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Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 27 days ago

During the years of Word Find Challenge (WFC), we had lots of players that have dwindled down to a few of use playing.

So, we are offering a thread to keep the players or others in contact with each other.

Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 27 days ago

I know there is an outside kitty. In the snow before my cats could go out, there are some paw prints.

I know it’s not Toupee Tom. I am sure he has passed away from how hard the last winter was and he was an old tom.

Isn’t it nice when you have your family to lean lay on top of .
Dottie and Little Girl on the bottom and Alfalfa (he is big) across the top.

Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 27 days ago


You were talking about recipes. Here’s one for a hot drink.
If you love hot chocolate, this is wonderful alternative.

Almond Smoothie
1 C. Butter
1 C. White Sugar
1 C. Brown Sugar
2 C. Vanilla Ice Cream
2 tsp Almond Extract

  • Combine butter and sugars in sauce pan until butter melts.
  • Mix with ice cream and extract. Remove from stove
  • Fill small pitcher.
    Fill your cup from 1/4 to 1/3 with mixture and the balance with hot water. ( 1/4-1/3 according to your taste)
  • Refrigerate mixture up to 5 days of use.

I know all the sugar that is in this, but I always have 2 cups of this drink and fall asleep.

AND, it’s not quite like the taste of the above drink, but there is a caramel topping (like Hersey chocolate topping) and mix that with milk and heat in microwave. Hot caramel drink.

Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,751 total posts | Posted 27 days ago

Yum! When people work as hard as you do, Bette, this is a very good way to end the day……….

I’ve never even heard of this drink before.

For years – like maybe 30 or more – I used to bake 30 or more batches of different cookies, freeze them and give thm to friends for Christmas.

It was a lot of fun. Started the day after Thanksgiving, and stored them in a second freezer we kept in the cellar.

Unfortunately, I lent it to someone – don’t know why – don’t remember who – and never got it back. So that was the end of my cookie-baking binges.

I actually kept every one of the recipes in a computer file. Still there.

Some of them were recipes from cookbooks; some were recipes I changed somewhat; others, I just plain made up.

I think I have about 75 or more. Probably enough to make a cookbook – “Carolyn’s Scrumptdelicious Christmas Cookies” – catchy title.

Probably never get around to doing it, though.

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 27 days ago

Finally getting some items ready to list.
All the descriptions and pictures are done, just getting the finally inspection of the clothing done for this group.

  • It’s funny that Fletcher sits in front of me and ask him questions. He IS intense on listening about “are you getting me a mouse, a chippy or a bird”.
  • This morning the cats were out. I went pass the kitchen/back porch window and Fletcher wanted in. I went out and my surprise is large mole. Praised Fletcher for such a great job and he’s in and out of my legs like “Yeah, I the man”. Yes, he got some T R E A T S.
Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,751 total posts | Posted 27 days ago

Home is the hunter. Home from the hills – I think that’s the start of a poem!

Anyway, Fletcher certainly did deserve a treat – after all, he shared his mole with you.

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 26 days ago

Carolyn, Fletcher wants “micemeat” pie. LOL

The farm is finally harvesting the soybeans in the back early this morning. The tractors are trying to get to the fields to harvest while the weather good.
I was surprise that they didn’t harvest the soybeans a month ago. There are fields that were already to be taken in. There are a lot of corn fields that need to be taken in, too.

I got a few more pieces of clothing ready.

Took some more time to purge pictures not needed.

I need to go through my documents and see what needs to be purged and that will be a long process.

Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,751 total posts | Posted 26 days ago

I’ll send you the recipe – that in itself may change your mind. The amount of suet is unbelievable. You’re supposed to keep the stuff in the refrigerator until you make your pie. weeks or moths later……..

Imagine storing a clear glass jar with an inch or two of pure unadulterated fat at the top in your refrigerator just staring you in the eye every time you open the ’fridge door!

Imagine what it would do to Fletcher’s digestive system, too. Yuck.

It’s very cold here today. The proposed snow did not arrive, and that’s just fine with me. I have a winter sweat shirt that shows a cheerful cardinal with the caption/prayer, “Please let it snow somewhere else.” I echo that thought.

Maybe we should send a message to all of our sometimes game players and announce what we’re up to? I’d be glad to draft a letter for you and Joyce – our co-founders – to look over.

