Using Customer Data to Build Your Business

Hey everyone! Grace here. I'm a member of Bonanza's Communications Team. You might recognize my name from the Spotlight Series we ran last week in celebration of Bonanza's anniversary.

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Customer Data: Essential for Encouraging Repeat Buyers

Most marketplaces like Amazon or eBay focus exclusively on promoting their brand to buyers. Amazon buyers rarely know which seller their product came from. As a result, customer loyalty is tied to the marketplace, not the specific seller.

Not only that, but these larger marketplaces don’t provide sellers with buyer information, so there is no opportunity for sellers to develop individual rapport with their customers. Without this personal connection, your success on these marketplaces is based on price, and price alone. Once a competitor gets your product at the same or better price, you become obsolete.

At Bonanza, our approach is different. As a seller-focused marketplace, we’re always looking for new ways to empower entrepreneurs to build a strong, lasting brand and create meaningful relationships with their customers.

I'm excited to share a new tool with you that is literally going to change your life. Seriously. "Yeah, sure. Okay, Grace," you say, rolling your eyes (impressive, but no one dishes out sass like me). "What could this tool possibly be?"

Introducing: The Customer Marketing Tool

The Customer Marketing Tool is a new tool that puts customer data directly into your hands. No other marketplace provides sellers with detailed information about past buyers that can be used in future campaigns.  

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build their dream businesses, and we believe that this tool will enable our sellers to better understand both individual customers and overall customer trends to drive business to their booths. Our goal in building this tool is to share more information about your customers so you can directly market to those customers and build a potentially reocurring relationship.

You can use the Customer Marketing Tool to access the usernames, purchasing history, and messaging history of your past customers. The tool then allows sellers to create custom lists based on just about anything: when a customer made a purchase, how much they spent, and what categories they made purchases from, to name a few. These lists can be set to automatically update and add new customers who fit the criteria of the list. (Please note: buyers always have the option of removing themselves from your list.)

The full version of the Customer Marketing Tool will be launching sometime in mid-July. Once the tool is fully launched, you will be able to use the lists you've created to craft customized email marketing campaigns. This allows you to target a variety of buyers, offering coupons and other loyalty incentives - the options are endless. 

For now, the preview version of this tool is live, so you can access this feature via the side menu on your Selling Dashboard (click the "Customers" tab). From there, you can start exploring, sorting, filtering, and tracking customers from your booth or Webstore (if applicable).

You can also view your history with each individual customer, including transactions and messages, and save notes about customers. Sellers with a Gold membership or higher, as well as sellers with a Webstore, can also track individual items purchased and wish listed.

This tool also gives booth sellers access to information about individuals who checked the "subscribe" box in their booth. This means that you have access not just to your past buyers, but to people who have shown interest in your booth - your potential future buyers. 

What's next?

Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement about the full version of this tool launching. 

Bonanza strives to find a balance that allows sellers to make sales and build a brand. Bonanza is, has been, and always will be a seller-centric marketplace. The foremost way we aim to improve your online selling experience is by creating tools like this. It is our hope that creating this tool and putting customer data in the hands of our sellers will simply be another way that our tools help you build your best possible online business.

1 response to Using Customer Data to Build Your Business

  • Five5tar logo alt thumb128
    FIVE5TAR_COM says:
    07/11/16 at 19:05:57

    Everyone saying Bonanza needs more traffic…you are absolutely right, we need a ton more traffic. But Bonanza by themselves simply isn’t going to be able to create the traffic we all desire. But…WE can! How many sellers are on Bonanza? If every one of us go on our personal facebook pages and tell all of our friends to check out, describing it as a better, cheaper alternative to ebay, that would reach MILLIONS of people. It would be more effective than any add Bonanza could run. Let’s start a movement!

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