Using Customer Data to Build Your Business

Hey everyone! Grace here. I'm a member of Bonanza's Communications Team. You might recognize my name from the Spotlight Series we ran last week in celebration of Bonanza's anniversary.

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Customer Data: Essential for Encouraging Repeat Buyers

Most marketplaces like Amazon or eBay focus exclusively on promoting their brand to buyers. Amazon buyers rarely know which seller their product came from. As a result, customer loyalty is tied to the marketplace, not the specific seller.

Not only that, but these larger marketplaces don’t provide sellers with buyer information, so there is no opportunity for sellers to develop individual rapport with their customers. Without this personal connection, your success on these marketplaces is based on price, and price alone. Once a competitor gets your product at the same or better price, you become obsolete.

At Bonanza, our approach is different. As a seller-focused marketplace, we’re always looking for new ways to empower entrepreneurs to build a strong, lasting brand and create meaningful relationships with their customers.

I'm excited to share a new tool with you that is literally going to change your life. Seriously. "Yeah, sure. Okay, Grace," you say, rolling your eyes (impressive, but no one dishes out sass like me). "What could this tool possibly be?"

Introducing: The Customer Marketing Tool

The Customer Marketing Tool is a new tool that puts customer data directly into your hands. No other marketplace provides sellers with detailed information about past buyers that can be used in future campaigns.  

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build their dream businesses, and we believe that this tool will enable our sellers to better understand both individual customers and overall customer trends to drive business to their booths. Our goal in building this tool is to share more information about your customers so you can directly market to those customers and build a potentially reocurring relationship.

You can use the Customer Marketing Tool to access the usernames, purchasing history, and messaging history of your past customers. The tool then allows sellers to create custom lists based on just about anything: when a customer made a purchase, how much they spent, and what categories they made purchases from, to name a few. These lists can be set to automatically update and add new customers who fit the criteria of the list. (Please note: buyers always have the option of removing themselves from your list.)

The full version of the Customer Marketing Tool will be launching sometime in mid-July. Once the tool is fully launched, you will be able to use the lists you've created to craft customized email marketing campaigns. This allows you to target a variety of buyers, offering coupons and other loyalty incentives - the options are endless. 

For now, the preview version of this tool is live, so you can access this feature via the side menu on your Selling Dashboard (click the "Customers" tab). From there, you can start exploring, sorting, filtering, and tracking customers from your booth or Webstore (if applicable).

You can also view your history with each individual customer, including transactions and messages, and save notes about customers. Sellers with a Gold membership or higher, as well as sellers with a Webstore, can also track individual items purchased and wish listed.

This tool also gives booth sellers access to information about individuals who checked the "subscribe" box in their booth. This means that you have access not just to your past buyers, but to people who have shown interest in your booth - your potential future buyers. 

What's next?

Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement about the full version of this tool launching. 

Bonanza strives to find a balance that allows sellers to make sales and build a brand. Bonanza is, has been, and always will be a seller-centric marketplace. The foremost way we aim to improve your online selling experience is by creating tools like this. It is our hope that creating this tool and putting customer data in the hands of our sellers will simply be another way that our tools help you build your best possible online business.

91 responses to Using Customer Data to Build Your Business

  • Flagline says:
    06/28/16 at 17:22:06

    Looking forward to it..and yes, Amazon, Ebay is about the end, the seller is nothing, exchangable!

  • iceyx27 says:
    06/28/16 at 17:27:27

    The tool is interesting. I really would like to see bonanza drive more traffic here other than just google ad traffic

  • elfworkslane says:
    06/28/16 at 17:33:54

    Great stuff!

  • DebbieDoesJewelry says:
    06/28/16 at 17:34:31

    Thanks for implementing this new feature. It seems to be a great tool for staying in touch with customers. I can’t wait to try it!

  • MediaRecovery says:
    06/28/16 at 17:43:09

    hopefully this will drive more traffic to your booth or storefront with repeat customers,

  • decoratewithlace says:
    06/28/16 at 17:53:39

    Sound likes a wonderful idea but need customers first.

  • gossiprag says:
    06/28/16 at 17:59:42

    i can’t wait

  • Doghousedeals says:
    06/28/16 at 18:05:54

    Sounds and looks like a great tool for building business.

  • Indizona says:
    06/28/16 at 18:32:45

    Veeeeeery interesting. I’ll check it out for sure. Thanks.

  • baileysgiftshop says:
    06/28/16 at 18:44:54

    Looking forward to it and sounds great.

