Crafting Your Own Customized Marketing Campaigns

Good morning, good day, or good evening, depending on where in the world this blog post is reaching you. You might recall our previous blog post about the new Customer Marketing Tool that’s kicking ass and taking names - literally*. With this tool, you can access the usernames and purchasing history of your past customers, and use this data to craft personalized marketing campaigns that will encourage repeat buyers.

So, how exactly do you craft these personalized marketing campaigns? Lucky for you, I chatted up some of our programmers and found out exactly how sellers like you can make the most out of this feature.

Creating a Marketing Campaign

This week we launched the Marketing Campaign aspect of the Customer Marketing Tool. There are many benefits to using this tool. Here are a couple ideas on how to use this tool to build your business and create memorable customer experiences:

  • Offer a discount to buyers who have left negative feedback in an attempt to turn their experience into a positive one.
  • Offer targeted discounts on specific items to buyers who have bought similar items in the past.
  • Design and create your own customer loyalty program.

Now that we're feeling creative, let's make a marketing campaign. To begin building a marketing campaign, navigate to your Seller Dashboard. Select “Customers” and then “Marketing Campaigns.” Click on the green button that says “Create a new campaign.”

From here, simply fill out the form and you’re ready to send your campaign! Here’s a preview of creating a campaign.

Let’s take a look at a breakdown of the new campaign form:

  • Title. This is what your campaign will be called on your Marketing Campaign dashboard.
  • Audience details. This is where you select the recipients of your discount. You can select subscribers, buyers, all customers (buyers AND subscribers), or a custom list you’ve created. Check out this page for a recap of how to create a custom list.
  • Offer details. This is where you create the offer you’re sending to your audience. There are several fields to fill out for your offer:
    • Discount: please select either the percent off or the dollar amount you would like to offer. You can select the discount type in the dropdown menu.
    • Coupon code: this is the code your audience will use when they checkout. In the example, I used the code THANKYOU because it’s a loyalty campaign.
    • Landing page: this page is the first page customers will see when they click through from your email campaign. This can be either your booth page or a specific item page.
    • Expiration date: an optional trait, you can select an expiration date if you wish to offer your discount for a limited time.
    • Message: another optional feature, you can add a special note to the recipients of your marketing campaign.

Once you’ve completed the form, you can preview your campaign as it will appear to customers. All links in the preview are live, and will redirect you upon click. After previewing, you can either make edits as needed or send your campaign. Buyers will see your campaign on their account dashboard and on the new My Seller Coupons page.

I'd like to reiterate that buyers can opt-out of these campaigns at any time by changing their notifications preferences in the Notifications tab of their Account Settings. These promotions are not currently being sent via email. When that function of this tool exists, customers will have the option to opt-out of email communication. We want to ensure that this marketing tool is permission-based and transparent to all users.

To edit a campaign,you can can click the edit button. This will shift the page from “view” mode to “edit” mode. The changes you make to your campaigns will not trigger an updated email, but will go into effect for future emails. You can also delete the campaign through this page.

But why should I?

Acquiring new customers is vital to your business, which is why we have a variety of tools to make that possible. Read our Seller Success articles about optimizing your booth and listings, and while you’re at it, check out our Advertising options to get more eyes on your items.

But encouraging one-time customers to buy again is equally as important. A one-time customer has a 32% chance of returning to your store and making a purchase for a second time, and if you can get that conversion, the likelihood of multiple future purchases increases significantly.

Bonanza has and will continue to be a site focused on community. We want to encourage buyers to support sellers they’ve had a great experience with in the past, and we want to encourage sellers to build a personalized one-on-one relationship with their customers. The Customer Marketing Tool is the next step in putting customer loyalty into your own hands.

*To be clear: the Customer Marketing Tool is literally taking names. The kicking ass part is figurative.

18 responses to Crafting Your Own Customized Marketing Campaigns

  • razorsnmore4u says:
    08/02/16 at 11:17:55

    This is an AWESOME idea & a great sales tool !!! I look forward to using it for the 1st time tonight. Way to go Team Bonanza !!!

  • maydamart says:
    08/03/16 at 05:20:29

    “…the Customer Marketing Tool is literally taking names.”

