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I'm a Bonanzler and I'm excited to be here!

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My Endorsements (60)

jewelry_country says: October 01, 2014

Everything in your shop is so unusual and stylish!
I Wish good luck to U!

Witdove says: April 09, 2013

Thanks for including my item in your hand picked list!! Happy Day to you

boughtright says: April 06, 2013

Wow what an amazing unique collection. Don’t think I’ve seen another quite like it.

odona says: June 22, 2012

It’s always nice to meet a conscious eye…great choices.
Palmer & Linda (odona)

hat says: February 14, 2012

Perfect List.

Richlyn says: April 20, 2011

Wow what an affirmation of Spring’s arrival! Maybe I should say af-FERN-mation! You are an inspiration with your list! Thank you for including one of my hats! asmatcollection has a great eye for color, texture, line, form, etc. You are my kind of bonanzler!

Jermbubba says: February 24, 2011

wow~ super great collection!

BookRush says: January 07, 2011

I actually had the opportunity to meet this seller in person. She is a lovely lady with a great sense of humor! And she has the coolest and most unique items in her booth – it’s like being in a rare finds museum! She is a tremendous asset to the Bonanza community!

bluejane says: November 26, 2010

asmatcollection is a great artist and has many interesting other items in her booth. She is a wonderful, wise and witty person. Any contact that you have with asmatcolletion is always a great one! I love her!

casaxrowenna says: November 26, 2010

Beautiful collection of Molas from the Cuna Indians in Panama!

Vintagemaven says: October 06, 2010

Domi is the kind of person who you hope to meet in life.
Not only is she a very talented artist, but she is gracious and giving
and truly a delight to know.

She is a wonderful asset to Bonanza in most every way.

froggieb says: September 04, 2010

Beautiful artwork and wonderful finds from exhotic places. This is a wonderful booth and a wonderful seller and friend to all. A true asset to Bonanzle!

EstateFinds4U says: August 21, 2010

asmatcollection has the most beautiful unique selection of quality items in her booth. It was sheer pleasure browsing thru this wonderful booth. Also, very talented in the creation of many beautiful HPL’s. An asset to the Bonanzle community!

dollpassion_paris says: August 21, 2010

great booth Domi such unusual finds unique

AudiLee says: August 20, 2010

I have had the honor and priveledge to meet this lovely seller here at Bonanzle. Her booth is one of my very favorites especially the items from Africa, these are so close to my heart. Asmat is a very professional, kind and courteous seller, she is absolutely wonderful and I am so happy to meet her and recommend her most highly to anyone here. Check out her booth and all her wonderful items! A++++ all The Way!!!

momspennies says: August 04, 2010

Mere words cannot express the special qualities that Domi of Asmatcollection brings to Bonanzle. Just browse her booth…before you reach the bottom of of Page One, you’ll know you are looking at one of the finest collections to be found outside of a museum. Her keen eye and appreciation for uniqueness is not only evident in her store, but also in the many hand picked lists she has designed that have been chosen for Bonanzle’s Display Window. Classy and cultured, kind in spirit, and a consumate professional, any experience you share with Domi, whether as a buyer, or a seller, will stay with you forever. It is an absolute pleasure to know her and an honor to endorse her. Please take a moment to browse this booth…you’ll be in awe once you pass through her virtual door!

whitemtnantiques says: August 03, 2010

I highly recommend asmatcollection to all Bonanzle Shoppers. Wonderful booth with many unique and interesting items. This is a great shopping place. You will not be disappointed.

CritterCreekRanch says: August 03, 2010

What a wonderful person .. seller .. buyer she has the most unique items in her booth, she does so much for Bonanzle she promotes seller items in her BEAUTIFUL HPL and that shows she is a TEAM PLAYER! Thanks for all you do Domi!

mrsdinkerson says: August 01, 2010

When I think of Bonanzle, I think of Domi and her asmatcollection booth…truly everything but the ordinary! Domi is thoughtful, kind and a very friendly person. Besides having one of the best Bonanzle booths, she also is one of the very best resident artists here, as evidenced in her stunningly gorgeous HPLs. I find Domi a real, sincere pleasure to know!

pjthedj09 says: August 01, 2010

Seems to be an incredible person with a lot of creative talent, especially in making the most beautiful hand-picked lists, and a personal favorite of mine.
Thanks also for your endorsement of my booth, and dealings. I know that if you help enough people get what they want that in turn some day you will get what you want.

biggirljewelry says: July 31, 2010

I’ve admired your HPLs for some time, but can you believe this is the first time I’ve really LOOKED at your booth except in passing?

