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One of the very best features ever released on Bonanza, in my opinion, is TurboTraffic. TurboTraffic is unique to Bonanza and can have lasting positive effects on a seller's booth. We'll talk a bit about TurboTraffic and how it works in this blog, and at the conclusion we invite you to enter to win a free TurboTraffic pack by commenting on this post.

Say you are at your neighborhood park. There are some great, tall swings there. Getting on the swing is similar to opting into advertising. Buying a TurboTraffic pack would be like having Bonanza behind you to give you a super big starting push. That gets you going pretty high on the swing and is great fun. And when you make some sales, we'll still be behind you, giving you another push.

So how long exactly does TurboTraffic last? Here's how Bill, our CEO, describes it:

The length of time that the Turbo Traffic runs for depends on two factors: how many buyers visit, and how many sales you make from those visits. Every time that a buyer finds your item from Google or our affiliate network, we pay a small amount on your behalf. So if you get 1,000 clicks and no sales on day one, then your TurboTraffic may end very quickly. If you get 1,000 clicks and make 10 sales, then the FVFs generated by your sales allow us to continue running your TurboTraffic.

Some of our sellers with popular products have entered a perpetual TurboTraffic mode, because they sell enough items per pageview that we can afford to keep TurboTraffic running indefinitely.

So, the gist of how long it will run is: “depends on your conversion rate.” If you have items with accurate descriptions (that don’t mention eBay) and good+detailed pictures, you’ll probably end up with a good conversion rate, which might mean that your $24.95 can be stretched for up to a week. If your conversion rate is poor, then it will probably only last a couple days.

If you are a seller on Bonanza and can say "yes" to both of these, you might want to give it a try.

  • I am set up at a 9% or higher fee level and I have opted into advertising
  • Most items in my booth are approved by Google Shopping

This is the case with almost all sellers. If you're not sure, log into your booth to check. Point to the "Selling" link in the top left corner of the page, and in the dropdown menu click on "Advertise Items". That page, called the Broadcaster, will show you your advertising level. Then, in the menu, click on Ad Troubleshooter to make sure your items are approved.


Your ads will be easier to find with the higher bids we'll place for you, but to encourage buyers to click on your ads, you may want to do the following:

  • Use keywords in your listing title and description. Keywords are words or phrases that people might use to search for your item.
  • If your item is both new and branded, Google Shopping will need the UPC.
  • Be sure your images show all angles of your items for sale and are clear with a plain or white background.
  • Include measurements, materials and other details in your description.
  • Add more details about your items using the list of traits corresponding to your listing. You can use our batch edit page to see them all at once
    • Log in to your Bonanza account
    • Point to Selling at the top left of the page and in the dropdown menu click on Batch Edit Items
    • In the toolbox on the left, select Item Traits
    • Select all Items
    • Click on Edit Traits for all Filtered Items
    • Add all applicable traits
    • Save changes at the bottom of each page

Take a fresh look

When you have your traits filled in, view your items as a shopper would. Try to anticipate any questions they might have, and then include that information in your listings. Shoppers want instant gratification; if they have to email you for information that could have been included in the item details, you might just lose that sale.

Are you ready to get some TurboTraffic? You can click on the green button below to purchase a pack for your booth.

We last ran a contest for TurboTraffic in February of this year. There were five winners and two of them were BingoBob and Its a Gift. They've done so well with it that their free pack of TurboTraffic is still running today. If this were my earlier metaphor with the swing, these folks could be pretty dizzy by now!

You can enter to win one of five TurboTraffic packs by simply commenting below. We'll draw five names on Monday, July 11th. Good luck!


Updated July 11th, 2022

The Winners are:






151 responses to TurboTraffic Giveaway

  • Atpeacememorials says:
    07/06/22 at 07:58:51

    I would love some free turbo traffic!! Thanks, Adam

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/06/22 at 08:30:45

    You’ve been entered, Adam! Thanks!

