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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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HemlockHouseofHoodoo says: June 10, 2015

Love this girl so much! I use her soaps and candles all the time with excellent results! highly recommended! used her weight loss soap & lost 5 lbs in just 3 days! Used her filthy rich soap & was able to manifest over $175 worth of hair extensions….FAST!!!! thank you so much Dove for your great help….i used your lucky candle for my friend who was losing her home and now she’s getting a new place in a nice neighborhood!

piglet1n1 says: September 18, 2013

Beautiful kind person and amazing results.
Doves spells are very powerful and really work. They started working for me straight away the positive energy that has been released is incredible and growing in strength with every moment. I couldn’t be more happy. She’s a miracle worker. Thank you and blessings to you.

MissWalksINblessings says: June 27, 2013

!!! Dovemacob !!!!

Already. * HOOKED. ME !!! * I’ve. Been. Blowing. Up. Her. Email
Page. Wanting. More. Of. Her. Items ,, should. You. Read. This. Dove. PLEASE. Forgive. Me…. see. LADIES. If. You. Have. A. Man. You. Know. That. You. Been. Trying2 ( HOOK ! ) AND. Really. Haven’t. Had. Much. Luck ! Then. Use. Dovemacobs. Stuff !! Let. Me. Tell. You ladies. This. … I. Had. To. Beat. My. Lover. Off. With. A. Stick !!!
For. The.

The. First. Time. Last nite! I. Placed. The. Oil. In. Some. Mojo. Places. Dranked. The. Tea * 2times * that. Day
And. Focused !!! My. Intents. Oh. Let’s. Just. Say. This. Happened

  • weds * ummmmm. * thurs ** he. Blew. My. Phone UP !!!!


And. I. Reccomend. Her. Highly. & dovemacob. Again
My. Apologies. For. Blowing. Up. Your. Email. Box. I’m. Just. Very. Very. Very. Happy. With. Your. Things

…. hugs & blessings2you&yours! …..



Love_n_Peace says: May 12, 2013

She is caring and specially skilled as spell caster. I have had problems with sleeep and soon after she cast a spell for sleep improvement, I have started to sleep much better and without disruptions. I would recommend her to any one.