How long does a buyer have to pay an invoice?

I approved an offer and added the shipping. How long does the buyer have to pay the invoice before I can relist the item? This is my first sale on Bonanza

asked 30 days ago

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I agree with abigdogmom…it’s entirely up to you. However if you do put a time limit on it, it’s often considered good customer service to let the customer know when you respond back to them either with an OKAY to their offer or a COUNTER OFFER, it’s just simply nice to let ‘em know something like ’’Kindly respond within (You Might write: 2 to 6 days) to respond to this (offer acceptance/counter offer) as upon the 7th day, I usually Re-List the Item, Thank You." It’s always good customer service to use ‘’please," or I sometimes use ’’kindly" & “thanks” or “thank you”. . .I’m one of those who likes to try to cover the details…I’m sure people/sellers pretty much know what’s good customer service, but Newbies appreciate when you/I mention things like this, I know this, because about 20 years ago I was a Newbie Seller! Wishing You the Best, Hope your Buyer Connects Back with You! Dee

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The length of time you wait is at your discretion. I personally would wait 3 days max because I feel if a person makes a offer, they would be looking for your response. If they truly want the item, they would go ahead and pay pretty quickly.

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I usually wait 7 days (unless the buyer specifies a specific date they will pay)…that used to be how long it it took for the Mark as Unpaid link shows on the invoice. Once you the link is available and click on it..then the item automatically re-lists (after you click on Update Booth)…

However, it is entirely up to your discretion…as said above

answered 30 days ago

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Thank you all so much! Answers are greatly appreciated :)

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This has been a huge sore spot for me lately,mainly due to International orders, it seems most think shipping should be free so they order and then the order comes to me for approval, once I add the shipping costs as I know will happen, they do not buy the item or items, then you have to relist all items back into your booth, which if you have multiples of items as I do can be a huge pain. But, as 99% of buyers expect prompt shipment, I expect prompt payment, so I give 3-5 days before cancelling the order and returning items to stock. However, this is all up to each individual shop owner.

answered 29 days ago

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