  • cardz_xtcetera says:
    07/06/22 at 08:00:05

    Shouldn’t have to pay a premium for traffic… already paying a % of each sale.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/06/22 at 08:36:06

    Hi cardz_xtcetera! You don’t have to pay anything for traffic. Bonanza pays for all advertising upfront and sellers simply pay their selected commission fee. TurboTraffic is a powerful blast of EXTRA ads. It is in addition to the traffic you receive when opted into our advertising program. You can purchase this additional option without increasing your commission fees.

  • onlythebestwin says:
    07/06/22 at 08:00:44

    I can use some help selling!

  • jewelrymandave says:
    07/06/22 at 08:02:13

    With the outrageous price of food and fuel these days it would sure be nice to get some free advertising!

  • gemjane says:
    07/06/22 at 08:04:15

    I have used Turbo Traffic a few times. I think it works.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/06/22 at 08:37:03

    Happy to hear it, gemjane!

  • TableShowerShop says:
    07/06/22 at 08:07:53

    After reading the Turbo Traffic blog I am now seriously considering signing up for Bonanzas Turbo Traffic to give it a try!

  • DianneM10 says:
    07/06/22 at 08:15:32

    Sounds great. I might just give TT a try. Thanks.

  • JaniceF39 says:
    07/06/22 at 08:16:04

    Thank you for the Chance!

  • glas_und_krug says:
    07/06/22 at 08:18:10

    Great idea. Let´s try to win a Turbo Traffic Pack !!!

  • Indizona says:
    07/06/22 at 08:18:47

    I’d like to win one of the Turbo Traffic packs to see how it will work for me. Thank you for the contest.

  • Storage_Warrior says:
    07/06/22 at 08:20:21

    I would love to win a Turbo Traffic pack! Yes!

  • AnaRafael says:
    07/06/22 at 08:22:29

    Thank you for the great info and for the opportunity to try Turbo Traffic!

  • wonndunn says:
    07/06/22 at 08:26:00

    We’d love to win a Turbo Traffic Pack!

  • Plady says:
    07/06/22 at 08:28:46

    I would love to win to give turbo Traffic a try

  • tomwayne1 says:
    07/06/22 at 08:31:28

    I would like some Turbo love!

  • Teas2u says:
    07/06/22 at 08:31:39

    It sounds like a great way to bring traffic and boost sales.

  • frillytosilly says:
    07/06/22 at 08:32:21

    I have used this in previous years and found it to be very effective. Just rebuilding the booth so it would be valuable at this time.

  • Sedona-Antiques says:
    07/06/22 at 08:32:49

    Tried TurboTraffic and had great results.

    Sedona Antiques

  • WildWestOrganics says:
    07/06/22 at 08:34:43

    It sounds great,and a beneficial way to bring traffic and boost sales. Count me in on free turbo traffic lottery! Thank you.

  • TucsonCollectibles says:
    07/06/22 at 08:38:43

    I’d love some Turbo Traffic free. It would be a great way to test it out!

  • public-direct says:
    07/06/22 at 08:41:17

    I’ve used Turbo Traffic off and on since 2014 and would love a free pack!

  • FlyingMonkeyFinds says:
    07/06/22 at 08:51:45

    What a generous offer! Thanks Bonanza, I would love to have Turbo Traffic!

  • Rainyscloset75 says:
    07/06/22 at 08:54:44

    This is a game changer and I’m so excited.

  • kevinsjo says:
    07/06/22 at 08:56:03

    I have a purchased Turbo Pack that has helped me get many more views. Love a free one too!

  • LadysClothesJewelry says:
    07/06/22 at 08:56:44

    Thank you Bill and Bonanza Shelly for another great chance to win some free turbo traffic. I’m all in.

  • penny_lane says:
    07/06/22 at 08:57:54

    Try before you buy…got my attention. Cheers Bonanza

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/06/22 at 09:48:35

    Cheers, penny_lane!

  • William488 says:
    07/06/22 at 08:59:59

    Would be neat to try out. I would like to win a turbo traffic pack.

