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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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My Endorsements (30)

takeitall says: October 12, 2011


KansasGranny says: February 05, 2011

I just joined Bonanza, and GrannyX wrote to me indicating that she had the “same” avitar! I guess her pic is of an Albino Peacock, but mine is of a pure White Peacock. He is mine, and he is 3 years old. What a way to meet people! Nice to meet you GrannyX, thank you for the warm welcome!

CritterCreekRanch says: October 26, 2010

Wonderful Seller & Friend! She ships her items with such care, buyers you can’t go wrong buying from granny7x!

joyce72747 says: March 24, 2010

I am pleased not only to say granny bought from me but am so glad to have made her acquaintance along with a developing friendship. Brenda is great people.
Go, granny, go

Paceset9999 says: March 16, 2010

Granny is such a pleasure on Bonanzle as a Buyer, Seller and a Great source of inspiration. Highly recommend!

yeshuazgirl says: February 26, 2010

Brenda is a wonderful asset to the Bonanzle community always so helpful and lighthearted. She is a wonderful trustworthy buyer and seller here as well.
She consistently goes above & beyond for her customers and fellow Bonanzlers. It is a pleasure and honor to know her!

Laboutiquefrancais says: February 25, 2010

A true pleasure to do business with as a Seller or as a Buyer. Loyal, generous, honest, helpful & kind with a great sense of humor as well!

samnboop says: February 24, 2010

What a great lady! What an asset she is to the bonanzle community! Great customer service and great prices!

granny123 says: February 23, 2010

Beautiful Items You have in your Store! This lady , is a Caring and Honest Seller, and a great Person, by all Her endorsements. I assure you she is one of a kind, and a bright star in this big universe. Do not hesitate to Buy or get to know her! May your 2010 Be Blessed With Love, Sunshine and Great Sales!

vcrison says: February 23, 2010

A Great Lady! Wonderful to all her customers and and a joy to work with. vince, Vinces Jewelry Gallery

cricket says: February 23, 2010

Wonder asset to Bonanzle. You will not be disappointed working with this member. Transactions as smooth as glass.

MONTROSE says: January 20, 2010

It’s now 2010 and a new Personal eND0RSEMENT seems appropriate! After having the pleasure of viewing this active member perform, I am happy to say that I highly recommend this member to ANyoNE as bOth a Buyer &/or Seller because dedication & loyalty compliments this member…..Best wishes, M0NTROSe

shawnalynn33 says: November 30, 2009

Great gal!! She was a very kind-hearted woman and would highly recommend to anyone. She is a woman of her word and these days that is one in a million.

MONTROSE says: November 11, 2009

Thanks for NOV birthday PR0MO wishes> Anyone dropping POSiTiVE energy my waY = definitely deserves my individual PERS0NAL eND0RSEMENT ~ Please take a moment to visit members’ ( granny7x ) b00tH next…MONTR0Se approves this message!

normasbathandbody says: November 01, 2009

Gotta Love Brenda (granny) very supportive to the Bonanzle community)
and a great online friend that I’m proud to know

StoneIslandLady says: October 06, 2009

Awesome service, prices and items! Thanks so much!!

Stewarts says: August 31, 2009

The elegant essence of the Peacock represented in Granny’s Avatar is just the beginning of the beauty and charm that you will find in Granny. Granny is a very sweet, loving and caring individual who easily makes one feel at ease with her tender ways and humor. Granny is a true asset to Bonanzle and its Community. Plus, I gotta love a gal from my Hometown State.

Cowboy says: August 14, 2009

Granny here is one fantastic lady. She is a real family gal and you can see it in her postings in some of the threads here at Bonanzle. She has a kind heart and also believes in having a good time with lots of laughter and fun. Granny has a lot of interesting items in her booth…something for everyone in the family and priced very well. I know that she is a good business person too. She is sincere and honest and a great person to deal with. I know you wouldn’t be disappointed if you purchased from her. I’m proud to call her a friend!

OriginalCoasterMaker says: July 30, 2009

Great person to do business with! A#1

pegmo says: June 22, 2009

One of the best sellers online and willing to work with buyers. My gosh, a very patient person. I have dealt with another seller on bonanzle who was not very patient, but granny7x makes up for that 10 times!!!! This person is a complete pleasure to work with. Thanks so much!!!

GanGan says: June 14, 2009

Granny7X is more than a seller here. She is an asset to Bonanzle and to all of us who have been blessed knowing her. She has fantastic items at great prices and is a great buyer as well. Wonderful to do business with and I am proud to call her friend!

juanitamart47 says: June 06, 2009

granny7x is a super great lady to deal with. She is one of the main reasons I struggled through Bonanazle. granny7x gave me my very first sale, from there on it was easy. I think if not for her I might still be waiting for my 1st sale

HairClipQueen says: May 18, 2009

Awesome Person!! So incredibly sweet! Pefect transaction! A++++++ Can’t wait to shop again in her booth

judyfruendt says: May 15, 2009

she is one of the best buyers and sellers on bonanzle. There should be more like her.
thanks so much for all you do

KimsKorner says: May 07, 2009

This Bonanzle member is a pleasure all around. Positive, friendly, active in the Bonanzle community, patient, understanding, awesome buyer and seller. I am so happy to have met her and been able to get to know her here on Bonanzle! This is a seller you can trust completely!

Stockpiled says: March 26, 2009

Wonderful person to do business with. Beautiful items, quick shipping and fantastic customer service!

karoden says: February 04, 2009

I haven’t met Granny or dealt with her but I sure like her ability to apologize.

TheAttic says: January 28, 2009

Granny is a great person as seller shipments are very fast . Granny is also very kind and helpful person. She good quality Items in her store at very fair prices.
Thank you so much for all your help to me personally. So the last comment is to Make sure you check her store out.

CityChic says: January 11, 2009

Granny is not only a fantastic Seller and Bonanzler, but she is an incredibly sweet and caring person and has become a wonderful friend of mine. Granny is what being a Bonanzler is all about! Thanks for being you, Granny!

VirtualDesigns says: December 28, 2008

An absolute pleasure to deal with! Hope to deal with again on a future date! Thank you. :>)