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AfricanAmerican says: November 08, 2023

This is by far the most eloquent coven I’ve had the pleasures of working with. I am always pleased with how detailed their work is. May light always be with them and may they continue to bless the world with their unity and might ?

rambojr206 says: August 29, 2023

Purchase a few items in the shop! And it was completed today,
Yesterday I fealt huge energy also before I woke up this morning fealt the energy again.
Very strong ? thank you for your help.

amorom33 says: March 31, 2023

Thank u so much for uncrossing spell ritual cast. I feel very good and feel very light and peaceful.It is very satisfying.

A_fb518414 says: September 13, 2022

Thank you so much! I’m very grateful for your beautiful work.

purplelotus says: June 30, 2022

I love this store, it has helped me with receiving a new home, and a job promotion without an interview. I will always come back,

belle69 says: June 07, 2022

Aveda is the best very professionel and really listen to your specific needs. I Will deffently recomend her and Will continue to Come back for more. Thank you so very much Aveda im gratefull ????

Jessica_struti says: May 01, 2022

fantastic coven the most famous worldwide i have bought from them from their sites they are legit!

KayejeraSinRemedio77 says: January 31, 2022

Aveda & the Coven of Light are everything that you need to help you manifest the life you desire for yourself. Whatever you have going on in your life, believe me, they can fix it. & they can fix it FAST. I’ve never met a more powerful coven. With great communication & dedication. I recommend their services to anyone. They’ve completely changed my life & I couldn’t be more grateful to them.

PACTRO says: January 26, 2022


bonzuser_mwcjb says: September 20, 2021

I love this store, Aveda and her coven always come through for me, and they are quick to reply to my messages and give me updates

KristeneP3 says: April 03, 2021

I had the quick weight loss spell cast.. Thank you so much.. great company very happy blessings

vamp says: March 04, 2021

Amazing revelations! Uncanny manifestations developed right before my very eyes. Quick results. Highly recommend!

KayejeraSinRemedio77 says: March 01, 2021

I’m unbelievably grateful to have come across Aveda & her Coven. Never have I ever had more faith in anyone else for my magical needs. Their power is unmatched, Authentic, & Real. Every spell that they have done for me has manifested wonderfully & I couldn’t be happier with the results of their craft. They are hands down the best & I recommend them to anyone who is second-guessing getting help or changing their life around. Aveda is very sweet & communication has never been an issue. I One-TRILLION percent recommend them. You will not regret it. ?

RalphW231 says: December 29, 2020

At first I was skeptical about Adeva but she made a believer out of me her spell work too good I will be her customer for life
Adeva You Rock!!!

annampo says: December 23, 2020

Blessings and many thanks for all of your help! Aveda is wonderful and I appreciate all the care put into my order!

samaira777 says: November 05, 2020

wonderful occult store ! thank you for the help! you are amazing!!!

curtisw113 says: November 04, 2020

I have personally benefited from the work of this amazing metaphysican. I can personally attest to the authenticity of her abilities. I want to thank her and her entire team for their marvelous work on my behalf. What she offers is indeed life changing!!! I cannot thank you enough.

Raii777 says: October 23, 2020

Aveda is Most Gracious And F***** Amazing Love Ths Girl.

arslanali6 says: October 06, 2020

i have heart the best words for Aveda’s coven and i have decided to give it a try. The life changes this magic bring to my life are unmatched! Thank you and your coven .Always Grateful !You are very kind and at the same time Extremely powerful. I i will be a repeat customer and i will buy all your products.THANK YOU ! GRATITUDE AND LOVE!

ariella_medussa says: October 02, 2020

after I have had the cleansing with Aveda and madam Daria my whole body was revitalizing! wow! thank you, Aveda for the healing and cleansing!

mohammed_bismir says: October 01, 2020

Thank you Aveda.Great magick help. 10.000 stars ll the way. you did an extensive and very powerful work! love you!

