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I am not affiliated with Sale Away's Toy Store or Sporting Goods website. I sell here at Bonanza as Saleaway's Cabana and eBay username: jillandbill

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My Endorsements (7)

bvaughnfamily says: January 25, 2017

Jill (saleaway) has been a blessing to work with through the years. Although we have not met in person we crossed paths here on Bonanza first in November 2009. Every experience with Jill has been positive, professional and an encouragement to me. I also very much appreciate Jill encouraging my daughter, who joined the Bonanza community recently. God bless you Jill! Many thanks!

kenoticket says: March 28, 2012

Saleaway is one of the best assets Bonanza has. Not only does she offer great quality merchandise in her own booth, but she constantly advertises for other members. Go visit her booth, there’s something for everyone!

Mendozam says: July 15, 2010

One of the best! A true professional – an honor to know and work with this seller.

Whispering_Willows says: September 20, 2009

Great seller, Great asset to Bonanzle

vintagelizzie says: September 09, 2009

What a fantastic member of Bonanzle, not to mention she has a memory like a steel trap! Jill knew I was on the lookout for a discontinued hair care product. She contacted me months later, letting me know she had found some.
Jill sent it to me immediately without me even paying first.
Certainly a rare person with this much genuine thoughtfulness!

bearleeusedbooks says: July 31, 2009

She took the >>TIME<< to stop by my booth to say hello, made my day.

WherepastisFuture says: December 31, 2008

I am so honored to be the first to leave this wonderful Lady an endorsement. Let me tell you all, she is honest, kind, and giving, a wonderful soul. I didn’t even buy from her! I mentioned that I was looking to buy Embroidery thread, to finish my own block, on a family heirloom quilt, my Mom wasn’t able to finish before she passed, she got the entire quilt made, and all names, except me. And this seller, read that, and immediately, sent a private email, that she would be happy to send me the thread, NO CHG! Now that is a wonderful, honest, caring , giving, and trustworthy seller in my book, I’d recommend her to anyone! With the highest of ratings. Tom