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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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John5131 says: December 30, 2018

At what other e-commerce company would the co-founder of the platform actually call a seller to discuss a problem they had with a company policy or other issue? Easy answer: there are no others. Kudos to Mark for his ingenuity, helpfulness and creativity in developing the best ecommerce site on the planet!

Evrything4you says: February 21, 2016

Best admin in bonanza.Thanks for help!!!

Ice_Cream_Cleavage says: January 13, 2016

Mark you’re awesome for doing the things that you do.

JackR says: December 17, 2015

Mark, We need more people like you in this world. without you I would have already been looking for another site. You have been right there as if you were in the other room…..Now let’s see my site take off. for those looking for sports cards among other things, look for jackR

Kind regards,

jack Ross

Bella1220 says: November 17, 2015

Mark, thank you for helping me out with my account And resolving my issue quickly.
Have a great day !

discreet says: June 02, 2015

Whenever I had a problem with bad customers, Mark always stepped in and solved the issue, and encouraged me to continue to sell at Bonanza. thanks, God bless

justenergycsr says: January 01, 2015

Updates right on time and answers questions promptly

gotclearskin says: December 15, 2014

Mark and Team … Super new user as of yesterday, we sell on Amazon / eBay as well as we were going to sell on Rakuten ( we have dedicated ecom shops on Volusion, 3dCart, Shopify – Been in the E-Commerce game since 2002 and I will tell you that the experience here and the platform along with the company that runs the show, which we are diligent when it comes to selecting our Strategic Partners and Relationships / Bonanza is TOP-SHELF – We Love the execution and market disruption of providing Amazing Support and providing a “Fair” platform for both the Customer and Merchant vs some of the other guys in the game. Super excited to be part of the growth and success of Bonanza – Our Social Channels are healthy with some upwards of 18,000 followers across our channels and we WILL be a Bonanza cheer leader for sure … Thanks Mark for the open door!

naveeda says: April 15, 2014

May God bless you and I really appreciate the support of Mark. He helped me to increase my knowledge. He is very quick in giving response. I really like Bonanza site. I appreciate their support staff. Long live Bonanza amen.

Andree says: January 16, 2014

Hi, I was looking around and found your site (unknown to me, I’m new)the 1st thing that popped in my head was " Gosh, what a nice face" Honest! Nurse’s “swear!” After reading some notes I realized: I was right!!! I’m just going to ask you to check my booth and my language I don’t want to be rude. Take your time, I’m slow. Andree’s Boutique (ughh! dumb name!) Andree

lussoprodotti says: April 20, 2012

Mark is the man !! What else is there to say. Thanks for all your help rectifying my issue Mark. Excellent support and superb customer service. Hope you have a great weekend!!!


nelliekellie says: March 22, 2012

Mark is a gem! I don’t know what we would do without him! Wonderful person, couldn’t ask for better help! I am very happy to have gotten to know him during my 3 years on Bonanza!!!! Mark makes Bonanza a joy to be here! Thanks!!!!!

PENNYLANE_TREASURES_ says: September 11, 2011

A very special person, thank you for all of your help, Jerry

rsvp_rsvp says: November 25, 2010

mark is a great person ,,, very helpful ,,, thank you very much for your help ,,,,

OVYEE says: September 28, 2010

here is to our wonderful fearless leader ~ yahhhh …ovyee jewels

BotanicaBookshop says: August 01, 2010

MArk is a super special person! Always so helpful—replies to a question quickly, simply and kindly—even though he must be so busy with the ever-increasing growth. I love Bonanzle—and have found a home from which to offer my antiquarian books and cottage primitives for a long time to come.Mark and Bill prove that success in business can be built upon a foundation of kindness, respect and goodwill. I look forward to becoming a Premier member shortly and helping to support this shining star .

