Can someone confirm if my store even works?

I cannot tell if the store even works.
Nothing imports from ebay.
No replies from support.
Beginning to question if Bonanza is safe to work with.

asked 15 days ago

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Yes it looks fine to me too – 20 listings, your badges & customer reviews are all showing fine. When I click on an item it’s showing me correct shipping, and the Paypal & credit card logos for payment… so I think it’s all good. Be aware that Bonanza doesn’t bring a lot of traffic by itself. Make sure you’re signed up for at least 9% advertising level to get on Google shopping, and drive traffic yourself via your free referral link as well.

answered 15 days ago

Been here 10 years no problems with buyers or bonanza..

You booth looks great..

Just click on See Gargoylery’s Booth from here (the forum) or click on view your booth from seller dashboard to see what it looks like

and here is your booth link

answered 15 days ago

Reputation: 11058
See ccmom's booth

Hello Gar… Your booth looks good to me with 20 items. Profile shows badges. Best wishes to you on Bonanaza

answered 15 days ago

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KAFarm says: February 12, 2020

Look at this link, if you haven’t seen it before it’s good to know.

All your items are showing.
……Have you checked your email you signed up with for a response from support? Usually support contacts me within 1-3 days.
……Just a suggestion, you may want to add more descriptive words to your title, in addition to Dashiki, maybe add shirt, top, pullover or sometime like that, not everyone knows what a Dashiki is (I didn’t) so just a thought.
……Bonanza is a very safe site. Most of us have been here for years, I know I have and have never had a problem with the site being un-safe.
Good luck on your listings with Bonanza!

answered 15 days ago

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