"a shopper has placed an order and needs your approval" what the heck is this?

I get this message too often:

“you have chosen to require approval before the transaction is processed. If the order details below look A-OK, please approve this order. If you cannot fill the order, you may deny it. You can also review this order on Bonanza”.

I don’t have anything set to approve an order and people buy just fine normally, but I get this several times a month. It happened today and yesterday with one person telling me she really needs the item. All I can do is tell them to purchase it.

Obviously it has something to do with shoppers who either don’t know how to check out, or didn’t complete the check-out process. If I click to approve, it shows a total of only the item cost, minus shipping and tax, so I never click approve. Plus, the last time I did, it was removed from an active listing, and the buyer didn’t pay.

Is this just some screw up that Bonanza doesn’t care to fix? The message clearly doesn’t reflect the true issue, since I do not have it set to approve orders. It used to do this for all international orders, so I quit offering international shipping. How do I get these messages to stop and just get people to purchase?
I do not have it set so people can make offers, so that is not it.


Atomicdiner says: June 24, 2020

This also has happened to me. I TOO don’t have anything set to approve an order or do offers yet some buyer made one and conveniently left off TAX and Shipping. When I corrected it, they chose not to go thru with it. Frustrating.

ccmom says: June 25, 2020

I have found when this happens, it is because the US buyer used an incorrect (or miss typed) there zipcode so shipping and taxes could not be entered..it comes as an offer so that you can check the invoice and contact the buyer

ccmom says: June 25, 2020

“Their”… zipcode…or zip code entered is also a country code (there are a few) and the system gets mixed up on the location…or it could just be a glitch

4 Answers

I don’t remember the exact sequence, but their should be a green link in the wording that says ‘change the invoice’ or something like that. When you click that, add the shipping, then send.

I don’t think the person is deliberately sending a ‘no shipping’ offer; that’s just how it comes through. Perhaps they live in an area that you don’t provide shipping cost to.

Someone else will be along with more complete info.

answered 13 days ago

I also have set my booth for no offers, but I still get them. On May 13th Justin in Bonanza Support wrote me about the free shipping offers I’m receiving, “…As far as the offers go, this is something our developers are working on minimizing as we speak. It’s generally very rare to receive this kind of an offer, but we’ve seen a few more instances lately, so our team is working to get it addressed ASAP since it is not an ideal situation…”. The fix may need more time.

answered 13 days ago


BookbinEtc says: June 25, 2020

I’m not sure what he’s talking about. I think offers always came through without your shipping cost added in. I run into it often because I’m in Canada. I don’t accept best offers, but the shipping cost varies to different countries, or even across Canada, so mine always come that way.

BookbinEtc says: June 25, 2020

It’s really only USA that I can give a flat rate for.

NecktieGuy says: June 25, 2020

Hi Bookbin, I have my booth set to not accept offers. You are correct about offers coming without shipping costs and taxes. I’m talking about not

NecktieGuy says: June 25, 2020

Hi Bookbin, I have my booth set to not accept offers. You are correct about offers coming without shipping costs and taxes. I’m talking about not wanting offers and getting them.

I suppose that it is better to connect with the support service. I didn’t have such troubles

answered 12 days ago

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I’ve had this happen also and when I noticed the total didn’t include shipping I knew something was wrong since I’d never let that happen! :) I finally realized that the word OFFER will be on these. Somehow, buyers are allowed to make an offer and change the price, delete the shipping, etc… EVEN THOUGH WE SELLERS ARE NOT MADE AWARE OF THAT POSSIBILITY! So when you get an “OFFER”, respond to the buyer with the true total including shipping and tax, and chances are you won’t even get a response back from them. Some people just manage to find a way to cheat us all… but you have to be aware of this “flaw” in Bonanza and not fall victim to it.

answered 3 days ago

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