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Friday 2pm update: great success!

In our first day of having TurboTraffic packs, we've seen the average seller buying a pack jump from $25 GMV/day before to $57 GMV/day after (with top sellers averaging $1000+). While there has been a very diverse group of sellers signing up so far (and not everyone has seen immediate traffic jump), the large majority seem to be seeing a meaningful bump not just in pageviews but in actual sales. Way cool! Today we're adding some extra juice to the system, such that those who don't see a traffic bump on day 1 will continue having more cash invested on their buyer traffic until they (hopefully) bubble to the top of their competitive terms.

Hark, great E-commerce Genie, fetch me more traffic!

Original post

Imagine that you found a genie in a bottle. And not just a run-of-the-mill genie - this one is an e-commerce genie. She tells you she can grant you one wish, anything at all that would affect your online sales. What would you wish for?
Would you wish for a fancy new logo? Full-color shipping labels? Fewer returns? Those might be “nice to haves,” but what a waste of a wish! The genie would laugh in your face. (The genie isn’t known for her good manners.)
Or, what about... making more sales? Alright, now you’re getting the hang of this! Getting more sales is an e-commerce wish that would impact your business in a big way. And to get more sales, you need just one thing: More traffic.
For those of us who sell online, getting more traffic is the difference between a thriving business and an empty bank account. Go ahead, make a wish...
A Wish Come True
Your wish is our command: Introducing TurboTraffic packs, the newest way to get a boost of high-converting shoppers to your store, just in time for the holidays.
Bonanza’s TurboTraffic service is already available to our monthly subscribers (Platinum or higher), and over the past year we’ve proven that it consistently doubles the number of shoppers for most sellers. But if you’ve been wishing you had access to TurboTraffic without a Platinum membership, then TurboTraffic packs is for you.
How Does TurboTraffic Work?
In a nutshell, TurboTraffic increases our bids to display your products on Google Shopping, so that people searching for items like yours are more likely to see it and click through to your booth. Since people go to Google Shopping when they’re eager to buy, it translates to an extra burst of high-intent, high-converting shoppers coming your way.
TurboTraffic has only been available to our Platinum and higher Bonanza Pro members, until now.
How Do TurboTraffic Packs Work?
TurboTraffic packs are one-time “booster packs” you can purchase to double or triple your shopper traffic for a short period of time (usually a few days). You can buy just one pack at a time, or you can purchase up to 10 packs that will run back-to-back.
You don’t have to be a Pro member to buy TurboTraffic packs - they’re available to all Bonanza sellers. If you are a Pro member, then you already know how effective TurboTraffic is for your business, and adding packs will bring even more shoppers to your booth.

When Should I Use TurboTraffic Packs?
Since people are shopping for most items year-round, TurboTraffic packs are effective anytime. But they work best when the world is really in the mood for shopping - can you say, Black Friday? Cyber Monday? The entire month of December?
The holiday season offers more bang for your TurboTraffic buck, because shoppers are urgently purchasing gifts and are more likely to convert into sales. We’re launching this opportunity right now, so that you can take maximum advantage of the upcoming holidays. Now is the best time to give it a try!
How Can I Purchase TurboTraffic Packs?
Purchasing one or more packs is easy. Just go to Buy TurboTraffic packs, choose how many you want to buy, and place your order. You’ll start seeing more traffic within 24 hours.
How Do I Know TurboTraffic Is Working?
As always, you can see a graph of your daily/weekly/monthly booth traffic on your My Booth page. When TurboTraffic is enabled, your graph will show which traffic came to you organically, as well as which traffic came to you as a result of your TurboTraffic pack. Most sellers will see 90% to 300% more shoppers while TurboTraffic is active.
The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle
Now that every Bonanza seller can get TurboTraffic, there’s nothing stopping you from boosting your sales through the holidays, or anytime at all. Black Friday and Cyber Monday only come once a year. What are you waiting for?

31 responses to New: TurboTraffic Packs

  • Jeannysnew2u says:
    11/25/15 at 17:11:45

    How many days is one turbo pack run for?

