Category and Trait Updates

Hola amigos -- I wanted to make you all aware of some housecleaning that we have lined up for categories and traits in the next couple weeks.

Since initially launching traits about a year ago, we have progressively added traits per your suggestions, but we haven't had the chance to revisit and audit the traits as our catalog has grown.  As a result, the trait hierarchy has become somewhat inconsistent over time, with categories like "Clothing" having a "Color" trait, which isn't passed through to its children categories (and probably doesn't belong in the parent to begin with).  Additionally, we still have trait holes, such as no sizing information for men's or women's clothing, and no "new / used" trait on many categories where it should be.  Our audit is going to start in the Clothing category, and will involve (1) ensuring that all traits in a parent category are passed through to children categories (2) ensure that common sense traits like condition & sizing are available in the proper categories (3) ensure that unique identifiers per the upcoming Google Product update are available in all categories where they are relevant.

Part of our trait audit will be removing categories that are redundant with traits.  For example, the "Men's Big and Tall" set of categories can more concisely be conveyed by placing items in the men's category with the sizing information that lets browsers find the clothing if they are searching for big/tall sizes.  Likewise, rather than having a number of subcategories for different types of "Nightwwear," we can more easily have a trait for nightwear types, and remove clutter/confusion for browsers and item listers alike.

The final change we'll be making around categories is to consolidate categories that are not core to the Bonanza brand, and/or that are especially high in fraud (we're lookin at you, cell phones!).  Items in removed categories will be automatically recategorized in the "Everything Else" category unless otherwise noted in the following list.  Categories currently on our list for consolidation include:  Business & Industrial, Cars & Trucks, Cell Phones & PDAs, Gift Certificates (will become a subcategory of "Everything Else"), Motorcycles, Trailers, Powersports, Real Estate, Specialty Services (will become a subcategory of "Everything Else"), Tickets, and Travel.  Sellers that have items in these categories can keep their items on Bonanza if they wish, but all things being equal, chances are you'll have better luck selling these items on other marketplaces.  We are focused on consolidating our category set to the types of items that best fit our "everything but the ordinary" brand.

So, what does it all mean to me?

Probably not much; if your items are in a category that is moved or removed, we will automagically handle transferring your items in the correct place in the Bonanza product hierarchy -- no effort on your part is required.  If you import items that are in an unsupported category, we will automatically remap it to the correct place.  The main difference you're likely to notice is that more accurate and descriptive traits will become available to your items within the next few weeks.  We'll keep you posted as this effort progresses, and feel free to chime in (here or at support) if you have any additional questions.

69 responses to Category and Trait Updates

  • BookbinEtc says:
    04/04/11 at 14:33:41

    Hi Bill

    Thanks for the info.

    Re: Motorcycles category

    I currently have some m/c manuals, listed in similar cats. as this:

    Motorcycle & ATV > Manuals & Literature > Parts & Accessories > Kawasaki

    Will those disappear into the Everything Else, as well, because Motorcyles are the parent cat.? Or, will they be moved to

    Books > Non-Fiction

    Should I go ahead and move them myself, or will that throw a spanner in the works?



  • J7339 says:
    04/04/11 at 15:02:11

    I have a lot in “Everthing Else” – that I would like to see a category for – Genealogy – but can only hope one day.

  • starshinin says:
    04/04/11 at 15:17:38

    Thanks Bill

  • fuzzlebutts says:
    04/04/11 at 15:26:43

    more pepsi and re-readlol

  • cshort0319 says:
    04/04/11 at 16:08:13

    Will there be a mechanism by which sellers are officially told where their items have been moved to?

    In some cases, the sellers might prefer to entirely remove the item from Bonanza, rather than having it sit in the “Dead Zone” of “Everything Else.”


  • GoodDogCoffee says:
    04/04/11 at 16:09:59

    Sounds good! Any possibility on adding “Coffee Roast Level” and “Grinding Level” to the traits under the “Coffee” category? – Leo

  • AntiquesPlusMore says:
    04/04/11 at 16:10:31

    Thanks Bill, A few items should have a vintage category. Vintage Jewelry 1970 and prior. It is something to consider.

  • bharding says:
    04/04/11 at 16:13:31

    @ bookbin: Sure thing, I’ll see to it that the “manuals” subcategories of Motorcycles get moved to books (or an appropriate subcategory under it). You can also move it yourself if you’d like — that won’t harm anything. Thanks for the heads up.