PAZUZU_Temple says: September 30, 2020

Thank you Aveda for the unique magic experience! You are the best!love & light!

skip_themagic says: September 16, 2020

amazing! thank you! she is kind very accommodate and weet witch and her coven is the best .thank you for casting my spells with dedication . I truly love your service

bonzbuyer_lejgu says: September 13, 2020

Avedas coven has always been amazing and will remain so..

PAZUZU_Temple says: September 09, 2020

The best witch. Very powerful witch. I’ll buy again.

lena_Ciciliee says: July 26, 2020

Perfect custom service and powerful spells <3<3<3

jasjewel69 says: July 22, 2020

If I could give Aveda a million stars I would. She has moved mountains for me. Miracles have happened along the way. My situation has been extremely complex and so many things are working in our favor. The justice we asked for is being sought. I am so very deeply grateful. Thank you! 5 stars all the way, a million stars in this life and the next.

bonzbuyer_hyenw says: June 12, 2020

I give Aveda 5 stars! for the excellent service and information given to me about the items. Due to the covid19 I’m still waiting patiently for my items to arrive and will update my review soon

Raii777 says: April 03, 2020

Aveda is Great perfect love her

bonzbuyer_xqwww says: February 25, 2020

Thank you Aveda!! Amazing service! Great communication! 5 stars all the way!!

Infinitegoddess4_ says: November 29, 2019

I have so much gratitude for Aveda! Positive,EFFECTIVE and EXTREMELY POWERFUL!!

bonzbuyer_esikm says: November 26, 2019

The castings work!!
I give testimony that Avedas is the real deal……

Light_Gypsy says: November 03, 2019

If you truly understand you’re calling this is the site and master to work with. She is the real deal. I truly honor her.???? Dear Aveda, words cannot explain the infinite gratitude I feel for you.

KalmanP says: October 03, 2019


My Endorsement

What’s so great about avedasmagicalspells?

Great seller! Quality products. Would buy from again! A++++++

KalmanP says: October 03, 2019

My Endorsement
What’s so great about avedasmagicalspells?
Great seller! Quality products. Would buy from again! A++++++

KalmanP says: October 03, 2019

Great seller! Quality products. Would buy from again! A++++++

KalmanP says: October 02, 2019

Great seller! Quality products. Would buy from again! A++++++

MichaelA2015 says: August 30, 2019
I highly recommend buying from Aveda. She’s a reliable person and her products are powerful. I definitely give her a 5 Star.
KalmanP says: June 27, 2019

kalapar777 says

I have been a patron of Aveda for a few years. I can easily say her items are very powerful. I have a small collection. I remember unlocking and removing them from a locked case for protection while visitors and guests were at my home. The combined energy was very powerful. She is the real deal. Great seller with high quality products. She has reasonable prices. She is very responsive to questions. I recommend her.

Rochella says: June 09, 2019

I give Avedas 5 ???? for helping me Thank you

EnirualD1 says: June 03, 2019

I definitely give Avedas magical spells 5 Stars !!!

EnirualD1 says: June 03, 2019

Aveda is truly a blessing, a true witch with magical powers, such a deeply caring soul with a heart of gold. And the Covenant Of Light are true witches of integrity, that you can trust to be true to their word. They put much care and quality into all of their work. Very potent and powerful. True witches indeed. And MADAM DARIA is the best casting and conjuring witch you could ever ask for, for all your needs met. Satisfaction guaranteed!!!
Definitely recommend them.. I am a very satisfied repeat customer.

RyanC1330 says: April 09, 2019

I have purchased multiple items and each time they have been as described and delivered promptly (even though it’s international). I recommend this store to my friends.

BridgetteL22 says: March 18, 2019

Aveda and her staff are the best, the items come quickly and they are as advertised. I like the fact that you don’t have to do any extra work because items are already set up for you. I ordered the Illuminati eye I was feeling like nothing was going to be turned around well I have only had the ring for a few hours and my optimistic side is coming back. I will definitely update as time goes on.

Aaliyah13 says: March 01, 2019

Aveda and her Coven and Madam.Daria are powerful and at the same time sweet witches. I have many entitities and Spirit but since i order the Supreme Trinity pyramid pendant things are changing fast By the fact being a powerful Trinity The pendant is a eyecatcher. A Beautiful deep blue topaze glider pendant top notch !!!