I think maybe Joyce has the most complete list of e-mails or b-mails or whatever, so we might be able to do it as a single mass mailing? (My computer skills (or lace thereof)
don’t give me a clue as to whether or not that works with b-mail. I do use that function for mass mailings to members of my Alumnae association, though.

Bette and Joyce, let me know what you think about a message and our plans for the future with WFC. For sure, we don’t want a guilt message, just something to let everybody know what’s possible.

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by mrsdinkerson, Northwest Suburbs, IL. 14,639 total posts | Posted 26 days ago

Hello, All! I see some changes have been made to WFC. Glad to know we can still all come over here to post and keep in touch!
I sure would miss having the ability to catch up on what is going on with all of you! Yes, I KNOW there is such a thing as Facebook for just such socializing, but I have never joined it and really don’t ever intend to. So, Bonanza it is for me.

Glad to see the kitties are keeping eachother warm, Bette. What a scamp Alfalfa is! I suppose the girls really don’t mind too much, though, or they would kick him off! And WHAT a GOOD BOY Fletcher is! Give him a pet from me and maybe an extra T R E A T, too! lol

I am thinking I will cook a proper Thanksgiving dinner this year, but haven’t gotten the supplies laid in yet. Most likely will prepare a turkey breast instead of the whole bird. I don’t plan to have a large gathering, so for just four of us a breast will do nicely. One thing my family cannot do without on Thanksgiving is that green bean casserole dish with the fried onions on top. I can change up most all of the side dishes, but that one has to appear.
Of course, my favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving time is the pumpkin pie (sorry, Carolyn) despite the many times Nancy (in years gone by) would torture me with photos of “how pumpkin pie is REALLY made!” I do miss the good ol’ days of WFC and all the laughs we shared! But having the forum still around is wonderful and I’m glad we can get together here still. Thanks Bette and Carolyn for keeping things going!

Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,751 total posts | Posted 26 days ago

Em – great to have you share your thoughts about keeping in touch!

We’ve really had some fun here, and we’ve shared our joys and sorrows as well. We’ve been able to vent and to celebrate, to be very serious and very silly.

Most of all, we’ve become friends, and we’ve learned to not feel guilty when we’ve been away for a while.

I graduated from high school – gasp! 60 years ago, and even though it was a small school and we didn’t see each other very often at all, we began sharing our lives through an annual newsletter (if 14 or 16 pages can be considered a news “letter.”) Now, we have an annual get together, which we really look forward to.

The experience taught all of us something that we hadn’t even thought about before. It was okay that we hadn’t been in touch. Thee was no guilt because we had let our friendship lapse. But, still, when we got together, we were still friends. There was no embarrassment, no apologies needed.

And I think that, for most of our die-hard WFC’ers, that’s the case here. We bonded.

We like each other.We have a history. We remember fondly those of us who are no longer with us.

Chatting together as we do here, is much like popping in to visit an old friend for a cup of coffee. We’re comfortable together.

So, post when you can; stop in and read whatever others have written.

After the holidays, we’ll get back to our stupendous Word Find Challenges.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

As Tiny Tim said in A Christmas Carol, “God bless us, every one!”



Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 26 days ago


Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,751 total posts | Posted 25 days ago

Is that a threat or a promise, Bette?

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 25 days ago

Nope, This is the 3rd snow cover grass bout.
Each time, a bit more snow that comes.
Still snowing and the wind makes it bad.
19 degrees but feels like 5 degrees.

Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 24 days ago

Wind chill below zero.


Did some shoveling and getting ready to go. Hopefully the truck will start after all the cold and not starting it for a few days.

Posted by joyce72747, Greentown, IN. 29,728 total posts | Posted 24 days ago

Tuesday in western Indiana has been crazy, extremely cold but sunny.
I was supposed to go to Kokomo for a Red Hat luncheon but roads were bad so friend decided she’d rathrr not drive.
Left me dressed and ready to go but instead I was an Amazon, Ebay shopper a good part of the day.
I also read for a few hours. Relaxing day I guess.
Hubby made some Paleo Chili that really was pretty darn good.

Checking in now for a chat with whoever views or posts along.
My Thanksgiving dinner will be with friends in Colorado at their sister-in-laws home. They invited us so hopefully we will make the drive and be there the couple days before the Saturday wedding. Nope, I won’t be cooking. Probably take a few bottles of wine s our addition to the meal.

