Bonanza Rewards Unveiled

Hi everyone – As I alluded to last week, we’ve been working on a fun new feature since we wrapped up the recent bug bash. I’m happy to introduce a new program at Bonanza named, after a great deal of brainstorming, "Bonanza Rewards."

The new program is intended to reward you for helping identify and classify our best merchandise. As you all know, one of the most powerful reasons that buyers choose Bonanza is the wealth of inventory. With over 3.5mm items there truly is something for everyone. However, this asset can also be a little hard to wrangle (that’s a ranch reference) when it comes time to shop. So what better resource to rely on than the very community that helped to build that inventory in the first place?

The good news is that many of you have been helping already. By creating awesome Hand-Picked Lists you keep our homepage fresh and visually striking. Your Collections provide the window dressing that enables us to market to previous customers and helps shoppers discover products that suit their style. 

Bonanza Rewards is intended to make the act of finding and classifying items not only more fun, but more rewarding. We want it to be  delicious and nutritious.  Starting today you now will earn Bonanza "tokens" as you help discover, tag, and recommend merchandise. Initially, we have setup tokens to allow you to waive your final value fees, and we're looking forward to adding a variety of other rewards in the future.  We’ll also be issuing badges to adorn your profiles for notable achievements like thoughtful acts of tagging or compelling item curation. Badges also come with their own tokens rewards, so you get to "double dip" in glory.

To get you started, Bonanza will gift you 10 tokens per day. That’s free "house money," but there is a small catch. Each tag suggestion, HPL creation, or Collection nomination will cost you one token – just one. If your suggestion isn’t accepted by the merchant or curator your token is not returned. However, if your suggestion is accepted by the merchant or curator you’ll win back five. And, to keep things interesting, if you’re confident in your suggestion, you can bet two or even three tokens and potentially win back ten or fifteen! Good results get great rewards. 

Want to get started right away? Just look for the gold token that signifies the rewarding actions you can take! 

Like adding an item to a Collection...

Or tagging an item with a descriptive term...

......and more of course!

Once you make your suggestion you'll receive a confirmation from the quick-text bar and an option to bet on your choice. You can find everything you need to get started, including your first five tokens, on the My Rewards page. 


Don’t want to participate? It’s optional of course. You can opt out of emails in the usual place and suppress quick-text notifications via the customization option set on the switchboard. And participating (or not) doesn’t impact other aspects of your Bonanza experience (like placement in search, etc).

Here's a few answers to the first questions we would ask if we were you.

  • What can I do with Bonanza tokens? Tokens can be redeemed to waive final value fees. In the future we’ll likely come up with other fun ways to redeem tokens. 
  • How do I earn tokens? A few ways. You’ll receive 10 each day if you sign in and claim them. Likewise you’ll receive five tokens or more for each accepted tag and collection (item) suggestion. And you’ll receive 10 or more for creating an accepted Collection. You can learn more in our help content
  • Making a tag suggestion costs me a token? Why? We want to encourage everyone to consider their recommendations and spend their tokens wisely. Not to worry, we’ll give you ten tokens each day. It’s like playing the slots with house money. 
  • I can earn more by betting? How does that work? If you are confident in your suggestion you can bet 2 or 3 times for a larger reward. A one token tag suggestion can win you back five, but a two token tag suggestion can win you ten and a three token can win you fifteen. Betting extra is entirely optional. 
  • Who determines if bets are won? Mostly your fellow merchants. Tags are up to the listing merchant to make the final call. Collection item suggestions are likewise up to the merchant who created the Collection (AKA the ‘curator’). Brand new Collections or homepage-worthy HPLs are determined by Bonanza staffers. 
  • How many tokens do I need to earn before getting a discount on seller fees? 500 tokens lets you waive a $1 worth of fees. 
  • What do I earn badges for? Badges are unlocked for various achievements like tagging a bunch of items successfully or having perfect attendance on Bonanza. You can learn more about badges by checking out your ‘My Rewards’ page. We also have a few surprise badges just for fun.
  • I don’t want to participate. Can I opt out? Of course. You can opt out of emails in the usual place and suppress quick-text notifications (you’ll see ‘em eventually) via the customization options on the switchboard.
  • I have multiple booths. Can I earn tokens on each? You can, but you cannot combine tokens or pass them from one account to another. 
  • How will you prevent people from "gaming the system" or otherwise taking advantage? We have our ways.  ; )
  • Are badges and tokens applied retroactively? Not for acts of curation or tagging as the clock starts today for those activities. However, some badges, like the "Bonanzler" badge (for all members) are applied retroactively. 
  • How long can I keep tokens? You can accrue tokens month-by-month, but we will expire them after 12 months if they are not redeemed. 