I want to give you guys an ex from their powers. I have been hoping to have a plastic surgery be done on me for at least 5 years with no result. Now after receiving the pendant after a week , im writing you all from my hospital bed. Which means I had the first procedure of my operation i needed so badly . I credit this partly to the Trinity entities and also on The Super Woman Magick Abilities Spell cast By Madam.Daria herself

Aaliyah13 says: January 30, 2019

Aveda is top of the notch in the metaphysical field. If you want real magic i suggest Aveda and her Coven and the magical Madam.Daria. i have been a faithfful client for many years
Lately i bought the Enhancing youre magic abilities ring wel i choose a bead. As my 10 fingers are already taken lol .i must say even before arrival i noticed a strong pulsing on my 3 eye and got stronger by the time my bead arrived . I can say this is really powerfull magic. My dreams have become vivid and deeper. My intuition has taken q great step forward. Even my clairvoyance is booming. I can see situations happening in the future. And i have the bead only 2 weeks !!! Im so exited with my new found powers. And what else will manifest. Guys this is serious stuff !!! Anyone who feels ready to make the jump to.awaken all super psy abilities this is it. I FEEL BLESSED TO HAVE FOUND YOU AVEDA AND THE COVEN OF LIGHT AND MADAM DARIA MANY YEARS AGO. Blessed Be

Natatan says: January 02, 2019

I have been a patron of avedas for at least five years, and I can easily say I haven’t had a single disappointing experience. If you want a true experience this is the booth to be looking at. The prices may be high, but you’re paying for quality.

KevinR42 says: December 28, 2018

Blessed to of found Aveda! She is very helpful and responds quickly! I look forward to the outcome!!

terriez says: December 10, 2018

Greetings, received my items, still waiting patiently for results. Transaction went great.

Claudia_75 says: November 25, 2018

Thank you so much. Seller is awesome great service end items . You can truly trust this seller . A+++

bonzbuyer_wdtjf says: November 20, 2018
You are amazing, the magic is real. I am no longer a skeptic. Thank you so much, the pendant has changed my life
senorito28 says: November 05, 2018

I have been a regular customer of Aveda ever since she started at ebay. She is an excellent seller and will go out of her way to make every customer happy. 5 stars for her and positive feedbacks. Will return soon.

wrjeffries_gmail_com says: October 24, 2018

I am very grateful to avedasmagicalspells for the devotion and confidence in their Craft. I have ordered many items from this page, and truly feel that the strength and integrity of the business model is one that encourages others to unlock the unique gifts within themselves, affording each and every one of us to enjoy the beautiful wonders of this magical world. Thank you so much Aveda for providing these offerings on this platform. I always look forward to receiving the items I purchased, knowing and trusting in full faith that all that is transcribed in the description box for each item will come to fruition. ????
—-William Richard Jeffries, V

TommyP124 says: October 15, 2018

Well i must say i was shakey about this site but i must say they are real quick to make sure everything is ok and with the order. Cant go wrong there.. Rhis is my frist time coming to this site and plan on comming back for all my magical needs. Thanks for your time and expertise!!!

BreeaT1 says: July 25, 2018

Love Aveda magical I give her 5 stars

KyleM500 says: July 23, 2018

Wow…every wish granted before even shipped very instant wishs granted Wowzers

MCBrown says: July 19, 2018

I highly recommend Aveda to you as I have purchased quite a few magicals now and been very happy with all of them. I’ve found Aveda to be helpful and pro-active. Many thanks and many blessings to you.

RyanC1330 says: June 24, 2018

Great seller with even better products. Truly life changing!

brgteyes says: June 17, 2018

I have not received the product yet, but I just ordered it.I am impressed with the communication of this seller. The emails concerning the order are very concise and extremely helpful. Great detail as to the shipping and expected delivery dates , which gives the buyer a really good estimate of when to expect the purchase. I will use again!