Anyway, good seeing the 3 of you and reading what you shared./ Em, a proper Thanksgiving dinner? I am yet to do that. Maybe next year…LOL

For now

Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,751 total posts | Posted 24 days ago

Real cold here today, and even more frigid weather promised – threatened? – for the rest of the week.

We’re in that funny period where Halloween decorations haven’t been taken down yet, Thanksgiving decorations are up – the stores are filled with Christmas ornaments…..and Veterans’ Day was just this week…..

Still cleaning out all the nooks and crannies of my office/study/computer/storage room and keep finding things that – in some instances, I hadn’t seen in years, but in other cases, I don’t ever remember having owned. A real trip down memory lane.

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed that, when you decide to do a real down and dirty clean-up, all the while you’re working on it, the area gets messier by the moment. Keep it? Toss it? Sell it? Give it away? You know perfectly well that as soon as you have found the items a new home, you’ll find out you really need them! But then, reality hits you. If you haven’t even seen the thing in 10 or 12 or 20 years, you don’t really need it at all!

Eileen and I went grocery shopping to get the things we’d need for Thanksgiving dinner – the things that won’t spoil.

Isn’t it amazing that basic items like food that you have always found in every grocery store, just don’t even seem to exist any more? Like Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup, Progresso Manhattan Style Clam Chowder, Kosciusko Mustard, apple pie spice — they’re not there any more. (Campbell’s Chicken Soup, for heaven’s sale – not what we’d call gourmet or epicurean type food!) Not like I was planning to serve them on Turkey Day, but they’re the kinds of staples we always have in our kitchens…..Oh, well, happily they aren’t essential for survival! Happily, dish detergent, toilet tissue and sponges are still around..

It was too cold to buy our Poinsettia plants today, and, frankly, I’m not sure it will warm up enough to risk it for the holidays. They’re so susceptible to low temperatures, and artificial ones just don’t turn me on.

Have any of you noticed how inexpensive Poinsettias have become? I remember many years ago, my favorite store used to offer a $25 coupon good the day after Thanksgiving on a Poinsettia plant that sold regularly for $30 and up. Now. the same store offers them all season for $12, no coupon needed!!! It’s the only thing I can think of that has decreased so dramatically in price. Actually, come to think of it, orchids have decreased greatly in price, as well – unless, of course, you’re into really rare ones.

Stay warm, don’t overdue it and make yourself sick. Above all – take some time to just plain enjoy yourself.

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,751 total posts | Posted 23 days ago

Every now and then, I get so fed up with the amount of stuff that I have that I just start bundling it into big lots – of course, then the pictures and keeping all the components together becomes still another chore. Always a dozen pictures to scan and then trim to size.

So far, I’ve listed two lots of a dozen varieties of vintage buttons, a lot of a dozen lots of Christmas beads, and am assembling probably 6 or 8 of the dozen different vintage beads, one lot of a dozen heart beads, 1 or maybe 2 lots of unusual vintage clasps, one lot of a dozen vintage glass pendants, a lot of a dozen cabochons (beads with no stringing holes. I’m even putting together a group of interesting gifts for teachers – little things to hang on a tree, geared especially for teachers. Some enchanting Fairy Tale tree ornaments……. More Crazy Quilt DIY kits.

And still, it doesn’t make a dent.

It’s like when you go out for spaghetti – did you ever notice that, even after you’ve eaten all you can possibly shove into your mouth, your plate looks like you haven’t even touched it? Well, that’s what this room looks like.Oh dear.

Back to assembling more little bead packets…..or, maybe, I’ll just go read the mystery novel I’ve been enchanted by.

I deserve some leisure time.

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 23 days ago

Well, the snow has started. Later that expected, but it is here. Hopefully it won’t be so bad for tomorrow’s work. Of course, it has to be a house on a hill and I always have problems getting up that hill during winter.

I did have a very nice sale on eCrater of a Ming jar that my mom made.

I have 19 new pieces of clothing completely done and ready to be listed. I have some more pieces to finish up and I need to get another bag to work on.

I was catching up with Joni (Bookrush). It’s been a year since we had talked. She is keeping busy. Hasn’t replaced her 2 cats yet since they passed away. It’s cold in Florida – 60 degrees. LOL Joni and her husband made a trip to New York to see his mom and she saw some leaves turning colors (back in October). It does sound funny, but I guess people haven’t see that. She also can’t image shoveling snow.

Off to sleep.

Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,751 total posts | Posted 23 days ago

I never got to know Joni – glad she is adjusting to the lack of snow and autumn colors.

My brother can’t imagine living “up north” even though he grew up here.

I can’t imagine living in an area without mountains. It’s not like I’m into skiing or other outdoor cold weather sports. I just like feeling closed in and secure surrounded by mountains.

The year that Eileen and I went to Italy, our tour included many areas where people had been living for hundreds of years high up in the mountains. They, too, had a feeling of security – they could see the enemy approaching and be prepared! And the roads! My paternal grandmother, who had been brought up here in the Catskill Mountains with all the winding roads, used to say that the way the early settlers built the roads was to follow the way snakes slithered from one place to another. She may have had a point!

Our winters can be downright cold, icy and bleak, but the other 3 seasons more than make up for it!

We kind of gauge our life styles to accommodate the weather; winter is when we catch up on all the things we never seemed to have time for the rest of the year….unless you have a long commute to work in really bad weather, or your kids have an enormous number of “snow days,” that keep them home…..Funny, it was just as cold and snowy when I was a kid, but we never – not even once – had a snow day.

Signing off – my book awaits me!

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by joyce72747, Greentown, IN. 29,728 total posts | Posted 21 days ago

Read through posts and will add: snow we got over the weekend may finally melt today…39 degree day predicted.
Glad to know Joni and hubby are still in your contacts, Bette. I was wondering about them only a few days ago. Sorry her kitties passed. They were so special to her.
Grocery stores have changed big time, in my opinion Carolyn. Used to be a dozen different kinds of cereal, a couple different kinds of chips and mostly Campbell soups. Now there are so many options stores are HUGE just to accommodate what seems to be expected.

Coupons are so necessary just to keep prices where we are comfortable buyers. I am sure marketers are very aware of that and keep the coupons flowing.
My poinsettia story is…I still have the live poinsettia I bought last year and it is very healthy. Yes, leaves are now green and I don’t have the dark, proper temperature area to keep mine in for 3 months to get the leaves to turn color. I am proud it is still really healthy.

Made hotel reservations for the Colorado trip. Now hopefully weather will not prevent the drive. Predicted weather looks promising.

Carolyn, I so relate to finding things totally forgotten about when we were moving. Yes, I had the experience of ridding myself of at least one thing that I since we moved felt the need to buy a new one. Hadn’t worn that pair of tights/leggings for years but needed a pair so re-bought…how wasteful…lol

Off now to do the laundry for the week. Busy, busy busy.
See you later.
Have you ever danced the chicken dance? At a Red Hat party I did. Crazy!

Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 18 days ago

The snow is melting.
A few warm days and some of the snow has melted.

Working on processing clothing and planned on listing maybe 10 of the higher priced items that ebay has free fees under $10.

Cats are antsy to go outside and the saw a chippy running under the pines trees.

Posted by joyce72747, Greentown, IN. 29,728 total posts | Posted 18 days ago

Good morning and
Here the snow is all but melted and temps expected low 40’s.
Rain is also a possibility. Gray foggy day right now.

Made arrangements for cat sitter. Looks like we will be heading for Colorado Springs. Even getting a little excited.
Saturday we’ll be going to surprise going away party for friend going to live with her daughter in AZ.So glad she has her daughter to help her.
Amazed that I found a “perfect” moving card
It reads: A home is a sanctuary— a place of comfort , security and tranquility Inside reads: Hope you enjoy a sense of peace and belonging as you settle in to your new space.
So glad I shopped Amazon. It was easy peasy.

And tomorrow is my monthly luncheon with about 15 gals from my high school graduating class in NW Indiana. Looking forward to a good day.

Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 17 days ago

Gray and cool and maybe rain?

Manage to list 11 new items.
Still have another 20 new items to list, but hoping for additional listings from eBay.
No wind and was able to get over 100 pictures taken.

Cats have been having a good time outside. Alfalfa is trying to sneak out. Afraid that I may not get him back in the house. I may let him out when there is more snow and cold that he wouldn’t go far and come back in. I have to think about that.

Posted by Abrafox, Northern UT, UT Sneak into the warehouse!. 5,493 total posts | Posted 17 days ago

Hello all! Supposed to be the warm before the storm today so last minute fall yard work and Christmas lights are on the agenda. Diana is still not feeling well, better than before but still not normal. Had more tests and the doctors can’t find any cause. They suggested that the next step would be to take out her gall bladder, but basically as a guess, they can’t find anything else so maybe it is that. Well, let me think about that, NO WAY!