WEEKENDER says: June 15, 2010

Mark, is the absolute best. And very very nice

carolsherrell says: May 05, 2010

Thank you Mark for answering all my crazy questions and helping me to be more successful. I recommend that anytime any of you get stuck in any area, Mark can help you out. He gets back to you quickly too…so you can be on your way selling once again.

used1goods says: May 04, 2010

great site! had gotten the quick response and answers i was looking for! thanks mark! (BONANZLE TEAM) from: used1goods

fabulous12345 says: April 22, 2010

Great Person! Always Professional and Wonderful ASSET to Bonanzle:-)

CookieGrandma60 says: April 20, 2010

What a great site. I’m only a few days old on here and had plenty of questions. I emailed support and had a reply almost immediately! No waiting 24 to 48 hours. I love this site! Thanks Mark!

fabulousforless says: April 14, 2010

Hey Mark! Thanks for listening to my “issues” today! I appreciate your candor and for taking the time to acknowledge it and respond. Thanks again!! ~Val

RenaissanceBookshop says: April 03, 2010

Mark is simply FABULOUS! He has been so patient, kind and considerate in
answering my questions and helping with me issues as I begin to sell on Bonanzle. When I had some difficulty with GoogleCheckout, he readily set it up for me. He does everything in a professional, informative and thoughtful way to give one the opportunity to succeed.It is rare today to find this sincere, from-the-heart helpfulness—coupled with the respect he gives non-technical sellers, like myself. When I first found Bonanzle, I instantly and intuitively felt it would be very successul because of the beauty of the product presentations. After conversing with Mark, I have no doubt of great things to come for Bonanzle—because I still believe that ethics, conscientiousness, great service, kindness(AND, of course, a GORGEOUS,TOP NOTCH SITE with THE BEST ATTRIBUTES) bring rewards. I love being a part of Bonanzle—I’m not at all concerned that it will take time for my presence to build—— because I just FEEL GOOD here.I look forward to Bonanzle being my major venue long-term.THANK YOU SO MUCH…

Uniquestuff77 says: March 17, 2010

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful friendly place you have made!
So very helpful. Thanks

AA8690 says: February 25, 2010

Mark is DA BOMB! When it comes to customer service it doesn’t get any better than this guy. You Rock Mark, keep on doing what you do. I’m so glad I found this site – Annette

Blazey says: January 29, 2010

Customer service is so great-that’s what! A true pleasure when you email with a question & get a real non-automated response

ladybug11761 says: January 20, 2010

Mark is a wonderful person! A person could not ask for better support anywhere. He can put his foot down, but is also very fair to everyone. Thank you!

Roxannmi says: October 26, 2009

He is suave, debonair, not quite as romantic as Charles Sagona but very smooth and courteous. Always tries to help, always fast reply. Wonderful guy to interact with.

angiesjewelry says: September 25, 2009

Mark rocks !! Have enjoyed his wonderful customer service and he is always quick to reply ! Very nice guy and understand to ! Than you so much for making this site a great place to be !! AAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++

Chars_Collectibles says: September 20, 2009

Mark is so great when it comes to CS, You could not ask for a better Guy.And I don’t think he ever sleeps

topshelface says: August 22, 2009

I think this site is very user friendly, once you know the controls. It is quite easy to list items, and I like the display format. Primo and thumbs up.

sandisthings says: August 03, 2009

Great customer service! I had a problem with upgrading to premiere and he got it done in a flash. This site is the best! Thank you so much

Foxy_Lady_Boutique says: July 21, 2009

Cyber Ninja Mark is the BEST of the BEST, always there when you need him, always a smile on his face.

DiaperCakeDesigns says: July 12, 2009

Thanks Mark for making this such a wonderful selling place, your customer support is excellent. Really glad I’m here on Bonanzle.. Thanks Michelle

kodachrome says: July 06, 2009

Fast, efficient, effective…that is Bonanzlemark! Gracious, to a fault. A wonderful example of old fashioned ‘customer service’! He & the Bonanzle Team are what makes this site work & what quality sellers are looking for! Outstanding work Mark! Thanks for your participation & help! Ed

judyfruendt says: June 09, 2009

Mark is the best…Customer Service is type notch and he is always there when you need any help with anything.
Hugs to you Mark and your wonderful team

hunningbird2 says: June 01, 2009

Thanks for making this a great place to sell and chat on also.


