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Introducing Bonanza's New Shopping Blog and Contest
BonanzaSarah Jul 12, 2023

Introducing Bonanza's New Shopping Blog and Contest

Greetings, Bonanzlers! We are proud to announce the launch of our brand-new Shopping blog. We’ll still focus on empowering our sellers on this Selling blog, but have added the additional blog to create a fun-filled buying experience for our shoppers. To add to the excitement, we will be hosting a contest in which we turn to you, our community, to name the blogs, bidding farewell to the old name, "Relentless Simplicity." Read on to discover the details of this transformation and how you can be part of it!

A New Vision

Bonanza Worldwide's Commitment  At Bonanza we have always placed a strong focus on our sellers, enabling them to thrive in the e-commerce space. Our commitment to seller success remains steadfast. However, we also recognize the importance of providing buyers with an exceptional experience, as it fosters brand building and cultivates a loyal customer base. We are working hard behind the scenes on projects that will build brand awareness. Of course, these projects take time, but providing fun content for shoppers on our blog and in our social media are the first step. With our new vision, we aim to strike the perfect balance between empowering our sellers and creating an enjoyable, unforgettable buying experience.

Introducing the Shopping and Selling Blogs 

Your Gateway to Success The launch our Selling blog marks a significant milestone in Bonanza Worldwide's journey. These two blogs will serve as an invaluable resource, packed with insights, tips, success stories, and industry trends. Designed to educate, inspire, and connect our community, the blogs will help you unlock your full potential as a seller while providing buyers with a wealth of knowledge to make informed purchasing decisions.

Contest Time

Name the Blogs and Win Big! We believe that community involvement is crucial in shaping the future of Bonanza Worldwide. That's why we are inviting all of you to participate in our contest to find a new name for the blogs, replacing Relentless Simplicity. Submit your creative suggestions in the comments below. The contest will be open through July 18, 2023.The winner will be rewarded with a free TurboTraffic Pack, a powerful tool to boost your visibility on our platform, along with 5,000 reward tokens as a token of our gratitude. 

Connect with Us on Social Media

Instagram and Facebook To stay up to date with the latest news, updates, and community discussions, we invite you to connect with us on our Instagram and Facebook pages. These platforms provide additional opportunities for engagement, networking, and sharing your experiences. Join our vibrant community, contribute to the conversation, and help shape the future of Bonanza Worldwide!

Join the Revolution at Bonanza and Redefine Your E-commerce Journey

As Bonanza Worldwide, we are thrilled to embark on this exciting transformation that will revolutionize the way you sell and buy on our platform. Your participation in the naming contest and engagement on our social media channels are essential in making this vision a reality. Together, let's create a future of endless possibilities at Bonanza!

Remember to stay connected, explore our Instagram and Facebook pages, and participate in the contest for a chance to win the TurboTraffic Pack and 5,000 reward tokens. We cannot wait to see the innovative names you suggest for our blogs!


Winner of the Contest

Thanks to our community for all the ideas for a new name for the blog. Congrats to Howlin_Hounds for the winning blog name "Bonanza Buzz"! Howlin_Hounds won 5000 tokens and a TurboTraffic package.

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39 responses to Introducing Bonanza's New Shopping Blog and Contest

Atpeacememorials says: 07/12/23 at 15:09:50

Elevated Ecommerce Education

bobbi85710 says: 07/12/23 at 15:11:41

Bonanza Fananza or just plain Bloganza are my offerings.

Margiecrafts says: 07/12/23 at 15:56:56

Bonanza Boosting Blog

Teaminstantfollow says: 07/12/23 at 15:58:59

ElevateEase, this is a compound word

NanasGoodStuff423 says: 07/12/23 at 16:32:01

The E-Seller’s Pipeline

Leshersquiltkits says: 07/12/23 at 16:36:30

Bonanza’s Plaza

EastCoastCloseouts says: 07/12/23 at 16:41:23

Bonanza Extravaganza

Johnk59poetry says: 07/12/23 at 16:44:50

“Downsize With Bonanza!” is my idea. Get rid of all that extra stuff taking up that space Sell it on Bonanza!

Onlytrueblue says: 07/12/23 at 16:50:14

Selling Success Spells

MaryVBeauty says: 07/12/23 at 16:58:59

Bona Blog, Bona Blogger, Nanza Blogza, Nanza Blog….

Alilbirdy2 says: 07/12/23 at 17:14:11

Bonanza’s Blog Shop

EmpressDepot says: 07/12/23 at 18:44:45

Please clarify, there will be 2 blogs…one for sellers and one for buyers (shoppers) and you are looking to give both blogs one name?

Just making sure I understand so that I can try to participate and come up with something.


travelislifeorg says: 07/12/23 at 20:13:21

Bonanza’s Best

Art_Silver_Gallery says: 07/12/23 at 21:11:29


OlikoOliko says: 07/12/23 at 23:08:51


SellMasters says: 07/13/23 at 00:05:55

Elevated Easy and competitive is the definition

Gina_Faerie says: 07/13/23 at 00:52:25

Back to " Bonanzle"

Bukibit says: 07/13/23 at 01:01:03

Bonanza Boosting Blog

OasisAcres says: 07/13/23 at 03:36:09

The Revolution of Evolution

Starfisher says: 07/13/23 at 03:40:50


Howlin_Hounds says: 07/13/23 at 05:11:43

Bonanza Buzz

Virtual_Mamas_Place says: 07/13/23 at 05:14:52

Willful Optimism!

KrisGoesPicken says: 07/13/23 at 07:21:56

Bonanza Balladeer

El_Cheapo_Flags says: 07/13/23 at 07:41:52

1) Shopping The Extraordinary (forwards your tag line, “Everything But The Ordinary”) – or –
2) Shopping Everything But The Ordinary – or –
3) Bonanza Extravaganza

Aesthetic_Vibes says: 07/13/23 at 09:00:44

Bonanza Bazaar: Embark on a Journey of Thrill of Buying and Selling Treasures

teak says: 07/13/23 at 10:35:39

Bonanza Bounty Blog

GypsysMagicCaravan says: 07/13/23 at 11:46:00


whatsitsgalore says: 07/13/23 at 12:58:07

Going BonKers
C’mon Bon
Blog Jam

ToysofAnotherTime says: 07/13/23 at 14:10:29

Sellabration Station or SaleAbration Station,
Bonanza Works

SpaceAgeAntiques says: 07/13/23 at 15:55:18

I am submitting World of Bonanza Selling and World of Bonanza Buying, for your consideration.

KandG says: 07/14/23 at 07:41:53

1. Unyielding Primitiveness

2. Endless Opportunities
3. Expect the Unexpected

TheManiac says: 07/14/23 at 08:47:05



TheManiac says: 07/14/23 at 10:23:39


TheManiac says: 07/14/23 at 12:15:16


bizarre_media says: 07/14/23 at 16:28:32

How about E-me

EmpressDepot says: 07/14/23 at 21:43:12

~Advantageous Perceptions or Advantageous Pondering (with or without an “s”)

~Shoppers’ Wants and Essentials

LyndaDesigns says: 07/15/23 at 06:48:23

Buyer’s Connection
The Market Exchange
The Insider
Empowered Shopper/Shopping
Strategic Shopper
Buying Central or Selling Central
Buying Navigator or Selling Navigator
Market Movers
The Buyer’s Chronicle or The Seller’s Chronicle

Jewelbiz says: 07/15/23 at 13:44:51

My Blog name suggestion…

Easy Peasy Postings

mycreativebottlecaps says: 07/17/23 at 06:03:55

Bonanza! let’s go Bananas!

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