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In the beginning not anything existed, there was no sand nor sea nor cooling waves; earth was unknown and heaven above only Ginnungagap (open void) was - there was no grass.

It was many aeons before the earth was created that Niflheim was made, and in the midst of it...

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RoyalMagic says: July 09, 2015

It’s Clear That Worldtree Is Authentic and,What I have Found, A High Master And As He States The Last of His Kind In This Field! I Just Received 2 items From His Booth and They Are Buzzing with Power That He has Imbued in These pieces and the Spirits Associated With Each Piece Made themselves known to me Immediatly! My Other Spirits Adore them.
I Only Favorite and Follow Authentic Sellers Who Possess The Necessary Heart For Metaphysical/Esoteric Work and I Highly Recommend His Pieces as He Has The TRUE HEART.
I Have Studied Under and Worked alongside Many Masters in Almost Every Field In The White And Grey Arts for The Past 30 Years; Therefore, I am Experienced in Weeding out the Authentic From the Charletans.
WordTree is Authentic and I will Be Buying From him Again and I suggest You do Too Before it’s too Late.