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About Me

Hello friends.

My name is Janaki.

Everything in life happens for a reason. A wonderful new beginning could be in store for you. Once you open your mind to the occult powers of black magic. You could find the spiritual guidance you seek for your life. For years, I have...

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bene87 says: August 20, 2023

I’ve known Janakis for many years now but I didn’t buy anything I used to go to someone else but they was taking the money if I asked a question I needed to buy a question… With janakis she answers your questions with any problems and is very caring she doesn’t make you buy something you don’t need we need more people like that on here ???

BrianT1357 says: July 17, 2023

Janakis is very Honest and Loyal with her work.She has really made me a Believer Which I really appreciate the Love and care she gives .She answer my questions very politely and professionally. I would recommend her to anyone that’s sincere.

NicholasTGanpat says: July 20, 2021

Janakis is a very kind an knowledgeable women when it comes to this stuff.S he always cares enough to answer any and all questions of her customers. I’m forever grateful to have found her shop and items. She is the real deal, I trust what she says and any information she provides. If you want proven results, She is the women, Thank you Janakis, I’m a life long customer.

donovanwestman says: June 25, 2021

janaki is amazing her spells to lose weight i have lost 7lbs in just 3 days given up fast food and now on a healthy path i felt the energy of her spells as soon as i got a email i have spent over 300$ on stuff because i know she is legit and does not scam she does it out of the good of her heart. now i am on a more health path all because of her assistance if you ever need anything she is the one i am so glad i have found her now i am back on track to success

ImmortalTyler999 says: March 28, 2021

I Love Janaki Very Kind Caring And Professional Everything I Buy Works Wonderful Energy Great Communication I Highly Recommend You Give JanakisTribalGrounds A Try A+ Perfect.

EnriqueF35 says: March 17, 2020

Janaki is Awsome is so nice that every6thing she does is for the good of people who needs some help with the problems we have. I am a customer of Janaki for about 6 years and i have ordered a few things and i konw that she does her best to help people in need. I thank you very much Janaki and i am your real fan…..

sp135 says: December 20, 2019

Hello I have been a customer of Janaki since I think about 2014. She is AMAZING at the work she does. She is my friend and I am proud to have found her to help me through out these few years she really has been a blessing to me. She is a sweet, honest, and work to get the job you need done. If you chose her to do work for you You will NOT be dissatisfied or disappointed. Trust and know she does her best with the help of the spirits. And this people is why I always come back because I Trust, Know, and have been shown the power of the works she does with the help of the spirits. Thanks Janaki Peace & Blessings to you always!

KrishnenduB4 says: September 27, 2019

Very caring and always attentive.

josephinejackson7445 says: May 10, 2019

Janaki has a warm and beautiful soul. I have bought from her several times and will continue using her. Each time it’s been a pleasing and fantastic experience. I love the emails she sends and how detail they are you can tell she really cares about each and every person. Thank you Janaki for sharing your amazing gift with me and helping me.

bonzuser_rnsxm says: April 10, 2019

i could write many reviews on this seller and i havnt even got my items yet…just way tooo powerfull and pleasing you really got to experience this calm it down your birds are you have authority over creation beautiful jesus loa the bible says have this power

NatureKing says: March 14, 2018

She is the real deal. Her spells really work and I am excited!!!!

Mashoodahs_Tarot says: January 09, 2018

Janaki is very valuable to me. She has helped me in the past and she has helped me for the New year.The revenge spell is amazing. The target got in a accident but not injured on the City bus. He was thrown from the middle of the bus to the front and landed on other passengers. He lost those drug dealing friends. He was unable to enter my house with anger or wicked behavior. He was out roaming the streets during a blizzard. Long story short he got what he deserved. Janaki is also on ebay she was on Ebay for several years. She’s a very busy woman so please be patient with her. Shes helping the world. She’s so kind hearted and Brilliant. Big shout out to the Agassu i love you so very much.

BrittneeS2 says: November 21, 2016

I have loved every purchase made from Janaki!

Maveric says: August 07, 2016

Janaki is a great person and her spells are working.All her spells gave me some positive responses as advertised.
I have been using Janaki’s spells for about and year.I will recommend her than others.

tabetha21 says: July 21, 2015

Janaki is a great soul, such nice caring person, great in reading and spell works very well, one of the truly spell casters, very patient and polite, you wont go wrong with her,

babypuppy2 says: July 07, 2015

my favourite of all is the 5questions; so far, most of what she told me came true.

evyllevy says: October 21, 2014

Incredible experience.

YukieO1 says: March 29, 2014

After receiving her email, I sensed positive results and would order again from her. There has been a difference in which 1+ spells has been done for me most significant faith to believe that there are special gifted people in the universe that will bring many blessings into one’s life.

lifelovesyou says: December 29, 2013

Happy Holidays and Happy, 2014.desde Spain, affectionately.*