  • tokoindo says:
    11/25/15 at 19:39:06

    ‘usually a few days’- maybe you can be a little more specific?

  • bharding says:
    11/25/15 at 19:57:19

    Hey twogirlpugs and tokoindo:

    Great question! The length of time that the Turbo Traffic runs for depends on two factors: how many buyers visit, and how many sales you make from those visits. Every time that a buyer finds your item from Google or our affiliate network, we pay a small amount on your behalf. So if you get 1,000 clicks and no sales on day one, then your TurboTraffic may end very quickly. If you get 1,000 clicks and make 10 sales, then the FVFs generated by your sales allow us to continue running your TurboTraffic.

    Some of our sellers with popular products have entered a perpetual TurboTraffic mode, because they sell enough items per pageview that we can afford to keep TurboTraffic running indefinitely.

    So, the gist of how long it will run is: “depends on your conversion rate.” If you have items with accurate descriptions (that don’t mention eBay) and good+detailed pictures, you’ll probably end up with a good conversion rate, which might mean that your $24.95 can be stretched for up to a week. If your conversion rate is poor, then it will probably only last a couple days.

    Hope that helps!

  • anneBlueAngel2 says:
    11/25/15 at 20:33:42

    I stripped all mention of ebay out of my listings several years ago. But I’m curious why you mention items with accurate descriptions that DON’T mention ebay. I could care less about ebay….I’m just curious what that is mentioned for.

    bharding says in response:
    11/25/15 at 22:49:21

    It’s confusing for the buyer to arrive at Bonanza and then read a description that implores them to “check out my other eBay auctions” or the like. Makes the item seem fishier.

  • anneBlueAngel2 says:
    11/25/15 at 20:34:56

    Oh….and thank you Thank You THANK YOU for finally offering this! I’ve been HOPING for it for quite awhile now!

  • leatherjackethouse says:
    11/25/15 at 21:40:54

    Thanks for sharing with us this beautiful and informative post.

  • Beauty_Emporium says:
    11/25/15 at 23:37:47

    I can’t sign up for it. The window is cut off and I only see the options and my CC information. No button to move forward…

    bonanzamark says in response:
    11/26/15 at 05:46:15

    Oh no! We just assumed your account and the sign up page displayed as it should (using Mac + Google Chrome). If you continue to have trouble, please contact us at [email protected] with the details so we can address. Thank you!

  • PipesPieces says:
    11/26/15 at 09:26:47

    How is this different from the advertising options that charge a maximum percentage of sale price? Will I still have to pay a percentage fee for sales using turbo traffic alone? My worry is I’ll be paying for exposure I’m already getting with the current advertising options.

    bonanzamark says in response:
    11/27/15 at 11:19:43

    HI PipesPieces, answers follow each question:

    Q. How is this different from the advertising options that charge a maximum percentage of sale price?
    A, Turbo Traffic Packs are a more targeted advertising option that add an influx of traffic to your items.

    Q. Will I still have to pay a percentage fee for sales using turbo traffic alone?
    A. Yes. Seller fees are what enables us to keep your TurboTraffic enabled for greater duration. If not for sales, TT would most always end 1-2 days. If a seller makes more sales via TT, then their TT can last indefinitely.

  • anneBlueAngel2 says:
    11/26/15 at 16:44:48

    I tried to sign up for it too. And yeah….the window is cut off and no way to scroll down to actually sign up. I’ll contact support too.

  • prismacolor72 says:
    11/27/15 at 02:40:24

    Hello if I activate Turbo Traffic option . Will it charge once the 1st pack is finished ? Or how can I deactivate it incase I see no conversion ? Another question here if the product is popular . Everybody know that it will make sale . So there must be no Big Deal or Charisma . What about products not so popular but people may need it on regular basis . This need a sale from Professional people like you . Company visit to affiliate ,marketing company only to increase sales and revenue .There is no such condition given popular and non popular . Then why to go Marketing company or affiliate I can try by my own . Why to throw money on them ?So can you answer do you really help to make sale OR just make experiment .

    bonanzamark says in response:
    11/27/15 at 11:25:23

    Hi prismacolor72
    Answers follow each question.
    Q. Hello if I activate Turbo Traffic option . Will it charge once the 1st pack is finished ?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Or how can I deactivate it incase I see no conversion ?
    A. Once you purchase a Turbo Traffic Pack, it cannot be deactivated.

