improvements with my love situation and that Jessica’s spell is working. I highly recommend Jessica if you need help with love or other areas in your life. Thank you so much Jessica for helping me :-)

sugarsweetpie says: February 04, 2021

As always, Jessica always provide detailed answers and recommendations with her email psychic readings. I consider Jessica a friend and mentor in telling me the good and bad news to help improve my life outcomes. I highly recommend Jessica’s psychic reading services if you’re looking for some honest answers on your current situation.

Michaelnexus513 says: January 21, 2021

Hi jessica this is mike perez i thank you with substance and standard process i appreciate everything i manifested my rare psychic from the universe please and thank you everthing i had succesful

bonzuser_fergy says: January 14, 2021

Jessica is a sweety and very caring. I’ll be back!!!

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: December 31, 2020

Jessica and her Genie has helped me for many years. She cleaned up Detroit post office and now Chase bank. Chase bank stolen $1.239 from me Jessica helped me win $2000 in settlement and also removed the thief from the bank. THIS IS NO JOKE.

Mermaid06072020 says: November 01, 2020

On September 15th, 2020 I got my seed and then I waited until the new moon, on September 17th, 2020 until I took it. Now after 1 1/2 months and despite hypothyroidism and Hashimoto, I was able to lose 4 kg constantly. Everyone around me said that I would not lose any weight with the disease, but I believed and believe in Seed and we can do more, much more. But already this constant of 4kg in less than 2 months. I am in good health and I have also successfully changed my diet through Seed. That’s a lot for me and I’m really happy and very grateful for it.

Diana_M_Castle says: October 04, 2020

Love the Geine.

bonzbuyer_cmrtq says: September 19, 2020

I love the genie key, can’t wait to order her spells. I’m ordering in a few days.

sugarsweetpie says: September 04, 2020

I feel grateful for Jessica’s spell casting services and psychic readings. Jessica is always there to guide you through her psychic readings on helping you make the best decisions for your situation. Thank you Jessica :-)

Mermaid06072020 says: September 02, 2020

What I found here with dear Jessica and her dear Djinn; unbelievably good advice and above all very competent and sensitive. Every single topic is treated with care and so are the answers. That one can feel good, can look further, can gain confidence. Therefore I can only give my best recommendation here and I stand by it.

Now I’m still waiting for my package with my wonderful stone and the seed, depending on when the post will bring it … further bookings will follow as I know that I am in very good hands and safe.

sugarsweetpie says: June 26, 2020

I’m thankful that I have found Jessica here on Bonanza because she has helped me and my family with many difficult situations. We successfully overcame those problems with her powerful spell casting services. Most of her spells start working within 24 hours. Her psychic three question email readings are very accurate, in-depth, and insightful that I use it as a road map to avoid or improve problems in my life. I highly recommend her spell casting and psychic reading reading services. I’m a regular customer because her spells do work and psychic readings let you know what you need to hear whether it is good or bad news.

IsraelG132 says: May 17, 2020

I’m very new to all this, but lately I came to Jessica for a few wishes. One of them was to have my body slimmed down and bulked up a bit. When she and the Genie casted the spell, my body felt like it was changing, especially when I went to bed. I dare say, the results are showing little by little.

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: May 09, 2020

Jessica and her amazing Genie cleaned up the post office in Detroit Michigan. Postal carriers had been stealing packages. When I became a victim of this I filed a claim and immediately told Jessica. She wiped Detroit post office clean. Now I have a new postal carrier, a new job at the post office and she moved a seller who made me a offer similar to the set that was stolen, and I’m receiving my check from the postal claim.

JoyceK23 says: February 27, 2020

Jessica is so intuitive and has proved to be very helpful to me. I recommend her highly.

Resosoft1 says: February 23, 2020

she and her genie are Miracle workers! thank you Jessica!

Resosoft1 says: February 23, 2020

very pleased with her services, she has improved my life more then once! very grateful for her and her genie!

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: November 28, 2019

I asked Jessica to perform a health casting on my index finger it was fractured very swollen couldn’t bend it. 4 days later Jessica’s genie snapped my finger back in place as if a doctor resettled it. I did yell out loud but then laughed shortly after and I thanked Jessica and her genie

KrishnenduB4 says: September 03, 2019

I believe she is very helpful and honest.

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: June 25, 2019

My dear Jessica has done it again completely amazing. I was robbed by a person I tried to help. The person lost everything. Jessica put the negative energy back on her and it worked. The woman begged me to be her friend again still never apologized. I know to stay away from her. Thank you jessica ????

