Purchase and Print USPS International Shipping Labels on Bonanza

We're really excited to announce that it's now possible to buy and print USPS international shipping labels right from Bonanza! Now shipping internationally is just as simple as shipping within the US.

That's great! What does this mean for me?

Sellers who ship internationally open themselves up to an even larger number of potential customers. More potential customers means more potential sales. More sales means happy sellers. And happy sellers means happy Bonanzlers here at HQ.

How do I get international buyers to see my booth?

Set international shipping via the batch editor
Set international shipping via the batch editor

In order to attract those international buyers, you'll want to update your shipping profiles to include international shipping. Adding international shipping can be done individually from the "Edit item" page as well as from the batch editor.

If you are enrolled in our Google Shopping advertising program, and you ship worldwide, your items will be published to Google Shopping for the US, United Kingdom, India, and Canada (and we're always evaluating adding more countries).

I've made an international sale, how do I print my label?

Bonanza international shipping order form
Bonanza international shipping order form

Printing the shipping label is easy.

  1. When viewing an order in "Items Sold," click the "Buy shipping" link. It’s located right next to the links you already use to mark items as shipped.
  2. Choose your shipping service and enter the package details - including size, weight, and shipping date.
  3. Make sure that the customs description at the bottom of the form is filled out completely, and that the description accurately describes the content of the box.
  4. Click "Continue" and choose your add-ons like delivery confirmation and insurance.
  5. Review the shipping label details, then click "Purchase"
  6. Print!

When you buy and print USPS international shipping labels from Bonanza, the customs form is printed along with your shipping label - no extra steps are necessary.

Did you know that when you buy USPS shipping through Bonanza, you get up to a 15% discount on shipping costs? For a lot more information on buying and printing shipping labels on Bonanza, check out this excellent blog post by Jason.

International law sounds super interesting! Tell me more about the customs forms!

I love your enthusiasm! Exclamation points!

An example shipping label plus customs form
An example shipping label plus customs form

When purchasing an international label, you must supply the total package weight, a customs description that accurately represents all the items in the box, and the declared value of all items in the box (this is the total cost of the items minus shipping fees or taxes).

Other important notes:

  1. In order to purchase an international shipping label, the buyer has to provide an address with both their first and last name. Labels without a first and last name run the risk of being rejected by customs.
  2. The buyer's address must be printed in English. If your buyer has provided an address that's not in English, please contact them directly for an English translation of their address before purchasing your shipping label.
  3. Your phone number is required and will be printed on the international shipping labels. You can add or update your phone number from your "Account settings" page.

Depending on the shipping options you select and the destination you're shipping to, you'll print one of two customs forms.

  • If it's the single page form, it can be attached to the package just like a regular shipping label.
  • If it's the multi-page form, it must be attached using the official USPS 2976-E envelope

Visit the USPS website for more information about attaching customs forms: http://pe.usps.gov/text/imm/immc1_008.htm

We think Jordan did a great job adding this new feature, and we are very excited for you guys to start using it. And as always, if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, let us know! We love the feedback, and work hard to build and improve these tools to make your lives as sellers easier.

Thanks, and happy Bonanzling!

7 responses to Purchase and Print USPS International Shipping Labels on Bonanza

  • Tshirts says:
    01/31/15 at 05:14:50

    Great job !!!!
    Did you fix the label orientation when printing? It is a pain when we have to print U.S shipping labels and time consuming.
    Thank you, Keep up the good work.

  • ccmom says:
    01/31/15 at 08:09:36

    Will first class international also be offered…for packages under 4 lbs…

  • DiscountDesigner says:
    01/31/15 at 21:08:58

    What will Bonanza charge us, the sellers, to use this service?

  • memorabilia_mugs says:
    02/02/15 at 18:29:56

    Definitely need First Class Mail International for those shipments under 4 lbs. Hope you will consider adding that option. Thank you!

  • ilovegems2009 says:
    02/03/15 at 06:51:14

    I tried to print a shipping label today international and would not work

  • MTN_ppl says:
    02/06/15 at 07:20:17

    I have seen that some other people with similar items have been on Bonanza for just a few weeks and already have sales transactions going on. I have been on Bonanza for a few months now and haven’t sold one item yet. Is that something wrong with my booth, pictures, or maybe my items. What’s up with that?

  • PartyDancer_SexyWear says:
    02/13/15 at 09:44:47

    Since the printed label orientation does not match our peel-n-stick labels, and because the shipping calculator tends to be particularly temperamental at times, miscalculating cost and does not provide all the shipping options we use or need, we often just select the closest match, then print labels thru PayPal or at USPS.com and refund our customers any overpayment on shipping that was miscalculated by the Bonanza Postage calculator, or eat it if under calculated.

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