For more detailed information please consult our help page on rewards.

Thanks all.  We're looking forward to finally have the chance to "give back" to the many sellers and curators who have long been helping us to smartly curate, categorize, and otherwise make sense of the millions of items in our inventory!

 The Bonanza Team



62 responses to Bonanza Rewards Unveiled

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    06/01/11 at 00:07:13

    How and when do you obtain different badges? How many different badges are there? How many badges can you have on your profile?

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    06/01/11 at 00:16:35

    Also how many tokens do you get per badge?

  • alexwberg says:
    06/01/11 at 00:25:23

    There are a number of different badges for varying achievements, but there is no limit to how many are shown on a profile. I imagine we’ll probably add a few new badges in the future.

    As for a big list of all the badges we’d prefer to let you guys discover them as you go. If you look at your profile AntiquesRGreat you’ll find you have a few already. ; )

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    06/01/11 at 00:27:35

    Your killing me Alex! I’m trying to understand how it works. That’s okay I’ll beat it out of you in Vegas

  • alexwberg says:
    06/01/11 at 00:34:31

    I imagine ya’ll will get things mapped out pretty fast. There aren’t that many. See you in Vegas!

  • CindyBear says:
    06/01/11 at 02:02:50

    I’m still trying to figure out how to nominate an item to Collections…anyone care to explain, please. Only 4 of the collections come up…what about all the others listed on the Collections do we nominate to them?

    By the way…cool looking badges

  • CrystalBlueAttitude says:
    06/01/11 at 03:28:07

    Believe it or not I hate to start complaining right away but we need a bigger variety of tags. There are just tons of things that none of tags “fit.”

  • arcanesanctuary says:
    06/01/11 at 06:27:39

    I typically like the ideas from Bonanza but sorry, this one is a real stinker. When I think rewards, I think of customer retention bonuses or maybe a reward for sellers with a 100% feed back mark at certain feedback levels like 100 or 250. I don’t see how this is any real kind of reward.

  • pieper says:
    06/01/11 at 06:51:48

    I’ll give it a try…afterall,there are lots of things I don’t think I’ll like until I try them – like liver and onions – LOL…okay, you get my point though? Sounds like it might be fun…speaking of which, have a great time in Vegas (and in this case, what happens in Vegas DOES NOT stay there – we want to hear all about it!

  • johngermaine says:
    06/01/11 at 07:14:00

    I don’t have time to read every word this morning but was hoping that that UGLY block of tags was going away. Sorry to see it will be sticking around. And I will read this when I get home this afternoon.

  • ryanhicks says:
    06/01/11 at 07:15:16

    @CindyBear – Where it says “Choose a Collection…” on the item listing page, you can type the name of the Collection you’d like to nominate the item for. Without typing anything, it suggests four Collections. Try clicking in the field and entering the name of the Collection you’d like to nominate it for.

  • alexwberg says:
    06/01/11 at 07:44:50

    @CrystalBlueAttitude – thanks for the feedback. We have a tag suggestion feature on our near-term radar. This will allow anyone to make suggestions to include in our tag list/library.