This is definitely a passionate bonanzler with a vision for our wonderful site. Thank you for all you do.

stylemuse says: July 30, 2010

asmatcollection is a superfantastic seller with fabulously unique items. She is a total asset to Bonanzle, not to mention the incredible talent of her hand picked lists Domi – You rock!!!

Davita1974 says: July 30, 2010

Thanks so much for the endorsement!

ajcdesigner says: July 29, 2010

Incredible selection of international arts and crafts, and a great Bonanzle member. Highly recommended!

Davita1974 says: June 04, 2010

I love your booth! Thank you so much for hand picking one of my items.
Have a great day and wonderful weekend.

createsuccess4u2 says: May 23, 2010

Domi such a kind and thoughtful person. She has the amazing ability to make you feel instantly comfortable. I truly do appreciate her fun and witty personality. I highly recommend getting to know her. Plus, her booth is incredible : )

HOABobbies says: May 20, 2010

A gifted artisan with lots of unique one of a kind items.

Check out her booth for that something SPECIAL!

GLITTER4YOU says: May 18, 2010

This Lady is priceless! Her fantastic Booth and heartwarming personality make Bonanza a great place to shop ~ especially with HER!

elevenboxes says: May 16, 2010

What an incredible collection. My purchase arrived with a bio of the artist. If you are looking for a unique gift for that special person, look no further.

CookieGrandma60 says: May 14, 2010

Wonderful Bonanzle seller! Very helpful to other users. Great booth items!! Shop here.

geisha77 says: May 14, 2010

She is a very good person. She helping other people that is new in Bonanzle.

thebestgeneralstore says: April 30, 2010

Very interesting and unique items! Fantastic collection all in one location!

CookieGrandma60 says: April 30, 2010

This is the most incredible collection of unique items I’ve ever seen! Way to go!

CookieGrandma60 says: April 30, 2010

Wonderful collection of unique items!! Very nice person too

got2haveit says: April 24, 2010

Beautiful pages thanks for including my items.

piper says: April 02, 2010

Unbelievably beautiful assemblages. This is a very unique, special talent we have here among us.

hat says: February 06, 2010

Wonderful Seller, NYFashionHats.

freespirit4 says: January 20, 2010

Domi is awonderful women!!! Very pleasant & patient!! Awesome person to talk & deal with!!! Rhonda

Silkworm says: December 17, 2009

asmatcollection is a beautiful booth, with a sensational selection of unique items. Plus, domi is a very special person, whose thoughtfulness and care make her one of Bonanzle’s best assets. Her hand-picked lists are superb, adding beauty and flair to our home page, where her lists appear often. Buy from or sell to her with complete confidence.

jNorthwestGale says: November 17, 2009

Her artistic talent is evident in everything she touches, & her willingness to use her time & knowledge to help others learn more about the wonderful pieces she offers is truly impressive. Add to that her fine, quirky sense of humor & you have a true original! It’s a great privilege & pleasure to have met her through Bonanzle.

bargaincart says: November 16, 2009

asmatcollection is an asset to Bonanzlers. Wonderful Personality
very nice and helpful to all of us with her outstanding ideas to
bring traffic to everybodys booths !!!

chill02wolfart says: November 09, 2009

I know I’ve previously written an Endorsement for asmatcollection. But, I would like to add to it. Recently, I had the priviledge of viewing some of Domi’s wonderful Art. She is truly AMAZING! Her style of painting and usage of color is astounding. I was literally blown away. I honesly don’t think there’s anything she CAN’T paint. Domi, if you don’t bottle up some of that talent and send it my way, I have no other recourse than to come to Florida and GET IT!

