10th Anniversary Recap

10 years old - can you believe it?!

Thanks so much for celebrating our 10th anniversary with us! Here are some of the highlights:

The pre-made anniversary CMT campaign will be live until June 30th. There's still time to send a coupon!

Bonanza has seen some crazy stuff over the past 10 years. Let's reminisce on how far we've come.

Social media can be a tricky thing to figure out. Here are some tips for using social platforms to your advantage.

The results are in! Congrats to our grand prize winner:


Deluxe Booth Prize Package

  • 1 TurboTraffic Pack
  • A Seller Spotlight
  • A booth consultation
  • A Custom Badge for profile Item(s) from your booth featured in a homepage HPL
  • An Item feature on Facebook / Twitter
  • Item feature on Instagram
  • Featured item in newsletter
  • A Bonanza T-shirt
  • A Bonanza Sticker variety pack

Honorable mentions

Receive 1 TurboTraffic Pack and an item feature on Instagram






A note from the CEO

Thank you so much to our sellers who have supported us year after year! I've seen a lot of stuff over the past 10 years. Well-funded marketplaces have come and gone. Amazon has set an increasingly high bar for buyer expectations and the need to earn repeat customers. eBay has upped their game with their increasingly ubiquitous product reviews.

It seems like one of the only things that hasn't changed is our commitment to helping ecommerce entrepreneurs build a sustainable business. I like to think that Bonanza has played a fundamental role in making life easier for sellers -- both on Bonanza and at our competitors. In 2008, we were the first to allow image cropping while posting an item. In 2009, we were the first to build a robust batch item editor. In 2012, we added the Advertising Broadcaster and with it, the ability to keep merchandise synced across marketplaces. In 2016, we introduced the Customer Marketing tool, a tool with unprecedented power to transform one-time buyers into repeat buyers. Many of these tools and ideas have since found their way onto other marketplaces.

We understand as well as anyone that it takes inspiration and hard work to build a thriving ecommerce business in the Age of Amazon, and we're committed to remaining the top destination for entrepreneurs who want to build a growing base of repeat customers. And we've got some damn exciting ideas in the hopper for the second half of 2018. With your support, we pledge to continue to find ways to innovate and continuously improve the vigor of the online merchant community.

29 responses to 10th Anniversary Recap

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    06/26/18 at 12:56:58

    Congratulations on your success!

  • Atpeacememorials says:
    06/26/18 at 13:15:01

    Thanks so much for picking my name! I’m very excited to work with your team on my prize! We’ve had great success with Bonanza recently, and we hope we can continue growing together going forward!!

  • caili1939 says:
    06/26/18 at 13:48:14

    Congratulations and I hope you have another 10 years or more.

  • tegger says:
    06/26/18 at 14:08:23

    Happy Anniversary. Many thanks to all for their dedication and support in an ever competing world.

  • JoycesVarietyShop says:
    06/26/18 at 14:12:14


  • Kats_Cauldron says:
    06/26/18 at 14:20:28

    recently decided to try and make a go of it again and I am trying to bring other to this site to do the same. I always loved the employees and their sense of humor and decency and missed that on other platforms. i could be snide and get snide [not aimed at either me or them] and everyone got it and we had fun! I want to see Bonanza in the third market place spot of online retail and it can happen.I was going to answer someone but don’t see his post now but thoughts:
    I have been a buyer and seller for myself as well as buying for stores for a long time [like decades]. Silver has gone back to normal cost per ounce and sellers need to juggle to make the pieces they bought or made when it was obscene [while many of us just stopped selling it except when commissioned and paid ahead of time] Alot of big name excellent sellers and companies went down at that point in time [or had to radically cut back some losing multi store outlets] and are trying to kind of make a comeback and i will support them as well as myself. Most of what I have up now in silver is older but I have priced according to now and desirability. I am still dig a lot of silver plate until I can afford putting money out on sterling again but what I get in for sterling is once again going to be quality from Thailand along with the stones and people can tell that. Someone can have beautiful things and great designs but they price them out of the buying market unless there is a demand for something that fits into the latest thing. I know I couldn’t rely on Bonanza sales when I started and only had a few things up. Am back and still no bites but will work my other baskets and promo for here and hopefully will see some ripened fruit for my effort. It is really up to us and our efforts on getting our stores out there just like on Shopify and drive in the traffic, now there is more exposure and help. I have an odd irrepressible need to add good luck and make the odds ever be in your favor but probably just my headspace at the moment

  • BookbinEtc says:
    06/26/18 at 14:38:57

    Happy Anniversary

    As a long time Bonanza user, but a non-time social media user, I don’t get a lot of sales.

