I’m having an issue contacting lowpricesdaily15

I ordered a bike for my son’s birthday and I’m trying to get shipping details. I’ve emailed seller 4 times and no response. Bike is suppose to arrive on June 29th. I am worried that I’ve been scammed. Anyone else have any issues with this seller?

asked 11 days ago

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The seller has been a member since 2014, I wouldn’t call him a scammer.

Most likely, he was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and this would explain the lack of fulfillment/ responses.

Try looking him up to see if you would be able to find a phone number.

answered 11 days ago

You may wish to contact support..this seller’s booth (https://www.bonanza.com/booths/lowpricesdaily15) has no items and since their profile is not public…last login day is unknown…maybe covid related


And contact the payment processor (paypal) and file a claim..paypal will try to contact them also to answer the claim

answered 11 days ago

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See ccmom's booth

Best bet is to file a dispute with Paypal, they instantly freeze the funds in the sellers account which usually makes contact much easier. For me, if an item doesn’t ship within 24 hours of purchase, I file a claim. There is no excuse why any order cannot ship within that time. As a seller myself these are the standards I set forth and I expect the same, if they cannot do that, they shouldn’t be sellers. Good luck to you!

answered 11 days ago


BookbinEtc says: June 28, 2020

That’s a bit much. Lots of sellers cannot / do not ship within 24 hours, especially during a pandemic.

Bumblebeasvariety says: June 29, 2020

I agree with Bookbin/etc. I don’t live on the computer, plus I am sure a lot of other sellers are like me and have a full time job Besides just selling on the internet.I think 3 days is a good enough time.

KarensCollections says: June 30, 2020

That’s horrible! Sometimes people just can’t ship within 24 hours, especially with what’s going on now. Shipping within 3 days is acceptable.

RummageRampage says: June 30, 2020

This is awful, and it’s an abuse of PayPal’s policies that are intended to help people who need it, not for you to manipulate someone into catering to your whims. I don’t need an excuse; I offer the shipping time I offer, and buyers can take it or leave it. It’s my booth.

kattinsanity says: July 01, 2020

I state a 3 day handling time but usually ship next day~~but not always. Having a P.O. Box I don’t get home pick up~~I have to go to the post office to mail & I don’t go every day unless I have a package to pick up. Since I do 90% of my shopping online that’s ALMOST every day.

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