  • rosies-treasures says:
    07/06/22 at 09:00:29

    Like everyone, our family has been hit hard with extra expenses. My daughter is a cat rescuer (she currently has over 25 she feeds and cares for), and pays for everything out of pocket, and half of our Bonanza sales helps with those expenses. Yes, it sure would be nice to boost our sales! Would love to win, if anything just to try it out to see if it works for us, and if not, then we know that we really need to get busy updating our descriptions and adding more photos to our items. :-)

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/06/22 at 09:48:10

    Thanks for your work in cat rescue! Good luck with the raffle.

  • Spears62 says:
    07/06/22 at 09:02:34

    I would love to try turbo traffic

  • TeddysQTCollectibles says:
    07/06/22 at 09:02:42

    I need to study this further. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope I win!

  • ChipsAndGames says:
    07/06/22 at 09:07:51

    Good luck everyone

  • ToysofAnotherTime says:
    07/06/22 at 09:08:02

    Would love to win a Turbo Traffic pack. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • MCA_Supply says:
    07/06/22 at 09:09:23

    I would love to use turbo traffic!

  • artfromtrash says:
    07/06/22 at 09:10:48

    I’d like to win a free Turbo Traffic Pack!

  • justincase1668 says:
    07/06/22 at 09:11:01

    Have been with Bonanza for quite s while, but have never had a free trial to see how good it really is, besides hearing how it actually performs from your own documentation. Love to win a Turbo Pack to try out and see how good it is.

  • Jalyssa_resell says:
    07/06/22 at 09:11:10

    I would love to win some

  • Greeceminimalist says:
    07/06/22 at 09:17:13

    I would love to win a turbo traffic pack ! Thank you !

  • kitiaramig says:
    07/06/22 at 09:23:19

    Thanks and very interesting article

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/06/22 at 09:46:20

    Thanks kitiaramig!

  • Instant_Deal says:
    07/06/22 at 09:25:44

    This sounds good in theory. It would be nice if I won, then I could see how good it actually works.

  • JustGreatPrintables says:
    07/06/22 at 09:32:07

    Yes, I’d like to win a Turbo Traffic pack and try it.

  • Skippercheckers says:
    07/06/22 at 09:32:51

    I’ll take a chance, I feel like a winner, Selling on Bonanza. I would like to give Turbo Traffic a chance at my booth.

  • tropicaltees says:
    07/06/22 at 09:33:46

    turbotraffic rocks! I would love to get a chance at the giveaway.

  • C14_1TD says:
    07/06/22 at 09:35:32

    I do Hope I win me some Turbo Traffic.

  • Varietyshop2 says:
    07/06/22 at 09:50:46

    I would like a chance to win a Turbo Traffic pack.

  • BargainBuyouts says:
    07/06/22 at 09:52:52

    Sign me up to try some free turbo traffic.


  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    07/06/22 at 09:54:14

    I’ll just add that I have bought quite a few TurboTraffic packs in the past. I was a little skeptical at first, but it was not a lot of money to try it out. I do think TurboTraffic works and has generated more sales for me, than normal. I would not keep buying them if they didn’t work.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/06/22 at 13:27:26

    Thanks for the endorsement Steve! I’ve entered you in the contest.

  • UnitedElegance says:
    07/06/22 at 09:57:31

    I would love some free TurboTraffic!!

  • autoparts4urcaroem says:
    07/06/22 at 09:58:03

    I always wondered how much Turbo traffic helps. Maybe i will try it soon.

  • My_store500 says:
    07/06/22 at 10:00:45

    this is agreat news

  • AbsoluteMagic says:
    07/06/22 at 10:01:03

    Love to win and try it out! Thanks!

  • ToysFromAttic says:
    07/06/22 at 10:02:54

    I would love to win to see if it helps traffic. Thanks.

  • hannah77 says:
    07/06/22 at 10:05:09

    Maybe 3rd time will be the charm. Have entered in the past but not won. Would looooovvvveeee to win one of the TurboTraffic packs and see what the results are! Thanks for the chance!

  • AreteTrading says:
    07/06/22 at 10:05:27

    Sounds good! Please enter me in the drawing.

