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A source of great wealth; a spectacular windfall
bharding Sep 20, 2010

A source of great wealth; a spectacular windfall

Today is a big day in Bonanza history.  Bonanza?  Don’t you mean Bonanzle?  Actually, no.  Today we changed our name!   Check out the new URL at www.bonanza.com and keep an eye out tomorrow morning for the press release on the newly designed site!

On one hand this is a big deal.  We changed our name!  That’s huge!  On the other hand we really just swapped a vowel and dropped a consonant.  Both are true. Why change the name after two years?  We’re one of the fastest growing marketplaces already – why mess with a good thing?  While I’m proud of our growth, I’m also far from satisfied.  I want Bonanzle (wait, Bonanza – this is going to take a while) to be a household name.  Two years in and my grandparents still get the name of the company wrong (hi grandma! hi grandpa!); pretty much everyone does.  And guess where they settle after giving up?  You guessed it. 

So, when Bonanza became available we had to go for it.  First, it’s a real name.  When I was running the company out of my apartment on a shoestring I could only hope to have a real name.  Second, it’s clearly what I based the company name off of in the first place.  I can’t think of a better way to describe the social sales experience we’ve created than a ‘source of great and sudden wealth; a spectactular windfall’  Third, being the sort to rely on data, we even did some consumer recall testing on Mechanical Turk (tips hat to Amazon).  Guess which name is easier to recall after a one second flash of the company name?  It wasn't even close. 

Most of all I want to provide more sales for our fantastic selling community.  And a name that customers can remember and spell will help.

Is a name change alone going to guarantee success?  Of course not.  We still have to build a compelling business, create a great product, acquire customers, and provide value to our customers.   And sure other companies have done pretty well with less than everyday names (Google anyone?).  However, I believe that in a fragmented world, having a real word that is evocative of our brand is a big step toward our company becoming a household name. 

At this point you may be thinking "How can I help?"  Glad you asked!  How about a link to our new name to drive a little Google love?  A note to your local news source?  We are excited to spread the word far and wide that Bonanza is doubling down to take its place as the best marketplace online to find everything but the ordinary.

But that’s not all.  Once you visit the new site, you will notice a few design changes.  We also decided to give the brand elements and particularly the header area at the top of the page a facelift.  Even design that looked terrific in 2008 can start to feel a little crusty over time, so we thought it was high time to introduce Bonanza to 2010. 

You'll note that we kept the color palette quite similar as we didn't want to change the core elements that make Bonanza what it is today.  Even the grass remains in the footer.  However, we did change a few things.  We love the hand-crafted feel of the paper texture in the header - it nicely says 'a bit out of the ordinary.'  The top-level menus now include drop-downs so you can easily get to areas like your booth, your profile, and key pages in one click.  I'm already finding these handy in getting around the site more quickly. 

Additionally, after hearing feedback from you on our last homepage a/b test, we decided to return the category navigation, but this time under the hand-picked lists.  This was we get the benefit of communicating our breadth to shoppers without diluting the beauty and simplicity of our handpicked lists.  This idea was directly taken from some of your suggestions, so thanks!  We really like the simplified design and hope you do as well.  Over the next few weeks we will apply this new visual style to other page types as well. 

Lastly, we have one more announcement.  We recently acquired 1000 Markets and are happy to welcome their merchants into the Bonanza family.  Many of you are likely familiar with their site already and may have items listed there.  They share a number of our values and know first-hand how hard it is to start a marketplace.  Please join me in welcoming them to the fold.  1000 Markets items will soon be listed on the site and their URL will redirect to our own. 

I know this isn't exactly your "blah blah blah, we changed the color of your widget"-type announcement.  Questions and comments are welcome, as always!  In fact, we took a stab at trying to answer many of your name-change-related question already, in a FAQ dedicated to the topicIt's chock full of helpful information.  Finally, if you have strong feelings or suggestions please let us know specifically what change you are referring to as well as your supporting rationale so we can really understand your point of view.  We will probably break conversations out from this blog post to the forums in short time, since there are a number of changes involved here that it may be most efficient to discuss separately.

Bonanza wouldn't be the same without all of you, thank you for your continued support as we build this once-little website into something to be truly proud of.

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198 responses to A source of great wealth; a spectacular windfall

alexwberg says: 09/20/10 at 21:35:34

No comment other than hurrah! I’m sitting across from Bill eating pizza so it seemed like the right thing to do.

J7339 says: 09/20/10 at 21:52:49

Hmmm – I am not sure how I feel about the name change yet. I belong to a lot of groups and sites who are fans of “Bonanza” the TV show – and that is how I accidentally found Bonanzle.

one of the main sites in particular has this under their heading:

“The name “BONANZA” is a registered trademark of Bonanza Ventures Inc."

But I am sure if the boys are considering changing the name – they have done all their homework.

reksplace36 says: 09/20/10 at 21:56:37

Have to wait and see


EuropeanGoodies says: 09/20/10 at 22:04:12

Before I even read further—-
WHAT??? I think it’s GREAT… MUCH easier for people to understand and keep in mind!!
Hooray!! Hooray!! Wow, and I think this Baby is young enough to have it’s name changed.

NOW, I’m reading… LOL

Added: YES, hurrah!!
AND see the homepage changing constantly – very nice!

CritterCreekRanch says: 09/20/10 at 22:08:02

i love the name change but i am guessing my buisness cards url on them wont be valid anymore? i do like it though

LoisCollis says: 09/20/10 at 22:08:42

Proud to be here during the name change…makes it feel like a second home to me.

LoisCollis says: 09/20/10 at 22:09:30

I love the site design!

bluepennylady says: 09/20/10 at 22:11:56


I like it.. And actually know what the word “Bonanza” means as where we live the huge ore strikes are referred to as a Bonanza. And the new site design,,well just big Kudos..


alexwberg says: 09/20/10 at 22:13:52

@CritterCreekRanch – the old URLs will ‘redirect’ to the new one. So no worries! ; )

EuropeanGoodies says: 09/20/10 at 22:17:03

Oh, that’s cool… redirecting the old URLs.
And it’s impo-tant!!

My only 2 cents would be – change the font:
to something more clean and modern, like Arial rounded
or Vogel or… so…

k4_pacific says: 09/20/10 at 22:19:18

I like it. A couple of thoughts:

I like that the name of the site is an actual word now. Many times I had to explain that it’s like Bonanza, but with an LE on the end.

In the FAQ, you mention changing the Google callback URL. Are both domains valid in the callback now? Is there a deadline to change it?

New site design looks good, though the banner could use some yellow again, seems like the new name should stand out more.

Many people can’t spell or type very well. You should also grab the bananza.com, bananas.com, bonzana.com, and bonanaza.com domains if they are available and have them redirect to bonanza.com. Just like how gogle.com, gooogle.com and gogole.com all redirect to google.com.

CritterCreekRanch says: 09/20/10 at 22:20:46

Woot then I really love it all went and looked at the forum and love the new colors wow great job!! Now I no longer have to spell it out to everyone LOL woooot

Luzianalade says: 09/20/10 at 22:22:53

Love it! Now I can quit spelling out Bonanzle when folks ask! lol I sincerely believe this will make a big difference in finding us.. Thanks!

