What has happened to the background burner.

The background burner used to start immediateley. I have 6 images to burn and when I started the first one it told me there were 947 before me and gave me the estimated time to start which was about 15 mins. That time came and there were still 823 before me. With 6 images to burn I certainly am not going to sit and wait probably at least 2 hours I have better things to do. What has happened to cause this?

asked 2 months ago

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@weltkrieg2, you are correct, Our Background Burner is quick to process images and it is not normal for the processing to be slow, especially the queue you are quoting. In some cases, we rely on 3rd parties for hosting and other tools and one of those 3rd party products is experiencing an issue (Amazon’s S3 Image hosting service) which affects the Background Burner. The good news is that it will be short lived and the Background Burner will make quick work of the backlog as soon as all is well with the S3 service (important to note that the S3 Image hosting service is super reliable and it is rare for it to have any service hiccups, which is why we use them).

answered 2 months ago


I have had problems with it since the night before last. I did not get a message like yours as far as I know. Instead, the first night it just sat there after the dragon pushed the photo over to remove the background. The dragon went back to where it was supposed to go but then nothing happened to the photo lol.

Then, last night all I got was an Oops pop up when I tried. Usually, if there is a glitch, I’ll retry and it will work. Every so often the glitch is more than that and it has taken about a week approximately till the burner works right..

I hope that the photos are not going to have to start waiting on the back end while other sellers’ photos get done.

Oops, I just realized Mark and I must have been typing right about the same time.

answered 2 months ago


It seems there was a glitch as explained by Mark and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon .

answered 2 months ago

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fashionrunway says: November 08, 2018

I have been trying for 2 days to background burn 1 image so I can list and I wait for hours for it to get to me in the waiting line of 900 plus images and when It gets to mine, it just stalls and does nothing to my image.


I’m new here and I’ve tried the burner once, two days ago. I got the same number of items ahead of me as you – 947. So I gave up. I think it’s a good idea if it works, but ….

answered 2 months ago

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EmpressDepot says: November 10, 2018

Luckily it is fixed now. I was able to use it tonight on Nov 10th

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