    BUT, this is a super friendly marketplace with stellar customer support, easy listing, and good value. Keep up the good work!

    06/26/18 at 15:38:40


  • EmpressDepot says:
    06/26/18 at 15:52:37

    Congratulations to Adam on his prize package win!!!

    Cool animated picture of the staff. It looks like it was fun. Nice to hear from Bill, too.

    Can you give a sneak peek for one of those exciting ideas that are in the hopper for 2018, Bill? Or at the very least a tiny hint?

  • CreeksideBooks2 says:
    06/26/18 at 16:09:35

    Congratulations and wishes for many, many more productive years to come!

  • Adi_Clothes says:
    06/26/18 at 16:32:56

    Congratulations thank you for wonderful year !

  • balmakerockpainter says:
    06/26/18 at 19:31:56

    Congratulations ! I am still taking “baby steps” but think Bonanza is great !

  • zhuxinchun says:
    06/26/18 at 19:36:28

    I am a newcomer, and I will cheer on you. It’s a great honor to grow up with you

  • Nola_Discount_Shop says:
    06/26/18 at 23:10:36

    Congrats on the 10th Anniversary! We wish y’all continued success and another 10 years and more. Also, congrats to the winners. Glad to be part of the Bonanza family. We will celebrate our first year with Bonanza in August. Thanks for all of your assistance with everything, Bonanza!

  • blossi07 says:
    06/27/18 at 04:19:16

    Congratulations keep up the good work…

  • QuakerMaid says:
    06/27/18 at 05:19:48

    So far, so good with Bonanza. I hope for a long future here. I hope Bonanza is able to compete well with Amazon. It’s hard to hold one’s own against a big company, but it seems Bonanza is willing to put the effort and time into it. I wish us all success here.

  • PelinSales says:
    06/27/18 at 14:52:16

    Congratulations! Thank you all the team for your support and your good work!! Wish you all success for many many years ahead!!!

  • TnT_Deals says:
    06/27/18 at 16:44:23

    Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary!

  • sandy7172cat says:
    06/27/18 at 19:19:33

    Happy 10th Anniversary! I wish you many more!

  • old_or_new says:
    06/28/18 at 04:17:55

    Thank you, thank you. I was surprised when I saw yesterday that I was one of the “honorable mentions and would receive the Turbo Traffic Pack and item featured on Instagram.” Not sure exactly what it means or for how long but hopefully SALES. July 2nd will be my 3 MONTH ANNIVERSARY, so I AM NEW and still learning. I don’t do social media so I know sales will be slow. Have many items to list but having trouble finding the time for pictures and write up to get them listed. I am thankful – and happy. I am so glad I found BONANZA!

  • rockieshopee says:
    06/28/18 at 07:50:11

    Happy 10th Anniversary! Keep up the hard work !!!

  • RomanticJewelry says:
    06/29/18 at 09:16:36

    Also new here, but selling on another site for a couple of years now, but that site is becoming less and less seller friendly. Now it is time put my eggs in another basket. I wish Bonanza a great future!

  • Vivianhouse says:
    06/29/18 at 09:33:39

    Congratulations! Thank you all the team for your support and your good work!!

  • InspiredCreations says:
    07/02/18 at 11:15:13

    Here’s to another 10! Cheers!

  • tatadance says:
    07/05/18 at 20:51:04


  • rebornbabydolls says:
    07/06/18 at 10:13:40

    Happy Birthday Bonanza

  • MommyOf2QTsScentWork says:
    07/06/18 at 10:41:27

    Congratulations to the winners and to Bonanza for going 10 years strong. I’ve been here since April 2009 so looking forward to what the next 10 years brings.

  • etownvintagebuys says:
    07/07/18 at 18:32:22

    Thank you for providing such a great service. Congrats to the winners!

  • vives_healthy says:
    07/23/18 at 10:23:12

    Congrats on your success and your continuous interest in helping us entrepreneur succeed on our own aspirations!

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