  • pwrplayebookspalace says:
    11/27/15 at 05:56:24

    Does this apply to Titan members or are we going to continue to get turbo traffic with our membership?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    11/27/15 at 11:34:04

    Hello porplayebookspalace
    Titan Members will continue to get Turbo Traffic.

  • GreenManRelics says:
    11/27/15 at 10:33:40

    I just purchase the Platinum membership, up from Gold, and THEN I get the info about TurboTraffic. I want the TurboTraffic on NOW – during black friday/cyber monday. I’ve requested it from support and no answer with time a ticking. Should I just cancel the Platinum and get a one time TurboTraffic NOW when it? Frustrated.

    bonanzamark says in response:
    11/27/15 at 11:35:09

    You can keep both if you like GreenManRelics. A Platinum Membership will net you Turbo Traffic and unlock premium areas of the site. Turbo Traffic Pack(s) will add a boost to that.

  • anneBlueAngel2 says:
    11/27/15 at 10:44:07

    For those having the problem mentioned above where you can’t scroll down to see the whole pop up window. ….thanks to JUDY at Bonanza I figured it out.
    When you’re in the pop up window hit the CTRL button on your keyboard and hold it down while using the mouse wheel on your mouse to scroll down. Thanks Judy!

  • anneBlueAngel2 says:
    11/27/15 at 10:45:36

    Now my only OTHER comment Mark is I wish there was an option to pay for the package with paypal or existing Bonanza funds. Just a thought! Thanks!

  • leond1304 says:
    11/27/15 at 16:42:10

    what is the prize of turbo pack ?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    11/29/15 at 08:09:50

    Hi leond1304, Turbo Traffic Packs are $ 24.95 each.

  • chamshop says:
    11/28/15 at 01:19:12

    how can i check my turbo traffic remaining balance?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    11/29/15 at 08:11:40

    You can view your Turbo Traffic stats via your views page noted on the above blog post.

  • newandusedmix says:
    11/28/15 at 11:03:46

    Everybody wins.

    How about including Turbo Traffic Packs for ALL paid subscriptions?

    Since Bonanza is committed to the sellers success, how about a stronger full time committment to more sales for all?

    Sellers sale increase, so does Bonanza’s profits.

    bonanzamark says in response:
    11/29/15 at 08:17:19

    We are really excited to launch Turbo Traffic Packs as it does confirm our commitment to creating more sales for all Bonanza sellers. Sellers on Bonanza have many options to increase their sales. Stay tuned for more seller tools to help you net more sales!

  • gurman_wireless says:
    11/28/15 at 14:34:32

    Thank you for the feature. Long awaited this and it is very useful.
    I would love to be able to use PayPal for the packs though.

  • prismacolor72 says:
    11/30/15 at 07:37:24

    Hello I really didn´t got the point . Once I purchase I can´t cancel it will continue as recurring . That sounds scaring.
    Also this means
    Q. Or how can I deactivate it incase I see no conversion ?
    A. Once you purchase a Turbo Traffic Pack, it cannot be deactivated.

    do you try to say suppose I purchase 1 pack it can´t be cancel in the mid ? What I mean to say is suppose I purchase 1 pack will another next pack will be charged automatically ? Or do I need to do it by my own.

    bonanzamark says in response:
    11/30/15 at 09:58:43

    Thank you for your question. Turbo Traffic Packs are sold in $24.95 traffic boosts. Once you purchase a single boost, it is that boost that cannot be canceled. You will not be billed for additional Turbo Traffic Packs unless you opt to purchase more. If you need additional assistance please feel free to contact our support team directly.

  • WesternStarGifts says:
    12/01/15 at 15:09:50

    Can we be informed when a TT ends so that we know when to purchase a new one?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    12/01/15 at 16:07:28

    Great idea @WesternStarGifts. We will get that on our immediate to do list. Appreciate your suggestion and support.

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