Coming Soon: The New Stats Dashboard

Hi everyone!  I'm Anna, a programmer at Bonanza, here to tell you all about an awesome feature we've got in the works.

Bonanza has been a seller-focused company since its inception and we continue to find new ways to help our sellers build a successful ecommerce business.  After a lot of research, we discovered we had a big opportunity to use data to help sellers better learn and understand their customers.  With that in mind, we are excited to begin developing a new stats experience for our sellers!

You can look forward to the launch of the new stats dashboard in the next few weeks.  Today, I wanted to give you a preview of some of the cool new features, as well as the new design.

New Graphs

The new stats page will feature two brand new graphs to help you understand traffic and revenue trends for your booth: the Sales Graph and the Top Categories Chart.

The Sales Graph is the centerpiece of the new stats dashboard.  It will display information about item views, sales, and total revenue over selected timeframes, all together on the same chart.  A single glance will allow you to easily spot trends and growth.  The graph will also show when you had Turbo Traffic active, helping you quickly visualize its traffic-boosting benefits.

The Top Categories Chart offers new information about which item categories perform best with your buyers.  This chart also includes your own custom categories, allowing you to further improve the customization of your booth to get the best results.


Improved Visualizations

Stats on item views and traffic sources are currently displayed as simple tables.  With this update, this display will receive a huge makeover, making it easier for you to understand and act on the data.

Both items and traffic sources will now include graphs.  These will help you easily discover what is working and where you can improve without having to comb through rows of numbers.  Your traffic data will also include information about the sales and revenue being generated by each source. This will help you better understand which sources are sending you the best buyers.


Detailed Reports

Some sellers really like to dive deep into data. With our new detailed reports, we are giving those sellers the opportunity to get even more insight.

The new reports will be accessible from the stats dashboard and will present detailed data about individual items, categories, and traffic sources.  Each report will include an expanded interactive graph offering deeper insights to help you boost sales.


Enhanced Pro Member Benefits

Sellers with a Bonanza Pro membership will receive even greater insight into their sales and revenue, as well as the more opportunities to optimize their items for search.

Pro members will get to see which search terms are bringing buyers to their products and resulting in sales.  Search terms will be grouped into related categories, making them easier to digest.  The detailed report for search terms will also link to a convenient place to tweak your items' traits and better optimize them for the searches that perform the best.

Now what?

We can't wait to bring our sellers this new opportunity to grow and succeed on Bonanza!   Our team will be hard at work over the next several weeks getting the new stats experience ready for you.  In the mean time, keep your eyes on this page for more updates and helpful articles.

33 responses to Coming Soon: The New Stats Dashboard

  • ShoppingChum_1 says:
    02/04/16 at 12:51:08

    It is a fantastic new stats. I am waiting for it.

    Thanks a lot.

  • ckprof says:
    02/04/16 at 13:28:56

    This is going to be so much more helpful, and so much easier to read. Thanks to the development team’s work on this much needed upgrade for sellers.

  • Granny_s_Bazaar says:
    02/04/16 at 14:06:26

    It looks awesome and anything to help with sales and view
    and who’s coming to the site.

    I’m fairly new and have not made a sale yet…I am listing most
    very day…

    Looking forward to seeing the new stats on the dashboard.

    Thank for all you work and new ideas.

    Best regards,

  • N2Treasures says:
    02/04/16 at 16:35:22

    A wealth of information – hope to put it to good use!

  • CAMEOMUSIC2 says:
    02/04/16 at 18:09:40


  • sales4fun says:
    02/04/16 at 18:30:50

    simply awesome!

  • Susansweaters_Sewing says:
    02/04/16 at 18:50:59

    This looks good. Etsy has this kind of info available to it’s sellers. It is good to see that it is coming here!

  • pwrplayebookspalace says:
    02/05/16 at 01:06:07

    This is an amazing feature for pro sellers and can’t wait for the launch!

  • Bourg1 says:
    02/05/16 at 01:36:08

    Looks like a really good improvement. Thanks

  • boogitybeat says:
    02/05/16 at 05:49:02

    Looks awesome. Good job! Bonanza keeps getting better and better! :-)

  • Weasels_Herbs says:
    02/05/16 at 08:32:20

    Great job, impressive:)

  • discreet says:
    02/05/16 at 09:22:24


  • BookbinEtc says:
    02/05/16 at 10:34:10

    Looking forward to it.

    It is always nice to have stats to check out and help making decisions.

  • JackR says:
    02/05/16 at 10:43:24

    Looking forward to it…

  • makeupmilano says:
    02/05/16 at 12:46:45

    Good Job.. really helpful..Auguri Bonanza from Italy!!!

  • EmbellishMart says:
    02/05/16 at 13:15:41

    I’m excited about it and look forward to building my skills in reading and utilizing stats. Design looks great! Thanks for all of the work you’re doing to help us.

    “Embellishments for your crafting, your space & you!”

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    02/05/16 at 13:19:17

    Thanks for the always improving Bonanza.

  • InspiredCreations says:
    02/05/16 at 15:04:56

    I appreciate the behind-the-scenes work that goes on. Looks good! Can’t wait until it rolls out.

  • ChicandMerry says:
    02/05/16 at 19:16:24

    Wonderful; looks like this will be interesting and helpful. Thank you!

  • Howlin_Hounds says:
    02/05/16 at 20:54:37

    Looks awesome! Thanks, Bonanza.

  • consumers says:
    02/06/16 at 04:19:19

    Thanks for the always improving Bonanza.

  • Margiecrafts says:
    02/06/16 at 11:08:09

    This sounds great, but I hope you will still be able to look at yesterdays views, not just a week or a month at a time.

  • collagebycollins says:
    02/06/16 at 13:13:30

    Thanks….looking forward to the new Stats Dashboard…

  • MomentsInThyme says:
    02/06/16 at 14:36:00

    Thank you for all your hard work as well as the other programmers.

  • GLOBALPOP says:
    02/06/16 at 18:32:36

    One Word “Excellent”

  • MomentsInThyme says:
    02/07/16 at 11:04:34

    Thank you for all your hard work as well as the other programmers. Seeing all the new changes here at Bonanza is exciting and has been much needed. Love all the new changes. Now await another plus. Thank you again!

  • marecrochets says:
    02/07/16 at 12:06:01

    Looks to be very helpful; is it for every seller or just ones who buy up? bronze, gold etc?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    02/09/16 at 09:21:44

    Thank you marecrochets! The enhancements are for basic and Pro Members. Each dashboard will be improved.

  • Flagline says:
    02/07/16 at 16:40:42

    Great, can not wait to see it live!! Thank you!

  • leatherjackethouse says:
    02/08/16 at 06:18:07

    Wow great, this is very helpful and creative thanks for the help.

  • NTECH369 says:
    02/08/16 at 18:34:44


  • normasbathandbody says:
    02/08/16 at 19:34:13


  • DiVASHACK says:
    03/02/16 at 16:44:48

    Can’t WAIT!

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