Are you shipping internationally?


Here is a list of questions that I have on international shipping here on Bonanza :

1. Do you ship international?
2. If so, how are your sales internationally?
3. Which countries do you ship to or maybe it is easier to say which ones you do not ship to?
4. It looks like we have all the tools we need now to ship internationally or is there something I am missing?
5. Can you think of any countries where the mail gets lost more than normal?
6. Anything that you would like to share on international shipping?

I used to do international shipping on eBay but did not here because, if memory serves, there was something about the shipping for international here on Bonanza that we did not have available to us. Was it Bonanza not having a way for us to do the calculated shipping on international? If so, now I see it. I think this is what it was…

I am definitely going to choose Canada and the United Kingdom.

Lots of questions, I know.

I also need that list of prohibited products from country to country. Like there was one country where they do not allow jewelry in if I am remembering correctly.

Thanks from Sharon!

asked 2 months ago


Tammies_Treasures says: February 14, 2024

I do not ship international for Bonanza,

EmpressDepot says: February 14, 2024

Thanks for posting, Tammie. Do you ship international on any other site? Curious to know.

Tammies_Treasures says: February 15, 2024

Yes, When all the rules changed and I had to keep track of all the specifics per differnt countries, I dropped international selling here. My other store site takes care of all of that . I just send it to the sites US shipping center, They take it from there.

EmpressDepot says: February 15, 2024

Okay, thanks. So that is something to consider. Maybe I’ll just stick to Canada and the United Kingdom then and this will help somewhat with that.

EmpressDepot says: February 15, 2024

Question Tammie, how are your international sales volume compared to the US? If you do not mind me asking. If not I understand. Like what kind of percentage (or a ratio) of international buyers compared to the US?

Tammies_Treasures says: February 15, 2024

i’d say 80-90% domestic sales.

Tammies_Treasures says: February 15, 2024

I’m sure shipping is part of that, as well as import charges.

EmpressDepot says: February 16, 2024

Thanks Tammie. I’m sure you are right referencing shipping and import charges. Thanks for posting. It made me feel like I was not in ghost land lol.

MithunP4 says: February 20, 2024

Yes sir

2 Answers

I found a few helpful links on prohibited and restricted merchandise.

They were found by going to usps dot com and then looking under the heading Mailer Guide Lines. This is for a general list of prohibited and restricted merchandise that pretty much makes sense.

Importantly, you will also find a link under this same heading for a comprehensive list of prohibited and restricted merchandise per country that you plan on shipping to.

Sorry, I cannot leave a link.

I’m going to go ahead and give international a try if it will help to increase my sales.

Anyone have anything that they’d like to share?

answered 2 months ago

Only to Canada on some of my listings.

answered about 1 month ago

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