    @ cshort: That would be nice, definitely a good idea. With what will probably amount to thousands of items moved, I’m not sure how granular we’ll be able to get in telling sellers what has been moved where, but at the least, I reckon we’ll send an system email out to all sellers about the change once it’s complete.

    @ GoodDogCoffee: That sounds very reasonable. If you use the link in the blog post for suggesting a new trait ( ), you can suggest that one to us today and have it approved soon.

  • bharding says:
    04/04/11 at 16:15:05

    @ antiques: Funny you’d mention it, we’re actually adding a new system-wide framework for all our vintage items to make sure they can be found. But you’re one step ahead of me, that will be explained on the next blog…

  • GoodDogCoffee says:
    04/04/11 at 16:16:00

    Cool! :-)

  • AntiquesRGreat says:
    04/04/11 at 16:19:47

    >>we’re actually adding a new system-wide framework for all our vintage items to make sure they can be found.<<

    I’m doing the happy dance So does this mean that we will also have a separate Rush for vintage items?

  • fuzzlebutts says:
    04/04/11 at 17:06:29

    I’m probably jumping the gun or as usual have something twisted If I already have unique identifiers done on my listings as attributes, will I need to repeat that in traits

  • GoodDogCoffee says:
    04/04/11 at 17:25:31

    @bharding – I just sent the traits suggestions…..

  • sparklemotion says:
    04/04/11 at 18:40:36

    Spring cleaning.

  • MNblarneystone says:
    04/04/11 at 19:21:32

    How does this affect my custom cats?? If at all?? Thanks for catching up with this. I have almost exclusively clothing, jewelry and collectibles, as well as dolls and doll things… I can hardly wait. Thanks again!!

  • froggieb says:
    04/04/11 at 21:36:29

    >>we’re actually adding a new system-wide framework for all our vintage items to make sure they can be found.<<

    I won’t ask you to expand on this as you already said this will be the next blog. I will just say HURRAY!! This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! Categories really need cleaned up!

  • rod3955 says:
    04/05/11 at 06:16:34

    This should continue to keep Bonanza booth items in a positive light and in conformance with the changes coming from Google………now if I could just wrap my 74 year old, non-technical thinking around all of it I’ll be OK…………

  • AbbysAttic says:
    04/05/11 at 07:03:10

    Sounds great, but it also sounds like we’ll have to go back in and edit traits. Not a big deal. Just trying to understand.

  • froggieb says:
    04/05/11 at 07:31:54

    >> we will automagically handle transferring your items in the correct place in the Bonanza product hierarchy — no effort on your part is required.<<

    I think they are planning to move everything to the correct place for us. I am a little concerned that we might not agree on what is the correct placement. I think I’m glad I don’t have thousands or hundreds of items listed.

    As for the traits, that’s so simple. Every now and again when I update my booth I go to the list to check the traits. Since they are constabntly adding new ones I have found a few to check here and there. I think this is the quickest place to check these.f

    I just hope that this is the category cleanup we’ve all been begging for!

  • divinefabricsnmore says:
    04/05/11 at 08:35:47

    Thanks so much for the Update! I Hope this Helps a Lot of Members!

  • PhoenixResale says:
    04/05/11 at 08:55:39

    >>we’re actually adding a new system-wide framework for all our vintage items to make sure they can be found.<<

    Ooo, I am liking the sound of that.

  • tillingtraders says:
    04/05/11 at 09:36:15

    Thanks, Bill. I think most sellers will find this to be a meaningful upgrade. We’ve been yammering about this for awhile, so this is good news. Hope you have upgraded antiquarian books! There’s a lot of junk in there!

  • StarvingPackrats says:
    04/05/11 at 10:08:23

    Thanks Bill.

    >>we’re actually adding a new system-wide framework for all our vintage items to make sure they can be found.


  • AutumnLeaves says:
    04/05/11 at 10:23:55

    Nice to see you Bill. Nice upgrade and was needed. Thanks so much.

  • debdoll says:
    04/05/11 at 15:32:11

    I am pleased to hear about the changes. Great news!

  • bharding says:
    04/05/11 at 17:18:42

    @ fuzzle: No, if you already have unique attributes on your items, you’re set, you won’t have to redo any work.