  • a2v_Vintage says:
    07/06/22 at 10:05:59

    TurboTraffic looks like it might be a nice boost.

    07/06/22 at 10:09:31

    Thank You for your spectacular customer service. It is always a pleasure to work with Bonanza!!!

  • Ladybuggtv says:
    07/06/22 at 10:15:04

    Hi, I would love to try it out. Have been on Bonanza for some time now and would love to see how TT works.

  • Mike212 says:
    07/06/22 at 10:17:13

    Turbo Traffic Greatly Increases Listing Views

  • IceboxsAttic says:
    07/06/22 at 10:29:51

    As a long time seller, I’d love to see if Turbo Traffic will give my booth the boost it needs to get rid of my other online shop. Thanks for the blog post!

  • caprice86 says:
    07/06/22 at 10:41:26


    PLEASE PLEASE turbo traffic ) !!


  • AuthorizidProducts says:
    07/06/22 at 10:46:13

    I would love to try that out.

  • IndonesianPlants says:
    07/06/22 at 10:56:44

    I’m still a new user at Bonanza, I just signed up in April. and I’ve got 2 sales. I feel comfortable here. and I’m very excited to try TurboTraffic Giveaway. hope i win and can be more comfortable here.
    Greetings all

  • Anonymous10 says:
    07/06/22 at 11:00:58

    Please! I would love to use this and increase my sales!!

  • TrailMagic says:
    07/06/22 at 11:03:49

    Turbo Traffic sound’s like a great addition to my store.
    I HOPE I win. ; )

  • Shynetech says:
    07/06/22 at 11:04:30

    I would also like to win the Bonanza turbo traffic package.
    It is special for me in difficult times.

  • Pipjestic says:
    07/06/22 at 11:06:13

    Worth a shot :)

  • art_now_and_here says:
    07/06/22 at 11:08:50

    Thanks Bonanza. I would love to crank up the traffic.

  • Imagbarer says:
    07/06/22 at 11:10:55

    Hoping to win!

  • AurelijosSPA says:
    07/06/22 at 11:11:19

    Hello, dear,
    I would like to try turbo traffic option :)

  • Tharuka says:
    07/06/22 at 11:17:23

    Hello Bonanza…
    its a Grate Opportunity to having This effect on Bonanza. I am Very happy to provide my service in your Company

  • books_on_7th_ave says:
    07/06/22 at 11:20:45

    I’d love to win the TT!

  • EmanF2 says:
    07/06/22 at 11:25:22

    This is so amazing,I never knew the benefits of TurboTraffic. So many business could benefit from TurboTraffic. Good looking out Bonanza!!!

  • Rastabingy says:
    07/06/22 at 11:38:11

    In a time like this, Turbo Traffic would be beneficial. Also great to be a winner!

  • nanamade says:
    07/06/22 at 12:21:48

    I really would love some Turbo Traffic.

  • seasofaction says:
    07/06/22 at 12:28:33

    Yes please!

  • teak says:
    07/06/22 at 13:10:45

    Entering as well.

  • Extra_Mile_4_You says:
    07/06/22 at 13:12:18

    I Would Love to Win a Turbo Traffic Pack! I Love Using Turbo Traffic, It Really Does Give Me a Great Boost Every Time I Have Used It! Thanks :)

  • bgkk says:
    07/06/22 at 13:14:46

    Hope to win, so I can try it, and maybe get some sales.

  • PinUpsEtc says:
    07/06/22 at 13:18:24

    With this, I’m sure I’ll make my first sale :) My shop is packed, but no one is buying :( … Wish me luck!!

  • Game_Shop says:
    07/06/22 at 13:30:20

    Pick me! Pick me!, No seriously, you’re a good writer. You should’ve titled this post “Turbo Teaser”. Keep up the good work!

  • TheManiac says:
    07/06/22 at 13:39:50


  • Cutebookworm says:
    07/06/22 at 13:43:02

    I think I have to give this a try!

  • RikiTik_USA says:
    07/06/22 at 13:54:13

    I’m in!!!!!!

