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What is the best way to store autographed baseballs?
I have several autographed MLB baseballs and also some game used balls that I want to properly store. What is the best way to preserve them?

Category: Collectibles >> Autographs >> Sports

asked about 14 years ago

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Do electronic fences for dogs really work?
Do electronic fences really work? Is it humane to do this to a dog? I really like the idea but would like to hear solid results from others before I commit.

Category: Pet Supplies >> Dog Supplies >> Training & Obedience >> Electronic Fences

asked about 14 years ago

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Why are polar bear costumes so expensive?
It seems like every polar bear costume I've been able to find costs in excess of $500. I could practically buy a real polar bear for that much. Does anyone know why it costs such a boatload of money to dress up as a polar bear?

Category: Fashion >> Costumes, Reenactment, Theater

asked about 14 years ago