Redesigned user feedback page

Tonight’s release involved a cosmetic makeover to our seller feedback pages.

Before we get into what did change let’s talk for a moment about what we didn’t change.  We did not change one thing about how reviews or feedback is calculated.  The percentage ratings are unchanged, the feedback counts are unchanged, and you can still import feedback from other marketplaces.  Even the positive, neutral, and negative icons are the same.  Changes to this page were limited to visual changes like page layout, copy, etc.  
Why redesign the page just to touch up the layout?  Buyer confusion.  
I watched lots of usability tests over the past few weeks and the layout and messaging of the page was particularly troublesome for users with imported feedback.  The largest area of confusion was around the disparity between the volume of written feedback on Bonanza and the amount of feedback a user has received in total.  For example, a seller might have very few written reviews on Bonanza, but hundreds of overall rated transactions.  The fact that written reviews are optional and that users can import ratings makes this fairly common.  
In the newly designed version we re-arranged some elements and added some clarifying labels to make things more clear.  We started by removing the ‘Who’s Around?’ rail from the left column of the page.  It’s not something of interest to buyers who are trying to evaluate a purchase decision.  We then created a new rail along the left of the page for the seller rating information in an effort to make it easier to understand what feedback was being shown in the body of the page and why.  Additionally, we added some explanatory text to make things even more clear - the ‘Imported from other sites’ text you see in the screenshot only appears on mouse over of the help icon.  
After the redesign of the page was complete we tested it again with the exact same set of tasks to see if users were less confused.  And, after a few more tweaks, and another round of tests, we have a much improved experience.  And, I like to think, a much cleaner and more professional page.  
 - Alex 

49 responses to Redesigned user feedback page

  • Lisas_TX_Treasures says:
    12/08/10 at 09:11:31

    I absolutely love this! You guys rock!!

    Also… I love the simplicity of added “buttons” to ease navigation. The “Return to booth” is one of my personal favs… I’m a bit of a spazzzzz so this is particularly good for me, lol.

    Again, Love the modifications!!!!

  • shellbysbooth says:
    12/08/10 at 10:07:57

    This is great ! Most of my buyers here would rather send me a private email than leave feedback, because it was less confusing. This should make things a lot easier for them !

  • k4_pacific says:
    12/08/10 at 10:34:59

    Looks good. I like the new layout. It appears though, that the user icons are being slightly cropped along the right and bottom sides to a smaller square, at least on Firefox.

  • gingernellstreasures says:
    12/08/10 at 10:38:03

    I like it, easy to understand, good job Alex!

  • starshinin says:
    12/08/10 at 10:43:05

    looks great alex!! fine job for sure!!

  • Foxy_Lady_Boutique says:
    12/08/10 at 10:47:20

    I agree its is great.
    Thank you Alex.

  • alexwberg says:
    12/08/10 at 11:00:20

    @k4_pacific – thanks. We’ll take a looksee.

    @all – and thank you to Christopher; our designer who made this page better!

  • VINTAGECHIC817 says:
    12/08/10 at 11:59:02

    Looks great…keep up the great job you all are doing…Thanks

  • SunflowerAntics says:
    12/08/10 at 12:12:25



  • EuropeanGoodies says:
    12/08/10 at 12:16:08

    Perfect! Much easier for buyers.
    Thank you guys!

  • EuropeanGoodies says:
    12/08/10 at 12:19:49

    On the View your additional booth details page to see any tagged items page Feedback is not clickable.

  • chill02wolfart says:
    12/08/10 at 12:46:34

    I really like the new layout. Thank you!

  • Silkworm says:
    12/08/10 at 12:56:23

    Looks great; love it. Also love having the go to booth link, and getting rid of Who’s Around (which isn’t usually who’s really around when they appear on the list anyway! LOL).

    Can’t think of anything that’s missing or shouldn’t be there. Great job Chris!

  • alexwberg says:
    12/08/10 at 12:57:15

    @EuropeanGoodies – can you send me a sample URL? I don’t think I’m finding the page you are referring to.


  • sparklemotion says:
    12/08/10 at 13:51:00

    Much improved. It definitely was confusing for new visitors to see that someone may have over a feedback rating of over a thousand and only 10 or so reviews. Thanks for the update!

  • loristhisandthat says:
    12/08/10 at 14:38:03

    Looks Great!

  • Starfisher says:
    12/08/10 at 14:45:10

    It looks great, but the numbers aren’t correct. Mine shows 50 for Bonanza, there are more than showing if you count the actual feedbacks.

  • Rogersstuff says:
    12/08/10 at 15:15:58

    Looks Good although a large “Back to Booth” button could be added right above rating and comment to direct them back to our booth home page.

  • AutumnLeaves says:
    12/08/10 at 15:25:10

    Just love the layout! But the numbers are not correct.
    In my case 660 minus 481 is not 50, is it LOL
    Very nice job

  • alexwberg says:
    12/08/10 at 15:50:08

    @Starfisher & AutumnLeaves – nice catch! We are apparently showing the number of ‘feedbacks’ on the page you are looking at, but not totaling them across all pages. If you click to the next page of feedback the number changes. We’ll fix it so the number totals correctly for all pages and not just the one you are looking at.

