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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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My Endorsements (64)

OnpointDealz says: September 01, 2015

Brenda,thanks for the great tweets of my items.

TheCrystalRose says: April 03, 2014

Brenda is THE BEST! My views have zoomed from 0-2 to @ 30 in a few hours! Cannot recommend highly enough! Thank you!!!

stephaniewein says: March 22, 2014

Brenda is such a pleasure to work with~~I’ve been using her services for a few months & with her promotions I’ve had a lot of sales which is greatly appreciated!! I’ll continue to use her promotions as long as she has them available & would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs a boost

Mary_Ann says: December 23, 2013

Brenda is a wonderful person to work with, prompt, professional, and she goes the extra mile in promoting. The views on all of my sites have more than doubled. I also gained two new customers with sales. I will not hesitate to use Brenda’s promotional service in the future. A+++++

Thank you so much Brenda, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Prints_and_More says: December 14, 2013
Brenda is top notch. I received a lot of views from her promotions. Highly recommended. Very professional.
suejo0101 says: October 06, 2013

WOW – within a few hours of purchasing a promotion package I have had more hits on my artwork than I may have had in a month!
I highly recommend Brenda!

theGran says: January 23, 2013

You will get exceptional customer service, hard working promoter and offering wonderful items in her booth. This is a seller who will not dissapoint.

yellowsand1964 says: January 18, 2013

wonderful seller, great items and nice prices all in one booth

LuvSig says: December 19, 2012

BreandSearchingSouls goes above and beyond when promotes you. I would highly recommend her. I also have to say that she has some very nice Items for sale in her booth.

queeniez71 says: December 08, 2012

Wonderful Promoter!! Really gets the job done! Have used her services the last two weeks and my sales have jumped tremendously!! Just repurchased more! I would highly recommend her to everyone!!!

SensualPleasures says: December 03, 2012

Wonderful person to deal with! Great items and an asset to the Bonanza Community! Highly reccommended!

pysia80 says: December 01, 2012

Thank you so much for all your help. Big hug!

pysia80 says: November 25, 2012

Thank you for tweeting my items!

pysia80 says: November 24, 2012

Brenda is a wonderful person! Thank you Brenda for tweeting my items, you are the best!

GuysGifts says: October 25, 2012

Thank you Brenda for being such a wonderful person and doing a fabulous job promoting for me. It has been a great pleasue meeting you and I feel I have made a great friend on this wonderful site Bonanza!!!

Lolag says: October 12, 2012

Brenda, you’re the best and thanks for all the promo!

HavensRainbow says: October 11, 2012

Brenda feels like a warm soul on Bonanza. Thank you for the kindness you have shown. It is appreciated

marie2art says: October 01, 2012

Thank You,VERY MUCH,for Your Kindness and Taking the time,for Tweeting my item’s.A very big Boost!Blessings from ABOVE!!

braingels says: September 30, 2012

You are an angel. Thank you so much for helping with your tweets.

Xiaobellajewelry says: September 27, 2012

Thank you for tweeting one of my items. So very nice of you.

Lmw4689 says: September 25, 2012

Thank you for tweeting my item. That was so nice of you

lindakm says: August 24, 2012

thanks for the great tweets of my items…Blessings Linda

AudiLee says: July 31, 2012

I just love this friendly seller, what a joy to know and I am very happy to endorse Brenda to you This seller is one of the most helpful ladies, always looking out for and promoting others. In business, Brenda is a true professional with excellent work ethics, she’s honest, full of integrity, and takes pride in everything she does. Take a look at her booth and items, you’ll love the variety there! I rate this seller with A+ and ★★★★★ Audi

maggiemaybecrafty says: July 31, 2012

Very kind and caring lady. Bonanza asset. Thank you so much for all your help. You are greatly appreciated. Check out all her gorgeous bling.

VivianVanOwen says: July 22, 2012

I highly recommend Brenda’s promotions. Her service was timely and consistent, and I am very pleased with the results. Brenda had so much patience with me as a newbie. Thanks Brenda!

Bootsies says: July 20, 2012

Love, love, LOVE this Shop & Sweet Seller! She has fabulous items at such great prices, service that is unbeatable, and she is so thoughtful of everyone in our Bonanza Family! Thank you, Brenda! You are an Angel!!(¯`’•.¸@//(◡‿◡)\\@¸.•’´¯)

Crystal-Craze says: July 05, 2012

Brenda has helped me so much with her promotion package. She is very helpful, nice and hardworking…you can’t go wrong! So check out her promo packages, you will be glad you did.

