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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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calvin0928 says: September 18, 2017

Dear, BeyondtheStars,
I would like to share an experience that my wife and I had with you and your clients.
My wife and I used to get “Emotional Healing” sessions from a healer since about a year ago. In the beginning we had weekly sessions and 2 a month, 1 a month, and so on. Each time we each have the session, we request for a scan of us and our home for negativities. 100% of the time there were demons/negativities attached and/or around us and our home. We also had bad experiences with spirits in the past that were purchased from a seller. It was quite serious which is taken care of but not before we suffered for some time…

When I received the Sorcerers Stone I was so happy and excited to have this type of metaphysical item in my possession. I went a head and did the Protection Grid on me, my wife, and our home. My wife was not with me but I was hoping that it work remotely. (does It?)

When my wife came home that day, I asked her to use the Sorcerers stone to do the Protection Grid on us and our home as well. Then, a few days later I had an Emotional Healing session and as always, Mark; the healer began by scanning for bad things.

Absolutely NOTHING came up for my wife, I, and our home. Even he was surprised. :o) If you were near us, I would have run to you to give hugs, kisses, and thanks. Thank you Tomasina for making real magickal items that work. I also hold the ball when doing a communication sessions with my Spirit family members with the pendulum that I bought from you. I think the ball enhances the communications too. When I use your pendulum it is different than when I use the ones purchased on Amazon for sure. It gives more clear answers. I want one more of your pendulum to have as an extra. Do you think I can copy/paste this email on to my review section on Bonanza? I would like other people to know about these! Just wanted to share my experience with you and extend my sincere appreciation to you as well.

Debalar says: August 26, 2017

“BeyondtheStars” a booth with unusual items; “Demon Scirlin – underworld messenger” A powerful and real haunted pendant with a true entity who is performing is duty accordingly whenever his services are needed because Scirlin is a top official messenger of the underworld. Contact the seller if you need one.

Salt Circle Necklace a powerful item when wore it will automatically create a circle of protection around me; strange and amazing stuff.

Since I bought these items I have already, safely summon Valac, Murmur, Gremory and Valefar.

Thank you very much indeed, “BeyondtheStars”; for putting such items into the public domain.

“BeyondtheStars”: The only booth with the tried and true Afro-Magic spells from Quimbanda.

Masterofthelight777 says: March 07, 2017

It is truly refreshing to come across such a genuinely creative, gifted and Knowledgeable soul.