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Hey there, my name is Carly!
carlyh Oct 7, 2010

Hey there, my name is Carly!

Hello Bonanza community! My name is Carly Hess and I recently joined the Bonanza team as their Social Media intern. As Social Media intern, I will work closely with Alex and Phaedra (attheboutique) to help bring more buyers to Bonanza to view your unique merchandise by using Facebook and Twitter. But don’t worry all news and updates on site changes will continue to be posted on the Bonanza.com blog so you won't miss anything if you're not a fan of either. Both profiles are up and running so come, “Like” us and “Follow” us, if you are so inclined!

A little about myself: I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies from Bowdoin College in May and have spent my summer in Northern Idaho after driving across the northern part of the US from NY (flying to Idaho made no sense when there was the option to see the country, bring my car, and bring as much stuff as I wanted). I grew up in the suburbs of New York City, and so far I am the first of my family to make the move west. Currently I am in the process of moving to Seattle, so hopefully that will happen soon. Other than that, I spend my time working at Bonanza, keeping in touch with my family that is still on the east coast, Netflix-ing, and online deal shopping.

I am excited to be a part of the Bonanza community and look forward to hearing from you all!

Carly Hess


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72 responses to Hey there, my name is Carly!

MamawsButtonsAndMore says: 10/07/10 at 11:30:49

Hi and welcome to bonanza Carly

MamawsButtonsAndMore says: 10/07/10 at 11:30:50

Hi and welcome to bonanza Carly

MoviesMediaAndMore says: 10/07/10 at 11:35:42

Hello and Welcome to Bonanza. I am a former New Yorker myself!

Your Friend,

Griffengarb says: 10/07/10 at 12:07:12

Welcome to Bonanza Carly!

debdoll says: 10/07/10 at 12:19:48

A big warm welcome to Bonanza Carly! Looking forward to seeing much more of you.


forgetmenot says: 10/07/10 at 12:22:30

Hi Carly! Welcome to Bonanza, sounds like you’ll make an awesome addition to the team!!
P.S. – great photo!!

whynotnow says: 10/07/10 at 12:30:30

Welcome Carly! Great to have you here.

sofyblu2 says: 10/07/10 at 12:31:04


newriverone says: 10/07/10 at 12:35:25

Welcome Carly!

CoinsYouWant says: 10/07/10 at 12:38:02

I love it here so much I have 2 Booths…

~ Mariah

bjstlmi says: 10/07/10 at 12:40:31

Welcome to Bonanza!!! Looking forward to lots of buyers coming our way

carlyh says: 10/07/10 at 12:47:55

Thank you for all the warm welcomes!

carlyh says: 10/07/10 at 12:50:42

@LouietheSeller, where in NY are you from? Have you been back at all?

Thanks @forgetmenot, it is from Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in NYC!

jacksplace says: 10/07/10 at 13:08:48

Welcome to the Ranch!

DS520Diecast says: 10/07/10 at 13:20:26

Welcome to the Ranch, Carly!

Starfisher says: 10/07/10 at 13:36:40

Carly, welcome to Bonanza, hope you enjoy it as much as I have these last two years!

MoviesMediaAndMore says: 10/07/10 at 13:46:00

@Carlyh – I am born and raised in Da Bronx! I’m lucky to have made it out ALIVE!..lol

granny7x says: 10/07/10 at 13:51:32

Welcome Carly..nice to have you aboard…

irishonebac says: 10/07/10 at 13:53:29

Nice intro. Welcome :-)

Liquidation says: 10/07/10 at 14:48:17

Hello Carly – Welcome to Bonanzle! I am sure you will receive an invite soon to join the Ladies in the Boardroom


therainforest says: 10/07/10 at 14:51:05

Welcome to Bonanza! You’re perfect for the team!

vintagejunkiebev says: 10/07/10 at 15:17:11

Welcome to the family…. I also have migrated from the suburbs of NY and ended up in sunny southern california…Best of luck to you….

VINTAGECHIC817 says: 10/07/10 at 15:18:34

Hello Carly and Welcome to Bonanza…

jacks says: 10/07/10 at 15:23:17

Welcome to the ranch.. there are a lot of great people here and we all wish you the best of luck..

Silkworm says: 10/07/10 at 15:43:24

Welcome Carly! So happy to have you on the team.

SparrowsJewels says: 10/07/10 at 15:57:45

Welcome to Bonanza Carly !

CritterCreekRanch says: 10/07/10 at 16:05:51

Howdy and Welcome to Bonanza!! Very nice to meet you

OVYEE says: 10/07/10 at 16:43:32

Hi girlfriend welcome to the block ~ have fun we do and visit us ovyee jewels

AnnappleBonanza says: 10/07/10 at 17:31:24

Welcome to Bonanza! Good luck here, we look forward to your participation.

wblresources says: 10/07/10 at 17:32:13


chestoftreasures says: 10/07/10 at 17:48:57

Welcome Carly! Glad to have you aboard.

BeautifulBooks says: 10/07/10 at 17:53:12

Hi Carly, Welcome to this wonderful place.I hope it’s a great experience for you and that you have a good time, too.

Alilbirdy2 says: 10/07/10 at 18:02:01

Welcome Carly, Looking forward to seeing us in the Media more often.