Ufcwarrior68 says: December 03, 2018

If you are in a situation where you or someone in your family is possessed or have demons or evil spirits attached to her,his body Jessica and her Geenie really can help with this, right now her Geenie magic is exorcism me of terrible evil.I greatly appreciate her and her Geenie help.

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: November 13, 2018

Jessica cast a pregnancy spell for me and out the blue my boyfriend asked me if I was pregnant… Too be continued…with update.

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: November 01, 2018

Yesssssss. Jessica is my everything. Her castings helped me Jessica Genie is so powerful she moved me out of nys to Michigan and her revenge spell helped lock my husband up for domestic violence. He’s still in jail. Her love spell helped me find a new love. Jessica removed the emotional pain from my heart and mind so new love and peace within myself. Jessica is totally amazing. Thank you i love you so much.

SG_ says: March 16, 2018

Jessica and Genie’s deep and insightful readings give me direction in life….Especially, for a person like me, who really don’t understand much of the abnormal and twisted human nature or ways…they give me a sense of pathway and relief…I am so grateful to them and I can assure everyone that they will NOT be disappointed.

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: February 26, 2018

Thank you Jessica & i thank your Genie. I was diagnosed with COPD some time ago. I was having pains in between my right shoulder blade & i also had ringing in my right ear for 3 years. I went to the doctor and he couldn’t find the cause of the ringing in my ear. I broke down and finally told Jessica. I purchased 1 health casting and the pain is gone and my ear stopped ringing. I will keep you posted after my follow up appointment. Next I’m going to purchase stop bad habits which in this matter i have to quit smoking cigarettes. Jessica is an Angel here on earth to help everyone in need . God bless you & your Genie.

Jonana says: January 27, 2018

Jessica and her Genie give really insightful readings and help to uncover the truth of all people and situations. We have the power to change our future and realities, and her readings helped me to make changes and improvements towards more positive better outcomes for all parties. Her spells are so powerful and helpful for myself and my loved ones :) Will always be grateful. Thank you xxx

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: December 01, 2017

Jessica & her Genie did it again. Highly recommended unlock abilities and talent has made me a highly respected tarot reader. My youtube channel has grown. Also i landed a new Job at a billion dollar company. I’m leaving for Chicago on a $6000 paid expense. Thank you jessica. Also if you want to clear up your neighborhood Jessica & her Genie brings out the police work force with full action. Over 75 people have been arrested so far.

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: December 01, 2017

Jessica has done it again. I purchased the unlock abilities the Read others mind and success. My tarot channel is well adored.And i landed a new Job with a billon dollar company. Also Jessica genie is so powerful. She also will chase the crooks away. Thank yoi Jessica.

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: August 27, 2017

Wow Jessica’s revenge spell worked in 12 hours. The target received his negative energy back on to him. He lost his belongings & ended up sleeping in his friends car. Jessica and her genie knocked his socks off. Thank you so much Jessica you socked it to him with a powerful punch. I highly recommend the revenge casting. It’s like being punch in the face with realty. If you have a narcissistic person or dealing with a wicked mean individual Jessica & her genie Will stop them. I love oh yeah thank you Jessica for getting my mother and step father back together. She also said thank you. My stepfather won his social security.

sugarsweetpie says: August 15, 2017

I have known Jessica since 2013 and her readings has helped provide guidance in my life to make the right decisions. Her spell work is also superb and I mostly see results within 24 hours. I highly recommend Jessica if you need a reading or spell work done :-)

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: August 10, 2017

Jessica & her Sensational Genie has helped me gain every thing I had asked for. I always had talent reading tarot cards. Long story short Jessica has helped my 3rd eye remain open. My physic abilities have enhanced. I’m now on YouTube healing others through my tarot cards. Thank you so much Jessica. She helped me graduate with highest honors in real-estate. Criminal justice. And police science, and I got a new car for my birthday. Jessica is the best .