EuropeanGoodies says: 09/20/10 at 22:27:53

This will make a HUGE difference.
People didn’t even bother to keep the name in mind.
And sometimes I just gave up to explain…

bharding says: 09/20/10 at 22:28:28

@Luzi: No kidding! After running this site for two years, I’m fairly certain that the time spent to change the domain will be recouped within a couple weeks solely from the time savings of me not spelling “Bonanzle” over and over and over again every time I meet someone new.

bonanzlerocks says: 09/20/10 at 22:32:35

Hurrah! Great work guys. Next, I’ll be issuing a press release that I’m changing my user name.

Paceset9999 says: 09/20/10 at 22:32:59

Well…first thing I think of are all the costs that will go into buying new Bonanza promotional items…but then again, the ones I have will be Collectibles of the FUTURE & I have a bunch (shhh, I’m goin shoppin )

Silkworm says: 09/20/10 at 22:33:25

Mr Bill, I loved most your tag on the blog that said ‘holy crap’. No matter that I just got my car door magnets and craft show booth banner (sigh). I really love the idea. Haven’t peeked yet, but I’m sure it’s great. And if our existing url’s are going to get redirected, that’s a relief, cuz I’m going to have to remember everywhere I put it now! And all my ads with graphics I published for the blitz team and videos, OMG…I mean, holy crap!

juanitamart47 says: 09/20/10 at 22:42:29

I think it’s great, people relate to Bonanza, but now have to change my car and window and tailgate decal’s, oh well, I am sure Roger will be sending you quite a few thank you notes, lol,

GoldenPineapple says: 09/20/10 at 22:42:32

Vistaprint is your friend for all of your promotional materials…LOL

Silkworm says: 09/20/10 at 22:42:51

The scrolling HPL’s on that really crisp clean home page are just awesome, and having the booth link at the top so we can get there from anywhere is awesome, and so far everything just looks pretty awesome.

OnTopOfJunkMountain says: 09/20/10 at 22:46:01

Just WOW!

goldfinchfinds says: 09/20/10 at 22:51:23

Awesome! Totally agree with your reasoning. I will update my blog and other stuff right away!

goldfinchfinds says: 09/20/10 at 22:53:15

Do you have a flyer, or something we can give to our local news, etc. or should we just write it up ourselves?

alexwberg says: 09/20/10 at 22:57:51

@goldfinchfinds – our press release will go out early in the morning. ; )

TshirtsGalore says: 09/20/10 at 22:59:04

Me Likey

xxCleosFleaMarket says: 09/20/10 at 23:03:13

? Why a name change? All the promotions we did since 2 years will have to be done again?

McGester says: 09/20/10 at 23:11:36

Way cool

AtticCollection says: 09/20/10 at 23:16:30

Great new site layout easy to navigate.

bonanzamark says: 09/20/10 at 23:50:37

Congrats everyone! A big Bonanza welcome to the 1000markets community too.

jinx'stuff says: 09/21/10 at 00:13:42

I love love love the new changes. So bright and fresh. Can’t wait for the press release. Well done boys.

Also welcome to 1000markets.

NancysNostalgicDolls says: 09/21/10 at 00:21:22

? sheesh glad I didn’t order new cards last week
Looks nice..clean and fresh…
Good point Pam….maybe I can sell these collectable Bonanzle things
No. I really love it ♥ I really do love it…looks beautiful♥

vintagelizzie says: 09/21/10 at 00:27:13

Sounds good to me…a bit of a heads up would have been nice.
I ordered 250 business cards last month.
Yeah, so the address will redirect…my customers will think my spelling is atrocious!

NancysNostalgicDolls says: 09/21/10 at 00:29:53

Ummm…do I need to change my website…and the links in my FB page etc???

Bargaineer says: 09/21/10 at 00:36:20

Sweet! My brother always called it Bonanza anyway so now I can stop correcting him. Regarding the home page, I especially love the location of the search box, and the creative text: “Find something spectacular.”

bluepennylady says: 09/21/10 at 00:40:13


I like the categories under the HPL too.. And bargaineer I am totally with you. The “Find something spectacular” just jumped right out at me. Makes you want to search for something right off..


Conjurewoman says: 09/21/10 at 00:58:22

How will this affect all our existing backlinks, widgets, rss feeds etc that are out there? Will i have to go REBUILD and recode all 57 websites i have built as well as countless facebook storefronts, Blogs, Myspace pages etc?? PLEASE tell me you have implemented a simple answer for this, my head is starting to hurt BAD!

TheGreenGoat says: 09/21/10 at 01:17:23

Awesome! but Bonanzle was everything but the ordinary
But I am smiling~

Juliebabe25 says: 09/21/10 at 01:40:16

Well done Bill
Good idea.

Now don’t forget to do a press release for Auction Bytes !
(I’m sure you had that on your to do list)

Bighorsecoins says: 09/21/10 at 01:46:01

Great Change Thanks

kashmir31 says: 09/21/10 at 01:50:21

Wow! This will make it easier to spread the word (can just tell people “Bonanza, like the old TV show”). What’s really making me smile is that we will have a way to easily get back to our booth from any page, and thank you so much guys, for listening to us about putting the categories below the handpicked lists on the homepage! Just awesome!

Welcome to the 1000 Markets community as well!

polzar says: 09/21/10 at 02:11:40

I think its a great change and one that will benefit the community. It means making some changes but that should be easy. Its going to make spreading the word much easier.

EclecticStuff says: 09/21/10 at 02:16:07

Wow – I like the Home Page! I love the drop down at the top and the increase in the size of most of the photos – plus the increase in # of photos, That’s what is is all about …what you can buy. Love that the categories are not on the side like the a/b test and that center search is well placed with the “GO” very energizing.

Not so sure about the name change. I mean it may be a really good thing, but I am emotionally attached to “Bonanzle” even tho my Firefox spellchecker doesn’t like it and always tells me it is SUPPOSED TO BE “Bonanza” … and I have not been too fond of having to think when I type it…

Good work!

AbbysAttic says: 09/21/10 at 02:23:18

Congratulations. I like the look. Boy, a lot happens after I go to sleep on the east coast.

I think I’m still confused as to how long the old Bonanzle.com will be redirecting to Bonanza.com.

At what point should we change the callback URL for Google checkout?

Were HPLs changed to Showcases as well?

I’m not that old. I can handle this.

EclecticStuff says: 09/21/10 at 02:27:52

And, YES! Getting around from the top of the pages directly to the booth …Great!

Definitely an improvement!

Had to log back in to add – I like how the HPL changes automatically – and I love the PRICES in light blue on the pages and the typeface or font, too. Looks very classy!

“Find Something Spectacular” …love it!

Only thing was you took the “Blog” off of the top of the Forums page and it took me a while to find it on the bottom of the pages. Wish you would put the link back on the top of the first Forums page so one can readily see if there is a new blog, as well.

MoviesMediaAndMore says: 09/21/10 at 02:37:12

Well, I mighty thanks to the name “Bonanzle” Love it or hate it, the name served it’s purpose – to a certain degree. It gave us some recognition and it helped brand us as one of the best alternative sites in e-commerce today.

