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I offer a promotional service for other online sellers...I have established myself on many social sites and I am able to bring your store views from many different sources. I work hard to get you seen!!

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your...

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My Endorsements (93)

HollywoodOccult says: March 24, 2017


FrogAndBearCreations says: November 16, 2015

This seller offers great promotional services for fellow sellers!

dcfaith2000 says: May 26, 2014

thanks soooo much . Thanks for your dedication and commitment. I am shipping out 2 items tomorrow. thanks again.

dorsettra says: October 27, 2013

A great member of the Bonanza community! A terrific store as well! Promoted an item of mine during one of my first days on Bonanza. Really made me feel welcome. Thanks!

xxNuthingNew says: July 30, 2013

Thanks for promoting my item! It’s my first day on Bonanza and that made me feel so welcome!


NeillsDeals says: July 10, 2013

Wow! What a Dynamo this Lady is! Not only does she have fabulous gifts for everyone, great customer service and prices, but she finds time to help promote others as well! Whether you are shopping for a special something for someone or to boost your PR presence on the Internet, JDsGiftShack is for YOU! Dena is truly ubiquitous/everywhere, and always the consummate Professional in every interaction/transaction! Thank you!!

Bootsies says: July 09, 2013

Exemplary Marketing Guru who is everywhere promoting Bonanza, its Events and its People! Dena is a gift to the Bonanza Family, enhancing the great Community Spirit that is so special about Bonanza. She is AMAZING, Professional, and very Results Driven! Thank you for everything, Dena!

thecoatofgoldsilver says: June 05, 2013

Thank you so much for promoting jafra almond body lotion… You’re the Best!!! God bless You

CindysCollectibles says: April 01, 2013

Dena is a wonderful, kind person and a great promoter! She goes out of her way to get your items promoted!

lynnestreasures says: January 16, 2013

I was lucky enough to win a promotional package from jdsgiftshack and was very, very pleased with her dedication and hard work in promoting my booth items. I would highly recommend her for any of your promotional needs.

cathysfind says: January 15, 2013

Fantastic Promoter and Networker…does a great job of bringing traffic to your booth! Warm and Friendly Seller…will definitely be back for promotion services! ?

ew410 says: December 17, 2012

Just wanted everyone to know this lady is an ANGEL!! She has been AWESOME to me! I find these kinds of people are hard to find! I am glad she is here and my friend!! PERFECTION….:)

JazzyBeads says: December 12, 2012

Dena is a terrific promoter. She goes out of her way to please her customers. Highly recommend Dena – she is the best!

eli1975 says: November 30, 2012

Hi, I’m back!!!! Awesome promoter. Loved the promo work you did before so I am back. Anyone looking for a promoter, she is the best. Happy Holidays!

InspiredCreations says: November 21, 2012

Phenomenal seller. Fantastic communication skills and thorough follow-up to ensure a smooth transaction.

bonzbuyer_jbstw says: November 10, 2012

i just joined..wanted to show off my pie i baked in the treasure craft pie dish

jewelsandgems says: November 02, 2012

Dena is awesome! I run a booth for a friend and I’ve re-opened my own but my booth is slow going. Dena is the best in terms of support, advice and just an all around great lady. Just another wonderful Bonanzaler!!!!

yippykiyea says: October 29, 2012

Wow, Dena does such a great job of promoting my booth! I will be using her great services again and again as my sales have skyrocketed! Thanks again!

MONTROSE says: October 21, 2012

Dena, someone that has promoted SEVERAL of my other online businesses with such great Succe$$. Quite a $avvvvy-businesswoman she is indeed. +hanK yoU, Monty

CritterCreekRanch says: October 07, 2012

Wonderful seller / promoter on Bonanza, buy with confidence from jdsgiftshack!

tannie21 says: September 29, 2012

Fantastic, willing to help promotes my booth.

CosmicKnives says: September 25, 2012

I started using jds a few days ago for promotions and my views went up like crazy and I made 2 sales and there not done yet. If you need to promote your items jds is the place to go.

Excess says: September 11, 2012

Everything said here is absolutly true! Great Lady and she keeps her word!

Excess says: September 09, 2012

Thanks again for the Tweets!