    @ blarney: Custom categories won’t be affected, those are setup by you…so we have no plans to mess with those

  • calicoseas says:
    04/05/11 at 18:40:41

    I trust that the items we have listed in “uncategorized,” so a “duplicate” won’t upload to Google Shopping, will stay uncategorized, but also stay in our custom categories, so that the Google “Bots” will find them for Google Organic Search?

    Thanks for all you do.

  • EuropeanGoodies says:
    04/05/11 at 21:29:37

    Without reading all of the above posts now – actually I have to say
    suggesting traits was impossible for ME
    emphasis on ME . Obviously I’m too dumb for that.
    When ever I tried to add and/or ask for a new trait – there were only suggestd traits coming up.
    ‘Add new trait (as in ask for)’ does NOT give me an opportunity to write a new trait in. Everything is given there.

    Well, I gave up after a few trials – yet I tried it again lately, no change.
    So, what’s the sense of asking for new traits that might be needed if there is no way to put one in?

    I’m sure, it’s me, because obv. others have admitted traits.
    But like some things here… it’s hard to find.
    I never could.

  • CritterCreekRanch says:
    04/06/11 at 07:06:45

    I am kinda confused, I have HAMMOCK and you have every material except COTTON which is what most hammocks are made of .. going thru my listings and wow i have alot of work to do sighhh

  • CritterCreekRanch says:
    04/06/11 at 07:15:29

    and here is another one BIRDBATHS MATERIAL how come there is not IRON OR CAST IRON

    Birdbath Birdfeeder Iron with Stand Bird Water Features
    Category: Home & Garden >> Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living >> Bird & Wildlife Accessories >> Birdbaths
    Brand Name – Evergreen Enterprises, IncWhitehall ProductsOther
    Color – BlackBlueBronzeBrownGoldGraniteGrayGreenMetalOrangePinkPurpleRedSilverTanTaupeWhiteYellow Condition – New Used
    Material – BambooCeramicConcreteMetalOtherPlasticPolyResinResinWood

  • booksaroundtheclock says:
    04/06/11 at 13:48:20

    I just added some missing or new traits to many items in my store. Kudos on the drop down boxes and for adding traits to the Postcard category. :-) It didn’t take me long at all (15 minutes) to update my 115 items’ traits. Thanks for the valuable improvements. I’ll be listing a lot more here.

  • purpleiris says:
    04/07/11 at 07:49:30

    OMG!! Where am I supposed to categorize my travel bags now? I don’t understand why that category had to be removed. It’s not redundant, otherwise there’d be another relative category for me to put it in, nor is there a problem with fraud in that category.

    It’s actually a need in most cases for personal and business use, but I can’t categorize it under clothing and “other” is NOT acceptable. So, where, pray tell, do I categorize these items now? And, no, “Everything Else” is not going to work either.

    How will my items get seen in search if they don’t have a true category? If you expect all of your categories to fall in line with the “everything thing but the ordinary”, then you might as well remove them all because most of the items found here are ordinary stuff you can find elsewhere. Personally, I think you should change your tag line to something else rather than alienating most of your sellers here.

    The current tag line should refer more to the way business is done here rather than the types of products we sell because it simply doesn’t fit. Besides, it would greatly reduce your target audience to make everyday stuff people need in a down economy hard to find here.

    I’m sorry, but what you’re doing simply doesn’t make sense to me. Geez…as if I didn’t have enough work to do and stuff to deal with. Thanks!!

  • bparkerhouse says:
    04/07/11 at 09:19:53

    Kudos on the clean-up. I’ve noticed some crazy things in the past (like vase/material: rubber) and am glad things will be a bit more….shall I say…….professional, planned, well thought out, logical, etc. Also glad individual attributes will remain.

  • sofyblu2 says:
    04/07/11 at 10:32:13

    Any idea when this might be completed so I can begin the clean up?? Thanks Mary

  • BARNTIQUES859 says:
    04/07/11 at 23:21:06

    i think before this all happens you need to clean up the miscategotized items. what a mess

  • TheHotAttic says:
    04/08/11 at 05:28:35

    Dolls and bears do NOT belong under Crafts! If they can’t have their own category at LEAST put them under Collectibles!

  • emmesattic says:
    04/08/11 at 07:36:23

    Where did dolls and bears go?

  • emmesattic says:
    04/08/11 at 07:42:56

    Dolls and Bears are not Crafts. They are Toys or Collectibles.