Your Friend,

renagade says: 09/21/10 at 02:48:52


I am all for a rebranding, etc … for I rebranded myself recently from Renagades Relics to Renagades of Music – BUT mine was to reflect the change in direction my company took and only affected ME – my business cards, car decals etc – not a whole group of people.
And the REASONING of “And a name that customers can remember and spell will help.” and a “Real name” is Insane.
( not the most insane thing – Bizzy still holds that spot)
Like you said - Google anyone?

Some of us have a ton of things on our plate… and having to go and change over links is going to be a BIG hassle …

No … The eagle is not happy here ….

DakotaGold says: 09/21/10 at 03:14:07

I re-read the above saying the old URL’s will redirect to the new page. Ok, but I think that after this amount of time, it is a bit late in the game for a name change. We have worked hard to market the old one…

This is also bad timing, right before the holiday shopping season.

I agree with Ren, it seems like a lot of work for the members at a bad time.

The people page is hard on the eyes. Guess that will help me get other things done around here because it hurts my eyes.

PS – that beige “paper” stuff on the new home page (at the top), does not blend well and looks wrong.

shellbysbooth says: 09/21/10 at 03:30:36

Well, hopefully the bonanzle stickers and stationary will be worth money someday. I did work hard to spread the news of Bonanzle to my buyers over on the bay. If they look up Bonanzle in their search engine, will they be directed to the right spot ? I sent out my adresses. it would be nice to get some repeat business in the next few months.

babsiesplace says: 09/21/10 at 03:33:10

Sounds like a plan

momspennies says: 09/21/10 at 03:41:04

OK, It’s early, but my eyes are open. I’m not seeing any of these changes others are talking about, even when I log out.

Everything I see still says Bonanzle, and there are no extra features to jump around, and no revolving home page.

I need some coffee. But as to the name change? Though it may cost us some extra work, I applaud you Bill. I think that finally, people will remember our name.

I think any money and time lost because of changes folks will have to make on Business cards, magnets, etc, etc, will pay off because of the name change and be worth it in the end. It’s a valuable trade off.

Alilbirdy2 says: 09/21/10 at 03:53:47

I think this could be a really great thing with the name change, how many folks do you think will type in Bonanza thinking they are looking for the old series TV show ? And what will come up, among them will be this web site. Good thinking.

gingernellstreasures says: 09/21/10 at 03:54:52

I actually might like this, will be a lot easier telling folks about it. I can see where Roger and Vistaprint are going to get some business out of this. Let’s get the kinks worked out before the Xmas rush that hopefully will start soon.

BargainBasement says: 09/21/10 at 04:00:42

Well, it’s about time Bill. Glad you could snag the name. Speaking for myself and my husband, always had a problem pronouncing the name. Instead of haphazardly falling off people’s tongues, it should roll off more easily. Bravo

jlolionessgold says: 09/21/10 at 04:04:26

Love it! Congratulations on your successes so far, and here’s to more for all of us! Fantastic new website theme.

pugs says: 09/21/10 at 04:05:05

Great, I feel like 2 years of “getting the name out there” has gone down the tubes

who is going to pay to print me some new business cards

not to mention, get us, new totes, t shirts, stickers, car decals/signs etc

yep after 2 years it seems a bit late to me too

not to mention a little warning when something major like this is going to happen would be nice, so we could stop order more promo items

I bet the Blitz people would have liked to have known in advance.

ZenGirl says: 09/21/10 at 04:05:40

Sounds good. Look forward to people actually understanding what I say when I mention the site.

wexfordhouse says: 09/21/10 at 04:10:30

Well done Bill! Just heard about the name change, and after reading your blog, I totally agree with you! Now if I could just get that Bonanza TV show theme song to stop playing in my head….. :-)

yeshuazgirl says: 09/21/10 at 04:24:14

I am in wait & see mode here….

And yes I agree with some others up there above my head, that a tad bit of notice before 250 new business and thank you cards and other materials with Bonanzle emblazoned on them – like a huge vinyl banner for craft fairs, farmer’s markets and flea markets (they are not cheap) etc…

Nice to see that you are culling various sources of data and leveraging it to make meaningful business decisions… however; (just like with the coupon available implementation) a little notice to the sellers would have been great.

OK now onward and upward with my day

All The Very Best To Everyone!

Patti (Yeshuazgirl)

LADivaPlusApparel says: 09/21/10 at 04:37:29

Bonanza is terrific! Bonanzle is just not memorable. Bravo!

AnnappleBonanza says: 09/21/10 at 04:38:24

Name change makes so much sense! Congrats!

AllThingsVintage44 says: 09/21/10 at 04:45:05

I’m just loving it! Never could get the hang of saying “Bonanzle”!

BARNTIQUES859 says: 09/21/10 at 04:50:01

GREAT IDEA. i’ld like to buy the “E”. ya know, in case i need someday in the forum; i never been disemvoweled or disemboweled LOL

Heavenlyeclectic says: 09/21/10 at 04:57:57

So you will keep the name Bonanzle also so we will not have to change our advertising immediately right? I also have business cards. Glad I didn’t get the other stuff I was thinking about getting. Think I will wait for a little while in case this doesn’t go over well before I order anything else! lol
Had the same problem with explaining the name to people so that will be nice. Just going to sit back and watch now.

ladivafashion says: 09/21/10 at 05:12:23

I love the change…the only thing I’m just not crazy about is the “We love the hand-crafted feel of the paper texture in the header – it nicely says ’a bit out of the ordinary”…I think it says homey and unsophisticated. I like a more sophisticated presence so that we can compete with, er, well, those other e-places. Everything else, thumbs up!

Barntique, you are so funny!

SharsBoutique says: 09/21/10 at 05:25:34

I love the look of the new Bonanza site! Are you going to replace our url in Google Analytics or do we?

alexwberg says: 09/21/10 at 05:31:31

The old bonanzle.com URL and all deeper links (to booths, item pages, etc) will automatically redirect to their new respective bonanza.com URLs. So, there’s no need to change your URLs today. This change will implemented on our end soon. It would be nice if you did update your links eventually though. For more on the nuts and bolts of the name change read our FAQ.

alexwberg says: 09/21/10 at 05:34:05

@Juliebabe25 – Auctionbytes has a couple of posts on the story already. They must get up early!

indyattic says: 09/21/10 at 05:39:14

Hope somebody sent Ina @ AuctionBytes a press release!

alexwberg says: 09/21/10 at 05:40:30

@momspennies – we’re running both sites at the same time for a little bit while we work out any major bugs. To see the new site look at the new URL – www.bonanza.com.

cdvdmart says: 09/21/10 at 05:40:46

This is quite a significant change! Bonanza.com looks great!

alexwberg says: 09/21/10 at 05:41:24

@indyattic – look up. ; )

NaomisNook says: 09/21/10 at 05:42:09

Well, now I look stupid! lol – Just handed out a bunch of advertising, but it says Bonanzle! I don’t even know where I sell, I guess – lol
Before I reprint all my stuff, are you changing all the logo pics for us to use on cards?

driver211 says: 09/21/10 at 05:48:25

wow, thinking outside of the box is for sure upon us. But I dont mind. I hope the vendors who sell Bonanzle banners, stickers and business cards dont have too much invested. As for me, it is fine, I watched Bonanza every weekend and still would if the old ones were on. So who is Hoss, who is Little Joe, and who is Papa, Lorne Greene?

alexwberg says: 09/21/10 at 05:49:03

Sorry about the business card changes and such everyone. This impacts us too as we just got new cards with our new office address. We didn’t know we were going to get the new URL until very recently.

