Today 3/29/17 i can't get the purchase shipping to work has anyone been able to ship today???

when I try to purchase shipping it will not work?? Help!

asked 8 months ago

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Hi @Treasures2Treasure,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. Typically, when labels cannot be purchased via Bonanza, it is due to a temporary outage with the label provider’s servers. We recommend trying again in a couple of hours to see if they have resolved the issue. If not, please let us know at so that we may attempt to work with the label provider and research the matter further.

Should you continue to experience issues purchasing a label, you may wish to use a third-party provider, such as PayPal or USPS. You can use the “Mark as shipped” option and enter applicable tracking to let the buyer know the package is on its way. The following page has more information on how to mark orders as shipped when purchasing labels from third-party providers:

Hope that helps and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please let us know at if we can be of further assistance. Thanks for your patience!

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answered 8 months ago


Have you tried printing a shipping label from your paypal account.
I never use Bonanza’s shipping,I always go through paypal as you get shipping cost cheaper.

answered 8 months ago


Are you trying to ship as of 3/29/17 as today is only 3/20/2017.
Perhaps that is your problem. It may not go out that far into the future.

I second the suggestion about using paypal directly to create labels.
If not paid thru paypal, then just use USPS site and pay using Paypal.

answered 8 months ago

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ccmom says: March 20, 2017

even if they did not use PP, you can still print labels at PayPal, using the link..just fill in address info..

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