  • AutumnLeaves says:
    12/08/10 at 15:54:28

    Bless you my dear for listening, responding and most of all working for Bonanza.

  • Inthebag says:
    12/08/10 at 16:06:57

    I like the new set up. But just to let you know, I’ve only had 26 transactions (total of buying and selling), but my feedback indicates “all bonanza transactions” = 30. I asked in the forums and another seller said there is a discrepancy in their numbers as well.

  • MoviesMediaAndMore says:
    12/08/10 at 17:16:41

    I love the new feedback layout but my avatar is cutoff. It’s still a fantastic improvement.

    Your Friend,

  • alexwberg says:
    12/08/10 at 17:24:05

    @LouieTheSeller – we’ll see what we can do about that.

  • ladivafashion says:
    12/08/10 at 17:59:33

    I think that it’s super! Thanks for the improvement!

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    12/08/10 at 18:10:25

    Alex tell Christopher it looks great but My Branding Avatar is cutoff not good. Please fix it Branding is very important to me.


  • TxSTar1953 says:
    12/08/10 at 18:53:17

    Cool stuff. I love it.

  • HavensRainbow says:
    12/08/10 at 19:31:45

    I like it…it’s an easier to understand feedback system for the buyer. I like it when things are easier for them

  • HavensRainbow says:
    12/08/10 at 19:35:00

    Yep, my avatar is cut off also on the feedback page.

  • BookbinEtc says:
    12/08/10 at 20:07:05

    Hi Alex

    It looks great, but I do have one pet peeve (same with old page).

    On the Feedback left by user page, ALL the feedback show as being left by me. Well, of course they are – it’s my f/b left page. That page should show the user that the f/b was left FOR, so there is more transparency to the transactions.


  • BlueBoy says:
    12/08/10 at 20:24:09

    THAT’s correct, Bookbin – I was wondering about that ever since. I just didn’t want to b**** about something ELSE.
    It doesn’t make any sense.

  • Indizona says:
    12/08/10 at 20:54:56

    It is great! Thanks! The only thing I see wrong is the avatar doesn’t fit. It fits everyplace else on Bonz, so I guess that needs to be tweeked.

    I like how you can mouse over the question mark of the number of Bonz transactions and it now tells you clearly that not everybody leaves feedback. That is very good.

  • txskys4ever says:
    12/08/10 at 21:25:06

    yeah, it looks nice, but my numbers don’t add up either.

  • alexwberg says:
    12/09/10 at 00:28:38

    @ everyone – we’re aware we’re scrunching some avatars and will get that fixed. Also, the numbers not adding up is fixed now.

  • alexwberg says:
    12/09/10 at 00:29:33

    @bookbinetc & blueboy – we’ll take a look at that. Thanks for the tip.

  • txskys4ever says:
    12/09/10 at 00:49:31

    Very cool!!

  • Inthebag says:
    12/09/10 at 04:35:08

    @Alex, my numbers not adding up problem from above still isn’t fixed (all bonanza transactions). Sorry to bug ya.

  • jsgeare says:
    12/09/10 at 05:51:20

    I see the nice change when I look at feedback in other booths, but when looking at my own, it’s still pretty confusing:

    Maybe the cleanup is only when looking at OTHER booths?

  • AbbysAttic says:
    12/09/10 at 07:04:12

    Had to go and take a look at mine. Looks great. May I make one suggestion, though? When I click on the link for Feedback left for others, in small print at the top it says.

    “abbysattic has left the following feedback for other sellers on Bonanza.”

    Shouldn’t that say “other buyers and sellers”???

  • BookbinEtc says:
    12/09/10 at 07:53:14

    Good catch, abbysattic.

    Thanks, Alex, for looking into the f/b left. It really should say WHO the f/b was for, and then I’ll have nothing left to complain about!

  • alexwberg says:
    12/09/10 at 08:07:21

    @ BookbinEtc – it’s still on our list, we just haven’t addressed it yet. We will.

  • alexwberg says:
    12/09/10 at 08:08:22

    @jsgeare – we didn’t focus on the area on your screenshot as part of this effort.

  • momspennies says:
    12/09/10 at 08:52:52

  • junebug46 says:
    12/10/10 at 07:06:07

    Like very much.

  • alexwberg says:
    12/10/10 at 08:09:09

    UPDATE: The feedback left page now includes the feedback recipient and not just the feedback sender.

    Also, avatars are no longer be clipped. Thanks all!

  • BookbinEtc says:
    12/10/10 at 10:59:56

    Thanks, Alex – you folks are both awesome AND quick!

  • BookbinEtc says:
    12/10/10 at 15:57:05

    Even Ina Steiner blogged about it.

  • alexwberg says:
    12/10/10 at 17:59:27

    Hey, look at that! Thanks for sharing BookbinEtc.

  • cshort0319 says:
    12/14/10 at 12:11:30

    I hate to always be the most computer illiterate person in the group — but I don’t even see the page you’re talking about!

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