    I know I’m the odd man out, but boy, this stuff just makes me feel like a no-good stalker. I mean, imagine if you went into a physical store, had to “register” all your personal information, then allow someone to follow every step you took with a clipboard or smart phone in hand to track every item you look at or even think about looking at. Then later, have that person bug you, while in the privacy of your home, some more to buy, buy, buy…

    I know “big data” is popular with marketers/sellers, but where has our respect for privacy gone? That’s really starting to bother me – and taking the fun out of shopping.

    BonanzaGrace says in response:
    08/03/16 at 10:21:43

    Hi MaydaMart! Thanks for your comment. We totally understand the concern for privacy, which is why we only provide public usernames, purchasing history between seller and customer, and messaging history between seller and customer. To use your brick-and-mortar storefront analogy, this sharing of information would look most similar to a customer walking into a store, introducing themselves by name, and sharing whether or not they’ve shopped here before and what kind of items they’re looking for.

    The Customer Marketing Tool is a proactive way to provide customers with what they want, before they ask for it. Not only is it a tool that enables sellers to take marketing efforts into their own hands, but it gives sellers an opportunity to provide customer service above and beyond the buyer’s expectations.

    Additionally, buyers can opt out of this program at any time. I hope this information helps!

  • J7339 says:
    08/03/16 at 14:29:35

    I have the same way of thinking MaydaMart – not a tool I want to use. But good luck to those that do.

  • InspiredCreations says:
    08/04/16 at 10:11:27

    I offer return customers the best deals. I have experienced many vendors offering some of the same incentives and that is why I elect to purchase with them again and again. Thank you Bonanza team for making this available. Heading over to create a marketing Campaign right now!

  • razorsnmore4u says:
    08/04/16 at 10:14:33

    For the good folks who have concerns about this new Marketing Campaign, our customers are not receiving emails being notified about these campaigns. It is my understanding, at least for now, the only way any marketing campaign offered will ever be seen by the targeted customers is when they log into their Bonanza account.

  • TnT_Deals says:
    08/06/16 at 03:21:45

    Most of my customers find me through Google shopping. Unless this campaign sends the customer an email I doubt I will have large success with it. Gonna try it though every sale helps out the bank account.

  • MomentsInThyme says:
    08/09/16 at 10:06:54

    My same thoughts with MaydaMart. I would not want this happening to me as a buyer. I don’t have a large volume of sales. Would this tool only work well for the large volume seller or is this for everyone no matter the amount of sales? I am not offering specialized items like let’s say, medical supplies. I believe it might be best on larger volume sellers. Could I be wrong? I would like some insight. In the meantime, I will set up the campaign with the few buyers I have. Grace, thank you for taking the time to blog about the new seller tool.

  • jennafashionboutique says:
    08/09/16 at 14:47:38

    i get coupons and emails from Harbor Freight and Home depot and others either in the mail or email. They are not random it’s because i have shopped there.
    Some i have never said it was ok to send. But unlike many of you above, i want these coupons.
    One of these coupons, the Home depot one that was sent to me saved me over $200.00. It just happen to arrive right before i was gonna buy a lawn mower . It was a nice 10% off.
    The world has changed,i can get on my computer and look up anyone of you. I can even see the color of your curtains. You never ok’ed that either.

  • Fathertime says:
    08/10/16 at 17:36:43

    yes, I also share the privacy concerns, Too much Big Brother??. But I will look into it farther. The idea of promoting, Follow this seller, Sounds like it could be the answer going down a middle road

  • DjB13 says:
    08/12/16 at 19:00:25

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  • DjB13 says:
    08/12/16 at 19:04:44

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  • txihunter_gmail_com says:
    08/17/16 at 07:01:47

    Morning my order said delvered never got it can you help

  • razorsnmore4u says:
    08/18/16 at 11:50:53

    I ran a test campaign for 1 week. I offered up to a 5% discount to all of my customers, & a 10% discount to anyone who spent $50 or more. Unfortunately, I had no responses to my either one of my discount offers, but I’m fairly certain that was because I did not run the campaign for a long enough period of time. I’m going to run another campaign beginning Monday, & this time I’m going to run the campaign for 1 month. I’ll post the results for you good folks if this comment section is still active at the end of my campaign.

  • AuntieLulu says:
    08/18/16 at 12:30:06

    If your just a basic seller, is there a charge or a gift from Bonanza to their long and loyal members?

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