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Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,576 total posts | Posted about 1 month ago

Selah : “lol Caroline – no autumn time – but fall time works”

I don’t time “Fall Time” is good at most of our ages. LOL

Another gloomy and wet day.
I have a late morning cleaning and I dread starting work later in the day. I like starting my days at 8am and not 11am.

Cats were upset that I didn’t let them out yesterday, but it was wet and chilly and I just don’t need them getting a cold.

Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,524 total posts | Posted about 1 month ago

It hasn’t been at all hot here for the past few days, but the humidity is overwhelming – saturation point. The furniture is sticky, the bed sheets are wet, the bread is molding. The sun doesn’t shine. Just plain nasty weather. My daughter’s asthma is really in high gear. Yuck. Think I’ll go read a book.

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,576 total posts | Posted about 1 month ago

Still thinking of a phrase.

Took off this morning to pick up some items from the store and

YUP. Truck died twice on me. Both the check gauge light and battery light went on. I need to talk with the neighbor and see if it could be the alternator. (that was new when I got the truck) and I am wondering about the fuel pump that was replaced last year. I swear I can hear funny gurgling noises and wonder if the pump isn’t the right one or is faulty.

All I need .

Posted by divinefabricsnmore, Fabric Heaven, OH. 14,311 total posts | Posted about 1 month ago

Hubby loves rhubarb …when we had our 1st house, I had a special area next to the unattached garage where I grew our own rhubarb, made lots of pies, LOL!
I bet he’d like the juice too, for sure, sounds “delish!” (delicious!) Selah!

Oh Bette hope you get that truck running again…keeping you in Good thoughts and prayers that you get it running once more. . .

How the heck did it get to be Thursday, already?

Our pre-ordered cellular (accordion-like) shades from Lowes came early, I was hoping and praying they would, and they did. Because our son and his new wife and her 2 teens/preteen boy and gal, will be here very soon, and the shades were not suppose to come until July, but they are here and as I type hubby is almost right next to me in the living room putting them up!
They open from below and if you want they open from above too. . .we need something that’s going to be easier to maintain as I am the one who used to take down the sheers and curtains and wash (and iron or steam) them and hang them back up. . .but I am no longer able to stand for any amount of time, let alone get on a ladder and take down my sheers and curtains 3x a year. . .

Hope everyone here’s doing well!!! Our poor Leo, now he has a butt problem, if it’s not one thing it’s another, and yet he maintains the happiest of moods, Leo’s tale wags a lot, and he’s so very very affectionate, too, you’d never know he suffers from that one ear, always needing flushing because of ear infection, still suffers from allergies, just a bit less, because meds help somewhat, I have to dip his paws in an aloe based product to help them from not being itchy…now his glands are worse than ever before, he’s going to have to go to the vet again, next week (he was just there to get them expressed and he got a really short haircut/grooming for the Summer) and they will have to do what it is they do with those glands…which I used to be able to do so, with previous dogs/cats we had, when need be, but I can no longer do so, I hate being this ill, and all of what this does to me, it’s like I’m this big baby now unable to take the smell of such, and to think of all the diapers I’ve changes, babies and adult diapers as I was my parents caretaker for years and years, and I helped my friend out to in that area when his mom needed a diaper change…and now I can barely take the smell of brussel sprouts, and I start to gag, later I laugh at what a baby I seem to be becoming, but at the time, it’s not fun or funny, thanking God, however I do laugh, even so! I used to be the one that remained calm, accepting, and peace-filled…now I panic way to easily, or just a smell will upset my stomach, and also I’m hardly eating anything these days, I have no appetite, however, lol, I suppose if someone would bring me a Snickers I’d not hesitate to eat it, even tho’ I should not! Ha!

A6, D2, E10, G2, H, I6, K, L5, M5, N2, O2, P, R4,
S2, T3, V2, W, Y

Divine Fabrics n More
Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,576 total posts | Posted about 1 month ago

Will try to work a new game phrase for tomorrow or ?

I had to cancel my job today. I drove down 2 farms and the truck died. The neighbor won’t be able to look at it until sometime next week.
I got to figure out what I am going to do with this truck.
I thought I would win the lottery and get a new one. DARN!

It finally dried up enough that I got my lawn mowed. We will see what tomorrow will bring. If I can pull the tractor apart and find the problem or if the mosquitoes become bad.

Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,524 total posts | Posted about 1 month ago

I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you – my eyes, too!

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by joyce72747, Greentown, IN. 29,653 total posts | Posted about 1 month ago

and OH what fun we had kibitzing and exercising our brains.
I had to use a “K” word just sorry it wasn’t in our letter mix.

Posted by divinefabricsnmore, Fabric Heaven, OH. 14,311 total posts | Posted about 1 month ago

Good Thoughts and/or Kind Prayers, Please for. . .our granddaughter was taken to the hospital at around 3 a.m., our daughter texted us around 5 a.m. as usually we are up by then…anyway, she’s back home…here they/docs are pretty sure she passed a kidney stone, and yet they put her on antibiotics as a precaution against a UTI and they gave her a few meds for pain, just in case she will be passing another kidney stone. Hubby and I have both had kidney stones, as has our daughter, and our son, so I guess our daughter made her daughter laugh as after they found out what was happening, our daughter tells her daughter "Well, welcome to the painful side of our family!‘’ (because we’ve all had a similar experience)
When hubby had his 1st attack he was at work on the East side, at the GM Fischer Body Euclid Plant, at the time my brother worked there too and when he heard about my hubby being brought up to the nursing station, my brother went up to see how my hubby was doing. He asked the nurse and told her he as his brother in law, and that he was going to call his sister to keep her informed, and the nurse, blurts out something like, “Well, I’m sorry, but he’s gone.” My brother said, it was as if all the blood just drained from his head and he felt faint, and asked, “What do you mean he’s gone? Where’s his body, oh my god, I have to call my sister and get her to drive all that way, here.” And the nurse stammered out, “Oh I’m sorry, I don’t mean gone, gone, I mean the ambulance came and took him to Euclid General he’s gone there, not dead and gone.”…my brother said he had to sit down for a bit, because he still felt light-headed…..funny story, but true. . .

Well Dearies…


Divine Fabrics n More
Posted by joyce72747, Greentown, IN. 29,653 total posts | Posted about 1 month ago

Dee, I chuckled as I read through your family kidney stone happenings. BUT I will be praying for your granddaughter.

Friend of mine’s husband had a really painful time when he had a kidney stone. He was in the hospital with the pain and trying to eliminate it under doctor care. Well, my friend his wife stayed in the room with him trying to comfort and he was beside himself and suggested she go home that he’d be ok. She agreed and as was walking out the door told her hubby “Bill, this, too, will pass”
It did pass and they were able to laugh about her remark later.

Nice day where I am
Hope you, too, are having a great day.

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