  • ArtsnEnds says:
    06/01/11 at 07:47:45

    Alex this strikes me as another game…. and I feel like if I don’t participate so my profile has a badge on it I am being penalized or that shoppers would think I was not a great seller.

    While in truth the badges have nothing to do with your selling but how much you have time to play games.

    So now I am put in a position to assess how this will effect my business. I am not feeling rewarded at all but I am feeling punished.

  • alexwberg says:
    06/01/11 at 07:48:50

    @johngermaine – a couple of notes. The tags only show for signed-in users. So, if you’re worried about shoppers seeing them many likely don’t.

    If you really don’t like the tags you can opt out of them in the advanced settings. Just set ‘prevent item tagging’ to ‘yes’ and tags will not appear on your item detail pages. This means though that you items cannot be tagged and won’t show in tag-related searches.

    It’s your choice.

  • alexwberg says:
    06/01/11 at 07:57:00

    @TobysArtandBooks – a couple of items to consider. Badges are separate from your 100% positive rating and not listed at all on item detail pages or your booth.

    Additionally, some badges, like those you have, are awarded automatically based on different criteria. For example, you have a badge for being a Bonanza member for more than two years. I don’t think prospective buyers will hold that against you.

  • JustGenny says:
    06/01/11 at 08:08:17

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! However I do wish when you put your cursor over some badges they’d explain how or why you received it, some are self explanatory I know, but the old school badge and the bonanzler badge sound like the same thing and I’d like to know the difference just because. lol

  • alexwberg says:
    06/01/11 at 08:09:19

    @JustGenny – the old school badge has a familiar logo in it doesn’t it? ; )

  • JustGenny says:
    06/01/11 at 08:12:08

    haha Alex

  • chill02wolfart says:
    06/01/11 at 08:31:45

    Hi Alex, I have to admit, when I checked in My Bonanza and read about “Rewards”, I did get a chuckle. I often find the way you guys word certain things comical (but I have a strange sense of humor).

    I’m not understanding all of it; but it’ll probably become clearer as we go along. I did notice, my “Ranking” is rapidly dropping right before my eyes. Every time I click back, I’m lower in Ranking. Boo, Hiss!

    Well, I’ll give it a go and see what happens. You guys have a great time in Vegas!

  • pennipete says:
    06/01/11 at 08:49:43

    So this is for sellers, not buyers?

  • Calcedonia says:
    06/01/11 at 08:56:09

    I was just told I got three badges… Just checked and wow three badges
    Old timer, over 100 sales and been here over 1 year… Now I have to figure out however thing else works… Thanks for the badges .

  • PhoenixResale says:
    06/01/11 at 09:05:50

    I have to say I am a bit disappointed in this. When I saw your announcement last week I thought “yay! we are getting something like Photons” but I really don’t see how this is going to boost sales since it is only an incentive for the sellers. Some sellers may see a benefit in it but I would have rather seen you come up with incentives to draw new buyers in. It is a strategy that works very well and has been adopted at many other sites. Just my two cents.

  • oldbaloo says:
    06/01/11 at 09:07:38

    Love it!!! (Now I won’t get ANYTHING else done today) I’m off to explore and tag

  • alexwberg says:
    06/01/11 at 09:18:07

    @pennipete – right now it is mostly oriented to sellers given that tokens are redeemed for reductions in fees. However, we are considering ways to extend to buyers. This, like many of our feature introductions, is a first step.

  • sofyblu2 says:
    06/01/11 at 09:18:38

    so for being here 3 years when it rolls around how abt an automatic 500 bonus point.. I could use the dollar lol

  • sofyblu2 says:
    06/01/11 at 09:21:02

    what is inventorious?? lol

  • alexwberg says:
    06/01/11 at 09:21:20

    @PhoenixResale – thanks for the feedback. As I told pennipete, we’re not ‘done’ with Bonanza Rewards. We thought we would start with seller/merchant oriented benefits and go from there. Though I understand that drawing buyers benefits sellers too. ; )

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    06/01/11 at 09:31:50

    Sofy that’s an Inventory Tag only for those with lots of inventory not sure at what range you end up getting one since Alex isn’t talking,LOL!