  • SunshinesGallery says:
    04/08/11 at 07:59:16

    @emmesattic Dolls and Bears are also in crafts because some people make there own variations of them

  • SunshinesGallery says:
    04/08/11 at 08:01:23

    @ Bill I do not have MPN as it is showing when I am listing my craft paints but do have a UPC That is not the same as Google will be looking for is it. I am unsure what to do I just found this while starting to list them. Help Please

  • CindyBear says:
    04/08/11 at 08:48:39

    @sunshine..also realize that some make their own..but honestly if you go into a store/booth looking for Barbie or a Boyds Bear…are you even going to think of clicking on Crafts (by the way Crafts is not showing in my can’t even click on that to search for a particular brand of bear)

  • SunshinesGallery says:
    04/08/11 at 10:35:08

    somewhere I seen a category for them Cindy I will see if I can find it again and bmail it to you

  • SunshinesGallery says:
    04/08/11 at 10:45:14

    @Cindy Look in the listings Main Category go to Toys & Hobbies, Then Dolls & Bears, Boyds, and what ever follows it for you On Dolls Same Just go to Dolls
    If you want go to advance tab and make a Category for them and follow the instructions there Sweetie. Hope That this helps you

  • Bighorsecoins says:
    04/08/11 at 12:28:06

    Where did the coins and paper money catagory go?

  • LadybugzDollz says:
    04/08/11 at 15:07:53

    I do NOT like Dolls and Bear being put under Toys and Hobbies or Crafts. Maybe some dolls belong there but not ALL dolls. Antique and Vintage dolls are not TOYS. Please give us back our dolls and bears category. I have long felt the boyz think that all dolls are toys and they are not. I would not want to list an Antique bisque doll under toys. Nor would I want to list a number one Barbie under Toys. Maybe the newer dolls are toys but not the older ones.

  • debdoll says:
    04/08/11 at 16:47:29

    I agree with LadybugzDollz. Either Dolls & Bears need a separate catagory, or they will need a sub-catagory under antiques and collectibles for the collectors. Collectors don’t want to search through tons of new toys to find antique and vintage dolls and bears for their collections. It is also misleading to lump antique/vintage dolls & bears in with toys since there are so many restrictions on toys now days due to lead, etc.

    I see the Toys and Hobbies catagory in my booth. When I click on it, I see 174 items that are NOT toys since they’re vintage collectibles. I also see only TWO sub-catagories; educational and pretend play/preschool. My dolls and bears are not in either.

  • momspennies says:
    04/08/11 at 20:48:36

    SunshinesGallery says:
    04/08/11 at 08:01:23

    @ Bill I do not have MPN as it is showing when I am listing my craft paints but do have a UPC That is not the same as Google will be looking for is it. I am unsure what to do I just found this while starting to list them. Help Please

    Pam, just to let you know UPC is one of the five attributes we can provide. We must submit 2 of these five to be visible in GPS:

    In addition, Books published after ISBN’s were assigned must show a valid ISBN (preferable ISBN-13 over ISBN-10)
    Again, this is only to get visibility in GPS.
    Hope that helps.

  • AdventuresAndHobbies says:
    04/09/11 at 08:40:54

    I just want to get clarification on something related to these new item specifics. If I have assigned attributes such as Brand, MPN, etc through the batch editor SEO section, do I also need to enter them through the item specifics on the individual listings? If the item specifics shows a blank, will the attributes added under the batch editor be picked up for GPS?

    I checked some of my listings (through the edit item) and nothing shows up in the item specifics sections (for example, Brand is blank) even though the item does have the Brand attribute assigned when I look at it in the batch editor.

    Thank you for any clarification.

  • paws4critters says:
    04/09/11 at 14:08:37

    Sorry, but I agree with Purple Iris, there is nothing different abt this site from all the others. What is sold here is sold everywhere else. “Anything but the ordinary” does NOT fit the site. If it did, you might as well, shut it down because it wouldn’t get any business at all. I think the tag line needs to refer to the service or something, but not the products offered.

  • alexwberg says:
    04/11/11 at 08:51:39

    @TheHotAttic – Dolls and Bears are under ‘Toys & Hobbies’ now.

  • alexwberg says:
    04/11/11 at 08:53:11

    @ Bighorsecoins – coins and paper money are now listed as part of Collectibles.

