Where are my orders?

I paid for 5 orders 76433189, 76433376, 76499709, 76499820 & 76499910. I want to know – where are all my gifts? And where are my tracking numbers? Please contact me by e-mail. All my messages to you went unanswered. Thank you in advance

asked about 2 months ago

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ccmom says: November 28, 2020

Please contact support…no one on the forum can help you except with suggestions

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When You are in the seller’s booth, please, click on the left side (under the avatar) on the ‘View profile’ link, to check the date of her/his last visit in the shop.

There are two dates provided: joined | active, the same way as at Your profile page:

If the ‘active’ date is prior to Your purchases date, then Your seller haven’t checked the booth and doesn’t know about these sales.
If the date is more recent, then they are aware of them and, hopefully, maybe Your items are already sent.

Of course, the seller should inform You about shipping and provide tracking number, and keep in touch for any query the buyer might have.

OP: “Please contact me by e-mail. All my messages to you went unanswered.”

It’s a forum space, the seller may not see Your message here, as some members don’t use community pages.

Since Your seller doesn’t respond, to check Your orders, mail Bonanza support at [email protected].
They will be able to provide You with more info from their end.

Good luck!

answered about 2 months ago

Your profile says you joined around the first week of Oct. If that is the time period the orders were placed, without communication from the seller, then go to paypal and file a claim to get your money back/credit card issuer if you did not use paypal and then report the seller to Bonanza at [email protected]

I am sorry this has happened to you. There are many great sellers here, but unfortunately there are also those that are not so great

answered about 2 months ago

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If all 5 orders you placed were from different sellers, you might want to see if your payments went through properly or if something’s wrong with your Bonz setup. It’s highly unlikely that all 5 sellers are non-responsive.

Have you checked your Bonz purchase records to see if seller(s) have marked items as shipped and entered tracking info?

answered about 2 months ago

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Nothing can be done thru this board, however, immediately file a claim thru Paypal which will freeze the funds in the sellers account, making them much more willing to get in contact with you, and if after the allotted time still no contact you will get your refund. There really is no excuse for orders to not be shipped within 24 hours of purchase (barring holidays or weekends of course). With so many shady sellers out there you much be very vigilant with this and choose who you purchase thru wisely by checking feedbacks, recent activity etc. etc. Bonanza is usually pretty good about having legitimate sellers who deal professionally, but, there are always the bad apples out there. Good luck.

answered about 2 months ago

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