  • felixmybizz says:
    07/06/22 at 14:33:14

    I would love some free turbo traffic… Thank you!

  • PittsburghHatz says:
    07/06/22 at 14:34:03

    I’d be so happy and excited if you picked my booth! :)

  • sellingtime says:
    07/06/22 at 14:45:10

    Please enter me for the free turbo traffic giveaway.

  • The_duchess says:
    07/06/22 at 14:48:21

    I use turbo around the holidays. Would love to entered in contest.

  • Wiggi2Sell says:
    07/06/22 at 14:48:37

    Let’s see what TurboTraffic can do.

  • nazkay_koolman says:
    07/06/22 at 15:09:07

    I would love to have free turbotraffic. Thanks

  • melstreasures says:
    07/06/22 at 15:33:01

    Yes please, definitely could use this!

  • themissingpiece says:
    07/06/22 at 15:36:40

    I love the ways that Bonanza comes up with to get users to try available features. Thanks for making e-commerce as fun as possible.

  • Otaku_Haul says:
    07/06/22 at 15:50:36

    New to Bonanza and would love to hit the ground running! c: Thanks for the chance!

  • itsagift says:
    07/06/22 at 15:56:22

    I’d love some free traffic! Thx!

  • stuffyourmomthrewout says:
    07/06/22 at 15:59:59

    Thanks for running the contest and drawing attention to this feature.

  • yuansenpackaging says:
    07/06/22 at 16:02:11

    It’s great to get advertised and get sales with this.

  • tammiestreasures says:
    07/06/22 at 16:44:52

    Free turbo Traffic, yea!

  • pinback_planet says:
    07/06/22 at 17:14:01

    I am on my second turbo traffic pack and I have to say the explanation is pretty accurate. My first one lasted 5 weeks and my second one has been going for almost 3x that amount. Bonanza isn’t my prime selling site, but it does pay all of my monthly bills… so thanks Bonanza!!

  • personalized_gifts says:
    07/06/22 at 17:18:19

    It would be such a blessing to win.
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  • FantasticFinds2014 says:
    07/06/22 at 17:44:12

    Love me some TurboTraffic!

  • Lokie07770 says:
    07/06/22 at 17:46:31

    Thank You for a chance to try Turbo Traffic.

  • FloridaBoatRVparts says:
    07/06/22 at 19:23:11

    Let the good times roll with FREE turbo traffic ! Tammy

  • bobo8388 says:
    07/06/22 at 19:38:54

    Turbo Traffic is great!!

  • Visi_One says:
    07/06/22 at 21:43:42

    I would love to win to give turbo Traffic a try. I feel like I am a winner selling on Bonanza.

  • ChikuArts24 says:
    07/07/22 at 01:02:12

    I have set it up to 30% fingers crossed ???? let see the response…

  • Thriftanisto_Nico says:
    07/07/22 at 03:26:54

    I would like to try Turbo Traffic

  • kifauc says:
    07/07/22 at 05:29:20

    Would love to win some turbo traffic :)

  • CuSmileShop says:
    07/07/22 at 06:21:18

    Really want to have Turbo Traffic to help the Sale

  • Fun50Stuff says:
    07/07/22 at 06:26:15

    Count me in!

  • HometownComputers says:
    07/07/22 at 06:46:19

    Count me in! Thank you

  • BoutiqueFashion says:
    07/07/22 at 07:14:39

    Would love to win! Have wanted to try TT but my sales are so low here not sure it’s worth the cost to try.

  • kathyandgeorge says:
    07/07/22 at 09:00:57

    Would love to win!

  • James_Store_ says:
    07/07/22 at 09:22:37

    Well worth thinking about for an option to increase sales

  • trektravel says:
    07/07/22 at 09:33:11

    More traffic and the free opportunity to try different features, levels of Ads would be great!
    If I knew how much the ads impacted my sales, I would be more likely to upgrade my membership.

  • Ancient_Days says:
    07/07/22 at 09:57:36

    What a great idea, any traffic would be an improvement, almost dead still sales. Luck may be with me!