  • pennipete says:
    06/01/11 at 09:37:40

    Yes! Buyer incentives. Thanks Alex.

  • sofyblu2 says:
    06/01/11 at 09:59:13

    we need a badge for who bugs support the most I mean something special…think I earned one just for driving Bill up the wall and back down on the FedEx Calculator lol

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    06/01/11 at 10:07:10

    We need a badge for those of that attend BonanzaUP

    BonanzaUp Kansas Badge 2010
    BonanzaUp Vegas Badge 2011

  • froggieb says:
    06/01/11 at 10:09:15

    I think this sounds like fun! And maybe won’t drive customers to your booth but by successfully promoting and selling you will earn tokens.

  • sofyblu2 says:
    06/01/11 at 10:32:08

    where is this?? Come here each day, click the button, and get 10 tokens.

    where do you bet the number of tokens? Someone said it pops on the switchboard? If so, how does one such as moi who has the switchboard hidden..use this?

  • ccmom says:
    06/01/11 at 10:54:07

    thanks Ryan…when I had tried that several weeks ago, it did not work..did not know it had been fixed
    (aka CindyBear)

  • alexwberg says:
    06/01/11 at 10:57:18

    @sofyblu2 – you can claim your tokens on the Rewards page. If you have the switchboard off you can find it linked from the top right of your My Bonanza page. Then you’ll see the button.

  • JustGenny says:
    06/01/11 at 11:15:50

    NOOOOOOOO!! I’ve just been informed there is a limit to the number of tags you can do :( its how you curb the addiction isn’t it!! ROFL off to tag more I still have three tags left till I hit my limit mwahahahaha (you’ve created a monster) >:}

  • HavensRainbow says:
    06/01/11 at 11:27:02

    I really like this and love the part where you commented “we’re not done.” Go Bonanza

    “@sofyblu2 – you can claim your tokens on the Rewards page. If you have the switchboard off you can find it linked from the top right of your My Bonanza page. Then you’ll see the button.”

    I think it is the top left is what Alex meant. I’ve got my switchboard turned off also. The My Rewards is under your My Bonanza page, then look for your Feedback link on the top left where that always is, then under the Feedback link is where the My Rewards is. Click on that and you’ll see where to claim your rewards.

  • BookbinEtc says:
    06/01/11 at 12:11:04

    Well, don’t forget the DOUBLE rewards for the brave attendees of the very first Bonanzle Up in Seattle!

    Maybe a reward for gabbiest most frequent posting Bonzer – is that still Pam /Pace: ROFL

  • selah54 says:
    06/01/11 at 13:20:10

    I sooooooo LOVE THIS!!! Thanks Boyz

    and…. I want a Smart A$$ badge

  • stitchncraft says:
    06/01/11 at 13:43:47

    I think this is a great program, but this morning I had 85 rewards and now I only have 10! Where did they go? I haven’t even had a chance to spend any yet! Oh well easy come and easy go!

  • irishonebac says:
    06/01/11 at 14:50:10

    Would have been a good idea to give tokens when you purchase something here. Great promotion towards sales instead of tags.

  • alexwberg says:
    06/01/11 at 15:38:54

    @stitchncraft – we’re looking into it. I’ll bmail you with our findings.

  • CrystalBlueAttitude says:
    06/01/11 at 15:52:35

    Alex, when will a list of tags or tag cloud be posted for shoppers to browse thru? Isn’t that the idea of having items tagged or am I missing something?

  • cricket says:
    06/01/11 at 16:01:00

    Would love to see a badge for tweeting or posting on facebook. This would get more new buyers to Bonanza.

  • stitchncraft says:
    06/01/11 at 16:16:51

    Alex my rewards appear to be back. I hope they stay. Have a great evening.
    Thanks for all the support.

