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I am a recently ordained minister with United Christian Fellowship. My items are true Christian alchemy. I am a Christian but may be considered a heretic, because of my deep philosopher stone and Holy Grail studies. I believe in the salvation of Jesus Christ and that he is the true...

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My Endorsements (5)

Debalar says: February 24, 2015

Tried, tested and proven to deliver uncommon results, this is from my own experience of the items bought from Holygrail777. The “Self-Sabotage Removal © Mind Hacker Spell” has removed most of the problems I have been having with items bought from other sellers now i can experience unusual results. As 4 the “Fibonacci Conjuration 8 Enochian Aethyrs Portal” a very strange and powerful tiny cooper portal that will heat up whenever I call the King of Fire. The more I call the more it becomes very hot, to the point I couldn’t hold no more then I’ll stop. No need of Enochian ensigns just a white candle. If you need any item from her booth just give it a try then you’ll experience yourself. Thank U Holygrail777 4 your sincerity and the affordable price of these powerful items.

pheonix says: October 20, 2014

she is fantastic,a real proffecional! I brought in the best way,very patient,very structured,really cares about her client!finds for you solutions if you can not afford the price to give you exactly thats you want.i am impressed! thank you about all..

haliehsavid says: October 14, 2014

I bought a very inexpensive djinn charm from Boudica a few months ago. I think she charged me $5 for it (but if I could I’d pay 100X more).

I was at a very low point in my life and was struggling with a severe lack of confidence. While meditating with the djinn, I asked her to help me improve my confidence and understand why I was feeling so low. ’Lo and behold, I started to see an abusive pattern in my relationship. I literally caught him calling me names, lying about me to other people, and poking fun at me on Facebook. This was fairly new to me. My friends caught him doing this years ago but I never saw it. Needless to say, I ended that relationship and feel like a new person. I would say the change took less than 3 days after I made my wish.

Boudica is life changing. Thank you.

lifelovesyou says: February 17, 2014

as always satisfied with their work, have them in hand maestra.al feel the energy from them.
great summoner espiritus.de the best I’ve found bonanza.

lifelovesyou says: December 29, 2013

Happy Holidays and Happy, 2014.desde Spain, affectionately.
perfecto…muy buena.