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Welcome to AntiquesRGreat where we carry a vast selection of antiques, vintage, collectibles and retro products for your perusal.My fascination with the Victorian era always has me on the hunt. Vintage collectibles are full of history and; character with stories to tell. Every piece is unique in it's own way.


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divinefabricsnmore says: January 22, 2012

Once You get to Know our (((DearieG!))) You’ll be So Glad You Did! She’s a SUPER Seller, too, as well as a Valued Member of This Community, AntiquesRGreat is GREAT, herself! Shop in Her Booth…Ask Her a Question…She’s In The Know, Either Way! I Highly Recommend AntiquesRGreat, Okay, now GO to Her Booth, Right Away!

cutielilkitty4u says: June 22, 2011

WOW Such a awesome person Such a kind and sweet lady I needed help and she told me step by step what to do went above and beyond to help me thank you very much HUGS

ShopaholicTreasures says: October 14, 2010

AntiquesRGreat is such an Awesome person! After spending over a year with her on the Ranch, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet with her face-to-face! She is every bit as Awesome in person!!! You will find that she is always eager to assist others!!! One of the kindest people, buyers, & sellers that you will meet!!! Thank you Gladys for all you do for the Bonanza Community! Your efforts have been noticed and are greatly appreciated!!! Hugs my friend!!!

LoisCollis says: August 23, 2010

Such a wonderful and friendly woman, and a joy to work with!

driver211 says: March 08, 2010

A super thoughtful person. I asked for a few items for a foster mom and got a huge box full. Definately a super Bonanzle member!

the7thpwr says: March 02, 2010

Honest and caring professional lady. A pleasure to know and a huge asset to Bonanzle and her fellow sellers. Best Wishes!

SecretGarden says: February 28, 2010

Gladys is such an asset to Bonanzle.. She is always willling to help other Bonazlers, we are lucky to have her here

LilacsNDreams says: February 26, 2010

AntiquesRGreat has been a treasure through the forums. She does very well at promoting things through the forums, notifying people, complimenting people, and is working hard to make bonanzle a better place. I have enjoyed watching, and reading all the things she does & her pleasant helpful responses to many. Thank You is not said enough, but I would like to say in her case….Thank You for all you have done

MONTROSE says: January 09, 2010

Anyone dropping POSiTiVE energy my waY = definitely deserves my individual PERS0NAL eND0RSEMENT ~ Please take a moment to visit members’ (AntiquesRGreat) b00tH next…MONTR0Se approves this message!

ladybug11761 says: December 31, 2009

Gladys is a wonerderful person!!! She does all she can to make Bonanzle a great place to sell. She is fair and honest. I am very happy to have gotten to know her.

bonzchick says: December 23, 2009

AntiquesRGreat is a HUGE asset to Bonanzle and the Community. AntiquesRGreat is a work-force in her efforts to promote and engage with opportunities to enhance this sites potential. You will learn as I have, Antiques has a tremendous sense of humor and obtains herself very well in both the Business and Personal aspects of life. I call her my Computer Guru Angel for she is always assisting me. She is also very eager to continue her thirst for knowledge and is seeking new ways to implement that into her business daily. I have also come to call Antiques one of my greatest friends. I love associating myself with upbeat and optimistic individuals and you will learn that Antiques is just that. Thanks! In addition, please check out Antiques other booths: CapturedMemories and ThePostCardShoppe. Plenty of tremendous items to been seen.

momspennies says: December 02, 2009

One of the most supportive and motivating sellers here on Bonanzle, always willing to help others and exhibits that CAN-DO Attitude! Shopping with her will surely bring you great treasures. What a Gem! I can’t say enough about her, She is one of the BEST~

cindyosci says: July 10, 2009

AntiquesRGreat is a very hard working gal,willing to drop everything to help you ,just meant Gladys and I feel I have known her a long time ,she is very supportive and cares about you and Bonanzle.

oldmikey23 says: April 09, 2009

AntiquesRGreat is a sweetheart of a gal. You won’t find much better than her here at Bonanzle or anywhere else. You’ve heard it from the monkey face so you know it’s true!

KimsKorner says: April 06, 2009

Gladys is one strong woman! She is true & honest, hard working, and truly cares about Bonanzle and all of the Bonanzle community. She goes out of her way to keep us motivated and have fun while doing it. She makes me laugh all of the time. People like Glady’s are the reason Bonanzle is such a fun and friendly place to shop. Top notch Bonanzler is what she is! And a wonderful person all around!

JacksFleaMarket says: March 12, 2009

I have known and worked with Gladys for some time now and can say, unequivocally, that she is hardworking and honest. She will go the extra mile to ensure that your transaction is positive and pleasant. It’s people like her that will make Bonanzle #1 in the online marketplace one day.

selah54 says: March 09, 2009

What can I say? Hard working, diligent, determined, supportive, fun, caring. What would we do without her!

nelliekellie says: March 03, 2009

AntiquesRGreat is a special person. She has gone all out to get as many pledges for listings as possible. She is helping to make Bonanzle a bigger and better place. And such a nice person. Just love her! Keep up the good work Gladys.