RM1Gordon says: 10/07/10 at 18:14:56

Welcome to Bonanza

BookbinEtc says: 10/07/10 at 18:16:55

Hi Carly, and welcome!

cdvdmart says: 10/07/10 at 18:19:10

Nice to meet you, Carly!

littleroses says: 10/07/10 at 18:30:06

Welcome Carly. I am from New York. Born on Long Island.
Happy to have you aboard. Good Luck to you.

sonsandie1507 says: 10/07/10 at 18:58:12

Welcome to Bonanza Carly! Great place I know you will be a great addition to the team!

TxSTar1953 says: 10/07/10 at 19:15:35

Welcome to Bonanzle. Its great to have another member on the team.

DakotaGold says: 10/07/10 at 19:53:23

Welcome Carly!

Indizona says: 10/07/10 at 20:10:35

Lisas_TX_Treasures says: 10/07/10 at 20:45:15

Welcome to Bonz Carly. Wish you all the very best.



momspennies says: 10/07/10 at 21:38:42

Hi Carly! Welcome! We look forward to seeing the magic you can generate for the venue. There truly is an art to social networking!

calicoseas says: 10/07/10 at 23:07:36

Welcome, Carly!

polzar says: 10/08/10 at 01:36:08

Welcome Carly… Glad to have you aboard!!!

UknowUneedAnother says: 10/08/10 at 02:49:19

Welcome aboard from another NYC suburbanite! I haven’t escaped yet.

Alilbirdy2 says: 10/08/10 at 03:16:59

I hope to see more Bonanza articles in the Auctionbytes newsletters. This is one venue where more online sellers/Buyers are reached, as we all know every seller is also a buyer.

gingernellscloset says: 10/08/10 at 05:06:43

hi Carly! Welcome to Bonanza!

angiesjewelry says: 10/08/10 at 05:19:51

Welcome Carly

teapotgallery says: 10/08/10 at 05:45:20

Hi Carly, glad to see you here. I’m also from a suburb of NY, called NJ.

alexwberg says: 10/08/10 at 08:11:29

Welcome Carly! We’re glad to have you at Bonanza.

SunflowerAntics says: 10/08/10 at 08:43:51

Welcome Carly!

spencer455 says: 10/08/10 at 08:56:31

Welcome Carly

chill02wolfart says: 10/08/10 at 09:21:39

Carly, Welcome to the Team! Happy to have you here at Bonanza. Best Wishes

NewandDejaVu says: 10/08/10 at 09:37:24

Welcome Carly!

carlyh says: 10/08/10 at 12:19:29

Wow, thanks again to everyone for the wonderful welcomes And hello to all former (and current) New Yorkers (and New Jerseyers)! Wonder if that is what NJ people call themselves… @AlilBirdy2 I will definitely look into it!

promotionsbyjudy says: 10/08/10 at 13:23:24

shellbysbooth says: 10/08/10 at 14:01:44

Welcome to Bonanza !

Memaws16 says: 10/08/10 at 17:15:10

Welcome to the family!!! Can’t just say Bonz boys anymore!

loristhisandthat says: 10/08/10 at 19:24:01

Welcome! My gosh you look alot like Bizzy,
Ask Bill

Bargaineer says: 10/08/10 at 22:03:30

Welcome to the Bonanza family, Carly. You’re gonna love it here!

miriamkay says: 10/09/10 at 15:45:48

A big warm welcome to you Carly

Definitely looking forward to More buyers-YEAH!!!


KBCreativeDesigns says: 10/09/10 at 20:06:21

Welcome to Bonanza!
A site that is full of very nice and helpful people.
Anything we can do to help you just ask.

TimsDiamondWillow says: 10/10/10 at 04:54:35

Welcome to the Ranch, Carly!

(You must be an Andy Warhol fan? Or just love cool photo ops? lol)

You’ll love it here…folks like to kid around a lot, when not being serious about biz Enjoy your internship. May it blossom.

bluepennylady says: 10/10/10 at 14:07:57

HI there Carly,

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! It is so nice to have you aboard the Bonanza team..


stuffyouneed says: 10/11/10 at 11:06:44

Welcome Home, Carly, Welcome Home!

starshinin says: 10/12/10 at 13:42:19

a lil late, but welcome to our family

sacredheartrosaries says: 10/12/10 at 23:00:22

Welcome, Carly!

I lived in Idaho for a couple years… down south, though.
Mtn Home AFB… spent the summers chasing jack rabbits & whistle pigs (ground squirrels, for those that don’t know).

Also never fly; drive everywhere… God made this country too beautiful to miss by flying.

froggieb says: 10/13/10 at 09:57:29

Just saw this blog today so I’m a little late but regardless, WELCOME!!

enchantments-for-you says: 10/13/10 at 17:34:37

Hi Carly, congrats on the new job

kathyseven says: 10/26/10 at 01:38:57

Welcome Carly! You’re gonna love the NW and Bonanza!

bparkerhouse says: 10/27/10 at 08:09:12

Welcome Carly! Congrats on the beginning of a wonderful new career. Hope you had fun driving across the US. Ahh to be young again. I am envious.

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