  • farfan_entertainment says:
    06/28/16 at 18:54:18

    Looking forward to try this. Great job!

  • TnT_Deals says:
    06/28/16 at 18:56:18

    Interesting I think it will help my sales.

  • fashionVineyard says:
    06/28/16 at 19:29:18

    I am looking foward to using this. I can only get customer data from customers however.

  • LoriA32 says:
    06/28/16 at 19:57:23

    Looking forward to it. However, sales on this site are far less than sites like eBay that care little for the seller sadly. Hope one day this site has the same traffic as eBay.

  • luxuryintimates says:
    06/28/16 at 19:58:20

    This sounds very useful for me. Can’t wait!

  • TedAmr says:
    06/28/16 at 20:13:07

    I like the idea and will be watching and Trying to utilize it.

  • retrogameworks says:
    06/28/16 at 20:38:47


  • sharsgiftmart says:
    06/28/16 at 20:41:51

    Sounds interesting

  • Beauty_Emporium says:
    06/28/16 at 21:25:37

    How about fixing your broken importer tool that I reported 3 months ago and nothing has been done yet?

    bonanzamark says in response:
    06/30/16 at 10:35:01

    Sorry the importer is not working for you. The eBay importer is an awesome tool that saves a ton of time. When it is not working as you expect then it becomes a liability (vs an asset). Hard to comment specifically on the trouble you are experiencing but we will review the request history and be in communication with you so we can assist. Thank you for your patience and support.

  • ZeePoster says:
    06/28/16 at 21:26:08

    But agree as this sounds indeed like a candy to signup for membership, and/or webstore.

  • marbosport says:
    06/28/16 at 21:43:30

    hopefully this will drive more traffic

  • jennafashionboutique says:
    06/28/16 at 22:28:15

    wow looking at replies above, very negative.

    As for more buyers, actually this site needs more sellers. Then the buyers come.

  • johnolowomart says:
    06/29/16 at 00:56:37

    thanks for this information

  • IsabellesLightingcom says:
    06/29/16 at 04:16:40

    Nice touch! Thank you for caring about your Seller customers as much as your Buyer customers! :-)

  • starshinin says:
    06/29/16 at 04:23:10

    New ‘tool’ works great, loving it. Great job!!

  • OVER_THE_TOP says:
    06/29/16 at 05:20:59

    How much does it cost?

  • GypsysMagicCaravan says:
    06/29/16 at 05:48:49

    Sounds very interesting & definitely useful. But are fees involved?

  • JoycesVarietyShop says:
    06/29/16 at 05:50:38


  • ccmom says:
    06/29/16 at 05:53:24

    nice..tried it out, would like the option to go to sub categories instead of just main category, to get more specific target group…

    Will it access all sales, or just those in the last year…would also like to be able to pull customers from…other times (like the Holiday season last year)

  • FrogAndBearCreations says:
    06/29/16 at 07:05:09

    Great tool! looking forward to this feature

  • rfdp says:
    06/29/16 at 07:47:07

    Thanks for this new feature, you are correct in some way that Bonanza is seller-centric marketplace, however every seller wants more sales, however, you need to find out why Bonanza listed item never comes up in Google search, it is always Amazon, Walmart, eBay and others but not Bonanza, please add some resources in this problem.

  • MarieADawson says:
    06/29/16 at 08:18:09

    Thank You.Sounds great!

  • Shoe_Boutique says:
    06/29/16 at 08:38:48

    That is great news This can only help in creating more sales. Hopefully this doesn’t cost anything extra.

    Thank you,


  • razorsnmore4u says:
    06/29/16 at 08:42:19

    Absolutely AWESOME !!! Way to go Bonanza !!!!

  • vickiesroom says:
    06/29/16 at 11:33:20

    Will see if it can help bring more sales and customers. I hope so.

  • LoraineBurdickBazaar says:
    06/29/16 at 13:40:50

    I’ve consistently done this on eBay and it does help. Not sure about it with Bonanza as I’ve only been on it for 2 1/2 months and haven’t had any contacts but one with offering a lower price. (Which I refused.) Loraine

  • neonsignstore says:
    06/29/16 at 14:59:14

    Sounds good and handy. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • GoldenGateEmporium says:
    06/29/16 at 16:46:32

    Sounds great and very promising, let see what happen!!!

  • GoldenGateEmporium says:
    06/29/16 at 16:46:33

    Sounds great and very promising, let see what happen!!!