  • bharding says:
    04/11/11 at 10:50:29

    @adventures: If you’ve already assigned Brand/MPN/etc through the SEO section of the batch editor, you don’t need to fill out the item trait for that.

    @sofy: We are now about 95% done with our category consolidation and trait addition, so feel free to fill out any new traits that may have become available.

    @paws: While we do have items that are ordinary, it’s not what we want our focus to be on. There are better sites for sellers with ordinary items. If there is nothing to separate Bonanza from other sites, then why should a buyer bother to think of us first? Even to the extent we may not clearly differentiate today, building something we are particularly good at needs to be a constant target for us.

    FYI on “why to consolidate in the first place” – The rationale behind consolidating some of our parent categories was to reduce clutter at the top level for categories whose cumulative inventory was less than 1% of all our items. By definition, if a category’s total items aren’t at least 1% of Bonanza’s inventory (Dolls and Bears was about half a percent of our total inventory), then it makes more sense as a subcategory.

    For consolidated categories (like the luggage), feel free to email support if you have a category that you think should be re-added under a new parent category.

  • debdoll says:
    04/11/11 at 15:38:16

    Bill, when building a ‘relatively’ new site like Bonanza, is it really smart to weight historical/current ranking of a catagory (i.e. dolls & bears) above potential for that catagory? Wouldn’t you like to grow the catagory rather than shrink it? Lead paint was used on antique and vintage dolls. If they are considered and marketed under TOYS, wouldn’t that be suggesting they are playthings for children?

  • LadybugzDollz says:
    04/11/11 at 15:41:39

    Personally, as a buyer I didn’t think the categories were cluttered. I felt like they were great. And didn’t need to be uncluttered. I have searched other sites where they were cluttered and confusing to search for items. This place has not been so cluttered I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I know I am just one seller among thousands here but I didn’t and still don’t see a reason to have “reduced clutter”. By doing so you may have made it more difficult for buyers to find what they want.

    Dolls have been on the top 10 list of collectibles for years. Why would you want to put them where doll collectors would not even think to look?

    I also would like to know what you consider to be the “bonanza brand”?

  • NancysNostalgicDolls says:
    04/13/11 at 01:19:58

    I’m not happy Buquisha……

  • cshort0319 says:
    04/14/11 at 11:02:32

    Vintage dolls are NOT — repeat NOT — toys. Some of them sell for thousands of dollars in pristine condition with garments.

  • cshort0319 says:
    04/14/11 at 12:11:53

    By the way, I am arguing this in principal — I don’t sell vintage dolls!

    I just think this decision is poor judgment.

  • bharding says:
    04/14/11 at 12:26:50

    @debdoll: I’d agree that we don’t want to get rid of categories that may grow, but we aren’t “getting rid of” D&B (as we did Real Estate and many others), we’re just moving it into the subcategories that suit it. If in the future we find that 3-5% or more of our items are listed in the D&B category, then we would certainly re-assess whether to make it a top level category. But for the time being, we are striving to keep top level categories as containers that have at least 1% (preferably 3% or more) of our total site inventory or more. Given that D&B has about half a percent on the Bonanza of today, it has not yet become a dominant category for us in 2+ years of operation.

    @cshort: D&B is in Toys, but we realize there are certainly items that don’t belong as Toys, which is why we have created D&B as a subcategory of Collectibles as well. As of later today or tomorrow we plan to get the same set of item traits in both of the D&B category locations.

    I think one other piece of data to keep in perspective is that 70-80% of our items’ traffic comes via Google/Bin search, where these category changes won’t make a lick of difference. Another 15-25% comes from our site search, where the difference will also be negligible. Only a very small percentage of our users (less than 5%) actually start from the “Browse Categories” page, where D&B will now be located in a different area. And again, if we find that Bonanza becomes the dominant site for D&B aficionados in the future, we’re happy to revisit where the positioning of our category hierarchy. Getting our categories arranged effectively will be an ongoing project for us.

  • debdoll says:
    04/14/11 at 12:39:25

    Thank-you for addressing this Bill. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

  • cshort0319 says:
    04/14/11 at 14:24:14

    Bill, forgive me, but there’s a fallacy in your comment that “If we find that Bonanza becomes the dominant site for D&B aficionados in the future, we’re happy to revisit where the positioning of our category hierarchy.”