  • ENRIQUITO says:
    07/07/22 at 10:10:42


  • AaronO242 says:
    07/07/22 at 11:56:52

    I am just wondering if it would or wouldn’t work for me. I am new to this online selling and trying to make ends meet by selling some things. My place of employment is currently on strike so every little bit helps. I don’t have the money right now to purchase anything. Just was wondering what I can do since money is tight to get more views and maybe my first sale.
    Thank you

  • AllThat says:
    07/07/22 at 12:46:19

    Turbo Traffic would be AWESOME! Here’s hoping ;)

  • nellydeals says:
    07/07/22 at 14:16:57

    Would be great if i can win a Turbo Traffic pack and try it out!

  • Onlytrueblue says:
    07/07/22 at 14:21:32

    Magic elf send some Turbo Traffic my way please.

  • CountyRoadBooks says:
    07/07/22 at 14:37:32

    Great post- I would love more traffic!

  • mschacha says:
    07/07/22 at 20:00:40

    Fingers crossed for TURBO TRAFFIC. Thank you for a chance to give my store a boost.

  • Giamer says:
    07/08/22 at 03:49:31

    Turbo Traffic sounds like a great tool. I would love to try it for free. Thanks

  • Little_horse_brand says:
    07/08/22 at 04:11:03

    Im here to win.

  • Pumpstoo says:
    07/08/22 at 04:59:39

    To the Bonanza team,
    I would like to buy turbo traffic at this stage a bit to much with the sales that is down.
    Hope I can be a lucky seller that get a free turbo traffic deal.
    Tanks, Frans

  • AmericanBronzes says:
    07/08/22 at 05:34:39

    Great! Need more traffic. Count me in.

  • Lark_Only says:
    07/08/22 at 07:55:17

    Thank you.

  • ohwidow says:
    07/08/22 at 08:55:14

    would be great to try it out and then of course buy it!

  • bonzuser_qcrnr says:
    07/08/22 at 09:44:23

    Great idea. And I also would love free Turbo Traffic.

  • ItemsOffTheShelf says:
    07/08/22 at 19:09:11

    I really think you need this to jump start your business in so many ways I can’t think of them all. So I wish everyone good luck in this drawing we all could really use it these days.

  • MixOFinds says:
    07/08/22 at 21:20:07

    Thank you Bonanza Team for the opportunity to try out Turbo Traffic and gain a valuable learning experience. I appreciate it!!!

  • spacetime says:
    07/09/22 at 07:00:48

    I’ve always been curious about the feature, but I am already losing so much money in taxes and percentages and fees on Bonanza and fees on Paypal that I’ve never been able to spare the cost. It would be really interesting to try it out

  • FullBox says:
    07/09/22 at 08:54:25

    I would love to win a Turbo Traffic pack!

  • CALsBookInn says:
    07/09/22 at 11:36:20

    Hope I can still enter into this. Would like to win a free turbo pack! Thanks

  • burke_tripleb says:
    07/09/22 at 15:51:33

    Yes, please, and thank you!

  • ENRIQUITO says:
    07/09/22 at 19:15:51


  • HookedOn says:
    07/10/22 at 02:51:59

    I will try it later.

  • onemanstreasure16 says:
    07/10/22 at 04:07:04

    I’ve had it before and it did help me.

  • retro_dream says:
    07/10/22 at 06:15:51

    Would be cool to win

  • Cypress_Junction says:
    07/10/22 at 18:47:48

    Awesome opportunity. I’ll be digging a little deeper into TurboTraffic!

  • mindran55 says:
    07/10/22 at 19:30:40

    I am ready to try Turbo Traffic, winning would be great!

  • Gina_Faerie says:
    07/10/22 at 19:44:46

    Always good to win turbo traffic!

  • AllT7 says:
    07/10/22 at 20:24:04

    I could get some turbo help free!! Thanks!

  • md59715 says:
    07/11/22 at 07:06:39

    Hope I’m not too late to enter!

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