  • alexwberg says:
    06/01/11 at 16:36:53

    @CrystalBlueAttitude – we’ll soon be redesigning some pages to take advantage of tags to give them greater exposure.

  • CrystalBlueAttitude says:
    06/01/11 at 16:48:14

    Cool! Thanks, Alex!

  • Laboutiquefrancais says:
    06/01/11 at 17:08:56

    I would love to see a reward program that would benefit buyers directly. In this economy most businesses are making that their primary focus. That would, of course, in the long run, benefit sellers as well, which result in more revenue for your site. Win Win Economics 101

  • Texas_Treasured_Soap says:
    06/01/11 at 20:42:46

    AHA!!!! I win I win… I “knew” it looked like a casino chip, lol… and I wasn’t far off.

    Love it Alex…. and best to all who get to use…peruse to use… and more.


  • SharsBoutique says:
    06/02/11 at 07:17:07

    I’m with you Gladys … badges for BUP attendees.

  • somewhereintimescarf says:
    06/02/11 at 08:36:17

    I like the new badges!

  • Abbysantiques says:
    06/02/11 at 08:47:54

    Did a HP list using antiques & collectibles, last night, to try things out and would have liked more tags. Here’s a start of a list: antique, primitive, country, rare, scarce, collectible. Hope others will add more.
    Did lots of betting and looks as if I won.

  • TreasureHaven says:
    06/02/11 at 18:11:47

    Where/how are we able to make suggestions on the names for collections and tags…I’ve got a suggestion for a collection name that I’d like to submit. As I am going around, I am seeing areas that need some help so that I can tag some items and also some items for collections that just do not fit in. Thanks.

  • momspennies says:
    06/03/11 at 10:47:53

    Having lots of fun with this…can you advise on the badges though? Seems to me there should be one for those with over 1000 transactions and you know I am here everyday, so I should have an attendance badge. The badges are the best part!

  • CoinsYouWant says:
    06/03/11 at 13:51:01

    I love my old School Badge… Sniff Sniff .. Thanks

    I like the idea and look but I don’t think it will bring sellers to me… I haven’t had a sale in almost a year!

  • momspennies says:
    06/03/11 at 17:54:09

    Well, so far, this is all I’ve been able to find. I’ll add more as I come across them:

    Now if I could just get one for 1000 Sales and Great Attendance I’d be so happy!



    Old School Bonanzler

    Bonanza Action Club Member

    1 yr Bonanzler

    2 yr Bonanzler

    3 Year Bonanzler


    Great Attendance

    1st Sale

    5th Sale

    10th Sale

    25th Sale

    50th Sale

    100th Sale

    200th Sale

    500th Sale

    1000th Sale


    Bonafide Curator


    Bonafide Tagger

    Tagger Great

    Outstanding Tagger

    Champion Tagger

  • HavensRainbow says:
    06/03/11 at 20:08:21

    Bumping this from here to Vegas lol.

  • MommyOf2QTs says:
    06/04/11 at 11:47:44

    If an items is already tagged for instance “cozy” can you re-tag the item “cozy” or does the “cozy” tag disappear from the list?

    If not, does the seller have to approve the tag again or do you lose your token?

  • MoldavitePlus says:
    06/04/11 at 14:03:13

    Awesome feature! Thanks guys!

  • CritterCreekRanch says:
    06/06/11 at 16:23:45

    it does not work, I cant tag, 2nd day i have not been able to tag since the kick off of this new feature. so do I get my 20 tags that I have missed out on??

  • alexwberg says:
    06/16/11 at 16:40:40

    CritterCreek – if you are still having troubles can you email [email protected]? This is an old topic now so I’m going to close it. Please reach out to support if you have any further questions.

  • Heartsome says:
    06/28/11 at 06:50:20

    I have been having trouble since about 3 days after it went live. Emailed support a few times. Still does not work. Token betting window pops up, can’t see fields for betting but if you click there you can place a bet but it only allows a 2 token bet. Not good:(

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