Posted by joyce72747, Greentown, IN. 29,728 total posts | Posted 17 days ago

Good morning, friends.
Lunch yesterday was a hoot.
Imagine 15 women in their 70’s from the same graduating class at a favorite restaurant that hasn’t changed since graduation visiting and dining for 3 hours. The waitress was so fun as she took pictures, saw to our every need and really got into the group of old ladies…lol Fun time and I enjoyed the lake perch every bit as much yesterday as I did from the years gone by.

Charlotte, think it might be time for a second opinion.
New group of doctors to look into Diana and her ill feeling. NO WAY on the gall bladder surgery just as a guess! What kind of doctor even offers that possibility. Why not take out her adenoids if all they want to do is surgery just because?

Seems water/ice dispenser on the refrigerator is leaking. Gotta call for service. Still under warrant7y

Pretty gray, chilly day predicted. Maybe I’ll read a while.

Posted by mrsdinkerson, Northwest Suburbs, IL. 14,639 total posts | Posted 16 days ago

Sounds like a good time was had by all, Joyce! You’re fortunate to be able to gather together with so many long time friends.

Charlotte, I do hope you’ll find an answer to Diana’s health troubles. It’s difficult to stand by and watch your child suffer in any way and frustrating when you turn to professionals for advice and help and all you get is guesses. Not to mention how much you have to PAY for those guesses!

The snow has all melted in my area, as a matter of fact the temp was near 50 today and even a few hours of sunshine. We are supposed to get heavy rain starting late tonight, though, then falling temps and back to the freezing cold.

Has anyone seen or heard from Dee? I hope all is as well as it can be with her. I think of her often…as I do all of you. I’m thankful to have you all still here on good ol’ Bonanza. (remember when it was “Bonanzle”?)

Posted by joyce72747, Greentown, IN. 29,728 total posts | Posted 15 days ago

Hey there, Em!
Good to see you.
I see Dee was online on Monday. Hoping she has nothing different going on. Bless her heart.
Bonanzle was a different life. Know what I mean?
Those were the good ole days and here we still are all those years later.

…………………………… everyone.

Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 13 days ago

There will be a slight warm up before some more cold.
I think they said at least 2 days that will be warmer.
I think I will be trying to rake leaves down by the road and my driveway.

Fletcher was a good boy and caught a couple more moles. Boy, those suckers are big, but they are coming from the farm field.

Charlotte, I sending you positive vibes for your daughter to get healthy. I would find a second opinion or talk with some of the nurses. Some of the nurses that have worked with doctors know more about the doctors and experience. The neighbor down the road is a nurse and she will tell which doctors for heart problems, to cancer to . . . And she had gone through with 2 bouts of cancer. One of the was 4th stage colon cancer and made it through it.

I have some shopping, fill the truck and stop at the Post Office trip to make this morning. Then to see the frost melt and rake. I have additional free listings from eBay that I will be listing another 75 items today and Monday, I will use the last of those free listings.

Posted by cshort0319, Kingston, NY. 10,751 total posts | Posted 13 days ago

I’m researching old china, porcelain and cut glass for some listings today.

I try to incorporate into the listings everything that seems interesting about the technique, manufacturer, and so on.

Old paper-thing Japanese luster ware is the most difficult, because – seems to me – it’s mostly hand painted before firing, and, of course, there are no two pieces identical, so that means when I list, I have to list each one separately – and then be sure I don’t get confused while I’m listing the fronts and backs that go together.

The pattern I’m working on is Ganges, a really old Minton – so old, the company has no records that it even existed – but it does.

My husband’s grandmother worked as a servant in a very wealthy local family. They were real cheapskates. When some pieces of a set broke, they “graciously” gave each servant one of the remaining pieces as a Christmas gift! Wow!

Such kindness…..

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing on a cold, gloomy day in the northeast.

Time for a reading break – the newest Anne Perry Victorian Christmas mystery in her series. I like her writing a lot.

Some of My Favorite Things
Posted by Policequilts, Burlington, WI. 22,718 total posts | Posted 13 days ago

A nice day for raking leaves.
I manage to get a lot of the leaves raked.
Hopefully, tomorrow, I can burned the pile and then see if I have to rake anywhere else.

I manage to relist and add new items on eBay.
I still have more items to list.

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