Fortunately, the old site at bonanzle.com still works and will eventually redirect to the new one at bonanza.com automatically so no one will get a broken link. Deeper links like booth pages and item pages will automatically redirect as well.

Tammies_Treasures says: 09/21/10 at 05:57:18

I can see both sides. Lots of work and money has gone into getting Bonanzle out there. However I must admit that everyone thinks it’s Bonanza anyway. I do think the old logo was more unique and eyecatching though. Love the drop downs. Thanks guys for always working on making us better.

HavensRainbow says: 09/21/10 at 06:08:38

Behind the scenes I am sure you all have been taking a hard look at this. A big hint was when the question was asked about changing the name in the survey that you all did. I feel you know better than me that the old name was just not cutting it. Thanks for taking notice and taking charge lol…now talk about a lot of work ahead for us all but hey, it was much harder in the beginning. Let’s get that new name out there….and with help from management of course!!

bvaughnfamily says: 09/21/10 at 06:15:51

1) The new look is pretty. Really like the way it looks. Really really like the new home page – our booth, everything.

2) I am glad everything will automatically redirect so that all the labels, cards, etc. we already have “out there” will still work.

3) How can I be logged in to Bonanzle.com and go over to Bonanza.com and my booth shows I’m online, but at the top I have the option to log in?

ryanhicks says: 09/21/10 at 06:20:45

Congratulations everyone! Thanks all for the great feedback!

stuffyouneed says: 09/21/10 at 06:23:52

Guess I’m looking at this selfishly, but does our $600 investment in BonanzLE hats become a loss or a piece of “historical memorabilia” that is now worth $1200? Anybody wanna buy a cap?

alexwberg says: 09/21/10 at 06:36:56

You can find the press release here if you would like a look.

lovelythingsdahlin says: 09/21/10 at 06:37:00

I like the name change. I wish bonanza was capitalized, though. I always had to explain about the name when talking with people about where I sell, so this is much easier. Thank you, boyz! Love the scrolling HPL’s on the home page. I’ll have to buy a new tote bag with the new name so the adventures of the Bonanzle…um…er…bonanza tote can continue.

therainforest says: 09/21/10 at 06:38:27

Excellent news! And congratulations on the purchase of 1000 markets.

One little thing, though: on the home page, the word Bonanza is a little hard to read. IMO the letters are just a tiny bit too close together. Just a thought.

Otherwise, the colors and textures are beautiful and unique! I’m so glad you kept the grass :-)

Many thanks to everyone at Bonanza!

SparrowsJewels says: 09/21/10 at 06:39:52

Dang…just had made some new business cards

HavensRainbow says: 09/21/10 at 06:40:00

I just have to add that when going to the www.bonanza.com that the header crispness, sharpness does not look good. It’s a little dull. I do not know how to put my finger on it what looks off, maybe the background is a little fuzzy, but it seems it could look better.

Edited to add: Okay, I see that the background is supposed to be a paper texture background now lol. Maybe it is just that I need to get used to it, which I think I am starting to. It would be nice like someone said above to capitalize the “b” in Bonanza.

STBThreadworks says: 09/21/10 at 06:40:19

I think it is a very good idea, because it was a struggle getting people to even SAY Bonanzle versus the simpler Bonanza. I also like the front page, ESPECIALLY the shifting Homepage HPLs. It is easy to see that this design change is a future move. As we welcome 1000 Markets, we also welcome positive changes that, in the judgment of Bill and you others, will simplify and build the site in the direction that you started this venue to BE. Alex said I would like what was coming. He was right. To those of us who have worked hard at promoting the old name through our marketing or creation of HPLs or WHATEVER, we need to look at the long term effects of these changes. We told them to KISS (keep it simple, stupid), and they listened. What’s that old saying, “Be careful what you ask of the gods because they may grant it?” Well, kiss my grits, they went and did it!

I assume we can begin to use the new URL now??? Cuz I’m gonna!

OverheadUnderfoot says: 09/21/10 at 06:40:38


Mid-course correctins are a b*&%!!@ but once again, you’re making the right one. All aboard!

One suggestion if you haven’t done this already. make a one page PR release available on the site so users can just fax it to their local news sources. Do that now and get the word out using your ahem…LOCAL TALENT!

Liquidation says: 09/21/10 at 06:42:31

So at the ripe old age of 2, Bonanza has absorbed another marketplace – is this a record? Unheard of amongst startups etc?
Bonanza – Bonanzle, my local consulting client time will now be cut down considerably as I do not have to spend so much time teaching them to spell and pronounce the name.


AROUND_AGAIN2 says: 09/21/10 at 06:51:53

Love the new look—much cleaner and streamlined. Good name change choice. Now I don’t have to spell it out for everyone and we should be easier to find~a definite plus! Hate having to change the name on existing business cards, etc. though, but it will be worth it in the long run.


HavensRainbow says: 09/21/10 at 06:53:58

Yes, and I think there is a good branding going on with the new name.

Nice press release!

bloomermo says: 09/21/10 at 07:03:52

I don’t mind the name change but a heads up would have been nice for people who sell Bonanzle branded merchandise.

The home page is much more user friendly with the categories listed, along with the moving HPL’s. I think the header needs a little more work – appears very bland!

Also, I had bmail, but I didn’t receive a notice or envelope at the top of the page to indicate I had mail waiting. Is this something that we’re going to get again with the new site?

Indizona says: 09/21/10 at 07:13:41

So this is for real. I thought it was a joke when I read the forum thread title. I’m not so sure that I like it. I’m not completely sure that I don’t like it. I really don’t know what to think yet….. need some time for the reality to sink in.

Queenmum says: 09/21/10 at 07:14:17

Holy Mega Gold Strike Batman!

Aquired another company?
Changed the name to bonanza?