bobsell says: April 29, 2009

Wow! You talk about service! I am 74 an am not too bright when it comes to technical workings of sites. I could not get my google thing to work. He took care of it for me in record time. My “look” numbers have climbed dramatically in just two days. Many-many-many thanks Mark. Bob

ChrissysSoyCandles says: April 01, 2009

Thanks for making this a great place to sell and buy Mark!! KUDOS to you ! Hey and come by my booth sometime…lol.

eyecatchingbeauty says: March 18, 2009

41 endorsements for Mark and all accurate and earned. You are super friendly and exceptionally helpful. I appreciate the attention I receive from you greatly- thank you so very much


TheFerstFamily says: March 15, 2009

Mark is a awesome person! His support when asked is excellent, he always finds the time to help me. Thank you for all that you do, Mark.

familybooksandmore says: February 26, 2009

Mark is the best he has help me every time I got my account mess up just ask and you’ll get help

Thanks again Mark

butterflyam says: February 20, 2009

We are glad you were born! Christine

victoriansagejewelry says: February 08, 2009

A voice of reason in times of insanity!

CheriShops says: January 31, 2009

Always helpful and friendly! Bonanzle’s good vibe starts at the top

GENV says: January 24, 2009

seems like a decent guy… guess that’s why he’s here & not there…

STBThreadworks says: January 15, 2009

If you can’t do it yourself, he just rolls up his sleeves and does it for you. I had a problem with Google Base and he went over and logged in himself and fixed it! He must be getting pretty tired with all the help we need! He is going to be a tough act to follow when you hire additional peeps! He’s a real gentleman.

memoriesgeneralstore says: January 13, 2009

Thanks Mark and all of u other guys who has made Bonanzle so easy to use! I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I’m in shock how fast the site is growing but I’ve been telling all my friends and they are telling their friends so I guess when around 20,000 people are doing that each day I guess it does add up!!! I’m proud of u guys…so proud 2 have an alternative online selling spot so I don’t have 2 face the giants…and deal with all the complicated stuff that comes with it.

Bananas says: January 08, 2009

Without a doubt, Bonanzle is the BEST venue choice for our fresh, new start! Wonderful support, helpful, friendly and human! THANK YOU soooooo much!

BellyDance&More says: December 19, 2008

Helped me SOOOO much with some truly duuuh questions from a newbie. Stayed super=patient through it all! Thanks! I LOOOOOVE it here!

Kimbesa says: December 14, 2008

So great to get support help from someone who 1) read and understood your question and 2) gave you a specific, targeted answer. No canned gobbledygook! Thanks…Kimbesa

srw001bzl says: December 12, 2008

Great support from a very sweet guy! He actually offered to do something I was having trouble with for me if I couldn’t get it worked out myself. Now, where else but Bonanzle are you going to get that kind of support from the rank and file? Ebay? Not in a million years!!! Thank you, Mark!

AngelBabyBoutique says: December 05, 2008

Wonderful support! I hvae turned to Mark on more than one occasion & he has always responded faster than you can say “Bonanzle” lol.
I have often heard Mark referred to as a machine but I would have to disagree because machines dont have heart and this guy he’s got heart! He really cares about Bonanzle and all of US!
Thanks Mark!!

KimsKorner says: December 02, 2008

Mark is always so great about answering my questions and wow is he patient because I never shut up lol. I never even have to wait 24 hours for an answer when I email. Very nice guy!

permacrisis says: November 29, 2008

He helped me out real good. And I’m an idiot!
He can help you too!

skinny603 says: November 26, 2008

What a great easy and friendly site awsome job Mark! I;ll be bacjk to shop here more often. Thnaks again for welcoming me to the site it was my frist using an dbuying off of this site. It is in my favorites list.