CarolynP206 says: June 26, 2017

My first reading with Jessica and I was blown away!!!!!
First she is very fast to respond and second she is genuine confirmed a lot .
She is very kind I was amazed by her ability.
I am a customer now for life!

marysachlas says: June 12, 2017

Jessica is a wonderful person and really helps
with all cases-she has been a great help to me
for a long time.
thanks Jessica, you are a great person and good

marysachlas says: May 12, 2017

Jessica is a great psychic one of the rare ones.
she always says the truth and tries to help to the
best of her ability- I am so happy I found her

Luckyinlove13 says: February 28, 2017

There’s not enough words how to express I’m very grateful that I found the real deal and very caring individual here. Jessica and Genie readings are always spot on and very details. Jessica is very sweet and caring . Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Genie

luvindaocean84 says: February 26, 2017

Well, here I am again for the third time…. I can’t put into words how much I respect, believe in, & trust Jessica & her famous Genie! Seriously folks, Jessica is one of a kind and she is Top Notch! In 2014, I owned a home in South Carolina & needed and wanted it to sell quickly & get a good price for it—— Well, I purchased Jessica’s- POWERFUL “SELL YOUR HOME FAST” SPELL and my Realtor’s phone literally didn’t stop ringing… There was dozens of people interested in my home and after the (Open House) there was people arguing with one another about who was going to buy it… Well, low and behold after many folks put their best offers in it went to the highest bidder and I was so happy and so was she! Also I want to mention that I got double the price of what I asked for the home…. Now, in 2015 a friend of mine had a very nice and expensive motor home and trust me these are very hard to sell and especially in the dead of winter when no one thinks about camping… My friend was asking a whopping $46,000 which was the pay off for this motor home and I posted it on Craigslist and also I purchased Jessica’s Powerful “Sell Your Home Fast” Spell once again & WHAM, it only took about a month and a half and there was a couple came and looked at it and paid cash for it! Now, trust me this was one huge debt off his shoulders and all the thanks goes to Jessica & her wonderful Genie! Now, for round #3— I owned yet another home & wanted to sell it and I again purchased the same spell from Jessica & honest to goodness, my home sold and closed the deal on February 6th, 2017…… From day one there was a lot of people that looked at the house and loved it, but the big problem was that in my small home town there isn’t very much work here… Most of the factories have closed down or moved and the bread and butter of this town was that our Railroad closed and there was almost 400 people that had either lost their jobs or had to relocate and this meant that there are dozens and dozens of homes for sale here and very little work. This means that I was going to struggle selling my house…. If I hadn’t purchased Jessica’s Powerful “Sell Your Home Fast” Spell and with the help of her Genie it probably either wouldn’t have sold as quickly or maybe never…. I trust Jessica, she is honest, caring and goes way beyond her call of duty to help you…. If any one is having problems in selling their home, please let Jessica help you. You will not be sorry… P.S. I would like to mention that you have to have faith and believe in Jessica and her abilities.. She is the real deal…

marysachlas says: February 02, 2017

Jessica understands all the problems,
gives you the real answers and helps you
with every situation, I really trust this lady !!

I_Love_Genie_Djinn says: January 12, 2017

PeggyL112 #1:

Jessica and her Genie are the Real Deal! I Already have seen some results on this Order placed on 12/22/16 for Supercharged Get Out Of Debt Spell Cast on 12/24/16 and 1/2/17 some Results seen to help reduce my Debt!

Thank you and your Genie, I am greatly appreciative and I wholeheartedly believed in your wonderful Genie!

Thanks so much I Love You Guys!

My Order ID: #2402 Status: Pending Date Added: 22/12/2016
Products: 1 Customer: Peggy Lee
Total: $23.08

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: January 06, 2017

I put Jessica at the highest Rank of them all. She’s truly a Professional Expert she worked with me Rapidly even while she was sick. I appreciate her more than words. I purchased the Quadruple revenge for a situation. The individual lost their clothing it was thrown around in the street things was stolen. NO ONE WOULD TAKE that person in their home to stay not 1 night. ALL THE BAD BEHAVIOR came back to this person. This guy even got chased by the police. I combined the revenge with 3 control wishes and now that person sees that living a life of crime isn’t worth it. The ring leader who influenced this behavior onto this man is now in the hospital with a collapsed lung from doing drugs. The words quoted we’re He got his ass kicked 3 times by a unknown force. He’s opened his eyes to live right, he learned his lesson. Revenge and control combined together is definitely a powerful element. I highly recommend especially if it’s saving a life & at the same time making one suffer for not caring about consequences.

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: November 12, 2016

I thank you Jessica & your Genie. Because of you. I Completed my Real Estate Appraisal and passed with highest Honors. I’m on my last Criminal justice Model. Average of 98% highest honors in the class. My mother has her Apartment and my stepfather has the job he is extremely happy. Jessica & her Genie has been in my family for several years. We all love you. I will keep in touch always, I’m aiming to finish my police Science all the way to Judge.

marysachlas says: August 21, 2016

Jessica is a great person, she is helpful and
she knows how to help people in need.
she can become your personal friend and she always
tells you the truth-she is spiritually gifted
and she possesses the knowledge others do not have.