Pistons says: April 22, 2018

best of the best hope too get the ring soon too try it out :)

Preciosahermosa1 says: April 06, 2018

Amazing service totally recommend.Waiting to receive my order but I know I will be extremely happy when I receive it. Will definitely be buying again. A++++++++

BillS509 says: March 25, 2018

all of the amulets and rings work well. I appreciate her help and communication thank you

lucky_star1994 says: March 19, 2018

Aveda and Sacred Coven Of Light are real Spell Casters! ?

NicoleM1175 says: October 16, 2017

So far this seller has been great. She communicates well through email keeping me informed and up to date on shipping and details of my purchase. A*****

bloodylover24 says: September 26, 2017

A wonderful coven.They truly do their best to please their customers.Excellent at explaining any questions you may have.I highly recommend them.Thank you for your help I will definitely purchase more from you soon.Eternal Blessings????

Rochella says: August 15, 2017

I give aveda and staff an 5 stars and an A++++++ Thank you so much for your help and Blessed Be!

Kbillouin says: April 02, 2017

I give aveda an A+++++..she is very honest in how she communicates..waiting on my item but I like the professionalism so far..

pistoner says: November 09, 2016

Aveda is great seller. She communicate very well through email. She is very friendly. Very recommended seller

CarynS2 says: September 28, 2016

Aveda is a caring seller. She always responds to questions which is so appreciated. She and her coven will give you a report following spell casting. I have seen results and they are the real deal!!!

miss_silhouette says: September 06, 2016

I have bought 2 spells from avedasmagicspells, and while I’m yet to receive my items, my transactions with Aveda have been so positive, they make me want to order more. I made sure to put zaveda in my favorite lists so I’ll keep coming back to her site. I am and will be a loyal customer

AmberE20 says: May 02, 2016

I just wanted a clarify that a feedback I left on Aveda’s profile was meant for another seller that I had a bad experience with but it some how ended up on Aveda’s page by accident and since I am unable to remove it, so if you see that negative feedback that was revised please know it was not meant for Aveda’s magickal spells so I just want to clarify that there is no doubt to Aveda or her coven at their abilities to cast spells. They are fantastic and go above and beyond to help you. I cannot thank her and her coven highly enough for all the work they have done!

AmberE20 says: May 01, 2016

I have been buying spells from Aveda and her coven for a few months now and although there hasn’t been much occuring, I am now starting to see incredible results. I have bought a spell that hasn’t even been cast yet and already I am seeing incredible movement and changes happening that I never thought possible. I can’t begin to thank Aveda and her coven enough and I know if these results are there within a couple of days, then there is definitely more to come! Fantastic work from all concerned!

Merchant_Q says: April 29, 2016

I bought the “Cleopatra Goddess Pendant” – I am already feeling beautiful and out! Thank you, Aveda.

Merchant_Q says: April 29, 2016

I recently purchased "Lover’s Obsession Powerful Amulet to give my relationship with my bf a little boost and boy did he show me more PDA, more video calls when I’m working in another city and sends me much more detailed text. There is def an improvement! Love it. Thank you so much, Aveda. Love you!!

NurafidahK says: March 28, 2016

I have been a customer of Aveda for many years now because her spells not only work, they are pure, light, potent, protective, supportive and calming. And they come within BEAUTIFUL vessels ???? I highly recommend her ! Thank you Aveda ??

TADAMS120 says: January 21, 2016

Aveda’s magick is powerful and real.. I have a very difficult situation and the spells here somehow were able to penetrate threw and bring movement.. Me and my ex communicate a lot better now there’s still a lot of work to be done but things have improved Thanks to Avead’s spells.. Also I want to add that every time I went to Aveda with questions or advice she has answered every time.. I Love you Aveda your spells are amazing Thank you for being there for me with kindness and your guidance..

OliveraS1 says: January 20, 2016

Aveda is very helpful,kind person

WilliamP78 says: September 14, 2015

I highly recomend Aveda . I my talismans gave me great luck and I have learned a lot from them . Aveda is a really kind person too .

WilliamP78 says: September 14, 2015

Aveda is my favorite spell caster of all time . I have been buying from Aveda since early 2014 and i am really grateful all my talismans gave me the protection I needed ect. Aveda is very kind too I highly recomend her .

