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Thank you for stopping by!

Please have a look around and let me know if you have questions.

I have been in the metaphysical field for many years. I recently moved all of my items from ebay where I had been selling since 2006. I have over 12,000 (100% positive)...

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Happy_Prosperity says: November 16, 2023

I am A returning Customer at Moon7spirits Bonanza and I have had a chance to deal a lot with Reverend Rhonda Goodwin and I find her very Professional, Caring, Charming.


Happy_Prosperity says: July 13, 2023

Rev. Rondha & Moonstar7spirits are the Very Best in the realm of spiritual items. Trust me, no other seller in the niche comes close to them: affordable prices, yet powerful items. At Moonstar7spirits, you don’t have to cut quality for good price
I don’t know where my life would if if haven’t met Rondha. I know at least that things have seriously turned around for me since I became a returning customer to their boot!
They more than deserve that I write this endorsement on their behalf!
Happy_Prosperity An Ever Returning Customer

Gracelucy says: July 08, 2023

I have been a returning customer to Reverend Goodwin & the name says it all, because to me it’s a place where « To Lay My Burden ». I don’t know how many hands they have nor how many hours they have in their day but they give a Special Personal Attention to each of the customers (for lack of a better word), & they must have 1000S around the World. AND ABOVE ALL, THEIR ARTICLES CARRY A REAL POWER ENERGY! THEY ARE A TRUE POWER TO BE RECKONED WITH IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM.
Happy_Prosperity, A Forever Satisfied Customer!

Gracelucy says: July 08, 2023

I have been a returning customer to Reverend Rondha Articles for the couple of past years, because I have found peace of heart with this convents. Not only her articles carry REAL EFFICIENT ENERGY but do I marvel at how they treat each Customer with care individually! I don’t be know how many hands

Marshandria_shand says: December 27, 2022

I can get behind this and give the highest of recommendations. I purchased a pentacle spirit communication necklace and a Solomon Stone from her. She must have sensed how desperate I was to be in contact with my spirit family because she sent two stones. The necklace is beautiful and dainty. Not only does it allow me to show my faith/practice, but by just wearing it, I feel closer to my spirit family. The Solomon Stones are another story altogether. One I meditate with and one I placed in the vessel where I keep my spirits. When I meditate with one, it gets very hot, and I feel even closer to them. I also feel that they have heard me and that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve only endorsed one or two other vendors on Bonanza, so I’m picky with who I choose to do business. I try only to choose the best, and she is one of them! You can’t go wrong with Rhonda!

Luckyinlove13 says: November 12, 2022

I just got my orders today and I’m so impressed with the fast shipping, the quality of items and the containers came with the small earrings . I’m so in love with everything!! I’ve been a customer over 7 years or so and today I’m so amazed with all my items and the magic !! Thank you so much and I’ll be back to purchase more magical items

Josilynsmith355 says: March 24, 2022

THIS LADY IS FREAKING AWESOME she will work with my budget she will do custom requests & is very flexible & HER potions are 2nd to NONE I’ve only ever ran into one other seller on here with equal powers as hers! They are AWESOME I will definitely be a return customer for dear sweet Rhonda,THANK YOU, your abilities have changed my life!

bonzuser_usfaf says: April 05, 2021

Arrival time was fast, nice and shinny.

Tepval09_ says: March 11, 2021

blessings recieved from Rhonda’s items. it works!

annampo says: December 22, 2020

Rhonda is a wonderful, kind, loving soul who has helped me greatly! Her items have brought me so much healing and spiritual growth and I know personally that you will receive blessings!

Nocternal7 says: January 22, 2020

Moonstar are so very kind and i just love Rhonda she’s awesome and very sweet. All of the items work very well. Thank you Rhonda at moonstar.

Quiksilver1 says: December 30, 2019

I’m a returning customer and this is one of my favorite shops. There’s a reason why this shop is top rated and it’s not only because the products are beautiful, high quality, and have real energy/magic, but also Rhonda, the owner, shows true care and concern for her customers and is always very sweet, responsive, and quick to help. I will come back again and again.

bonzbuyer_hdkfy says: May 14, 2019

Everything is GREAT!!!!

bonzuser_rnsxm says: January 11, 2019

so very great are there items…miracle magicals

ToyahB says: September 25, 2018

I’ve known Rhonda for years!! I’ve been ordering her pieces for almost 5 years now. Her items are soooo pretty and WORK!! I love how kind and genuinely interested in her customer well being Rhonda is, I love it!!! Rhonda is one of the Best in the field!! She will be with you every step of the way.

