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I have handmade items in my boot but the condition says used. How do I change this?

asked 7 days ago


EmpressDepot says: February 10, 2019

A listing can only show as new if it has tags. Tags can also mean new in the original package.

EmpressDepot says: February 10, 2019

If you have not hand selected a listing to show as new, it will automatically revert to used.

EmpressDepot says: February 10, 2019

Also, I think in my opinion since your listings are handmade that you can call them or at the worst case scenario you can make your own tags having your user ID on them

EmpressDepot says: February 10, 2019

You can call them new with tag I meant or make your own tags since u are the maker of your own products.

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Accept hover

Actually the listings here in your booth are showing

Condition: Handmade

If you are referring to google shopping, it is as Sharon says…google only accepts 3 things for condition:

New, used, and refurbished

New: original unopened packaging or as with clothing/jewelry with tags
Used: any other condition but refurbished
Refurbished: used but rebuilt

If it doesn’t meet the criteria for New, google will list the items as used

to offset that..perhaps use the word Handmade in either the title or in the first few words of description so that it can be seen.

This is what your item looks like on google shopping..those first 160 characters of description can be very important to lure people to your listings, expand on your descriptions and ensure the person looking sees the word “Handmade” and move the contact me further down so it does not show in google short description

..that first sentence is very important for google standing (color, material, handmade, size, etc should be visible at a glance)

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answered 7 days ago

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See ccmom's booth

in update item as group —> Search Optimize —> (enable) add search attribute —> then Add : [[condition:new]]

answered 7 days ago


ccmom says: February 11, 2019

remember to remove the previous condition first

ccmom says: February 11, 2019

do not enable the google suppression if you want the item to go to google however,


Thank you I will try that!

answered 6 days ago


I post them new without tags. I don’t know if they show up on Google Shopping or not. Every time I post a new item(s) I update the booth for Google. Does this mean that the items are not showing on Google?

answered 6 days ago


EmpressDepot says: February 11, 2019

Posting new without tag means that the listings will show as being used in Google shopping. It does not mean your listings will not show in Google shopping. I did a check searching for one of your listings in Google shopping and it was in there.

EmpressDepot says: February 11, 2019

Bonanza will also automatically put your condition as used when selecting new without tags. Though we cannot control Google shopping into putting our new without tags showing as used, I wish there was a way to show new without tag on Bonanza rather than showing used

EmpressDepot says: February 11, 2019

You could put yours as new with tags…..just make up your own tags since you are the maker. But then also, when we put a condition as new and we do not have a UPC, Bonanza will apply an Identifier_exists attribute to show Google Shopping that there is truly no UPC. However, even with Bonaza

EmpressDepot says: February 11, 2019

even with Bonanza applying this attribute to your listing in trying to keep Google shopping happy, Google shopping sometimes will still not accept the listing and it will not show up on their site. But since you are the maker of your listings, you can buy UPC codes. They sell them on eBay.

EmpressDepot says: February 11, 2019

I used to have to buy them but not for here. Just make sure and purchase them from a reputable seller on eBay with good feedback and a return policy.

EmpressDepot says: February 11, 2019

So, what I would do is make your own tags with your user ID on them and show this in your picture, mark the listing as new with tag and purchase UPC codes off of a trustworthy seller on eBay. Never use the same UPC for different items.

EmpressDepot says: February 11, 2019

Word of advise though for anyone purchasing UPC codes, do not use them if you are not a handmade seller. Google knows when the wrong UPC code is being used since it would not be original to the actual item.

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