BoothG says: July 05, 2012

Brenda is very welcoming to newbies, and generous with her tweets!

folkvilla says: June 24, 2012

Thanks for tweeting my items. :-D

suebqb1 says: April 12, 2012

Her promoting really works.thanks for all the sales for the week you promoted me

BigMama921 says: March 29, 2012

Brenda’s readings are very detailed and accurate. Your emailed reading is structured and worded, as if you are sitting right in front of her. The pics of the cards and spreads just adds to the realization of how much work and time she puts into your reading. I can’t wait for my next reading!

wendybalisle says: March 28, 2012

I just received an Incredible in Depth reading~
very Outstanding&precise,I look forward to another One SOON!!!
Thank you So Much!XO

lindakm says: March 02, 2012


VERALS says: February 10, 2012

Brenda! Received great gift with your product in the post today! The product will work just great for what I have in mind. But the gift was what blew my socks off. You took time to write a personal note! Can never thank you enough for the smile or the tweets. Would personally send anyone your way! Sincerely, Vera

coolstuff2cheap says: February 01, 2012

What a great person, easy to talk to, very helpful, & friendly! Trust BrendaSearchingsouls for professional service with a smile!

VintageSoho says: January 29, 2012

Thank you so much for tweeting my Bugs animation cel – how kind of you!

potterybynoelle says: January 28, 2012

thanks for tweeting my items

kumdo says: January 16, 2012

Thanks for tweeting my items Brenda. You’re wonderful. I’m tweeting you also. Thanks again and have a great day and happy selling.

recessionistascloset says: January 10, 2012

Thank you so much for the tweet

VintageVarietyShop says: January 08, 2012

Brenda has been enormously generous with tweeting many of my items, which has very much increased my booth and item views. What a nice thing to do!

CB-Style says: January 08, 2012

Thank you for the Tweet!!! You are so very nice!

sarahandkeith says: January 07, 2012

thanks for the tweet and welcome!!

BeewitchingBooks says: January 03, 2012

Brenda is such a sweet and wonderful person, always visiting booths and tweeting, you can do business with her and know that you are dealing with an honest person!

CB-Style says: January 01, 2012

Thank you for visiting my booth! And thank, thank, thank, you for the tweet!! Happy New Year!!

You have great items in your booth!

myfavoritebarbie says: December 29, 2011

Thank You for your tweet…

CollectiblesByJo says: December 26, 2011

Brenda was one of the first people I met here when signing up with Bonanza. She is so friendly, helpful and just a very warm and caring person. She is always there to tweet for not just me but many of us on a daily basis and also displays some gorgeous jewelry items in her booth. Thank you Brenda for all you do and for being you.

smalllotsshop says: December 24, 2011

Thanks again and Merry Christmas. It is amazing to see how well this works its usually a 500% – 900% increase in views .. so many thanks Ali and Canny

sunlori says: December 18, 2011

Thank you for your visit and Tweet! Welcome to Bonanza!

StarChild3 says: December 18, 2011

Thank you for visiting…I appreciate the “tweet”…hope you and yours have a happy and safe holiday!

Senu says: December 17, 2011

Thank you SO much for the tweet. That was so generous of you. I really appreciate it. Have a great day<3

grandpathing says: December 11, 2011

Thanks for visiting and tweeting my item.

CelticEcho says: December 05, 2011

Thanks for visiting and tweeting my item.

simplecountrycandles says: December 04, 2011

Thanks for tweeting about my products – Cheers!

DarkRoseTreasuresArt says: December 04, 2011

Thank you for the tweet : )

threadsandtrappings says: December 04, 2011

Thank you for tweeting about my item.

threadsandtrappings says: December 04, 2011

Thank you for tweeting about my item

Jeannam2008 says: December 04, 2011

Thank you for tweeting my items

luna10 says: November 11, 2011

thank you for the daily tweets, I love your shop!

Trublu says: November 10, 2011

WOW Lotta nice items here. Brenda BTW THANKS for tweeting me!

smalllotsshop says: November 09, 2011

Hi and thanks for tweeting my item Big Hug

jampijumpy says: October 31, 2011

and thanks for tweeting my item! hug (^_^)

jampijumpy says: October 30, 2011

nice items…

collecthappy says: October 26, 2011

Wonderful customer, great communication. A pleasure to have her on the Bonanza!!

grandknitsny says: October 24, 2011

BrendaSearchingSouls shop has lovely jewelry and she is a very warm, good natured person. Alice Grand of Grandknitsny.