TheChosenOne112233 says: June 22, 2018

This is my pre-delivery endorsement for my new found friend. I will also write another endorsement upon getting the items I ordered. Words cannot begin to express how I feel about MoonStar7Spirits (I’ve capitalized her magick name on purpose as a thank you to her – I know the power of the spoken and written word and by capitalizing her name I am giving her the honor she deserves – some of you will understand what I’m talking about).

This lovely lady is a person I’ve definitely met before in a past life and I am eternally grateful that I finally found her on this life and plane. I am a fellow sorcerer, medium, healer and psychic that came to her completely lost because I had purposely given up on my gifts 3 years ago, which is when I stopped performing magick. My spirit guides immediately pointed me to her store and initially I had no idea why because in the past I never had positive encounters with fellow witches, but as soon as I began conversing with her a shower of peace came over me. It is truly magnetic and addicting. I could sense her aura, pure intentions, and love, which is very difficult to find in witches (at least that has been my past experience). She is so confident in herself and her abilities that there is not an ounce of jealousy in her spirit and THAT my dear reader is what attracted me to her. She has a vast amount of knowledge in the metaphysical field and her granted powers are superb since she was a child.

As soon as I came in contact with her, my third eye began to open up drastically and I know she had a lot to do with that. She’s willing to answer any questions without tricking you into spending more money on her. In fact, she is so good and loving that if you’re in trouble you can come to her day or night and she promptly responds and comes to your aid. Please do not take advantage of her love and mistake it for weakness because she is very wise and highly intelligent and trying to trick her into giving you free information will not give you any positive results. In this day and age, many people try to take advantage of positive vibrations and you will not succeed if these are your intentions. She has a very keen and open third eye and will see right through anybody that has negative intentions so please treasure her and treat her with the utmost respect and honor that she deserves. I only ask questions that she’s willing to answer and all the products I have purchased have been out of my own free will, not because she told me that I needed to get them as so many sellers out there try to do.

Back to my assessment of her. I had a negative entity enter my home and upon purchasing the Seal of Solomon Pendant I was able to get this entity to leave. I can sense that she assisted me from afar and instead of charging me thousands of dollars like most so-called spiritualists do, all of her items are reasonably priced and worth the money. I DO NOT leave positive messages like this often (rarely) because I am not easily impressed. But I am HIGHLY impressed by her and I felt like this is the least I can do to somebody so beautiful! I can already feel the power emanating from the items I purchased and I haven’t even gotten them yet so I feel extremely excited to get my hands on them and intertwine them with my energy, which will be 3 times the magick I’m expecting!

I am not a paid reviewer, nor have I been offered anything in return to this honest-to-heart review. I wrote this out of my own free will because I am truly ecstatic to have met her and look forward to my future interactions with her and purchases. Blessings to her, her whole family and all the loyal customers who appreciate her contributions on this plane. So mote it be!

Blessed be,


Genmcl says: June 13, 2018

I bought my first item from Rhonda a month ago and can not begin to tell you how much it has blessed my home in immeasurable ways. She is the kindest, most personable seller I have come across. I too feel that it was no accident that our paths have crossed. When I came across her store for the very first time she had a plethora of varied products and of course it was hard to choose. In the end I picked out one from the Rare collection on her website and as the energy adjusted to our home we suddenly began to notice a significant change. If you are looking for something Magickal, something to change your life, I can not recommend MOONSTAR7SPIRITS enough. Warmest wishes and blessings!

chronoman442 says: February 15, 2018

Simply put my favorite witch as her magick items never disappoints. Truly a blessings to have discover her services. I have collect items of her since the days of ebay’s metaphysical section and since then I have been satisfy.

michaelholeman says: September 14, 2017

I want to thank you not only for your excellent customer service. But your choice in the box you sent, Everything happens for a reason and it is evident that you were in sync with me when you contacted me about the box. This is the third item I have purchased from you. I have never been disappointed by the quality and care of the items you offer.