Selene says: November 23, 2008

Thanks for such a warm welcome. I look forward to growing with this fabulous site!

starshinin says: November 21, 2008

mark, thank u so much for the warm old friend sent me an invite, and i’m quite interested in ur site!!! already got one item up and runnin…got a lot more…wishin u da best and prayin that wave comes soon

collectoray says: November 20, 2008

What a welcome, I am brand new today and from the other place (ebay) sorry but I had to do it. I think I might have found a home. Thanks from (smuch puch)
Ray (nick name is Smuch Puch)

mastoyshop says: November 16, 2008

Thank you for the warm welcome. I am just tickled to find a site that is easy to figure out AND is in Seattle. The most beautiful city in the World. And to meet such nice peeps. Thank you Mark for being my first message in Bonanzle. ma

clothesout says: November 14, 2008

Hello Everyone: I wish everyone much success. All together now, repeat after me… YES WE CAN DO THIS AND ECLIPSE THE OTHER SITES. Let’s all have fun and be nice. We can help to bring this site to places that other sites can’t fathom. You know we ALL NEEDED A NEW VENUE AND WE FOUND IT! Let’s DO IT TOGETHER!!! The power is in numbers and this site is gaining, so lets keep going. Thanks and have a great day :)

gypsygirl says: November 13, 2008

I am new here as of a week ago. I love it. Mark messaged me when I had my 1st question, (within seconds) :) Anyway, He was prompt and helpful, and very nice. I am happy to be on a site where the people are so friendly. Since I have been here, I have also had help from several other Bonanzlers, and am indebted! This is a great place to be.
Kat Barton~

StarvingPackrats says: October 27, 2008

Quick, personal attention to questions with clear answers and a great sense of humor too. I’m so glad he’s on our Bonanzle team!!!!

PorcelainFantasies says: October 26, 2008

I recently moved to Oklahoma from Texas to Oklahoma in order to help my family. The move meant finding a new venue for my work as having the art gallery continue to represent me was not a very feasible idea … hence my entrance to the online “world”. Tested E-Bay as a BUYER … and while I will continue to buy there, I quickly realized I was NOT going to sell there … the lack of customer service being my biggest complaint.

I discovered Bonanzle thru an email sent to me from ??? … not only is it easy to use and set-up … I LOVE some of the “extras” built into your site automatically … looking forward to a long successful stay here … haven’t needed that lacking “trait” of E-Bay’s yet … but apparently, it is in abundance here … HAVE A VERY BLESSED DAY ALL … Lace

ghost55 says: October 20, 2008

Awww…thank you so much for the warm welcome! It is great to have another community to call my own. Thanks you~ Ghostie

classicandcute says: October 15, 2008

Ah, Mark. What a great guy! He has been so patient with answering my numerous questions. I know they must be incredibly busy over there at Bonanzle Headquarters, but he has never failed to take the time to help a Bonanzle newbie. How could anyone not like this site if all the staff members are like Mark? What a refreshing change of pace!!

jb007stuff says: October 09, 2008

Mark is a wonderful guy who got me started here. He was very friendly and helpful.
Thank you again Mark for all your help!

sweetcherryvintage says: October 08, 2008

I totally endorse this guy.. who wouldn’t! ;)
Great site Mark, thanks! Appears like you have a hit going on.

xxocrewelworld says: September 26, 2008

I only wish your were running Feebay!!! Do you have a PO box where we can shower you with cards & gifts????????

Toothydogs says: September 21, 2008

I haven’t gotten to know him yet,but anyone who will hug his dog the way he does,is great,in my book! Thank you Mark,for the kind welcome! I have had enough of eBay,too! JJ (ToothyDogs)

yellowsand1964 says: September 19, 2008

Perfect place,easy to use, not hard words to get and link, thanks for do the sell/buy easy


SandrasaCRE says: September 14, 2008

Thanks for the warm welcome to Bonanzle. Hoping to make this my new internet social networking marketplace. Sandra

jacksplace says: September 02, 2008

Super quick response and excellent support. A breath of fresh air! Thanks, Jack

cheepgamez says: September 01, 2008

not only is mark easy going but he knows how to treat people and recomend everyone to take time out and have a little chat with mark and you will see what i mean. thanks mark. need more people like him in the world!

walldressedup says: August 27, 2008

I think this is a really great site and I wish you much success! The concept is very good and it gets better each day-love that. I hope this becomes BIG!

dedicatedfool says: August 18, 2008

Excellent support, quick to the point and yet still friendly…my goodness, there is a world outside the greed…thanks, Russ