Yee haaa…hang on to your hat & don’t stand up kids,
this is gonna be a fun ride!


bogcandle says: 09/21/10 at 07:27:09

I like the new look and the drop-down menus. The name change will ultimately prove to be a good change, although I understand the frustration of those who have invested money and links in the old name. I must say it will be a relief to not have to spell the site’s name and repeat it three times for someone to understand what I’m talking about. Don’t throw those tote bags away … they will be collectibles in a few years.

alexwberg says: 09/21/10 at 07:30:34

@bloomermo – thanks for the tip. We’ll look at the bmail notification.

pugs says: 09/21/10 at 07:31:21

so, on Twitter and FB Bonz has to be Bonanza Market

because Bonanza isn’t very unique it is already taken on those sites

so, do we promote Bonanza or Bonanza Market… or one for the internet and another for those 2 sites

adammas says: 09/21/10 at 07:33:56

I LOVE it. Bonanza is AMAZING. Thank you… I will start to promote and advertise Bonanza yeah yippie, thank you thank you, thank you

adammas says: 09/21/10 at 07:34:39

PS. The site is so much faster and easier to move around. I am so excited. I was planning on leaving Bonanza but not anymore.

renagade says: 09/21/10 at 07:37:04

ALEX … While you are here …

This ‘old site’ was a bad enough nightmare for a dialup to load …
The ‘NEW’ site is beyond that! Total Nightmare .. 15 mins and still did not fully load
Lighten it up guys! …
And ps … I beat Auctionbytes in posting my take on the mess at my Rants,Raves,Renagade blog .. LOL (nananana)

arista says: 09/21/10 at 07:40:56

Love Love Love…. the Name Change!!!! I always have to spell it out for people when I tell them about it. This is great, although I just ordered more business cards last week! They should be here any day now… :( Oh well… that’s okay as long as we have the re-direct… Thanks Mark and Bill for changing the name to something people can relate to.

loristhisandthat says: 09/21/10 at 07:49:00

Holy Crap Bonanzle!!!

Griffengarb says: 09/21/10 at 07:53:23

I like the home page changing by itself. Great change. I have not ventured around the site yet to see other changes. Sad to hear about all the folks who had promo stuff done up with old name. Mentioned above… save them.. they may end up collectibles when Bonanza is famous! Did I spell it right?

So on the change we will wait to see….

normasbathandbody says: 09/21/10 at 07:53:52

Don’t want to be a downer, but not to sure about the name change, but hey.. can’t please everyone!

MysticalPaintedGourd says: 09/21/10 at 07:56:50

New format looks updated, fresh and sleek. I agree about the name being a little too small. Also, even though you have updated the category landing page I still find that page useless. I would encourage you to continue to tweek and rework it. I know you are attempting to copy the crowd but lets lead not follow on some things. Just my 2 cents.

The name change is a very bold move and scores high marks. It will create a buzz and another chance to say here we are and this time you can remember how to find us again.

Griffengarb says: 09/21/10 at 07:56:50

Oh I have a few things up on the E place ..last ones offered there.. and I pop into the forums each day..to check on how things are going..
My first notice about our name change was in a thread titled
“The Ranch is an Official Ranch now”.. that is where I first learned of our name change.. and beat it on over here!

alexwberg says: 09/21/10 at 07:57:37

@renagade – we’ll be optimizing performance over the next few days and beyond.

alexwberg says: 09/21/10 at 08:02:28

Some nice press is starting to come in. These blogs (particularly Techcrunch) have quite an avid following.

renagade says: 09/21/10 at 08:07:51

Thanks … like I asked Mark in the past ..


Some of us actually dont have access to nothing but …

takuniquedesigns says: 09/21/10 at 08:17:49

Love the name change! Glad you could get it!

BookbinEtc says: 09/21/10 at 08:22:01

I like the name change, as I agree, it is a well-known name, and easy to remember. Sorry for the folks who’ve been caught with new biz cards, etc.

I LOVE the drop-down menus at the top. Getting back to your booth or bmail was such a PITA before.

I LOVE the changing HPLs – it looks cool and gives you a chance to see more.

Congrats on the acquisition of 1000 Markets, and welcome to all those new sellers!

alexwberg says: 09/21/10 at 08:22:33

@renagade. Thanks. We’ve got some handy diagnostic tools at our disposal. With any major change like this we’ll be making tweaks over the next few days.

MegaMartOutletStore says: 09/21/10 at 08:24:14

Gotta love the name change. So much easier to say and have people understand what you are trying to say. I just changed my RSS feed on my blog and it works just fine. The pages look great although I’m not quite sure on the color blue for prices. The revolving Showcase on main page had me kind of confused..I thought my computer was going berserk..but I like that too.

miriamkay says: 09/21/10 at 08:35:36

This is some most Awesome news~that Alexa rating will be getting a workout here over the next 10 days!

enchantments-for-you says: 09/21/10 at 08:38:12

I think that changing the name is a very smart move. Most people I talked to were a bit turned off by the name bonanzle and there are still many “Bonanza“ tv series followers out there. The rolling HPL is awesome, more exposure for all since a visitor wouldn’t have known to refresh the page to see more. I also love the search button.

The header could still use a bit of work in mho. Not to step on any toes or be insulting it still does not look professional but more like something an amateur (such as myself) would come up with, still much better than the original bonanzle header

lightning says: 09/21/10 at 08:44:22

I have read all the yays and nays and it totals up to the yays have it. From an artist point It still needs twicking to bring it up to 1910. Like a few said in one word “it is too bland” but it is a transition in the right direction. Maybe Roger can make some "A"’s to past over the Bonanzle endings. I can hardly wait to read the comments 6 months from now.

crownroyal says: 09/21/10 at 08:58:14

Awesome! It was always difficult trying to explain how to spell Bonanzle to people.

Indizona says: 09/21/10 at 09:01:24

But Bonanzle was out of the ordinary. It was an unusual name, and certainly was anything but the ordinary. When I told people I sell on Bonanzle, they asked, what’s that? Now I can only imagine they will ask, what do you mean you sell ON Bonanza? Oh well…

But, what about the logo? What happened to the orange whatever it was on the left and no capital B?

bookbrowzers says: 09/21/10 at 09:14:38

The header definitely needs some orange to make it pop.

kenoticket says: 09/21/10 at 09:20:09

I like it a lot!!

Love the new hpl page that changes automatically. I missed it changing the first time I landed on it. It seems like it changes after about 10 seconds. Maybe if that were cut to 7 or 8 seconds more would see the change.

I still have about 300-400 business cards from my last order and will order new ones. I don’t mind as I’ll find a use for the old ones. I’ll use them for jotting down notes or any number of other needs. I figure having to get new ones will be an investment in my future and if this brings in a couple of new sales, it will be worth it.

So all and all for me, it’s 2 thumbs up!

MKDesigner says: 09/21/10 at 09:29:14

Well. That got my attention when I logged in this a.m.! All in all, I like it for the most part. The advertising/promo items could be an issue for folks who have invested in those. I print my own business cards so that’s not an issue for me.

Re: Logo … I’d also like “bonanza” to be crisper and more noticeable. Larger would help that and at LEAST the “B” in caps. Do like the new HPL! So much to take in all at once …

CONGRATS, Boyz, marvelous that you got the domain! How long will the ‘old’ Bonanzle be operational for redirect?

hoppyeshopper says: 09/21/10 at 09:38:07

I really miss the orange splash of color. To me the logo looks boring. And where exactly should I go to change to: https://www.bonanza.com/offers_checkout/google_callback

alexwberg says: 09/21/10 at 09:40:37

@MKDesigner – no set time for keeping the redirect operational. As long as it makes sense I imagine. We’re in no hurry that’s for sure.

purpleiris says: 09/21/10 at 09:44:44

OMG…STOP THE PRESSES!! And I mean that literally. LOL I’m in the process of finalizing my order for biz cards today and now have to change the name. I’m so glad I found out now or that would have been rather upsetting to say the least. LOL

Second and more importantly…I LOVE the name change. It will be so much easier for folks to remember. As for the appearance of the new site, I think it looks great other than some of the fonts make it look a bit generic. Although, I realize you may not be done sprucing it up, yet, so I’ll just wait and see.