    What vintage doll and bear collectors fear is that, if you don’t create the category, these items will NEVER become a dominant site for Doll and Bear aficionados.

    (Again, please know that I have no vested interest in this issue, since I do not sell vintage dolls and bears, but I know that these items can sell for very large amounts of money if they can be found by those who wish to buy them, and that, therefore — in my humble opinion —
    it would be a win-win situation for both sellers and Bonanza for you to consider revisiting your decision.


  • just4barbie says:
    04/15/11 at 07:37:44

    Bill, how do we get our vintage items into collectibles?

    When creating a new listing Collectibles is not an option for the category—only Toys & Hobbies.


  • just4barbie says:
    04/15/11 at 07:45:58

    Never mind. Found it.

  • Paceset9999 says:
    04/15/11 at 16:08:25

    Im just interested in finding out why the whole clothing category has been changed to Fashion?

  • Boutiquely_Yours says:
    04/15/11 at 16:26:31

    I’m with you Pace… I kinda feel like we suddenly went from “everything but the ordinary” to “everything LIKE the ordinary” It seems like these category changes are being initiated by someone (or someoneS) that really aren’t informed on WHAT goes WHERE… or have a rather skewed view.
    To me the everyday Joe (or Jane) does NOT look at a “fashion” category for clothing because WE (I’m a Jane lol) just wear regular old “clothing, shoes and accessories” !!

  • JustGenny says:
    04/15/11 at 16:27:46

    me too Pace I’ve never had any problems with any changes that have been made since I joined, but the boyz must have been drinking some coo coo juice when they decided on this, sorry guys but I don’t think changing clothes, shoes and accessorizes to Fashion was a good idea, just my opinion

  • CrystalBlueAttitude says:
    04/15/11 at 16:30:09

    I have a girlfriend who often shops online. She is very fashionable and likes nice things and trendy things as well. She said she wouldn’t look for “fashion” either. If she didn’t see Clothing and Accessories, she would just leave without looking further.

  • PhoenixResale says:
    04/15/11 at 16:56:38

    I’m wondering why the change too. Buyers are going to be either confused or ticked off because calling it “Fashion” kind of implies that it is high end designer items and most of the clothing on here while very nice is not of that caliber (mine included).

    And I agree with Barns comment earlier in this thread: the miscategorized items need to be cleaned up (especially in antiques, it is a huge mess).

  • unknownshopper says:
    04/17/11 at 11:06:20

    Why did Bonanza copy ebay’s fiasco of categories? I just tried to add an item – no more Clothing category – lo and behold all the crap that ebay setup with their disaster is now on bonanza.

    WHY? You think it’s great to have jackets only to mean outerwear? You think it’s great to not have casual outfits and sets any longer? You don’t think listing clogs/mules is great so you think they should go under mixed lots?

    I don’t mind ‘reorganizing’ if the intent is helpful. This was NOT. Go read the freaking clothing/shoes/accessories board, check out the multiple threads about how everyone hates the changes, how they hurt seller and buyeres.

    GEEZ. Change it back – please!

  • bharding says:
    04/20/11 at 15:44:57

    “Clothing, Shoes and Accessories” always rubbed us the wrong way as being overly wordy. The reason we chose to change that was because it gives us the opportunity to communicate the same concept but with only 25% as much text used.

    As far as the changes we made within Fashion that were similar to the eBay hierarchy, I would argue that most of them make the browsing experience more straightforward. For instance, we used to have separate categories in “Women’s Clothing” for “Petites,” “Plus Sizes,” and “Juniors.” Within each of those subcategories were a whole duplicated hierarchy for coats, jeans, etc. Rather than duplicating the hierarchy in four different places (those three, plus the base “Women’s Clothing” cat), we now have our subcats of women’s clothing all in one category, and then use traits to let the buyer filter down to the specific size(s) that they want to shop on. While eBay uses this approach also, I don’t think that makes it an inherently worse idea.

    As far as Antiques recategorizing, it is something that is on our radar alongside other improvements we’ll be making to our new listing form and our detail page in the nearish future. We are putting a renewed emphasis on having the right categories, and making sure the right items are put in those right categories.

    Thanks to everyone for their comments and bug reports over the last week in this blog. I’m going to close the commenting for now, but please do send any category suggestions you have to support and we’ll incorporate them where they make sense.

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