Excess says: September 09, 2012

Thank you again for the Tweets. You keep your word and follow through!!!

Excess says: September 02, 2012

Thank you for the Tweets! My views have improved tremendously!!

ExoticDesigns2012 says: September 01, 2012

Thanks so much for tweeting about my items!! ;-)

NoSuchThingasJunk says: August 31, 2012

Thanks so much for the support

oldbaloo says: August 29, 2012

Dena is just the greatest! So helpful, caring, and always willing to lend a hand. Great seller, too. Can’t go wrong here – this is what Bonanza is all about

the_LV_bag_lady says: August 26, 2012

You’ve done a fantastic job promoting my booth. Thanks so much. You’re a STAR!

CB-Style says: August 24, 2012

Thank you for the tweet!!

Excess says: August 19, 2012

Thank you Dena! You responded so quickly and promoted me. I also know “Inspired” so I know you’re good!!

arie4381 says: August 18, 2012

Jd is a fantastic seller. She goes above and beyond when promoting for you. A true asset to bonanza sellers. Will definitely be using her again.

stitchncraft says: August 06, 2012

You do a wonderful job at promoting products. Super nice and great communication. A pleasure to do business with you. Thanks.

PamsPearls says: July 31, 2012

Thanks for the tweet. We’re new and learning the ropes.

BLKGLASS says: July 30, 2012

This seller delivers! After I purchased a promotion package in Dena’s booth – jdsgiftshack, the views of my booth shot up! I will be a repeat customer.

NortonShoresBeauty says: July 25, 2012

Dena consistently provides superior service. My views soar when I’m using her packages, and I sell things too. Know what’s even better? Dena is a wonderful person, both great to work with, and someone I’m proud to consider a friend. She’s kind-hearted, and never fails to go the extra mile for her clients.

You will not regret hiring her. Rather, I think, you might regret not doing so.

mmcollectibles says: July 24, 2012

Thanks i’m new here and is nice to know someone is out there

arie4381 says: July 20, 2012
Super friendly and very helpful. She is a must in your arsenal.
SAFTINET says: July 18, 2012

My thanks for the tweet today. Continued success to you!

Excess says: July 17, 2012

Thanks for the Tweet! New here and still learning everyday. Nice Booth!

MONTROSE says: July 10, 2012

Monty’s Lady Galore is one of the most busiest Twitters on eARTH. She will tweet until a bird sings} S0LD. I’m definitely SOLD on this professional and so should yoU.

Nancynokaya says: June 18, 2012

Thanks for the tweet! I am just learning a lot of this. I appreciate it! Great booth!

ButterMeUp says: June 11, 2012

Dena is a step above the rest. I love the way Dena promote on several sites not just twitter. She also has excellent customer service. I enjoy talking with her. Dena is so pleasant and easily makes my day. True asset to Bonanza

adcrugs says: May 30, 2012

Thank you for th tweet I will return the favour too

lindakm says: May 22, 2012

thanks for the tweet for my cute cat pin…..AAAAAAAAA

ChefdEclat says: May 09, 2012

Thank you so much for tweeting my item! I’m new to Bonanza and appreciate the warm, supportive welcome.

VintageCrateFeeders says: April 20, 2012

Wow…I appreciate your support and tweet. Thank you very much.

bestdesignerprices1 says: April 18, 2012

Thanks again, Dena for all your help!! I’m getting more and more views.

HavensRainbow says: April 18, 2012

Dena offers professional service. I am impressed with her promo packages. Her communication is excellent and friendly!! Thank you.

thevintageflea says: April 16, 2012

Great guys – and extremely kind and helpful.

bestdesignerprices1 says: April 12, 2012

Dena is awesome!! I feel like I’ve known her months instead of a day. She has helped me so much. Many thanks.

MONTROSE says: March 19, 2012

Dena, with no doubt, is a go getter! I swear, the woman never sleeps constantly tweeting to “get the word out” about YOUR booth items. In 2012, she joined my TEAM of Twitter Professionals and I highly Approve this M0NTdorsement by 100%.

GottagoGottago says: February 04, 2012

Dena did some special extras for me that really put her above the top! I cannot say enough great things about her and her promotions work – you will NOT regret using her! AWESOME!!