CameronM129 says: July 17, 2016

I am new to this. I ordered a spell from Jessica a few days ago with very little hope that it would work. I am already starting to see results. Not only did she cast the spell and asked the genie to grant my wish but I can tell she is very serious about what she says and what she does and what she really can do. I looked on my wish list of everything I have been wanting she has recommend it. I didnt tell her at all but I feel like she knew what I needed. She is a very powerful gifted intelligent woman. I am starting to see wonderful changes. I cant wait for full results. Thank you Jessica.

marina4688145 says: April 30, 2016

It’s been like 3 years since I’ve known Jessica. Every time I ask her something, she delivers. The genie and Jessica are surreal and I am a believer. Anytime I need a fix, she’s there for me. What’s more amazing is her style of communication. She always writes before and after the rituals, no matter how busy she gets. I feel like i am not just a number but a special person when Jessica takes care of my needs. I highly recommend Jessica for any problems you may have. Give genie a go, and you’ll be happy you did. Thanks, Jessica for being a Goddess.

marysachlas says: April 14, 2016

I am very happy I met Jessica online.
she is a great help to me when I need her.
the results are amazing and she is very professional
and a great person.

Luckyinlove13 says: December 04, 2015

Jessica and Genie are amazing.. The readings are always spot on for accuracy.. Wow I’m so thankful for them always happy with the insights and advice .. Thank you

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: November 15, 2015

I have been a client since 2012. Jessica and her powerful Genie has helped alter my life in so many ways. I have a new home, new job, new relationship, new bank account, I’m very pleased with my job and business. Jessica and her Genie are the best. I’m 100% satisfied customer.

AmberE20 says: November 06, 2015

Jessica is the best spell caster/ reader I have ever come across. Don’t be skeptical by her low priced services, she is as real and genuine as they come. I have purchased from other sellers but none of them match up to Jessica. She just has a uniqueness and a quality that is rare and as a witch and occultist myself, this is something I recognise. She has an endearing and caring soul and she genuinely wants to help and will go to the end of the world to do so. She has been helping me with a wide range of issues and despite my lack of patience and sometimes mood swings she continues to be kind, considerate and understanding. You can go ahead and order from other sellers if you wish but none of them are as good as Jessica.

AmberE20 says: October 08, 2015

Jessica and her genie are a great credit to everything, she is the ONLY reader I know of who is accurate and genuine with her work, you can see in her communication she is very caring. If you are not ordering from this seller you are missing out. I asked for spells concerning my etsy shop for my crafts and for my book, and in the last two weeks I am seeing a snowball effect as Jessica promised in the last reading. I look forward to seeing more improvements and results as she continues to better my life. Thank you xxxx

LMckennaM4 says: October 02, 2015

This Lady and her Genie are incredibly gifted together they move mountains and can read deep into the soul of anyone – will remain her client for as long as she is able to continue to serve others:-)I truly have seen wonders!! Thanks for everything Jessica xx

luvindaocean84 says: August 08, 2015

To anyone who is in need of selling their home, I suggest that you purchase Jessica’s powerful “Sell Your Home Fast Spell”…. This was purchased twice – once for selling my home, which I literally got 15 offers and during Open House, a couple said they loved it and we sold within 2 weeks!!! Also, this was purchased to sell a motor home that we were asking $40,000 for it. I listed it on Craigslist and a couple from Georgia bought it within 4 days of the listing…. Now, if anyone needs or wants to sell their home, etc…. I suggest you purchase this from Jessica…. She is the Real Deal— I promise that you want be sorry….

AmberE20 says: August 06, 2015

I just wanted to take the time to let people know about Jessica and how awesome her readings and spells really are. She is always accurate and her genie is always on the mark. There has not been one single thing that she has yet to get wrong. She is very patient and caring and will help you in all ways possible she can by offering re casts and boosts to spells that maybe not showing what you want. I have seen results time and time again. I will not use any other spell caster. She is fantastic and I will keep coming back every time I need help.

Thank you so much Jessica and your wonderful genie, much love, gratitude and blessings to you <3

AstridsRealms says: March 08, 2015

Jessica is so awesome I cannot recommend her enough. With a few spell and a lot of patience on my end… a lot she has totally transformed the relationship between me and my partner, saving it, saving both me and him mentally and emotionally and its in the last couple of days that it is at the stage where I want it to be. It may take a while but her spells do work. Thank you again

amoramy says: February 16, 2015

Coffee 596 is good she is a wonderful person…her weight loss seed makes a big difference in my life.thank you so much for helping me….i see results and thanks for the spell that works…thank you. Jessica

DOROTHYT says: February 08, 2015


Jessica you are awesome I don’t know what me and my family would do without you thanks for all you have done and still doing for us you’re a blessing.