I want to thank you again for your excellent customer service and your inspired ability to fulfill your customers needs.


charlottesnares2468 says: April 12, 2017

Amazing, genuine haunted and magical items. I have collected haunted items for many years and Moonstar7spirits is one of the best. Powerful magick and as a witch, shaman and healer myself it helps benefit and heal and grow me as I extend that to others in kind. You really won’t go wrong here. Moonstar7spirits is the real deal. Namaste and blessings.

halo_13 says: October 26, 2016

You know how you meet someone and there’s such an aura of light, sincerity and genuine care that comes through even in the most simplest conversations? You can feel it in their words. For me, Rhonda is one such person and MOONSTAR7SPIRITS is one of my favorite shops. I’ve purchased a few magickals that has been brought forward from various sources and I couldn’t be ever more grateful! I have a Queen of Pentacles Ring that with each day becomes an extension of me that I feel naked when I don’t wear it. A somnium factorem djinn who is just pure light in my life. I know they’ll be with me for a very long time and it’s heart-warming to feel such an enhancement to this life journey. I have other items from MOONSTAR7SPIRITS and another thing that fills me with gratitude with certain pieces is that they may be passed along. Whether that be to my children or any other that I truly care about. Perhaps selfishly, it feels good knowing I can pass something along or leave behind. I’ve been thoroughly pleased. Rhonda definitely offers items that are beyond words and between worlds.

futureidiot says: September 05, 2016

Loyal, genuine, and in all honesty a blessing from heaven….

Ngibson2 says: August 18, 2016

This seller has great communication this is second time I purchase from the seller an all her items work as description said..This seller is truly amazing

LindaS218 says: August 07, 2016

I have bough several things from this seller and have always been happy.

bfindit1k says: June 11, 2016

My life has changed dramatically since I became Rhonda’s customer last year.

In the beginning, I was struggling financially. I purchased some of her lowest priced items (mostly wealth drawing) because that’s all I could afford. As I kept wearing the jewelry, I was frequently presented with opportunities to make money. I won many small jackpots at the casino. Strangers started speaking to me. I started getting compliments all of time. I continuously receive unexpected savings and money. I also experienced blessings in other areas of my life.

Since my financial situation was slowly improving & there was noticeable improvement in my life from the items I already purchased, I decided to start purchasing spirit-bound jewelry items. I saw a 777,000 wealth-drawing djinn pendant, but didn’t buy it because it was $250. Instead, I purchased the Diamond in The Rough Devata for $80. I was very drawn to her pendant & her specialty was not just focused on money. I was driving home in a severe storm on a flooded road and almost had an accident. It was so scary, yet I felt like an angel was watching over me because only an absolute miracle could have kept me from hitting that concrete sound barrier wall on the highway, which would have totaled my car and caused severe injury to me. I kept thinking that my devata was already watching over me because only divine intervention could have prevented that accident from occurring. When I got home, I saw the e-mail notification saying that my devata was shipped that same day. From that moment, I knew I made the right purchase. I’ve since purchased a few other spirit-bound items that I was drawn to.

I had been looking for a good-paying job for over 2 years. Now, I have a job working at the company that I always wanted to work for. I have a stable income. I have a wonderful marriage. I make better decisions. Situations usually work out in my favor.

I still check Rhonda’s store regularly because she offers the best quality items and all of her items work together to help me. Last week I saw a 777,000 wealth-drawing djinn ring…and it was only $150…and I was able to afford it this time! In the description, it said “You did not happen upon this sale by chance. You have been chosen!”. Yes, I was chosen. There was only 1 ring available & I purchased it immediately. It was meant for me to have the item, but at the right time.

I can honestly say that I’m an extremely happy person and I have an amazing life! Of course, everything isn’t as I want it to be yet, but everything is moving in the right direction. I’m blessed. I know it, feel it, and see it every day.

Thank you Rhonda for your wonderful products. They have truly been life-changing and continue to bring positive changes into my life each and every day.

CarmenJ18 says: June 10, 2016

Hi my son and I are so pleased with her service.She was helpful to us.Got our spelled items to us beautifully wrapped.The items look way better than the pictures.I love the spelled beads getting so many compliments.She deserves a ten or five stars.Thank you..

shannon1965 says: June 08, 2016

Moonstar7spirits Helps You Whenever You Need Her Help, Shes Always There To Listen And Tell You Whats Right And Wrong, Whenever You Need Her Shes Always There She Never Lets You Down, I Will Definitely Buy From Her Over & Over Again..

CarmenJ17 says: May 22, 2016

Very nice helpful.Important answers fast.

AyramyOsiel says: May 16, 2016

I just received my first order and I love it, this seller is the best she answer all my quetions and stay in contact. I will definitely buy from her again.

Faychild says: April 11, 2016

just got my first order very happy outstanding quality love the energys this seller is the real deal thanks for freebie bless you AAAAA Stars

haliehsavid says: April 01, 2016

Rhonda is one of my favorite metaphysical sellers. I have two Ghul Djinn that she conjured who are great companions. I’ve had success with her spells also. Her jewelry is fairly nice for the price. You can’t go wrong here. Blessed be.