Greatstyles4less says: January 27, 2012

Jdsgiftshack is an excellent seller/buyer on Bonanza, who also graciously helps others. She has fabulous items, superb promotion packages at great prices and awesome customer service. She is wonderful to do business with and great asset to the bonanza community!!

LuvMyBxr says: January 15, 2012

What a delightful, friendly lady! It’s been my absolute pleasure doing business with her! Thank you for always going above and beyond!!

KerisKrystals says: January 10, 2012

Dena is an amazing person. She goes above and beyond for her clients always thinking of their needs first. My only regret is not knowing her sooner. Thank you so much, Dena. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me!

GottagoGottago says: January 07, 2012

Dena rocks! I needed help getting things sold fast from my “online moving sale” booth so we can get it all gone and hit the road to leave – she KNOWS how to market! Because of her, my sales are moving better! Not only does she know her stuff – she’s so sweet and friendly to work with! One cannot say enough good things about her – thanks so much Dena!!

greattoys4u says: January 05, 2012

thank you, they tweeted two items when i started selling and those items have at least 10 times more views than the others. thanks alot i appreciate it.

myfavoritebarbie says: December 23, 2011

Thank You Again for Tweet. Happy Holidays.

thisanthatshop says: December 23, 2011

What can I add to all these wonderful and true comments others have already said..What a Wonderful person. I consider Dena to be a friend. She is so helpful, considerate and great asset to the Bonanza Community.

buymystuffplease says: December 08, 2011

Thank you so much for tweeting some of my items, wow, that was super incredible of you, I never expected that, thank you a million. Will be checking your Booth out momentarily. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

MistressofRiches says: December 04, 2011

Thank you for the helpful tweet! Happy Holidays!

GuysGifts says: November 28, 2011

Dena I want to thank you so much for the wonderful job you do. You are such a pleasure to work with and a great asset to Bonanza and all of us. It has been so nice having you do my promotions and finding a new friend because I feel like you are a promoter but also my friend.I Intend to continue doing business with this wonderful person for quite some time.
Thanks Dena

KerisKrystals says: November 26, 2011

What a great helpful person. I’m so glad I found her! She is kind and honest! Thank you so much!

wishingtobe29 says: November 16, 2011

Wow, I was amazed, I bought one of her promote your booth packages, and within 30 minutes I had a sale, booth few’s going up. I was getting pretty discouraged I have been selling on Bonanza for over 2 years, and never had it this slow. This sure perked up my spirits. Thanks so much..

CollectiblesByJo says: November 08, 2011

I’ve been using JD"s for almost a month now. All I can say is if you are not using her services you should start now. My items are getting seen, all over and not just Twitter and FB. Dena is an expert and a friendly one at that. I’ve decided to use her services on a regular basis. She is just THAT GOOD! Thank you, Dena.

inspired says: November 05, 2011

Have confidence when doing business with jdsgiftshack! Super nice seller who goes up and above to please their customer. If you’re a seller, be sure to check out the promotion packages as well! Awesome job of promoting my booth, which exceeded my expectations, both in service and in views! I will definitely be a happily, returning customer.

jillybeansboutique says: November 03, 2011

Super duper seller! The items are fabulous! The shipping is SUPER FAST! The communication is WONDERFUL!! Love love love this booth!! THanks a bunch!!

s_and_r says: November 01, 2011

thanks for all your help and information!

CollectiblesByJo says: November 01, 2011

Being new to Bonanza I’ve had many questions and needed help in advertising and promoting. Dena, was right there to help me with promoting and answering questions etc… She is one of the most helpful and friendly people I’ve met in a long time. I can also tell you that her promotion services will get you traffic and get your items seen. I highly recommend Dena, her booth and her services. Thank you so much.

mjzc59 says: October 27, 2011

so warm, consistant, kind and much more She has a variety of promotions to choose from as well as many booth items. Dena is a definate asset to Bonanza!

BagsandBargains says: October 22, 2011

Dena is the best! A kindly and friendly seller – easy to work with. Her promotion packages are great and really work. She has been doing promos for my booths for 6 months or so and I have definately seen a difference in not only views but sales. Try her promos out – you’ll be glad you did. Dena – thanks so much for all you do! You’re a great seller and promoter!!!