AstridsRealms says: December 06, 2014

I have been getting spells/ readings off Jessica for a while now and although it has taken a while, I am slowly starting to see results, there was a problem that was interfering with results but she was more than happy to remove it with no extra charge.

I have also had several readings off her and they are very indepth for the price and she has been more than happy to answer questions I have afterwards and she has been very patient with me despite my situation and the stress I have had, she is incredibly helpful and I can tell you now I have bought off many sellers off bonanza and Jessica is the only one where I am seeing progress/ results.
I advise you to look no further, whatever your situation, money/love/ job etc… whatever it is… she can work with you to make it happen. It may be slow at first but it does work.

Thank you very much Jessica and your genie, you are both awesome! x

sweetiexxxooo says: November 22, 2014

I feel compelled to say something for this wonderful seller. She is very kind and attentive. Spells have had immediate, noticable effects, which is truly magical as it usually takes some time for magic to mix with your energies, I am sure they only get stronger. This is very special.
Both Jessica and her Genie truly want to help you, and the readings are spot on. I am truly grateful to have found this seller and to have her and her Genie assisting me in my life.

Nikki2014 says: April 10, 2014

I just love Jessica. She is so patient and compassionate. Although I have been a challenge, she and genie have not given up on me. They are working hard for me and incredible things are beginning to happen. I truly believe that my dreams and wishes will manifest for me through them. Please let them improve your life. You will be surprised at what can happen if you just believe in the power of her genie.

marina4688145 says: December 13, 2013

Jessica is an absolute miracle lady. I came to her broken-hearted one year ago. Now I’m looking back at all the progress that she and genie made for me, and I have a hard time believing that all those bad things happened to me. Anything I’ve wished for I’ve received. It’s been truly a surreal experience to have her guide me thru my life events. Magical would be a good word to describe this kind-hearted, wonderful expert who takes her work to heart. She’s a must have for all who those who are trying to fix their lives for better. Believe me, been there, done that. And yet another wonderful aspect is the affordability of her services. No matter what the problem, you don’t need to break the bank to get your problems fixed. Definitely, I’m a true believer in Jessica and genie. They’re the real deal, folks. Thanks Jessica for helping people like me. I hope you get some blessings for that, dear.

marina4688145 says: July 02, 2013

Jessica has become my light and my blessing. When I was in a conflict with a dear friend, there seemed to be no way out of it. Things were so complicated that I thought it was the end. Not to badmouth anyone, but I tried a few people around for help. Everyone seemed to be genuine in their endeavors to help me out, but there were no results. Then as luck would have it, I found my dearest Jesse, who brought my friend back to me within a couple of weeks. It was getting better and better every single time. A few months later when I saw that everything that I was wishing was being fulfilled to the tiniest detail,I truly realized that Jesse and genie are supernatural. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to know that there is a person like that I can rely on in the time of need. Thank you so much, Jessica, for everything possible and impossible that you’ve done for me. I wouldn’t be this happy now if it weren’t for you, guys! You’re my GEM, and I love you to pieces!

JusticeThatIdeserve says: June 19, 2013

JESSiCA BLACK / coffee596 ..
100% VERY ACCURATE reading !!
Never failed to lent me some insight !!

S H E is my guidance counselor !!
Without her i wud never find out the truth !!
She’s very blessed and gifted psychic ..

I STRONGLY believe on the BEST of her abilities
And very powerful genie..

Thanks for helping alot of people like me,
Specially thanks for being a good friend

I L O V E YOU alway’s !!
Love and Light,

Marielyne310 says: September 26, 2012

I had Coffee596 cast the help of a finances genie for me. I may sound crazy but everytime I needed it, I just had to think about it and something would happen the day after. When I mean something, I mean something exterior, out of my control. A phone call that would change the outcome of a situation, someone having an idea and making me save a lot of money out of the blue… It was some king of invisible guide pulling the ropes to show me the way. A wonderful thing. And now, I say proudly that I DO believe. Thank you Jessica.

catbelly36 says: August 30, 2012

Coffee 596 is the real deal. She is compassionate, a hard worker, and has genuine talent. I’ve had readings and spells done with her through another site, and have always been pleased. If you want to try metaphysical items but are afraid they won’t work, then try her now—-they WILL work and you won’t be disappointed.