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I have a customer wishing to purchase something and have it shipped to Canada. I usually don’t accept international shipments but agreed to go ahead with the sale. However, because I had previously had it set to US only there is some kind of error that won’t allow the customer to check out even though I changed everything.

I have set literally all my items and my shipping profile in my settings to allow international to Canada and the US. Still there is an error message saying in the Cart I do not sell items internationally.

I logged onto a side account and tried placing the item in my cart myself and entered for it to ship to Canada in my cart, I see the error as well that my shop does not ship international despite my settings saying I do.

Is this a bug? Am I missing one last setting I need to check off or clear? All my items are now international, as well as my seller settings are set to allow international. What else is there to change to get this to apply and allow check out??

asked about 2 months ago

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Hello TrinityofLight,

Thanks for your question. Sorry to hear about the difficulty that you have had with this issue. I recommend checking out our help section regarding this topic.

The community forum isn’t necessarily the best place for detailed troubleshooting on your account specific issues, so please feel free to contact our support team using the “Help” drop down menu at the top of any page or send us an email to [email protected].


answered about 2 months ago

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