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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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My Endorsements (24)

Jmatsko99 says: March 30, 2011

So wonderful to meet you! Happy that Granny123 introduced us! You did a wonderful job.

nite_prowler69 says: December 14, 2010

Such an amazing lady!!! Has done so much for me since I joined Bonanzle.
I’ve never asked..She just goes out of her way to help—spending her time and effort to help.
I might list a marriage proposal in my booth for Peg..A freebie of course..
Well, I might need to charge to ship her out to me if she accepts

Dharlee says: October 29, 2010

Wonderful person, A great asset to Bonanza!

Grandma2362 says: October 07, 2010

This is one fantastic person. So very helpful and dependable. I am proud to know her!

Goodies4You says: September 17, 2010

So friendly and helpful, makes being a Bonanzler feel good being a part of the community! An asset to Bonanzle…

pwrplayspalace says: September 06, 2010

This person is so amazing! Very reasonable, understanding and so very very helpful. I highly recommend this person to buy ANYTHING from!!

mibbles says: August 11, 2010

Very nice and helpful, I am renting a booth panel from her… I would highly recommend her service, my booth views have gone way up and I have made some new sales. Thank you so much and you do a great job!

bonzchick says: April 18, 2010

Peg has assisted me for a quite some time and is an Incredible Asset to Bonanzle and the Community. Peg is a great seller and member who is professional, kind and friendly with attention to detail. Peg is always eager to take on the task at hand and I have given her many. Peg does this with flare and enthusiasm and never disappoints. I am honored to know Peg and I know you will feel the same way. Highly Recommend! Thanks Peg

MistyDeeDee says: March 11, 2010

Miss Peggy is a gem of a sweetheart! Courtesy and helpful, honest and caring. Her compassion here in the saving of the kittens is truly an honor knowing and working with her.

KimsKorner says: January 26, 2010

There are so many wonderful things to be said about Peg. You cannot go wrong buying from her. Also she is the kind of Bonanzle user that makes Bonanzle the friendly place it is. I am also happy to be able to say I consider her not only a great Bonanzler but a great friend as well to me and to many many others.

Hope 2010 is treating you good Peg! You deserve it

MONTROSE says: January 23, 2010

It’s now 2010 and a new Personal eND0RSEMENT seems appropriate! After having the pleasure of viewing this active member perform, I am happy to say that I highly recommend this member to ANyoNE as bOth a Buyer &/or Seller because dedication & loyalty compliments this member…..Best wishes, M0NTROSe

teakers says: January 19, 2010

My wife also has fibromyalgia and it limits many things we can do but you do what you can and live each day you have. Your booth is nice.

Saltyvine says: January 14, 2010

Such a sweet person. Personally loves to see your booth shine. Goes out of her way to help find you the perfect banner. Thanks so much.

dcoyote says: January 06, 2010

Very freindly, helpful and funny. Thanks for everything. Your a person anyone would be proud to call a friend!

igmato says: January 06, 2010

Peg is one of the nicest people I know here on Bonanzle. She is super fantastic! I thank her for dedicating her most valuable time to help others here. JUST SIMPLY THE VERY BEST!!!! THANK YOU PEG.

joyce72747 says: December 02, 2009

I sure do know Peg/FindingFriendsFriday. I have enjoyed a perfect transaction as a buyer, we’ve talked on the phone and she shares hosting responsibilities with me and several others at Nightly Words of Encouragement. Make a purchase whenever you have the opportunity and know she is honest, caring and efficient. Many of the proceeds help support her rescue kitties.

BeewitchingItems says: November 25, 2009

This has to be one of the sweetest women on Bonanzle. She is so giving of her time and so patient. Thank you Peg!!!!

shoppersdreamsstores says: November 20, 2009

just wanted to thank you for all the great help. did get new picture in looks great. we really love it.wish every one happy and a safe holidays.

MONTROSE says: November 08, 2009

Thanks for birthday wishes> Anyone dropping POSiTiVE energy my waY = definitely deserves my individual PERS0NAL eND0RSEMENT ~ Please take a moment to visit members’ (FindingFriendsFriday) b00tH next…MONTR0Se approves this message!

DreamCastleProducts says: August 06, 2009

Great bonanzler who is so helpful!

Chutz says: August 05, 2009

Nice to meet you…I too have been living with fibromyalgia for many years. It has take away my career teaching college courses. I do wish you well!


GossamerWingsStudio says: July 30, 2009

So friendly and helpful! One of the best in our little community ;o)

silyprettyroxygirl says: July 18, 2009

Really Fun Great Way to meet and see other bonanzlers and there booths! Join in on the fun!!!

blossomsandtreats says: July 16, 2009

Very helpful and friendly a great bonanzler.