  • The_upscale_store says:
    06/29/16 at 18:42:34

    Great can’t Waite looking forward to this new feature

  • sneakers_andthings says:
    06/29/16 at 20:37:24

    Looking forward to this new feature!!!

  • deraul says:
    06/29/16 at 22:47:26

    Sounds good.Hope it useful.

  • VanessaB126 says:
    06/30/16 at 02:23:51

    Thank you so much for the information. Literally have only been on here for about 3p minutes so far so good

  • Karmakid says:
    06/30/16 at 03:42:27

    Sounds good, maybe it will help. Thanks for actually caring about sellers!

  • MoonSeeker_Designs says:
    06/30/16 at 05:49:14

    Sounds wonderful cant wait to get a customer

  • neat says:
    06/30/16 at 09:17:47

    This information complete w/ email would be great!

  • Colors4umeHim says:
    06/30/16 at 18:15:03

    Sounds great!:)

  • FantasticFinds2014 says:
    06/30/16 at 20:12:30

    Great tool idea, can’t wait to try it. Definatly agree with the other sites out there more focused on their profits, which, I think they forget that without the sellers they have nothing. I have been selling online since 1998 with many ups and downs along the way, but, I think Bonanza will soon be the #1 marketplace. Thanks all!

  • marbosport says:
    06/30/16 at 21:16:13

    Today is one of the most significant days in the history of the United States. In a short time the country has proven that it is strong and rich. We hope its future affairs will go right. Wish your American dream come true and life be calm and at the same time rich.
    Together with the Bonanza !!!!

  • masonictreasures says:
    07/02/16 at 08:07:27

    Terrific Tool, really enjoyed the trial version. I’m hoping that the Tool will be available to all the booths and not just the paying members, because used correctly it will bring more sales to both the booth owner and in turn to Bonanza. Having the ability to contact the buyers directly with targeted sale offers by using the lists and tool is a huge time saver. I also hope that the full version will allow us to go back further in time to pull the lists together. Thanks again for another great innovation

  • Treasures_ says:
    07/02/16 at 13:03:07

    Hello there

  • InspiredCreations says:
    07/03/16 at 04:09:50

    I like being able to see customer information. It helps me evaluate necessary changes! Thanks for making great options for sellers here.

  • figurineitout says:
    07/03/16 at 08:26:10

    Sounds like a great tool for those who already have a lot of sales here. I had repeat customers on ebay, but since I’ve only had one sale here in the last year, well….

  • Negrita888 says:
    07/04/16 at 07:11:23

    It looks like a great opportunity to known and build good relations with buyers, can’t wait to see it!

  • Tiffanys_Etc says:
    07/04/16 at 09:25:38

    Fantastic tool. Can’t wait!

  • MoonSeeker_Designs says:
    07/04/16 at 09:59:35

    sounds good

  • your2Nd_Home says:
    07/04/16 at 17:42:26

    The tool is interesting. I really would like to see bonanza drive more traffic here. Thank for the new tool

  • bharding says:
    07/05/16 at 15:07:08

    To those who have inquired about the cost for this tool, we plan to offer the core functionality (as described by this blog post) to all sellers free of charge. We think it’s a fundamental part of running a successful business to have the opportunity to build a base of repeat customers.

    In time, we plan to add additional functionality for members, but this is a tool that we hope will drive more sales for Bonanza sellers of all sizes & types, regardless of membership level.

  • rczomb1 says:
    07/06/16 at 01:07:03

    I appreciate the fact your friendly computer is not a HAL 9000.

  • SCVIEW says:
    07/07/16 at 03:15:26

    This a good step for everyone on this site. I sell on many sites and have used Email to drive sales to my listings for Years. A small niche site [Bidstart] has used this tactic for years and it is the only reason that they have large amounts of sales. Will the option of adding customers manually ever be done? I have a e-mailing list of over 70,000 customers and I would like to invite them to look at this site.

  • Fgcia75 says:
    07/07/16 at 12:27:52

    Hi Grace. I am relatively new to Bonanza after much disappointment with Ebay. What captured my attention in this article Grace, was how you said Bonanza is a Seller oriented Market place rather than the buyer-focused schema that Ebay and other huge market places support. I think the annouceuncemt of this new tool is wonderful because at the end, happy sellers and close relations with their buyers means happy buyers and enduring relationships. In this era of dry cold technology, people still seek for that personal touch. A Seller who has pacience and to the best of his/her abilities answers all the many questions a buyer may have shows the level of care and commitment that buyers seek. After all sellers also become buyers and when that happens one expects same or better buying experience than the one you provide as seller.
    I’m sure this new tool will be very helpful for all here. Our job now is to learn it and use it and if we need help, I am sure the amazing Bonanza support team that I heard about, will be able to answer all of our questions.
    Thumbs up Bonanza!