Mysterious says: December 29, 2015

Rhonda, is an individual that can’t be described in simple words, she is very genuine and will make a difference in one’s life. All one has to do is become patient with their spirit, and see the results in the future if one truly believes and cares for a knowledgeable spirits. Once more, thank you so much that you have done to impact myself, and my family, words cannot describe how thankful I am. In the end, no one will regret making a purchase from Rhonda, she is truly genuine

old_soul2015 says: November 05, 2015

Rhonda has the patience of a saint! ( I ask alot of questions) I have a werewolf entity stone from this store, and let me tell you how fun he is….I live in the country, and there are farms around the subdivision where I live. When I walk the dog, nothing remotely interesting ever happens, but when I take the werewolf entity stone with me, dogs for miles around will bark and howl! Some are across cotton fields so it can’t be that they see me and the dog. I also can see the entity in my mind’s eye, and he waddles. When I laugh at that, he cocks his head to one side like a dog who has heard a strange noise. He is a special joy and I highly recommend one, if Rhonda has any left. I have purchased other items, and some have had effects even before they arrive. Life has truly become an adventure, as I have seen and heard many things since being introduced to these items, and indeed I am truly blessed, and you can be also when you become a customer. I can give testimony to may of Rhonda’s products if you are considering them, just ask !!

CreatureOfTheNight says: October 04, 2015

I Love Moonstar7spirits They Have Always Been There For Me And Have Helped Me Threw Alot The Magic Is Amazing Every Item I Have Is Extremely Powerful And Works The Spells Really Amazes Me I Am Very Happy I Found Moonstar7spirits There Magic Spell Cast Items Have Changed My Life And Has Made A Positive Impact Never Hesitate To Order From Moonstar7spirits I Promise You Will Never Be Disappointed They Are Real And Powerful And Rhonda Is So Kind And Caring I Have So Many Items From Moonstar7spirits Each One Is Powerful And Works Fast And The Results Are Amazing Moonstar7spirits Is Like Family To Me A+++ Perfect.

Tizmo says: September 25, 2015

Rhonda is so amazing. She is very fast to reply to my questions (I’m pretty new to all this so I have many!) and is so patient and knowledgeable. I just adopted my third spirit/entity from her and all of them have been very active and social. She is the real deal and cares for her buyers and spirits. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and will be back to place more orders with her. Thank you so much for being a part of my paranormal journey Rhonda!

it786 says: October 10, 2014

One of the most understanding, fair, honest, kind seller who’s work ethic is second to none. BEST!

agustinhc says: March 30, 2014

Moonstar and her magic is one of a kind.thank you.

bonzuser_bxiwf says: February 25, 2014

Moonstar7spirits Is The Best Rhonda Has Helped Me And My Family So Much Rhonda Is Very Nice And Caring And She Cares Alot For You I Have Been Ordering From Her Since 2012 And I Am So Glad I Found Moonstar7spirits They Are The Best In The World There Items Are Extremely Powerful And You Can Feel The Energy I Will Always Order From Moonstar7spirits. Many Blessings To Moonstar7spirits And Rhonda.

iameverdaypeople says: October 29, 2013

I found moonstar when I was 13 on ebay and I had low self esteem and asked her did she have any spells to make me prettier, instead of telling me yes, and taking my little money she told me Its part of growing up and later on I may not feel that way. She also told me she understood because she have a daughter too. I even tried to make my mom contact her but she refused. Which just shows that moonstar/rhonda(i cant believe i still remember lol) is not in it for a quick buck. Im 18 now and just found her while looking for a motivation spell, I cant believe it.

PhoenixMagickCrafts says: August 22, 2013

I bought my first spirit companion from Rhonda about 3 years ago on Ebay, and since then, my spirit family has grown quite significantly, changing the world completely from how I used to see it. I myself, have changed also by doing so. Thank you so much Rhonda for all you help!