So way to go Boyz and Girlz!!

Rods_Books says: 09/21/10 at 10:11:14

Would seem the change is “positive”.

It has always been difficult to get people to understand the site name BonanzLE!!! Think Bonanza will be simpler.

I have been here since Oct ’08 and change within our site has been constant and positive…..think this is also……

SunflowerAntics says: 09/21/10 at 10:17:45

OK, I LOVE the Change!
Bonanza is a HOT word right now – being used ALL over the net and in stores – so I think Bonanza.com will have their work cut out for them is they OWN the name now.

I’m off to CHANGE artwork, URL’s and such! This will be a lot of work.

Everyone who has a NetCarnation Storefront set up – it is going to Bonanzle.com – EVEN if you TRY to change the URL to Bonanza.com – so this is going to make a LOT of work for a LOT of people – but, it will be WORTH it down the road!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – have Bonanzle.com AUTOMATICALLY redirect to Bonanza.com – this is GETTING confusing! =O

kcorley4 says: 09/21/10 at 10:24:22

I love the change and thing the new page looks great. Bonanza does roll off the tongue better so I think this was a smart decision. Hopefully the transition will be smooth for all involved

UknowUneedAnother says: 09/21/10 at 10:36:09

Hmmm, no comments, yet.
I did though, (‘cause I couldn’t help myself) enter a search for “something spectacular” and got a ’nothing found" at the other end. Is there anyway to pop something in on “the other side”?

Razmear says: 09/21/10 at 10:48:24

Is there a time frame for how long the old links will remain backwards compatible? I’ve now got a few hundred edits to do at http://TheBonz.com


pieper says: 09/21/10 at 10:49:02

I’m gonna have to take off this lime to scratch my head at this one…not a happy camper right now, but oh well…change happens…I just probably won’t be printing any promotional items anymore since we now have now gotten press, etc. Who needs to see anything on their packages or in their packages for that matter…

Abbysantiques says: 09/21/10 at 11:02:33

Bonanza will be much easier to remember.
Like the cleaner look. The pages are loading for me in much smaller front, maybe my computer.

I had a discussion the other day with a friend,who is a top web designer, about how important it is to have a good design and “hand” in a site design. (Hand- What the designer instinctively puts in that is unique.) Sites that have it are easy to use and remember.

Abbysantiques says: 09/21/10 at 11:15:42

Love the scrolling HP lists on the home page.

Now, if we just had auctions……

AntiquesRGreat says: 09/21/10 at 11:31:24

What an incredible triple play! New Name, New digs and acquiring another venue?

I absolutely LOVE it! I can clearly see that Bills focus is customers.

This move scream hey stand up and take notice cause Bonanza means Business!

This is the most attractive site out there-the innovation on this site surpasses them all!

Great work Guys

alpenguin2 says: 09/21/10 at 11:34:05

It was a terrible time of the year to do this to sellers.

Front page has no life, no pop! Don’t like the fonts either. It doesn’t have to be a gaudy front page but it just doesn’t have anything to grab the visitor. It looks amateurish.
Captions for the HPL thumbnails don’t change when the list rotates.

1000market accepts Amazon payments. Will sellers on bonanza be able to use it as well? If so, how do we set it up?

kayceestudios says: 09/21/10 at 12:25:09

I like the new look of the home page, the scrolling HPL is a nice addition, but do agree the header is a little drab, there’s no “quirk” with the mis-matched font anymore and I’m missing the orange blaze already :(

A heads-up would have been nice, I heard about it on Auction Bytes first, should have come from you.

I would also be happy to re-do the holiday “assets”, if you like, to reflect the new name.

Adding Amazon payments would be a great thing, too

miriamkay says: 09/21/10 at 12:44:34

???? Question
Yesterday I sent in to Yahoo and Google my other URL
How long should I wait before putting in the new URL?

gearseller2 says: 09/21/10 at 12:46:26

Would have liked to hear this from Bonanzle and not Auction Bytes- not good at coping with change so have lots of things going through my head right now- I never had any problems with “Bonanzle”-I guess that’s what makes the world go "round- mostly concerned about anything that impacts sales in a negative way so very watchful right now- I’m going to accept that you guys have grown so fast based on knowing what you are doing- just please remember that we are not all computer geniuses and need to know about any changes we might have to be responsible for to keep from getting lostin the shuffle- seriously, bringing on the sellers from another marketplace is a good thing? Shows what I know!

momspennies says: 09/21/10 at 12:49:48

yellowsand1964 says: 09/21/10 at 12:56:55

wonderful means we can have a new store too and promotions love it

gearseller2 says: 09/21/10 at 13:01:06

Yup- took a look- needs the orange back :-)

KarensKorner says: 09/21/10 at 13:57:35

Was just about ready to reopen my booth…might just wait until all the “new” changes are implemented.

I see no problems with the change…with the exception of the header….It looks "unfinished..it has no spark!!

debdoll says: 09/21/10 at 14:13:27

Now this is a change I can really get behind. The name change is awesome and will be so much easier for people to remember. I am THRILLED with the name change. I’ve already changed my callback API on Google in anticipation of all the new sales that will be happening.

The new homepage is incredible! Love the rotating pictures and the new size of the HPL. Fantastic job everyone!!

zanderbooks says: 09/21/10 at 14:21:02

Well, I must say I’m going to miss the old name, Bonanzle, since it was unique, so out of the ordinary. But the logic behind the change to the easier-to-remember name, Bonanza, seems to be a solid one.

As for the new look, my opinion is pretty much a mixed bag.

I like the drop-down menus, and the “Find something spectacular” search box in the middle of the HPL. Those are wonderful changes. I like the Shop by Categories area at the bottom for quick and handy-dandy access to the products. The HPLs are always eye-catching and beautiful.

The other side of the coin, because there always is the other side: There is something that doesn’t look quite right with the page. I’m assuming it’s still a work in progress? The paper texture in the header does have that hand-crafted feel, yes, but it looks a bit out of place. I do like the paper and green look, and it works for Whole Foods, with that earthy/green-consciousness, but it doesn’t blend well here, especially since it’s just that plain strip of tan paper at the top. The header and the “bonanza” area, both of which should grab your attention, in my opinion do not. I don’t know if it’s the font, the flat green rather than the gradient green, or What it is, but it just looks plain, stark, and sort of uninspired. It just needs more punch. I have to agree with some of the others who said that the different tones of orange did go well with the green on the original home page.

And that’s it. GO…bonanza!!

Silkworm says: 09/21/10 at 15:08:05

Don’t know what tweaking is in the works, but this morning while logged in to bonanza.com, my packing slips I printed still say Bonanzle. I’m sure there are some things like that that will slip thru the cracks.

Sparrowhawk says: 09/21/10 at 15:21:04

I agree that, if someone just hits the “Go” button in the middle of the home page without entering a search term, they should land on a page that has “something spectacular” on it, rather than an empty search screen.