  • AbundantBlessings says:
    07/09/16 at 08:32:58

    This is awesome news!!! Thank you, Bonanza!!!

  • Sherryberry111 says:
    07/09/16 at 18:16:40

    i will take you seriously when you drive traffik here that rivals ebay, until then, blog into the wind

  • CarmenJ18 says:
    07/10/16 at 06:19:32

    Not happy with items I bought from site.Not sure where to post pictures

  • Chariescloset says:
    07/10/16 at 12:18:34

    I have always loved my Bonanza booth but I sell three times as much in my eBay listing. I would love to start selling through my booth because I am reinventing my booth and hope to get new customers coming to my booth. I can’t wait to be able to reach out to my customer.

  • Simonian_Saw_Service says:
    07/10/16 at 12:39:55

    I have been saving emails from ebay sales, Can I add these emails to this tool?

  • carmelcollectibles says:
    07/10/16 at 22:37:56

    thank you!

  • pwrplayebookspalace says:
    07/11/16 at 03:20:07

    Be nice to have a filter to show repeat customers. Nice tool and looking forward to using it, great job!

    07/11/16 at 09:44:01

    I will try it

    07/11/16 at 09:44:57

    It sounds really fantastic, cana’t wait to try it!

  • FIVE5TAR_COM says:
    07/11/16 at 19:05:57

    Everyone saying Bonanza needs more traffic…you are absolutely right, we need a ton more traffic. But Bonanza by themselves simply isn’t going to be able to create the traffic we all desire. But…WE can! How many sellers are on Bonanza? If every one of us go on our personal facebook pages and tell all of our friends to check out, describing it as a better, cheaper alternative to ebay, that would reach MILLIONS of people. It would be more effective than any add Bonanza could run. Let’s start a movement!

  • SFLA says:
    07/12/16 at 08:09:15

    Sounds real good. Will keep in touch.

    07/12/16 at 18:16:28


  • Buttons_N_Pins says:
    07/13/16 at 07:30:30

    As I adjust to “life after eBay” I find the tools and resources available here at Bonanza a huge help and look forward to using more of them, including the Customer Data info, sorta like furnishing a new home right after moving in, Thanks Bonanza.

  • PerformanceDecals says:
    07/14/16 at 23:12:03

    Yea Buddy!

  • Maxongate1942 says:
    07/15/16 at 08:39:11

    I like this new tool looking for more traffic to my booth.
    I have three sales in three years.

  • zhaodong_zhu says:
    07/15/16 at 09:43:28

    Good idea.

  • ElizabethJ207 says:
    07/15/16 at 13:43:33


  • normasbathandbody says:
    07/15/16 at 15:29:45

    How much is this?

  • alasa says:
    07/16/16 at 06:24:40

  • CarmelitaA says:
    07/17/16 at 21:47:10


  • bybirthdayteez says:
    07/17/16 at 22:53:21

    I agree with some of the other comments….adding tools yet other tools do not work? Importing CVS files do NOT work. Things are missing or not imported at all. This is a hugh issue for those utilizing multiple platforms for selling. We want to upload and move on.

  • marecrochets says:
    07/19/16 at 12:51:38

    Wondering if when this is launched it will only be available to those who pay for a webstore? I don’t make enough monthly sales to even pay for that…don’t mean to be negative but…..

  • Biubwa says:
    07/19/16 at 13:29:07

    Well informed and eye opening information. Can’t wait to implement it. Thank you!

  • apocalypticstudios says:
    07/19/16 at 18:07:31

    Great tool! Now we need more customers to use the tool.

  • hopelightstore says:
    07/20/16 at 06:56:28

    The tool is interesting. I really would like to see bonanza drive more traffic here other than just google ad traffic

  • TheSmugglersHold says:
    07/20/16 at 22:41:01

    Glad to see that there are alternatives to eBay!

  • TimelessLanding says:
    07/21/16 at 07:32:29

    Looks like this could be a great tool.

  • HoraceS4 says:
    07/23/16 at 11:27:07

    Yes I agree we need more traffice, I’m going to try it out, but more traffic not just from google

  • bazalt61 says:
    07/25/16 at 00:01:28

    I wish all the more sales with a new tool !!!

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