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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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My Endorsements (9)

pysia80 says: November 24, 2012

Selah is the best: nice and helpful. An absolute pleasure to do business with. Very many thanks!

antiquechick says: July 27, 2012
First class, A+ tweets, Selah has a great personality, and will keep you promptly informed about what she is tweeting. With Selah you won’t have to wait around for a day or two, or not be told what is going on with your tweets, or get the cold shoulder. She has most professional twitter service on Bonanza by far. You won’t be sorry if you give her a try you might just switch!
Cookbooks2You says: July 07, 2012

Selah55 is Super! I was having a problem understanding the answers in a Community Forum and she patiently stuck with me until I fully understood! Thank You!

craigbal1 says: March 30, 2012

What can i say i had my tenth selling badge before i used selah54 and now i have my 25th awesome!

Stewarts says: March 03, 2012

L♥VE This SELLER!! Selah is a Member who goes the extra mile to provide Customer Service to its finest! Ingenious, Superb Customer Care and Service that’s one-of-a-kind! Selah has also been a favorite Seller of mine since I began with Bonanza and will continue to be one for many years to come. Selah is a top-notch Member who engages whole-heartedly in Bonanza and their Members; and does so with finesse. Selah YOU ROCK!!

ilovecrystals says: November 20, 2011

I just want to say, what a joyful experience having Selah help me with promoting my booth. A fantastic communicator, discreet with the tweets (didn’t take up the chat box…Really loved that!)and a lovely person all around. You cannot go wrong in having Selah promote your booth!

Queenmum says: October 08, 2011

What an AWESOME lady.
She’ll work hard for you, and do it with a sense of humor too!

One of the best of Bonanza, or anywhere else!

Outstanding promotions.

To top it all off, she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

bonzchick says: December 23, 2009

Selah55 is a HUGE asset to Bonanzle and the Community. Selah55 is non-stop in her efforts to promote and engage with opportunities to enhance this sites potential. You will also learn that Selah is an extremely caring, detail-oriented, kind, honest and sincere individual. You just can’t go wrong when purchasing an item or items from this Seller. I plan to be a repeat customer for many years to come. Since then, I have become friends with Selah and to date I am glad I have done so. Not only is she extremely well-rounded in her Business aspects, she is the BESTEST friend I have had the honor of knowing. In addition, we have lots of fun! Thanks! I’m heading over to Selah’s other booth – Selah54 to add this endorsement there as well. Many Smiles!

nelliekellie says: November 15, 2009

Selah is a wonderful Bonanzler! Ask for help? You got it. One of the nicest and helpful people I know on Bonanzle. Also check out her other booth: http://www.bonanzle/booths/selah54. You want to deal with the best, then this is your girl (rabbit. LOL