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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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My Endorsements (25)

CraftPatch says: January 28, 2012

Such a pleasure to do business with ~ always makes me smile

GLITTER4YOU says: March 05, 2011

A pleasure to shop with this great Seller! She does Bonanza proud! Totally satisfied with my purchase! Thanks, Naomi!!!

bloomermo says: January 29, 2011

I’ve come to know Naomi quite well during the two years she’s been on Bonanza and highly recommend her as one of Bonanza’s best to do business with! Her upbeat, cando attitude shows in all aspects of her business.

ellensfleamarket says: October 25, 2010

Naomi has a lot of great products, and it has been a pleasure promoting her great items!

juanitamart47 says: July 25, 2010

I have got to say that Naomi has got to be one of the best here on Bonanzle, not only does she have a really fantastic booth but will actually stop whatever she is doing to help or assit another person, not hold on will get back to ya, but yes I will help you with whatever now. Not many sellers are willing to do that. If you have not had the pleasure of checking her booth out, then do so now, you will be hooked

MrsMysteryGal says: June 14, 2010

NamoisNook is very much loved by many here on Bonanzle and appreciate her Support as well… !!! Job well done Hun.. keep up the Great WORK!

angiesjewelry says: February 23, 2010

wow, thought I had did this already .. Naomi is a fantastic person, highly recommended buyer and seller. She is upbeat and friendly ♥

MONTROSE says: January 13, 2010

It’s now 2010 and a new Personal eND0RSEMENT seems appropriate! After having the pleasure of viewing this active member perform, I am happy to say that I highly recommend this member to ANyoNE as bOth a Buyer &/or Seller because dedication & loyalty compliments this member…Best wishes, M0NTROSe

Cubanitatb says: September 30, 2009

a better person, friend and seller you could not pick. this lady has a big heart and cares deeply for everyone she comes in contact with. shop with confidence.

dollthreadsandclay says: August 28, 2009

Thanks for stopping by. Your store looks fun. Lots of different treasures.
Best Wishes.

SoyCandlesandTarts says: August 25, 2009

Probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met on Bonanzle. A Great Seller & Buyer. Beautiful jewelry too!

gingernellscloset says: August 18, 2009

Naomi is a real asset to the Bonanzle Community, she works so hard to promote this site and help sellers, a realy nice lady!

samnboop says: August 13, 2009

Naomi is a great gal and wonderful lady!A great asset to the bonanzle community!

noodles886 says: August 12, 2009

Naomi is a great asset to Bonanzle both as a seller and buyer! She’s wonderful to deal with, pays super quick and, of course, has really cute earrings/jewelry. Naomi is always right there if someone needs assistance.

ShesMrsWright says: August 06, 2009

You can’t go wrong with Naomi’s Nook!!

Naomi is an awesome seller & a wonderful buyer as well. Naomi is always a pleasure to business with and has excellent communication with all her buyers. I would highly recommend Naomi’s Nook!!

samanthascloset says: August 04, 2009

Not just a wonderful buyer but what a great seller! Very kind and easy to deal with! I enjoy doing business with her! What a great person!

samanthascloset says: August 03, 2009

What a great buyer and seller! Thank you so much! Wonderful person and a pleasure to deal with! Thank you so much! Happy salein!!

judyfruendt says: July 30, 2009

Naomi Is one of the nicest people in the world, Hugs to you my friend.

Cubanitatb says: July 30, 2009

Not just a wonderful, honest, ethical seller, a great, sincere, loving,caring person as well. I would recommend Naomi to anyone and everyone. She will not only do you right, she will exceed your expectations.

nflgirl says: July 23, 2009

What a Wonderful Bonanzler in both Selling and Buying! The communication is stellar and is always a joy to receive. She is so friendly and accommodating! Naomi is a Wonderful addition to Bonanzle and is an absolute pleasure! We are lucky to have her here!

SCAT says: June 20, 2009

Naomi is probably one of the nicest people I’ve met on Bonanzle. Very Caring, Great Buyer and just an all around great person!

juanitamart47 says: June 06, 2009
Naomi is a super great person to deal with. She has helped me so much here on Bonanazle. I have purchased from her and every thing has been delivered and as described. She is a very honest seller and person.
Leannabanana79 says: June 01, 2009

Very friendly person to deal with, Naomi always has a Smile on her end of the deal, she is very active on this site and Is a great buyer and seller on Bonanzle, Keep up the good work!!!

artbyvalv says: May 26, 2009

AAAA+++ Buyer/Seller! What a wonderful friendly person! Wishing u the best!!

earthangel7914 says: May 07, 2009

Naomi is a wonderful person. It’s a real pleasure to deal with you! Best Wishes and Good Luck on Bonanzle!