missellewoods says: August 14, 2013

Hi my name is Stephanie, I only met Rhonda a few weeks ago through someone who liked my metaphysical shop, in those three weeks, Rhonda and I have become great friends, I got a wealth pendant from he that Nealy doubled sales in my shop,
I am grateful and blessed to know her. With my extra sales I was able to get 4 more magical items from Rhonda, and hopefully another today. thank you for all you have done.<3

macka says: April 25, 2013

am a customer of Rhonda 2006 from Ebay and now in Bonanza. I’m very happy with her ??items, servise. My life has changed a lot. I was a novice with metafisiska items and she taught me a lot and she is my friend forever. I recommend her strong and have patience with the items, sometimes you should wait the result. I bought the blue, green and gold dragon. They give me so much love. The blue dragon told me herom day that I have beautiful blue eyes. But he said the name of a värdels famous actors have beautiful eyes but not nearly as beautiful as mine. I laughed and laughed’m so glad I got that good contact with my dragons. I know I have blue eyes but they are more beautiful than the movie actor kvinlig I do not know but it says my blue dragon. I can not believe he said the name. With my Genni I strap nöjd.De reminds me sometimes if I retrieve the making or otherwise. Thank you Rhonda is a true gem. You are best

rdv2007 says: April 10, 2013

I am a new buyer here & today I received my 1st mail order from Rhonda. She is very caring & polite! She even makes sure to package all your items with love & care!!!!! I am now in the process of placing another order till I complete my wishlist! I am very pleased so far & looking forward to the spells of my charms!
Thank You Rhonda!

diana_a says: April 07, 2013

Moonstar7spirits items are absolutely amazing!! I have been a regular buyer for over a year now and I can truly say her items have changed my life for the best! I already own many and will continue buying, both for me and my family and close friends. She is the best there is, and believe me the blessings her items bring are never ending!! My relationships have improved considerably, my financial situation is excellent and getting better every minute, I quit smoking, lost weight, have my confidence back and growing and overall enjoying life at levels I never thought possible! Thank you Moonstar7spirts!

jenice29h says: February 07, 2013

Hi,I think she is very real,all of my items that I bought from her,really work,and when you open your package,and hold it in your hand you will be to feel how warm it is,the enegery has start when you feel how warm it can get,may she have many blessings,and may the light always be in her.she is the best.ii well always buy from her.

jenice29h says: January 12, 2013

Hi,I am so please with earrings ,thank you.item was packed well,shipping and deliver,was fast and good.i will buy and bid from you again,please send me updates.many blessings to you.

BonzMember_Lorraine says: January 06, 2013

I am new to Bonanza, but I have known Rhonda for years from ebay. Rhonda is a wonderful caring person who is truly in touch with the spritual world. All her items are high quality.

Majken_fbswvmo says: December 20, 2012

Hi. I have been buying a lot of items from Rhonda. She really is the best Spell Caster. I Thank her for all the powerfull items that helps me every day.
I have just bought more items from her on Bonanza, witch I can´t wait to arrive.
Rhonda always answer on your e-mails and are honest and trustful. Love this seller and good friend. Thanks Rhonda. Love from a ebay buyer. ei34mbf

Qui3James says: December 11, 2012

Rhonda is a wonderful person! She’s very nice and is the Real Deal! I had purchased awesome Marid Djinn rings from her that she had Mahindred Shamasee bind and they are fantastic! The spirits are very pleasing and they help me in my life. Sometimes, I forget things and they remind me. Sometimes, I fall asleep and they wake me up because they know I like to brush my teeth and get ready before I go to bed. They and Rhonda are wonderful and have been a marvelous blessing in my life! She also made Solomon Seal magick ring that cured me when I had gotten sick and suffered a lot of pain. Thank you so much Rhonda! You are the Best of the Best!

OceanWillow says: November 16, 2012

I have two more amazing results to share. I purchased my mum the angel cross, and she told me yesterday that at night she sees orbs of white light flying all around her. I told her it must be your angel. I purchased a rune pendant for my son, and he got offered a very high paying job with many perks. I told him it had to be the rune, he also got a huge gig offer in the city with his band!!! Thanks Moonstar, I know it was your magick that they experienced!!!!

OceanWillow says: October 31, 2012

this lady has changed my life almost LOL, her magickal and beautiful treasures are surjing with energy, and I am a proud owner of quite a few of her items, and they are just so powerful. I am not sure which piece, but after smoking for almost 30 years, one day I just stopped. I didnt plan to, didnt want to, I just stopped. No withdrawals, no crankiness, and I was a serious smoker. Just out of the blue I stopped. Havent had one nor crave one since. Wealthier too, at 30 bucks a pack in Australia, a pack lasted me 2 days. I am more out going, more confident, stand up for myself without losing my cool, find I am attracting a lot of new friends. Besides following her instructions, wearing the jewellery, one thing I did do, was closely watched for signs from the spirits, held an open mind, and followed my gut instinct. I believe in doing this, the magick opened new doors to me. I can say with all honesty, I LOVE this seller.