Maybe that could be a showcase for one, really expensive item. Kind of like how the Neiman Marcus catalog always has one outrageously expensive item like a small, motorized Lamborghini for little kids of people with too much money.

arachne says: 09/21/10 at 15:21:26

the changes are very good looking

Metrohouse_Designs says: 09/21/10 at 15:26:53

I think it’s great!!

VirginiaLady says: 09/21/10 at 16:04:42

Thanks for the change to Bonanza. Now I can stop waiting for the “Bo what?” comments.

froggieb says: 09/21/10 at 17:14:59

I love it! I don’t have enough cards left to worry about that since you are going to do the redirect. I am lucky in that I print my own.

I really love the new home page! I agree with EuropeanGoodies though on the font, just a little to blah, but then that’s just an opinion.

I love the hpls on the new home page with the search in the middle, awesome idea! I did notice though that there are now 23 items showing on the home page HPLs, does this mean we need to pick more when making these? I usually pick 23-25 per list but that was to allow for sales.

All in all, kudos to everyone who has worked on the rebuild! I think its great!

bparkerhouse says: 09/21/10 at 18:27:51

I like it!

loneelk says: 09/21/10 at 18:47:31

I like it too! I print my own business cards just a page at a time, so that’s “no big”. I’ll just have to figure out all the finer points (changing Google checkout, etc.). When I try to tell people about “Bonanzle” for past 18 months (since I joined), they always say “Bonanza”, and then get confused when I keep telling them “Bonanzle”. I think it will be lots easier!

MeAndMySweetPeas says: 09/21/10 at 18:55:45

Great job guys! I like the name change and how the HPL’s look!
Any idea how long it will be before everything works correctly? I can’t even login from bonanza.com.

sophiamariajewelry says: 09/21/10 at 20:10:41

I think the name change is a good idea, BUT I really liked the “look” of the Bonanzle site much better. The new logo needs work – looks blah to me. Everything looks too square about this new web site and especially the homepage. I liked the rounded corners and graduated screens of the old homepage, and the rounded two tone boxes below the homepage list. Also the shadow boxes for the item pictures you had before really made everything stand out so nicely. I am sorry but I just don’t like the web design on this at all. And the type style of the pull down menus…. it makes me wonder how much thought went into this design. You had a beautiful “clean” looking site, why didn’t you just change a couple of letters in the name and leave the rest alone?? (Sorry)

bmorganovich says: 09/21/10 at 20:49:25

Just checked in from vacation and YIKES! I love the name change. It’s a huge move in terms of name recognition. You guys are amazing.

HappyResale says: 09/21/10 at 21:22:20

Congrats and thanks for these swift moves!!! Put the news in the Announcements section of My Bonanza. Ditto on revisiting successful design elements from original site with new ones, like bringing the oranges and golds back to the top of the page – how about in the word bonanza itself – to tie in with the bottom and have it all pop. Branding the lower case b in the lower right corner of the box as on the login page and the new URL field smart move too, like FB’s f. Bravo!! FYI fonts.com offers everything but the ordinary fonts.

Lisas_TX_Treasures says: 09/21/10 at 21:58:28

Completely agree with sophiamariajewelry…. and I for one didn’t think it was even broken, so I guess I’ll never understand why it had to change. Wow, only 2 years in this and it’s completely re-written.

I expected change…just not so much this way… and it was so much more pleasing and easy to see what you needed to see.

It was only after I “discovered” the line to “search” that I could even tell it was there. It doesn’t stand out at all to me.

I really liked how “we” were in fact everything but the ordinary… and now it just seems ordinary.

pumpernickelplace says: 09/21/10 at 22:21:04

Three Cheers!

andi says: 09/21/10 at 23:12:49

Congrats to Bonanzle/Bonanza and welcome to our new friends from 1000 Markets! Lots of great PR :-)

froggieb says: 09/22/10 at 00:33:08

I was just looking at the new bonanza home page and “Oh,Oh” the HPL seems to be broken! Used to be that when you cursered over and item in the HPL it would show the title for that item. Now it shows a title, but not necessarily for the item you are pointing to. It seems that as the lists rotate the titles don’t change. This isn’t at all helpful from a shoppers standpoint or for the seller either!

nopwt45 says: 09/22/10 at 06:48:54

Looks great and make it much easier for new people to remember the name. I thought about changing my store name also, for that same reason. Been in business for five years, and I still have to spell it out one letter at a time….slowly. Blessings and the change!

alexwberg says: 09/22/10 at 06:58:49

@ razmear – we’ll keep the redirect up for a long time. There’s no hard and fast date – as long as it makes sense. I imagine it will be several months if not longer.

alexwberg says: 09/22/10 at 07:00:31

@ meandmysweatpeas – we haven’t heard any reports of people having trouble logging in. Have you tried again? If you are still having problems I would email support or try clearing your browser’s cookies.

collectableme says: 09/22/10 at 07:01:24

I like the name change. I wonder why you did not capitalize bonanza, Bonanza looks much better. Are we not proud of who we are?
I also miss the orange grass by the name. It was eye catching and not it is just a word.
Just my thoughts.

angiesjewelry says: 09/22/10 at 07:41:04

I also will miss the look of Bonanzle. It was beautiful.

Pardon me.. I am mourning .. boohoohoo…

and welcome to 1000 market members

gravityvideo says: 09/22/10 at 07:47:56

I am all for it the change. Just imagine how many of the 300,000+ who have bought something at a little site called Bonanzle, only to search Google to find that “Bonanza” place again with no luck? I thought the spelling of the name alone was the biggest deterrent to repeat shopping trips.

thejooledmagpie says: 09/22/10 at 08:25:35

Congratulations on the change! I really like the dynamic Handpicked List on the front page with the embedded “search for something spectacular” bar, as well as the ability to access my booth from anywhere on the site. Great features that make the site so user friendly!

However, as a painter and cake decorator, I have to agree that the header lost its ZING! when you traded the bold yellow lettering and splash of orange for the bland strip of tan and the soft white Bonanza. The explosion of orange and yellow was a burst of excitement! The white Bonanza blends in with the white “buy, sell, my bonanza” and white search bar.

froggieb says: 09/22/10 at 11:16:39

HPL still seems to be broken! Used to be that when you point over and item in the HPL it would show the title for that item. Now it shows a title, but not necessarily for the item you are pointing to. It seems that as the lists rotate the titles don’t change. This isn’t at all helpful from a shoppers standpoint or for the seller either!

honeydropshop says: 09/22/10 at 13:27:02

Bold move! I loved the uniqueness of the old name, but the new name is definitely easier to remember. I have some logo comments, though. Obviously, many folks will think first of Bonanza the TV western when hearing the name, and I’m sure quite a few people will end up on this site looking for TV trivia. So, the new Bonanza.com look should make it clear that this is NOT a site for TV trivia. The logo should fit the “bonanza” definition of “spectacular windfall” and the site’s tag line of “everything but the ordinary”. The old logo definitely fit the tag line with the font, color and design elements. The new logo, though, with the drabber green background and western-style font, looks like…a modern-day header for Bonanza the TV western. The overall effect is kinda confusing and doesn’t make me think of spectacular windfalls or anything other than just plain ordinary. Everything else is great — congrats too on the 1000 Markets addition!

debinokc says: 09/22/10 at 16:03:58

I think the name change was a great idea and I love the cleaner look of the site!

miriamkay says: 09/22/10 at 16:11:28

???? Question
Yesterday I sent in to Yahoo and Google my other URL
How long should I wait before putting in the new URL?