Starfisher says: October 27, 2009

She is a true asset to the Bonanzle Community. Her Hand Picked Lists are exceptional and add that elegant touch to the home page whenever they are featured. She is a generous and caring person and goes above and beyond in devoting her time and energy to all. She sells quality items that are as unique as they are beautiful. Feel confident in dealing with this seller

texaswoman says: October 24, 2009

If you can only visit one shop on Bonanzle, none is more interesting and unique than the Asmatcollection. Domi is a sweetheart, and a talented artist.You are truly getting something special when you shop with her~ either here or on Ebay. Delightful person that will warm your heart.

perfumeandpharmacy says: October 20, 2009

Highly recommended seller…kind, friendly, and honest. It doesn’t get any better than this folks!

chill02wolfart says: October 05, 2009

Domi is such a lovely lady to interract with. Brings lots of smiles, too. On her avatar, LOVE those Tiger and Lion Babies in her lap on her avatar, too.

gianisgifts says: July 20, 2009

Thank you so much for including my Western Canisters in your handpicked list.

DesignsbyMarieJulie says: July 17, 2009

Beautiful Bonanzle. Thank you so much for including my Desert Winds Pendant in your great selections.

BrownBagPantry says: July 08, 2009

An experienced seller with a wide variety of unique items. She has a proven positive customer service record and is a valuable asset to the Bonanzle family. Oh, one more thing….she helps keep the Bonanzle home page unique and lively!

THISnTHAT says: July 08, 2009

Just the sweetest person to connect with. And boy oh boy can she make terrific hand picked lists. WOW. I also think she comments on every list made.

She’s such a Bonz fan and a great asset to this site. Thanx for all you do, Asmat, and for offering so many unusual items in your booth. I check your booth often just for inspiration and the pure joy of seeing gorgeous things from around the world. Thank you for being you!

pampoohs_playhouse says: July 07, 2009

Asmatcollection is a tremendous addition to Bonanzle. Her thoughtfulness has absolutely meant the world to me. She is a true artist when it comes to creating a hand picked list. Bonanzle would not be the same without her. Buy with confidence.

FarawayEyes says: July 05, 2009

asmat is one of the nicest people you will meet on Bonanzle, with very unique items in her booth. She always comes up with the greatest ideas for making hand picked list, and with her artistic talents, she has created some beautiful ones. A few have been seen on the home page, and I think we’ll be seeing more!

hunningbird2 says: July 05, 2009

A great person to have on this site.
Very nice, buy from her with no problems.

Bootsies says: July 05, 2009

Asmat is a Superbly Gifted Artist who brings her unbelievable Talent to Bonanzle to help everyone get noticed and make sales! She is Superior on Customer Service and her Collections of Art/Artifacts from All Over the World (that she personally hand picked) are Unsurpassed!! We Love Her Molas and the Awesome Array of Real CULTURAL TREASURES she offers. Just reading the detailed information on one listing should get college credit! She is a True Professional and Great Gift to Bonanzle!!

sanibel says: July 05, 2009

Beautiful unique items and a super nice seller! If you are looking for that hard to find piece or you want something that isn’t a cardboard cutout that everyone else has this is the place to shop!!!

colleenm248 says: July 05, 2009

Asmat is a very talented lady and a dedicated Bonanzler. Her additions to the Home Page have brought a lot of joy to those who see them.

Her booth has beautiful, unique Items you won’t find anywhere else. When you buy from Asmat you can be confident that you bought from a quality seller!

STBThreadworks says: July 02, 2009

This seller is a wonderful Bonanzler. She is always seeking out Bonanzle items to place in hand picked lists to showcase other seller’s items. True Bonanzle spirit, helping to build a place for “Everything but the Ordinary!”

eyecatchingbeauty says: June 23, 2009

asmmat is a fabulous addition to the Bonanzle community. A positive contributor to our community with both her kindness to others and artistic talents that have and will continue to make the Bonanzle homepage beautiful!

pugwa says: April 22, 2009

asmatcollection is one of the most unique global market places on the web !

I have purchased multiple Mask for my own collection and find their treasures to be in perfect condition and also arrive with a detail history of the origin and customs associated with the item.

If you are looking for anything cultural , tribal , Ethnic Just ask they might have it and not put it on line yet

Phenomenal selection .

Laura Richmond