MrsMysteryGal says: July 31, 2011

AWESOME And Amazing person.. Thank you so much for all the Tweets Great Bonanzler! Highly Recommended as a SELLER / BUYER!

AudiLee says: June 22, 2011

Dena!!! This seller is the absolute best! I met her here at Bonanza quite some time ago and have come to really admire and adore her! Dena is friendly, witty, humorous, kind-hearted, generous and just over-all one of the sweetest gals I’ve been blessed to get to know. She is always thinking of others, stopping by their booths tagging, tweeting, saying hello.. she’s a great promoter and networker! I love the saying she has on her profile; watch your thoughts… Wise words to share! Booth wise, her prices are great, her items unique from the vintage and antiques & in between to the sweetest pillow pets I have seen, I just love those and what an awesome variety. Awesome is a great word that describes this seller and I know if she treats her customers the way she treats the rest of us here, you have one of Bonanza’s very best! I’m honored to be able to endorse her here, to you. Dena has my very highest recommendation. Audi

hotrodfarm says: May 20, 2011

AS a newbie to Bonanza they were one of the first to jump in and help with questions i had so heck yeah I will endorse this booth.

jayjoestrinkets says: May 20, 2011

she is very friendly and nice to talk with. I thought she was very helpful and has lots of wonderful items in her booth. buy with confidence from this seller

achildstreasureplace says: May 16, 2011

I am blown away by the kindness of this very friendly and thoughtful person. She went out of her way to make my day. Thank you. You have a great booth too!!!

Richlyn says: May 16, 2011

One more think about jdgiftshack, I love their thoughts to destiny quote, it is so true!

Richlyn says: May 16, 2011

I love that jdgiftshack tweeted me. That just feels so good! Thanks a bunch! Oh, and they have a lot of fun items, like pillow pets!

toyzfromthedarkside says: May 13, 2011

I think Dena (jdsgiftshack)has to be on of the nicest people I ever came in contact with. Not only on here but in every day life. She is considerate and is always looking to help people and asks nothing in return. Again a real credit to Bonanza!!

MONTROSE says: April 27, 2011

For someone residing in “small town” member (jdsgiftshack) definitely goes places with an outstanding High ViEW sense within the Twitter circuit. I can vouch for this business persons’ character by 200%. Please accept this official MONTdorsement…+hanK yoU

toyzfromthedarkside says: April 22, 2011

A Real Credit To Bonanza Community!! Awesome Personality!!

MiscLighting says: April 21, 2011

I had a very pleasant buying experience. Love your Thank You card. I was impressed with excellent service I received. The items I bought were as described yet I was excited when I actually saw them. You will not be sorry if you shop with this wonderful seller.

Takeurtreasure says: April 21, 2011

Thanks a Twillion for your Tweet

FischerFit says: March 28, 2011

Great Person! Always willing to help out!

studiopmr says: March 20, 2011

Just love the friendly warm greetings and endorsements you give to other sellers. I am so glad to meet you and I will be tweeting about your stuff!

domsmomma says: March 01, 2011

Clothing is Above & Beyond Wonderful! I am so picky about my son’s clothing, & the shirt she sent me (4/5TBaby Gap Shirt), was like new! Seller is so wonderful and kind to buy from! I cant wait to buy more from her, everytime she list toddler items/clothing! Best seller on Bonanza by far!

shilowsboutique says: February 10, 2011

Paid by personal check that cleared quickly, and such a pleasure to do business with. I would gladly do business with her again anytime and highly recommend her to others for a smooth happy transaction.

robinater041 says: January 10, 2011

great items so much to offer

ladykingel says: December 18, 2010

WOW—-now this seller simply has wonderful items…of all types, sizes,and shapes. Fantastic collectibles…beautiful unique things, perfect for gift giving at excellent prices. Fast shipping…highly recommended!

idoaccessories says: November 04, 2010

Hi love your booth so much to see

missbehavin says: September 03, 2010

Super friendly seller with great items and helpful to anyone who needs help. Anyone who purchases from Dena and Josh will be thrilled with their purchase. It just doesn’t get any better then these sellers! AAAAA+++++ Thanks to you both