RustyRosieRiveter says: 09/22/10 at 16:33:22

I’ve heard lots of (the inevitable) moaning, but I believe the name change is great! The URL-redirect thing should make folks who are uncomfortable with the change feel better, and as a few have said, the Bonanzle-branded merchandise may well become collectors’ items in the future. No worries, it’s a wonderful thing!

FabFinds says: 09/22/10 at 19:10:53

Love the name change, the new look and the new acquisition.
Great that things will be automatically redirected! Just wondering do I have to change my URL in Google analytics? or will that automatically change?

epiphany says: 09/22/10 at 22:46:03

will migrating 1000 markets artisans get a hand made category?

Funkarelics says: 09/23/10 at 13:02:27

Hey, for the 10 bucks a month, could ya maybe have sent me an email to let me know? It’s my job to sell stuff on line, and “Bonanza” isn’t the only place I do it. I don’t spend my life on any of the blogs or industry newsletters, or else I wouldn’t be spending time listing my stuff. I checked in and found the name change happened YESTERDAY! Not great team play. I now have about 750 business cards that are now incorrectly labled. Thanks a bunch. My only hope is that this change will bring high enough traffic to the site to justify the $10 a month for the upgraded membership. So far, that hasn’t happened.

alexwberg says: 09/23/10 at 13:06:09

@blessedbythebest – I’ll let support know you’re having issues. We’re not aware of any difficulties with listings.

XXXrockyridgeranch says: 09/23/10 at 19:18:42

I googled Bonanza and all I get is Ben, Adam, Hoss, Little Joe and Hop-sing! What are we going to do about that?

CritterCreekRanch says: 09/24/10 at 15:35:29

I really think an email needs to be sent to all bonz folks the forums are bogging down with questions problems and joking around, how in the world can we do anything with all the issues and questions in forums, anyway there is going to be A BUNCH of people who never read the forums fall between the cracks, wouldnt a nice email from the boyz be nice?? anyway I am staying clear of the forums till everyone gets it out of there system.

ecoveauction says: 09/24/10 at 21:33:30

I like the new site and the new name “Bonanza.com”. In the few minutes I’ve spent looking around, I was wondering where the “Craigslist Export” function has gone? Also, could you please create a “Booth Search” function where we can search for certain types of booths—Booths offering discounts, booths offering certain types of products, booths in geographic locations, etc., etc…

alexwberg says: 09/25/10 at 19:02:48

Thanks for the feedback crittercreekranch. We are looking at an email list for similar announcements in the future.

alexwberg says: 09/25/10 at 19:05:50

Import from craigatlist is still there on the sell page ecoveauction.

ecoveauction says: 09/25/10 at 21:18:12

I see that “Import from Craigslist” is still there, but, I could not find “Export to Craigslist” like you had at bonanzle.com.

ecoveauction says: 09/25/10 at 21:39:35

I found it!! On the bonanza.com home page make sure you right mouse click “My Bonanzle” (Hmmm..changing that to “My Bonanza”?)and not the items on the down arrow list “View Booth” “View Profile” “View Email” “Edit Acount Settings”. There you see it under “Sell” heading and the “Selling Tools”. Good job. I wonder if you guys have programmed an editor to find and replace all instances of “Bonanzle” on your Bonanza site with the word “Bonanza”?

alexwberg says: 09/26/10 at 10:29:36

@ecoveauction – where are you seeing ‘my bonanzle’ on the www.bonanza.com homepage? I can’t see it.

Misskity says: 09/29/10 at 06:56:16

I am fine with changing as I am sick of giving folks spelling lessons, who will now think I was wrong all along!!!! LOL, I just now have to change my business cards etc. and my own mental spelling so I say it right from here on. This may be the kick we need in the market place.

admin3pii says: 10/01/10 at 17:29:32

Not happy. how long with the old links still work? What will the new store link look like & when can I start to change it? How long do my business cards last & will you keep a forwarding on the bonanzle name so that we don’t lose all the business that we’ve been sending your way?
I’m not happy as I’ve got this website out EVERYWHERE in print & now its wrong. I’ve deleted emails from you all thinking that it was SPAM & spelled wrong & now I find out its you. It REALLY WOULD HAVE HELPED to do an all call announcement to those of us merchants who’ve been with you over at least a year.
Regards, the herbalist.

Charliepiswhoibe says: 10/06/10 at 04:42:35

Congradulations. This is wonderful news. Looking forward to sharing in the success with all here in Bonanza!

MissMary123 says: 11/12/10 at 16:48:30

When i started there were 3000 people and look where we are Today GREAT JOB!!!! Very Happy with the progress.Little Joe and Big Hoss would be Proud.

candydishes says: 11/21/10 at 08:23:57

Bonanza is a rather ordinary name to have the tag line, “Everything but the ordinary.” Just sayin’.

FayesTREASURES says: 12/02/10 at 10:42:56

We love the new name! Keep up the good work!

jayjoestrinkets says: 12/03/10 at 11:32:37

love the new name. I love getting in on this site when it was just a few thousand users and be apart of the growth. Now all thats needed is all thats needed is BonPay to process payments lol. Keep up the great work everyone

no one says: 01/25/11 at 13:20:24

Please say address shopping

ATTICTREASURESGALORE says: 02/08/11 at 05:53:24

I love Bonanza, and I love the extremely friendly atmosphere. This is a great place to sell, and so many Rushes and site promoting, Where have you been and why didn`t you come sooner, Hats off to you Bonanza !

R_Sales_Online says: 02/12/11 at 11:30:02

I only with this was from the beginning, I keep wanting to say BONANZLE, Maybe because we were here from almost the start, And It’s hard to teach an old dog a new trick

marie2art says: 02/13/11 at 15:44:02

Much Sales and Success to All.Cheers!

mersadiesheart says: 06/01/11 at 13:03:49

Great!! Wonderful! now when does my stuff start selling??

NOTniteowltreasures says: 06/06/11 at 07:58:42

I always called it Bonanza anyways… Could never get the Bonanzle right… Best wishes to everyone… This is a new start to a new world…

To the Eagle is not happy…. Dude this is not life or death… It will all work out in the end… Eagles Soar… Remember that…

Nikkitytom says: 07/02/11 at 14:28:10

Just joined a few days ago. Already I’m impressed. The easy “import” feature let me wing my products here from Etsy in a wink. At first I was frustrated that they loaded backwards and I couldn’t move them around, until I found I had a choice …. alphabetically worked just fine.

I love the little hidden “pranks” in your texts.. They’re everywhere and they’re my kind of sport. A born prankster here …

Looking forward to seeing my little business thrive on Bonanza. If you keep the communication lines open with your customers here, you’ll be a winner.

JewelsOfDenile says: 08/09/11 at 03:52:47

Bonanza is a family restaurant in the South. I thought Bonanza.com was their website. When I received emails under this name, I thought it was spam! I deleted the first couple I received! A little heads up would’ve been nice!

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