EricH125 says: May 21, 2015


johng200 says: March 21, 2015

Aveda is super kind

johng200 says: March 21, 2015

Aveda is super kind

grneyz74 says: January 29, 2015

I just purchased the Moneta pendant and am super excited. Can’t wait to receive my item. My communication and experience with Aveda has been most pleasant and I am very happy with my experience. I highly recommend buying from her.

WilliamP78 says: December 01, 2014

Aveda is super kind , I bought many talismans and rings from her , Great service , I will keep buying from her , the only spells that have worked for me are from aveda , hands down I think she is the best . Thank aveda you have a very happy costumer

Saim says: August 08, 2014

Mind control amulet is stunning n Aveda is a sweet heart really caring & 100 % genuine,I recommend dat if u wanna change ur life n see happiness around u contact her but with a positive mind n faith in her,relax sit back n things happening ,she really helped me,I call her Guru.

Saim says: July 04, 2014

Oh God! She’s awesome & so helpful as I was trying to contact her since my purchase but it was bit misunderstanding she was replying on PayPal n I was so put off but I never gave up I again tried on her mail & u know she was so quick to respond ahhh it was breathtaking moment for me the min she replied n now I am really really convince of her helpfulness n generosity ,she’s really adorable & full of surprises ,thanx aveda for being their .luv u

Nova40 says: November 05, 2013

I have seen many positive changes in my life since the last endorsement. I have won almost $300.00 in credit card dispute. My boss has not bothered me since banish them spell has been cast. I keep finding change and dollar bills in the street since I received the wealth bead. The psychic reading was very accurate. Thank you Aveda.

StarsShineForMe says: October 11, 2013

I just bought my first 10xMONEY MEGA WEALTH ATTRACTION SPELL RITUAL~ DEMAND WEALTH NOW HAUNTED last week, and within 2 days it started working FAST, over $1000.00 by the weekend came to me,much needed for bills,Aveda is great ,don’t hesitate to try her she is real,wish her continued blessings.

Nova40 says: September 09, 2013

The spells really work. I have tried other places and none of their spells work but with Avedamagicalspells, you are getting what you asked for. I bought the sex slave spell and after the casting was completed, I had great flim flam. That’s what I call fast results.

mikey4833 says: August 03, 2013

Aveda’s items are amazing I bought 2 amulets from her shop. One the Illuminati Wealth Amulet its bringing in more money my wife just starting selling on ebay and now we are getting a huge following and 3 money orders came in the mail out of no where $982.00 each I can show you the real pictures I received them no notes no nothing and then I just got the mind control Amulet its a very potent one I don’t know how to use it but Aveda is sending me special instructions right now as I write this. I know I what this thing can do I can feel the magick folks you must believe to receive in any items you have but there is something special about Aveda’s items whether you believe or not they still work! But the more desire you put into whatever the jewel or talisman is designed to do it will do it faster trust me the magic is real and so is Aveda. Aveda got a lifetime customer! Thank you Aveda!

Elizabeth_demery says: July 08, 2013

She is the best I been with her for 2or3 years and I can say ever single one of her spells has worked for me and my friends. You want real magick? Well you have just found it. Blessed be loved ones.

missy2shoes says: June 30, 2013

wow..is all i can say the obsession spell worked and he is totally obsessed.

bonzbuyer_cjnsv says: March 31, 2013

I like Aveda very much, lovely energies, helpful and powerful spell bound items at reasonable prices. Thankyou! Xx

Mrgtk2011 says: January 16, 2013

Avedas incredible
If you keep strong and positive
nothing will stop your desires

AA + + This set very powerful
I have felt its power

realman107 says: October 26, 2012

Yokenia Is my soulmate. I got a soulmate reading and yokenia is the one that came up in the reading. I ordered the any 20 ulimate casting. Yokenia is the one for me. Aveda is the best. all my blockages is removed and good luck is on me. Aveda is the real deal

sky_liner2 says: August 29, 2012

Great spell, great service.